I knew you were waiting…

Truth be told, I did not know she was waiting for me but this afternoon, when I dropped by 3Q Fastfood Takeaway, the Q there was so excited to see me! She was so thrilled about the sudden surge in her business…and somebody told her that they had read about it here – at suituapui’s blog!!! Gee! The power of advertising! LOL!!!

Actually, I was coming down with a flu and I had to go to the EPF office to settle some “official matters”…so I was not in the mood to do any cooking. Thus, I decided to stop by to see what they had left over to buy for dinner. It was almost 3.00 p.m. so if there was anything good, it would have been sold out already. In the end, I asked for the rest of the long beans fried with minced meat and the pumpkin in sambal udang kering (dried prawns sambal)…

Pumpkin in sambal udang kering

Then, I also wanted some of the meat cooked in cincaluk. Yummy!!!…

Pork in cincaluk

And I only had to pay RM10.00 for all that! I suspected she did not charge me for the veg…and that was not all. She wanted to give me a special treat and insisted that I waited for her Thai-style Mihun Special…

Thai-style Mihun Special

Now, what was that? There was mihun in some Thai-style sweet and sour sauce…and buah kenundung (a sour mango-like fruit), green apples, carrot, cucumber, cabbage all cut into thin strips plus fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and fried onions plus sambal buah petai.

Sambal buah petai

I had it free, of course but according to the Q, she is selling that for RM3.00 but without the sambal buah petai, it is only RM2.50. Some of you may not like the pungent smell of the seeds…but I really really really love it! I think they have some medicinal value too, but you’ll just have to google for it yourself to find out. So what did it taste like?…..You would not want to miss it, I tell you! It was simply sinfully delicious!!! Don’t just take my word for it! Drop by today and get some to try for yourself! I’m sure you’ll love it too!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “I knew you were waiting…”

  1. Hmmm…the advertising continues? Are we working from paying RM10 to say RM5, in the short term? Depending on traffic at 3Q, the long term outlook looks good for your pocket. LOL!

    Heck, now am hungry…and sinfully having devonshire tea (albeit without the double cream!). Bought some really nice home made scones this morning…yums!

    Just helping my friends out a bit lah! And they’re good enough to reciprocate!!! I never asked for any favours in return….Well, I’m not a tea person but I loved the scones in England with the clotted cream and fruit jam!!! Yummy!!!

  2. Kill me please! I am starving… I am drooling for cincaluk, pumpkin, buah kenundung and petai.. All my favourite! Local food is the best! Walao… I need to go and tabao McD burger now. You made me hungry.

    PS: Go EPF building get money ar? Hehe.

    Hahahahahaha!!! Poor Daniel! Thought u only drop by early in the morning! McD? Nah!!!! Not worth the calories! LOL!!!

    PS: Shhhh!!!! Not so loud! All my contributions now safely hidden in a MILO tin under my bed!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  3. wwas there around 1 pm to pack something for lunch. Told QE that I came to know about the place after reading it from yr blog. my colleagues and I packed a few items. really delicious especially the pumpkin. also bought a few of the desserts there.

    Hahahahaha!!! So it was you!…Q-E’s ur friend too wat! Now you’ll have to go again for the Thai Style Mihun Special! Nice!!!

  4. that’s what her sister says. Have to try the bihun next time. her signature dish

    You must!!! Nice…with the petai, oooo!!!!! Hahahahaha!!! How to slim down like dat hor?

    PS Cooked the laksa yet?

  5. Gerrie, home made scones???? Where to buy?

    Dunno, never mind! Better! No need to eat…so won’t expand further! LOL!!!…She and Sophia will eat, and then go to the gym to burn it all away one!!! We don’t…so it stays with us forever!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Ai yor… you might as well become one of her partner in business. You can be the Chief Executive for Public Relations department. Ha ha

    No lah! I’m not into business!…So kind, so generous…sure get cheated in the end! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. yes, I did. Really nice and taste a bit different from the usual laksa. Thanks.

    I still have my packet. Just can’t find the time!!! (Hahahahahaha!!! Now a lot of people waiting for me to say when I’ll cook the laksa…!!! Reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen!!! LOL!!!)

  8. Can’t believe a small town like Sibu has such nice fast food. In Kuching, all not so nice. I’ve probably eaten fast food like once or twice a year! I love pumpkin fried with dried prawns. Attempted to cook some myself but not that great – have to admit I’m no Nigella Lawson unlike Gerrie. Yeah, where did you get your homemade scones?

    This one is good as it’s homecooked. A couple of others are good too, and I like some of the Malay stalls. Pumpkin with dried prawns? Tot I had a post on that?…So easy to cook! In that case, just rebus lor! Easy!…I can’t stand that Nigella and her plastic smile!!!

  9. Wow
    The pics looks soooo nice. Unlucky for me….non halal right?
    I think i know the lady that you mention….the one that beat marina chin. I remember that race…..

    Sorry, non-halal! Though they do cook a lot of stuff – kampung style…without the meat!…Yes, Marina was so confident and then she fell down…!!!! Sometimes, we’ll never know what may happen!

  10. Good to know that your influential blogging have an impact on Q’s sisters booming business! Will love to check out their food next time i m in town. So STP u shld do more promos for all the businesses that needs more advertisements,good for the town’s economy too for it creates more employment as well.

    Don’t mind doing for friends lah!!!….Others, don’t care lah!!!

  11. buah petai- i dont like the after effect-am sure your urine hv the petai smell tonite..

    And when you talk to people…!!! Eyew!!! But so nice to eat!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Please IGNORE Sophia’s comments re Nigella Lawson (I can only wish…especially the Saatchi connection, her entire kitchen,….kidding kidding!).

    Re the SCONES, minimum order is 80, so a group will normally order together to make the number. It’s really buttery, and, is not as big as the one from “Bread & Pastry”. It’s RM1.80 each.

    RM1.80 each!!!! And one definitely is not enough for me! Smaller summore!!!! I guess I would need at least half a dozen???…And not inclusive of clotted cream and fruit jam, I guess?…No, thanks!

  13. Petai! OMG! I miss Petai.. Once, on a rig offshore Kelantan, the catering crew made petai sambal.. everyone local- atleast, was so happy, except the stewards who had to clean the toilet after that.. :P… I’ve yet to see Durians offshore tho… haha.

    Hahahahahaha!!! U miss everything here, doncha?…Everybody’s coming in Sepetember? U coming too?…But I think I heard MAS is cancelling the Kuching-Perth route! Just when I thought I wanted to go over!

  14. Home made Scones??? where to buy///minimum order 80???? Home made is made at home la. ask Wellington.. He was in cooking class when he was in primary 5&6 and we altered the recipe and gosh…it was fun messy and burrrpppp.

    yes in cooking class…and the majority of this elective class were boys..4/5 boys if not mistaken
    …they even ventured into japanese food. Japanese food were fun..they decided not to go to the toilet for three days..cos the ingredients were so expensive…ha ha ha ha ha at least good value for money ma.
    Sophia…remember the time Lui Ming (may she rest in peace) attempted Fried Rice .. she actually fried the rice grains without cooking it first…ha ha ha

    Ya! Sophia should be able to make nice scones…with her “spoon method”. Splat! So ugly, but so rich and so nice!!!! Just like her cookies. Scones also look like that! “Looks terrible…tastes/feels wonderful!!!” I think I picked up that joke from u! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!…Btw, chicken rice, nasi kunyit/kuning/minyak…we fry first before cooking!

  15. STP…you are so so so smart la..you go to Harvard Business School ka? there they teach you stuff lie that and assure yourself of free food…otherwise ECONOMIC SABOTAGE.ha ha ha ha ha..OMG..surely they are at your mercy now….

    No lah! I so shy one!!!…Sure will insist on paying for what I buy!!! Yunno lah! Foochow style – nei ya…nei ya….nei ya!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. petai!!!! So smelly … I dun like .. but the pumpkin wan i like .. he he he

    Why do you like pumpkin? Because it’s big, round and smooth? Hahahahahaha!!!…I must make sure I don’t eat petai should we be meeting up in Sg Petani then…

  17. wah, maybe they can give you a free meal for every customer that you recommended to their shop hor…

    No lah…just help! That’s what friends are for! See them happy, you also happy mah!!! LOL!!!

  18. Hi – try this chef Wan Orange cream scones – RM1.80 per pc so expensive
    2nhalf cup all purpose flour/1tbsp baking powder/ 5tbsp sugar/5tbsp unsalted butter/half cup milk/2tbsp cream/1egg yolk/1tsp orange essence/Grated rind of 2oranges/1egg-beaten-for brushing…mix flour n sugar/rub in cold butter..mix in all to form a dough-dont overmix..if dough too sticky can add in a bit more of flour…bake 200C 15-18min till cooked…See so easy..If am in Kuching I will sell you to all..hahaha
    Sori STP – yr blog now got cookery class.

    Wah! Sell kah! Ini memang Foochow towkay-neo!!! U make lah! Take photos step by step and email to me…then I can post! LOL!!!

  19. STP
    nei ya… nei ya…what about your two hands also match with your words? or you took it humbly and shyly with a hearty smile? wahaha!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! U’re wise to the ways of the Foochows, I see!

  20. There are many types of scones out there, and is a personal preference. I like this particular one cos it’s very moist and buttery, unlike many others which are too dry, too much flour, and not very tasteful.

    RM1.80 per piece is really not that much to pay considering the price of butter now, and also it’s not a food item which we eat frequently. Will order for you all to try, come September.

    With clotted cream and fruit jam??? Hahahahahaha!!!!…Given an inch, ask for a yard!!!

  21. The art of saying “nei..ya, nei…ya” is to nod your head and holding your palm out to receive while you say “nei…ya..”
    kpenyu used to tell the story about the two ladies in the bus. Both wanted to pay the bus fare. There was a lot of nei..ya and pushing aroud until the bus conductor fell down!

    If it’s a story from kpenyu, have to take with a pinch of salt!!!…Today. he’s gone to Kudat! Ahhh…..peace and quiet!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  22. Foochow always say nei ya nei ya and ng mai ng mai….some girls say ng mai, ng mai, but their hands already pull down the your pants!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! You’re as bad as kpenyu!!! Must be the same animal according to the Chinese lunar calendar!!!

  23. STP – will email u when i know how to post in step by step– old lady lah..haha
    would love to try Gerrie scones. TQ.

    You can see the photo of the scone in today’s post!

  24. Wow…I love petai!!! But not when I have to see a client after that…

    That makes two of us! Just had some more for lunch (See new post!)…so now I’d better not talk to anybody! LOL!!! And welcome, eiling! Will add u to my blogroll, and do come again, ya!

  25. i love buah kedondong. sungguh enak sekali. eh the thai mee hoon looks good. it is tastes as good as it looks?? sambal buah petai.. i tak suka. hehehe… cannot tahan the smell.

    It’s good! That’s why I had it again today! (see new post)…Aduh! U try petai once, sure you’ll want it again…and again…and again!!! I also hated it…until I had it during those buffet lunches at some KL hotel. Nice!!!

  26. You are right!

    Right about the food? Sure I am…or I won’t go and buy again today!!! LOL!!!…And thanks for dropping by! Do come again!

  27. The bihun looks so yummy oOo!! The petai.. I’m no fan, but I’d give it a try for sure! LOL …

    You can ask for the non-petai one…also nice!

  28. y’know, i’m regretting reading ur food postings…

    makes me miss home!!!!

    ok, will stop drooling over my laptop now…


    Don’t blame me! They love it!!! Everytime I have a food post…they’ll comment by the droves!…Don’t get electrocuted now eh? LOL!!!

  29. so hilarious about the neiya neiya.im sitting here laughing while my house mates look at me wif puzzled eyes coz dun understand wat im laughing. LOL
    its sure look delicious, will hv to try it when im at sibu .. hehe 😛

    Are u Foochow too?…You always have something to laugh about when u drop by hor? Do come often!!!…And do let me know when u’re coming back, so we can meet up and I take u mam-mam!

  30. yea, am foochow.. hehe xD probably back home around november ..
    u bring me mam mam ? nice! u belanja hor 😛 hahaxD

    Sure, no problem!!! I love taking people out mam-mam!!! Good excuse for me to indulge too! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  31. meat with cincaluk?
    Hmm..never tried that before…

    Yes! It’s a Foochow dish, I think. Steamed meat with ginger and salted bubuk…but now we just use cincaluk.

  32. give me the recipe can?

    Dunno the recipe! I think I’ll work something out…and if it’s successful, I’ll post on it and you can follow!

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