Radio ga ga…

I am sure many of you who are younger have never seen anything like this before…


Nope! It’s not a coffin! Choi! Choi! Ptui!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! It’s a radiogram – a radio plus a gramaphone. This one is a Grundig, made in Germany…and I think Sophia‘s family had a Telefunken.

I cannot remember exactly when we bought this one but I do recall we had another one before this…something similar to what kpenyu eventually restored and converted into a writing table. I think it was in the early 60s (or the late 50s)…but what I do remember is the hours I spent sitting beside it listening to the various stations from all over the world, waiting for my favourite songs. I used to write letters to the radio announcers asking them to play my selections on their programmes and dedicate them to my friends here, there and everywhere.

On the top half, there is the radio with the loudspeakers on both sides. Here, you have the buttons for you to choose the bands. These days, I think most radios only have two – FM and AM…

Band selectors

For example, if I wanted to listen to Radio Singapore in those days, I would press the SW2 (shortwave 2) button and tune to 25 MHz using this tuning knob…

tuning knob

Then, to increase the volume and improve the quality of the sound production, that is to adjust the treble, the bass and the balance, I would use these smaller knobs…

Sound control knobs

Now, the lower half has one compartment with the gramaphone or the record player. That one was already spoilt and in my ignorance at the time, I had got rid of it. The other compartment would be for you to store your records. In those days, we had 45 rpm (revolutions per minute) or 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records. Before that, we even had 78 rpm as well. These were black in colour with grooves and when you put the stylus (needle) on them as they rotated, you would get to hear the songs.

You must not drop the stylus on the records, or you would end up with a repeating groove. I used to copy lyrics of songs e.g. Elvis Presley’s “Are you lonesome tonight?” by listening to the song on the record…and moving the stylus when I wanted to hear some lines again…and when I accidentally dropped the stylus, that would be the end of it!!! LOL!!!

We stayed in wooden houses on stilts then (which definitely was a good idea because we had floods regularly, and the water would not get into the houses, unlike houses today)…and sometimes, we would have “home parties” where everybody would gather at somebody’s house, have drinks (Red Man orange mixed with sugar and tap water) and sandwiches…and dance to the songs played on the gramaphone!!! And imagine how the house would tremble when everyone was doing the A-Go-Go to the tune of “Wooly Bully”!!!! The old folks would come out screaming, “Chu tor lor! Chu tor lor!” (The house is going to collapse!) LOL!!!

Young people had good, clean fun then…and we had dancing at parties on weekends for the sheer enjoyment of it – no liquor, no drugs!!! Those were the days…..

Author: suituapui

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  1. Good morning! Let’s have a good, clean day with lotsa fun today!

    Morning, daniel!…My! U’re early! Yes, hope it will be a good day with showers of blessings, a downpour of God’s love and a flood of His Grace! Been raining quite a bit here…but I love rainy days! Nice and cool!

  2. Hiiii.GM to you…you really posted your radio as promised. RADIO GA GA RADIO GOO OO…Tributes to Fredy Mercury..Queen..Norlan sisters..and AW Clifford

    With the influence of people like you..never forget Saturdays ..immediately after 1PM News and Coco Cola show on Sundays. ..and my dad left this World on a saturday in the middle of the programe in late 1969…while I was in the mist of listening.
    This Wilfred M is now in KL..Met him while he was with Panasonic…said he never forget AW Clifford.

    Pollie’s house party better o. Got 4 Cleffs and really some tak ka chia there.

    Cliffred! Cliff + fred…because at that time, there was somebody using the name Clifford already! Fans of Sir Cliff Richard mah! LOL!!!…Wilfred! Last time I saw him, was deejaying at a disco at Satok Road!…Pollie’s house very popular, people borrowed for home parties…cos got ground floor cemented…so no shaking houses! LOL!!! Clef 4 Plus lah!!! Ur memory failing u liao!!! Old age!!!

  3. We got one of those at my grandma’s house .. it’s not working anymore though .. he he he

    Not working, can sell to The Junk in Kuching. They like all this kind of things!!!

  4. Never seen this (yes, I’m young! 😛 ) but my grandparents used to have that old TV with the casing where you can drag the “door” to hide or watch the tv heheh aiya.. dunno how to explain lah

    Yes, those TVs with sliding doors. Black and white, I’m sure!

  5. How can I forget? I tried to hide behind it when we were playing hide and seek AT NIGHT and fell right out through the window!!!Yes, the thingy was nicely placed infront of the window and smart ass that I was did not realise that the window was still wide open as the curtains provided the backdrop. My guardian angel was at my side, thank God.

    That must be the house opposite St Mary’s. Not very high!!! If the one beside the football field, near Sibu prison…sure all bones broken!!!…..Gee! U also like dat kah? Ur daughter must have taken after u then??? LOL!!!

  6. tat’s really an old piece. those days i had a tv bigger than that. where did u see that old junk?

    I have it in my house!…And don;t anybody dare say that I’ve got a lot of old things in my house!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!….Thanks for dropping by, johnny! Will add u to my blogroll. Do come again! 🙂

  7. kpenyu…must get fiq to take pic of the restored radio but have to clear bdq’s stuff first… I can hear bdq screaming…”dont u dare move my things” already.
    STP, remembered those parties. We were too young to join then but we used to pretend to go to the bedroom, actually to peek at what is going on….

    It actually looked VERY nice after being restored!!! Must preserve these days!!! Cannot find anymore!!!…So kesian, u young ones! All so deprived!!! The older ones had all the fun…cos STP was the ringleader!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. chricaca, my next trip to Sibu I’ll try to take a pic of the house. The main structure is still there but the back portion (the wak wak area) is gone.
    Hey, why don’t we make a fun trip to Sibu? Sigh.. cakap only, I have not been there since Oct..

    That’s the house opposite St Mary’s lah!!! I think it’s still there!!! Make a trip that time Stella’s here lor!!! So grand!…Aiyor! So long u haven’t been here? Hubby here, oso don’t come? Eeeee…so handsome like Tom Selleck, if me…worry liao, come every weekend!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. my ah kong one is not as big.. but it still works…. need to find spare parts in singapore to fix it last time…

    Ya! Last time…everything had to get from Singapore!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. I am pretty sure we got one of those in lucky road…not sure if it got moved out to Kuching. I think Frances Yip was in the “playlist” then, cos when I saw that pic…I immediately thought of “..di tanjong katong, airnya biru….”, and then the lyrics were changed..!

    Now what’s the revised lyrics? I didn’t know this one!…I only know the Hokkein lyrics for “Chotto Mate Kudasai”….Frances Yip! Great entertainer! Still looking young and vibrant despite what she had to go thru!

  11. I think my Granny’s house also got similar one. It’s in her room. But I don’t know if it’s still functioning 😀

    Hope it is! That’s a goldmine sitting there, if it is!!! Collector’s item!Hahahahaha!!!!

  12. ..since STP say only fun blog..its fun to tell that one of the last 45rpm I listen was Circle & Nobodys Child by Annes Chan. Our favourite 45rpm has to be Elvis’s Japanese version of ‘ma pui ta ko lok’.

    Chricaca didn’t fall down.. think she flown down. That was a very very tall house. Until today never knew she was playing hide and seek then… ha ha ha ha ha..

    Agnes Chan was on 45? Thought she had one long play album – 33 1/3 rpm! Eeee…never liked her screechy voice!!!…And what Elvis song was that?…If it was the house near St Mary’s, no lah!!! If the Kiprawi one, she would probably have broken all her bones.

  13. Actually c4stp and I were thinking of making a trip when stella’s in sibu mid september. Lemme check airasia first…hehe.

    MAS also has zero fares starting 15th August…but 15th to 2o something are blackout dates – school holidays!!!

  14. aiyo-am walking down memory lane..last time we always hv live band when we hv party at our old house-wondered why no neighbour complained then. haha.. remembered every Sat. afternoon we are glued to the radio-whats the station? listening to the request-u were very popular then-A CLIFFORD..we have that old radio n record player-am sure it was bought from yr dad.Hope S. still keep it in his house..will chk in SEP.

    Last time people friendlier and more understanding!!! Not like today, a little bit wanna complain and gaduh!!…Cliffred’s the name!! Request fan, known all over Malaysia…and some say Singapore too!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Oh…so that one went to u people? Similar to kpenyu’s, can be converted into nice antique writing table!!!

  15. ..someone ah Kong one not so big..well at least it still works.ha ha ha ha ..joke joke ok and solly in advance.
    ha ha ha ha old is ah Kong????
    Gundot may know the name of the song.. the last time we played..was the time she found Rokok in my baju poket..and gee you should have told mum then la so I don’t have to be an addict till today… STP,, will check with M re the contraban soon..sure he can get

    What Ah Kong? Ah Nong’s brother?…Gundot should have done that!!! Hope ur horrible cough’s better! Gee! How many cartons do u smoke a day???

  16. Rokok in the green jacket!!! Gerrie got air asia?Agnes Chan was Gerrie’s favourite. She played it so often til todat i can still hear “Yesterday a child…….” Ah, Japanese version of Elvis Jail House Rock…Remember we used to fight over U Pete’s Kong Ling’s album. Guess cchricaca won…she got Kong L…….

    Try MAS too!…Eyew! Gerrie liked Agnes Chan?…Ah yes! Kong Ling! I remember that LP record!

  17. My!STP! u really ancient lah! Redman?I only know sunvalley! 2 young to remember the wild parties, but sure knows the radio gramophone! yr mum used to have it full volume can hear from our end which is good,save electricity,also drowns the lousy singing of ‘teng-teng’behind us n cannon’s son who always cries ah mar lor!all day! u still know yr John Travolta’s move to SNF? bet u can’t do the split now. N Pollie if u want to fit into STP’s long vest u borrowed, again, u really have to ‘tak-ka-chia’from yr town to STP’s! If we were to party in STP’s stilted hse now, the Richter scale will have a blast man! N Gerrie will be great if u can make it. i think pollie may inform u guys abt the gathering soon!

    Sun Valley more expensive so, so use Red Man Orange Concentrate (mostly colouring anyway!!!). And talking about my long vest, I think I’ll have to post on that sometime!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Hahahaha!!re K.Penyu comments. Sorrylah Clement no offence, just find it so ‘lucu’ not so big never mind, still working n still can get spare parts in singapore!Hahahaha!! STP! U deleting this comment or not?Why can’t get in Malaysia leh?!!hahahaha!!!

    Oh!!! So he was talking about Clement’s ah kong!!! I thought he was talking about his friends – the two brothers Ah Kong and Ah Nong!!! Haiz!!! Me, so naive, so innocent!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. Heheh…old man with a lot of old stuff. First the basikal, and now this. There’s one in my house too (i guess gerrie must be too blind to see..hehe). This is such a retro post, can just imagine u doing the ahgogo, just like in the Lat cartoons.

    Kpenyu… u are so dirty minded. People’s Ah Kong punya also u can think of. hahah.

    Hey!!! What old man???…The one in ur house still works or not? Collector’s item, don’t play play!…Yalor! Thank goodness I’m not so dirty-minded like him hor! Me so innocent, thought he was talkingabout his Lucky Road friends. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. Thought we stayed only in one place in Sibu!! Can only rememeber one house. Maybe Sophia can recall. She and sis were scolded after that. Can recall being bitten by the dog there I think. Still have the stitches on my face!!!

    I know at least 4 houses where your family stayed…and for sure, one’s demolished already (next to the dentist) but u probably were not born then!

  21. Gundot, benarkah Agnes Chan my favourite? Must be because Dad played it often enough?! I really cannot remember the song! I check air asia, and text you later.

    You people know the exact dates kah? I may have to go to KK to give talks in September, but not confirmed yet!

  22. Thank you Stella…..see Nangka boy I am not the only one don’t pretend you are ….. la.the classic Agogo has to be the one performed by Doreen of Kg Nangka..gosh she must be just about 4years old then.Any one remember that one Tua was so so so proud of her.
    Gerrie..yup. your dad did that as he ran out of RECorDs. And he was mighty pleased with himself playing some Chinese instruments and making sure we noticed the left and right speakers..yes STEREO was the in-thing then. stella is just as bad eh ha ha ha ha.

    STP..correct correct correct this is a real blog thanks and keep it up.

    Huh? Have you been drinking?…I can only undertand the last sentence!

  23. Stp…old age memory loss never mind..just solid proof that OLDer people can still have fun..keep them cuming

    Whose memory loss?…I remember many things!!! Forever young!

  24. credit to STP when its due.. had it not for you.. no chance to communicate with all the lost cozs and insult them occasionally..he he.
    Remind me of the Indian estate labourer in a malaysian plantation charged for commiting a lewd act all by himself in the estate. HIS DEFENSE was that he was making love to his wife in India via satelite..THE JUDGE HIM GO.
    Aiyo quiet lo..everyone Chiak Pui time ka? Not me…seepind good wine now and Cheers and Bottoms Up for Ah Kong…

    See! I was right!!! U’ve been drinking!!!…There’s such a thing as e-mail, yunno!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! And what happened to Facebook? The JFVillagers? Died a natural death liao kah?

  25. Aiyo, who are all these singers? I only know Elvis and Cliff Richard. But I also know ‘Wooly Bully’ and ‘Di Tanjong Katong, airnya biru’. Haha… not that young and ignorant after all hoh? 😛

    Ya, Pat and Mag used to play Wooly Bully! Frances Yip sang the theme song from the HK series “Shanghai Beach”. You should know her!!! Agnes Chan went on to sing Japanese songs and did well in the Jap market. Kong Ling…I also dunno what happened to her! Hahahahahaha!!!! We’re soooooo….old hor!!!

  26. Wa…just know that you were also a popular request fan in those days.So do you still remember those names like Clement Osmond Hii,
    Adam Mike Kong,Philip Freddie Hii, Iris Monica Goh…just to name a few. Request fans always had an extra name in between their actual names to make themselves groovy! And it was so popular having parties at home and meeting new request fans from Sarikei, Kuching etc….We would bring these new friends to drink “Chian Lok” near the “La Kian Tan” at Channel Road….just like what bloggers are doing now…meeting new bloggers and bringing them to eat at Ruby or Phoenix restaurant.

    Ohhh!!! So Dato’ was Osmond and u were Freddie! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! So hilarious!!! I was way before lah…around the time of Elvis Franklin Sim. Know him? LOL!!! Hey! Then you’re the same year as that kpenyu law-eya in KK!!! He was the same year as Dato’!!!

  27. Clement Osmond Hii….. ??? Hii C K??? Dato’??? Sure as he was my classmate at SHS. Ask him bout the Talentine contest..or rather SHS school concert audition… All I can say is that Bro Abi was so so so so mean. He was actually very good……

    I don’t like to sleep alone…. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  28. gee ..thanks for the concern man.. sure the cough’s getting much much better cos I PRACTISE EVERYDAY ha ha ha ha ha ..Gundot I am refering to my work ok?…Aiyo 40 not easy la

    What 40? You’re going to be 50! Don’t clever2 cut 10 years from ur age!!! Memang law-eya!!!

  29. Who is this guy kpenyu2000? If he knows Dato Hii, he should know me! Elvis Franklin Sim was so familiar. Where is he now? But I am more anxious to know kpenyu…tell him we are organising a reunion next year during Ching Ming time.

    He’s Dato’s classmate lah!!! Went to NZ to study…now law-eya in KK, cannot bluff Sibu Foochow, gone to bluff the illegal immigrants there! Hahahahahahaha!!! Ching Ming! August 15th! I will not be around lah! Going west to see my daughter. He’ll have to make his own arrangements if he’s coming!

  30. much older than that sir…Think LOBO… I was in the New Hall (then) and acting as VIOLA… choosen personally by Mrs Lee( who then still can command all the boy to stand up) when she walked into class.(didn’t get the cast though
    cos only a pretty face and can’t act for nuts..
    Abibi called for next sa soon as he completed in his solo guitar…”..You know …I an Lonesome…” ha ha ha ha ha

    Oops! Did I delete sumthing? Hahahahahaha!!!! He must sing Hank Williams Jr. “I’m so lonesome I could cry!!!” LOL!!!

  31. …phillip …you remember Mrs Stella Lee???? She was as inspirational teacher as STP ya…… I played rugby for SHS from Form 3 till 5

    Wrong name lah!!! Sheila lah…Kang!!! And her hubby was teaching in St E and the girls called him Sheila…Boh!

  32. what the?! looking at that suddenly makes me feel young!

    guess i ain’t that old after all, eh?


    You ARE young, JC. I’ve posted this in ur comment box but never mind! Belated a bit, but just wanna wish u a Happy Birthday, many happy returns and all good things in the year ahead.

  33. Phillip..May we know who is the Organiser for the reunion? STP..delete la… that ‘s what can you rephrase your question please…. HA HA HA..ho ho ho 36 lo

    Ooi! Stop drinking liao!!! Can only understand your first question!!!

  34. Elvis F sim is in Bintulu if he is the one-he used to work in cofeeshop near to Cathay cinema rite? he has aged of course used to see him in lepak in town. STP YOUR BLOG getting too hot now..esp with naughty kepenyu comments n jokes. its fun fun to read all the comments hahaha.

    Now have to rename suituapui’s kopitiam…where old people gather to talk about old times!

  35. kpenyu: Daniel Wong PI,GM of Sibu Water Board
    is the key person. You can contact him directly.

    Ah! Then my brother-in-law’s one of u too!!! That’s his friend!

  36. Philip: Took the trouble to recall history when I was ouy just now..are these clues: carmalite:classical; guitars:USA:IN KK for recitals earlier…Delta Road. If so you may be one year our senior. Thanks for the info man.

    Wrong!!! I was also thinking of that one when Clare told me rubberseeds’ name. Not that one!

  37. Gee where did they hide this Radio Ga ga in my dad’s house? KNB, where is this stashed? In the “tuckshop” kah?

    Gundot, I think Stella in Sibu on 16th Sept? Hopefully Pollie will keep us posted.

    KNB, quick! Hide it in ur room!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I think she said sometime around then…19th, 20th but I may be in KK at the time!

  38. STP…at your age and mine too I guess we can choose what we want to remember and conveniently forget the rest and can always blame it on the number…. hey 40 olready looo …yyyyaaaaahhhhoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    What about my age? You’re old…cos one is as old as he thinks!!! So, I’m young!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Huai Bin will second that…right, Huai Bin?

  39. No alcohol? Really? I thought people drank a lot in the old days.

    Oops! Speak of the devil…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Not us and not at our teenage parties (We didn’t have much money and just wanted to have fun!). Later maybe…when the 70s came and the American influence, the Hippie era – “Peace!”…”Make love not war!” and people starting keeping long hair and wearing flowers in their hair, boozing, smoking pot…..

  40. make me laughing reading the comment.. a radio can bring back so many memory
    .. heheh:)

    Glad it made u laugh!…So all you people should make the most of ur time now, live ur lives to the fullest…and one day, you can all look back and talk about the memories and laugh!…

  41. woooo so many comments… hurk hurk hurk. don’t give you any. hahaha kidding.

    that radio… like in the movies.. and it looks big! Is it really big?

    What comments? This kopitiam! First they discussed a family reunion…and then, a high school reunion…I wonder what’s next! Hahahahahaha!!!! Yes, the radio’s BIG…just like a coffin! LOL!!!

  42. wow…. sw and vinyls… that old huh? at first i thot its a coffin. anyways, i bet that radio can receive broadcast frm as far as phillipines and even china or japan! some ppl would even kill to have one of that

    Maybe people those days not so creative in design…or they wanted the radiogram to look like part of the furniture in the house?…Yes, I used to listen to the BBC, the Voice of America, Radio Australia (with its signature Kookaburra laugh) – broadcasts from the English-speaking countries, that is!

  43. wOW! 45!Almost hit 50 soon! Thot i add more to make sure u will! So there goes my prawns eh! U in KK? Just to say that u n K.Penyu maybe no ‘Datuks’ but u sure are ‘Batuks’ from the sound of it.Hahahaha! And you do not even have to earn it, just smoke it!LOL!

    Who’s 45?…I’m 56, my dear (but only sweet 16 at heart! Hahahahahaha!!!) I don’t batuk lah…or at least not like kpenyu!!! He called me one night and could hardly talk to him cos he was coughing non-stop!!! Terrible…betul2 like old man!!! LOL!!!

  44. kpengyu: That means you never read my blog and website! Since you are in KK, I think you know Andrew (Wong SL) of San Hin and Ah Nguong (Ling TN).Both were my same year. The world famous Guitarist PH was one year
    my senior.

    He only reads STP’s (logged in in the morning…and dunno whether he logged out or not because so fast, he replied to comments! = 1 visit only! Chesh!!!!). Luckily he knows how to get here! Hahahahahaha!!!! Had a tough time getting him into Facebook group! People so old liao, yunno lah!!! Not like me, so young!!! LOL!!!

  45. Seen photos before, but not the real thing. Cool! Love antique, aged things. They seem to tell stories.

    Come to my house, you can see one! The radio, I mean! Not me! Hahahahahaha!!!!!…Cherish your things! One day, they’ll have their own stories to tell!

  46. Hi STP! Just back from lunch, still not 50 yet. Don’t mean u lah!U always like christmas tree,evergreen i mean not the size description!LOL! I meant your comments! What is the maximum number of comments u got so far since u started your blogsite?

    I see! Dunno…around 30-40! I heard it has already gone past 50. Didn’t check stats!

  47. Re:HB comments, we sure do drink a lot of sunvalley!STP drank a lot of redman. Look at him now! Become BIG Man, good thing he do not turn red too or else he became ‘angman’ or turn into ‘angmo’!!LOL!!

    So u drink sun valley…now ur valley very sunny lah? No dark2 one kah?Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  48. STP, your “chu tor lor! chu tor lor!” make me burst out laughing. We were and are still staying in wooden house on stilts. When i was a young mom i screamed “chu tor lor! chu tor lor!” to my two ‘ang gau’ running and jumping up and down. At that time, i was mad. Now having lots of fun reading your blog. Cheers!

    Hahahahahaha!!! Nice to recall pleasant memories! Glad u enjoy reading!!! Keep coming, ya! Cheers to you too!

  49. walao, sure bo? BBC, the Voice of America? they sound like boring serious news station to me hehe but in a good way la.. thats why old timers english much better.. sighs.. now, if ppl can speak manglish (mangled-endlish) very good oredi..

    They had some music programmes too, like BBC had Stars on Wings or Top of the pops…..I guess so! Nowadays, nobody listens to the radio much, whatever station or language! They don’t know what they’re missing!

  50. Eh Gerrie, not so sure if I’ll be back in Kuching then, since travelling until 14th Sept. When is Stella going to be in Sibu again?
    And by the way, we have one old radio like that upstairs. Become my table top already. I think can still play record on it.

    I think it’s after the 14th. Ah…that must be the one KNB was talking about! Antique liao!!! Worth a lot of money…but I think urs not that old yet!!!

  51. Gerrie,go find the old photos.. See if u can see yours wearing knee socks. That was how bad the Agnes Chan craze was…..

    Eyew! Dunno what the craze was all about! I’d rather go for Chelsea Chan or Teresa Kopi-o…I mean, Carpio anytime!!! LOL!!

  52. Walao ! This must be the post with the most comments. 54 ler ! More then some people’s entire blog.. hehe..Hmm…the house last time so fragile kah ? Dance upstairs ‘choo ai tor’ liao ?

    Wooden houses on stilts, what do u expect! But at least we did not have to worry when the floods came…no matter how high!!!

  53. Hi Gerrie hope u got Pollie’s msg on your wall. Invitation extended to all dimong cousins so hope all can make it if possible. n great too if can rsvp pollie or S. so can know how many to cater for, hope enough to makan puas puas lah or else we put our mum to shame!LOL! STP hope u will be around for will be great to catch up with you again n we do need your beautiful voice to sing so hope u won’t be running away to KK around that time!LOL!

    Got singing kah? Hmmm…have to contact that fella in KK then!!! Hope the dates will not clash!

  54. ….Nowadays even better to listen to radio… find station on the net.. connect. simple as that and World wide too…you should try the Latino stations great music at times ..but always stuck on 70s greats…

    STP’s house can Lumba Perahu one if flood le..but you can never beat his dad cos he champion mercury racer..

    I won’t want to sit at my PC to listen to the radio…and it sounds as if it’s coming out from some empty cans. TraxxFm’s also on the net!

  55. I think this thread should be continued in the Discussion board over at JFV Facebook.
    KNB, can you open a thread….maybe call it “Kuduk, tutang, keman”..cos that’s what we are all so fond of doing…LOL!

    Gundot, I have absolutely no memory of Agnes Chan, her songs, nor the knee high socks!

    Re the old radio, I was informed by KNB that it’s hidden behind c4stp’s bountiful clothes that spilled from her wardrobe in her room to the open wardrobe in the upstairs family room. No wonder I’ve not seen it for a long while. Would be amazing if it still play LPs! Don’t even know if there’s a stylus there.

    And I don’t think you can get a stylus anymore these days…

  56. Note to Dimong Clan:

    New thread started in JFV.

    Phew!!! At long last! So all the Dimongs! Get over there on the double!!! Shoo!…Shoo!!!… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  57. Now now, be grateful…we’re generating traffic for you……HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Not if like somebody, hogging for 24 hours! I think that’s counted as 1 visit only! And if you go in and out on the same computer, I think also 1. Next time, go to cyber cafe…and then go from one place to another! Then, I’ll have lots of hits/visits!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  58. gerrie go open up the radio….you may even find Agnes Chan inside!!!!

    The record you mean? I know there was Glen Campbell’s “Too Late to worry, too blue to cry”…oooo I love that song! And Dean Martin’s “My woman, my woman, my wife”…..And also a Placido Domingo album, all nice songs! I wonder if his duet with John Denver, “Perhaps Love” is on that album or not! Another beautiful song!!!

  59. lindy sisters.

    Nah! Look at who said it this time!!!! Lindy Sister, look at ur naughty anak!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  60. Lindy sisters??? sound familiar- guess am one of them…hahahaha.. STp – can u cfm?

    Yalor!!!…Aiyor! Ur memory’s fading liao kah? Better take gingko!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  61. I think there are 3 Lindi sisters.. and yes I think you are one of them.. 😀 😀 (my mom is going to scold me for this).. All Bdq’s fault!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! I have nothing to do with it this time!!!!

  62. Bdq….thanks.. I honesty thought that they were the Norlan sisters.. ha ha ha..but you know what..they promised at least 3 dedications for one dedication to the SISTERS..
    …one from each of them personally.
    ‘The message is in the song’ was started by STP. He was the only one with flare and Immagination la.
    ..and they don’t know I knew all these and having a quiet laugh at them…ha ha ha ha…should see all their faces if dedication BO CHUT(D J didn’t read there letter.
    one more…STP also the first one to dedicate his request to the DJ on duty..SiokSiok the DJ never miss his letter. after that cheap trick..everyone follow STP and all back to square one lo…

    Still at this post kah? How many comments liao?…Like dat, now not kalah to Kenny Sia teruk2 lor!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!…At least, he doesn’t reply to comments, so not setengah mati like me now! LOL!!!!

  63. huiyo! 65 comments! suituapui must be in orgasmic heaven hahahaha! it is fun replying to comments, but not fun when you need to write pantuns as reply. cocka and clare did the pantun posts, then i did one at my blog, dying cracked my head replying hahahahah!

    how young people party back then? cigg is a must, i saw my dad’s old photos. big hair, bell bottom pant, gold necklace.. cigg on hand. haha!

    I won’t dare try to berpantun!!! My BM not good, never studied the subject when I was in school…we colonial time mah!!!…I guess the older people smoked and drank, but not at our teenage parties.

  64. kpenyu…remember pretend to study in front of the radio but actually listening to Radio Brunei!!! When the songs come out, lower the volume. How come we two never followed the footsteps huh? They used to send money as well. Habis rahsia!

    Who? Who? The Lindy Sisters? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!…Last time, had those RM1 request postcard in aid of the National Flood Disaster Relief Fund! We could buy from SHELL stations.

  65. funny one .. so fast buy coffin de .. choi lo .. hahah

    Choi! Choi! Ptui……!!!!! So late u come to this post? People already moved on to the more recent posts!…Enjoying urself in SP? I’ll be going over next month.

  66. hmmm i see this post funny mar so i drop comment lo .. well sp is so small .. nth to enjoy .. u come sp to visit ur daughter? nice father lo .. hah

    You go there to study lah!!! Not to enjoy! Like some in KL, enjoy…and fail, fail, fail!!!

  67. lol i came here to study ler .. u are the one asking me mar “enjoying yourself in sp?” .. so i tell u nth to enjoy wad .. zzz.. mostly i stay in hostel oni ..

    Good! Be good and study hard! Will get in touch with you when I’m over there!

  68. hi! The babes are here! This is my sexiest site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

    Hi! Babes? What babes? But never mind…welcome and keep dropping by!

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