Round round…

During my younger days, I used to cycle around the kampung in the evenings, and anybody I met would ask, “Sini kitak?” (Where are you going?) I would simply reply, “Round, round!” That means “makan angin” or just going for a spin. Yes, believe it or not, I CAN cycle and this is my bicycle…

My bicycle

As a matter of fact, I cycled everywhere! 1.5 miles to the town, and also to school when it was along Mission Road, near where the present Sibu Central Market is. Then, when the school moved to 1 1/2 Mile, Oya Road, I had to cycle three miles every morning to school and back!! And if I had activities in the afternoon, e.g. librarian duty, I would cycle to school again after lunch and come back in the evening. 6 miles X 2 a day!

On weekends, I would go out with friends at night to go to the movies, hang around the coffee shops or just roam the town…and sometimes, to go dancing at the SRC (the now demolished Sibu Recreation Club, located where the present Wisma Sanyan is). Then I would have to use the lamp…

The lamp

For that, I had to use the dynamo. You press the switch and it will release the dynamo, allowing the top part to lean on the wheel. Then when you cycle, it will turn the top part of the dynamo and generate electricity to light up the lamp. This is a picture of the dynamo…

The dynamo

There is a reflector at the back of the bicycle, red in colour and it will reflect the light of an on-coming vehicle so that they will be aware of your presence and will not run you down. To warn other cyclists or pedestrians in your way, you can use the bell…

The bell

There were a lot of bicycles in Sibu in the past, and pedestrians too…but since they lowered the driving age for motorcyclists, the two-wheel non-motorised vehicle has dwindled in number. Today, with the escalating petrol prices, we should think seriously about going back to using the bicycle, especially when you are just going to the places in the neighbourhood. No air pollution, no need for petrol…and it is a good form of exercise – something that many of us are badly in need of. (Blush! Blush! LOL!!!)

I was talking about kacang ma in an earlier post, so this morning I went to 3Q and booked some. Believe it or not, they were completely sold out when I went back there to collect around 12.30 p.m. They told me that there were people begging them to sell to them what they were keeping for me…but they simply refused! I have customer priority mah! LOL!!! The Q told me that she accidentally spilt the Chinese white wine, so it would extra strong! Oooo…that’s the way I like it!!!

So, if you were one of those who wanted to get some today but were not successful, here’s a photo of it for you to drool over…..

Kacang ma


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Round round…”

  1. waiyo… stil can find bicycle like that kah?

    That bicycle is over 40 years old, I think. Raleigh no less! Made in England!!!…They certainly don’t make things like that these days! People also hor! All tofu!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. hahaha, i wonder u r foochow or hokkien? kacang ma is a must after confinement for non-foochow. foochow is always having ang jiu gia. ya, your fren Elsie, my friend too is still running her business at Nibong House. welcome u to Mukah

    I’m Foochow…but I’ve acquired the taste for kacang ma! Love it!!!…U’re a friend of Elsie? Do send my regards to her, if u see her! Would love to go to Mukah sometime! Some “friends” of mine went last weekend but never told me…until they got there!!! (Quite obvious they didn’t want me around hor? LOL!!!) But they got me some belacan from there…just when my stock is running out!!!

  3. Hey, my bicycle also got dynamo last time … I kind of miss cycling, my bicycle berkarat already at home haha

    Can cat mah!…Brings back memories of the good ol’ days? LOL!!!

  4. …Remember…the days when the word ‘earthquake’ and ‘punchiat’ when AhHiokTP and RosalineTP go round round kah?… ha ha ha ha ha…we were sooo soooo mean ya esp. you ha ha ha ha ha ha … must be punishments from Heaveh ha ha ha ha ha look at our sizes now ha ha ha ha ha ha

    many who read this post will know what I TOKE about. so so so mean la…ha ha ha ha ha ba ta han ha ha ha ha

    Then she would get off her bike and shout, scolding using references to ur mother’s private parts!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. …and if you cycle to Sg. Merah..sure your bicicle got problem alresdy and need repair lo.. or buy 10 cent 4-D.

    My present house to Sg Merah very near…no problem!!! Just round the corner!

  6. Wow! Your bike still looks tiptop. Is it yours or mum’s? I got a bike (my 2nd daughter’s) n yet to cycle to the park near my place. Remember Sudirman’s orang biasa,basikal tua, still playing the song in my car! So STP, going to cycle around town singing that song or not??LOL!

    That was mine! When I was posted to ulu school, I brought it along and cycled to work for 5 years. After coming back, hardly used anymore. Last time, my mum would use to go to kampung, or nearby market to buy vegetables. Now nobody uses. Sometimes my father will cycle somewhere to throw away some dead palm leaves from his garden.

  7. sine kitak lah… eh you know what, i learned to cycle bicycle using that apek bicycle lah! 😀 my dad was working at restaurant and lunch time he cycled back using the bicycle and i got chance to ’round round’ kejap. so best…

    pssttt… still can round round on it? 😛

    Ummm…dont dare to try!!! Later wheels become square how? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. got master sing kong bike or not? the one up there more like master kofay… both get fishermen.

    Those big ones! We used to call them “camel”. Must be what bongkersz calls apek bicycle! Dunno if there are anymore around! I know in Kpg Nangka, there’s a fella named Kawi! Dunno if he still has his!

  9. I’ve been thinking about getting a bike for the longest time!!! Was thinking when would be a good time to actually go one ages, heat tolerance diminishes! Perhaps I should seriously start thinking about it again. Take a look at my dream bike:-

    I love me some kacang ma as well…the more wine the better!

    Oh gosh!!! I ate two plates of rice! She really spilt the Chinese white wine…so it was like drinking it neat!!! Luckily raining here, or I’d be sweating plus2! Now I think I’m drunk liao!!! Slurpzzzz!!!! That was SO nice!!! LOL!!!

  10. Still riding it? Still working? I would like to buy it from you, can a? 😆 Im lazy to repair my old one 😛 Sibu how big la… The farthest I cycled was until Farley 😀 Nice exercise nonetheless.

    My father rides it once in a blue moon. It’s still working alright!!! Aiyor! How to sell? That one antique!!! Very very expensive! Hahahahahahaha!!!!….Is this ur first time here? Or maybe u dropped by long, long time ago? Do come often lah, don’t be like that!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. stp, i wonder how many times u change your bike’s tyre in a month… LoL!!!

    Chesh!!! Last time I wasn’t so tuapui lah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. I 100% agree with Suituapui. bicycle costs RM200+ made in “Boleh” country are all tofu. One day cycle, the two pedals fall off. Change a new one, the pedals stuck. “Boleh” becomes “Poliek”. Sigh!

    All the same lah! Made in China even worse!…And I think they purposely make things that will spoil so you have to buy new ones or spend on spare parts!!!! Usually rosak after guarantee period expires!!! All crooks!!!

  13. You sure the museum wouldn’t keep it ? Haha… you may get a fortune. No offence. Haha

    Keep longer! Value will increase!!!…Hey! That gives me an idea! Got something else I can post on! Just wait and see!!!

  14. I love kacangma too. Actually I acquired the taste for it during my second confinement. Btw, love the bike Gerrie. Maybe we can buy and go cycling?

    Had a wonderful dinner! Kacang ma! Sarawak Club’s nowhere near it!!! LOL!!!

  15. Sophia that’s a good idea…always good to have company when cycling. Must find out more about how to get the bike! Hee hee.

    Go cycling at Reservoir Park! Then sophia can catch her kids go there phak thor!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. I remember my mom once told us story that dad cheat her to cycle all the way from Sibu town to his house in Sg Teku. She keep on cycling and asked “Reach liau mah?” and my dad would replied “Very near. Gonna arrive soon.” LOL…

    In the past, people went phak-thoing on bicycles. In my school, classes ended at 1.30 p.m. but nobody was in a hurry to go home. Around 10-15 minutes later, then we would cycle out of the school. By then, the “Red Ants” (the girls from St Elizabeth’s next door) would have reached the road in front of my school and we would go and “establish contact”…and then cycle home together!!! The innocence in those good ol’ days!!!

  17. enjoy yr ride Sophia n Gerrie-make sure the seat is soft n comfy-owise u know lah..haha. I have 2 bikes at home n i still cycle along the beach sometimes.
    I love kacang-ma-put in some DOM liqueur and eat with chicken rice..OMG.

    Good grief! How we indulge!!! Sophia’s and Gerrie’s mums would cook using tuak as well…but I prefer the Chinese white wine!

  18. i hate bicycle. haha xD
    rather walk than using bicycle.
    what the kacang ma thing ?
    chicken ar ?

    You dunno how to ride a bike, eh? Hahahahahaha!!!!…Kacang ma is chicken steamed with lots of ginger and kacang ma leaves (dried, dry-fried and ground) and Chinese white wine plus salt and msg according to taste. Women eat this during confinement minus the last two ingredients. Absolutely delicious!

  19. How come I never see the bike at your house??? They have similar ones, recon from Japan selling for RM250 here. Fiq keep on asking me to buy……
    Too dangerous to cycle here lah. Hubby would not let Fiq cycle to school.
    Stella…..tak ka chia!!!!!!!
    Kawi’s bicycle our favourite. That is not Apek’s. Its called gentleman’s bike.

    Willchua… your dad it is not far. We cycled all the way to the golf course and the Teku park back then. The lake was a fav. picnic spot in the 70’s

    The bike’s at my parents’ house. Indeed, we cycled everywhere when we were young…to the airport, to the end of Lanang Road and we never thought that was far. Once I went cycling with my friends along Oya Road and it was not tarred then and I lost balance on the loose stones and fell down many times. I can remember how far we went…

  20. I think Kpenyu is right… TP Ahiok laughing from her resting place.

    Yalor! All of us now…her shape and size!!! Gee! How did we get this way, I wonder? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  21. It’s nice that you still have a good old bicycle like that. It really reminds me of my late grandma, who used to cycle everywhere. A rush of nostalgia washes over me every time I spot an old bike like that.

    Eee…I remind you of ur grandma??? Oh no!!!!!…..Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  22. goodness!I think we shld start an international ‘tak-ka-chia’ah moos’ club soon! So how is STP going to fit in? maybe ah moos n ah peks club. we shld try cycling in our sarungs! Wow! Impressing that your dad still cycling, STP!It would be great to see your dad again!

    STP can be the mascot!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Cute and cuddly!!!…My dad’s still going strong! Go out every morning to lepak with friends in the town.

  23. Wahlau, that’s a really old skool bicycle you got there. 🙂

    Antique! Going to be worth a fortune! Think I should chain it up now!!! LOL!!!

  24. Erh.. Never tried Kacang Ma before ley..
    This should be a good dishes for women hehe..

    They take that during confinement after giving birth…but theirs no salt, no msg! Not nice!!! Poor women! LOL!!!

  25. Speaking of bicycles, STP u follow Tour De France?It is on now! I was an avid watcher when Lance Armstrong was competing,he retires,me too!LOL! my park no lance,neither Sheryl or Kate Hudson but lots of possums n ‘ah peks’ in spandex cycling! N STP hope u are not planning to bike in your lycras, are u?LOL!!

    Here, we have the Le’ Tour de Langkawi…and if I join, u can imagine the kampung kids by the road side shouting, “Pancit! Pancit!” Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  26. Haha… Stella likes to watch men in tights cycling. Cant imagine STP in lycra, just like raw meat wrapped in clingwrap.
    Yeah… thanks to Kpenyu and STP, the whole clan is cursed by TPHiok.

    Gee! You are very imaginative!!! Like giant salami lah? LOL!!!…. Hey! I never did that to her lah! I always respect old people one!…That was kpenyu and the other coz (Stella’s bro) now in Miri!!!

  27. …. meat trying to escape..ha ha ha talking about myself and thNangka boy and his and my cousin..ha ha ha. Btw used to hear;
    1.. Bo Ka See
    2.. Lu see ha mang ay kia?
    3.. Lu see Celia ay kia hio?
    4.. Lu see Tony ay kia hio?
    5.. Lu lang liaw liaw bo ka see
    …those were the days..happy and no responsibility days

    gerrie/sophia..whatever you buy make sure at least 27 speed and Shimano original gear otherwise no no no fun at all

    She must have mulut masin!!! Look at u all now!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  28. I think my grandpa still has one bicycle like that stored somewhere. By the way, just wondering, can u still cycle? Does the bicycle still can carry you around? ROTFLMAO!!!

    I can and the bicycle can…but how far, that’s another question!

  29. Hahahaha!!I never knew TP Ah Hiok used such colourful languages. I always thought her a very sweet aunty friend of mum’s. Sometimes i helped my mum to go to town by bus to buy some groceries she forgotten. Bumped into TP Hiok, she said, ‘Celia’s chabo kia kah! Aneh Kwai tolong lu ma bei chai!(for those who do not know hokkien, trans. celia’s daughter is it, so obedient help your mum buy vege), so guess i am on her good side. LOL!!!

    Me too!!! No problem with her!!!…And she made delicious cookies!!! Always bragged her pineapple jam tarts the best, use Planta margarine one! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  30. My first bicycle was BMX but I learned to cycle using the ‘basikal tua’…very hard indeed as the bicycle got crossbar. Besides, it is too big for tiny little me (9 yrs old mah…so small what?)

    I also learned using bicycle tua. Fell down so many times. Body blue black all over!!! Didn’t know how to brake, so when I wanted to stop, had to langgar pokok or tiang!!! LOL!!!

  31. i know how to ride but riding bicycle is not comfortable lah, make my leg sore and butt aching 😛

    Young people today like dat lah!!! Well, at least you can ride!!! Not bad!!!

  32. nice ride you got there sir.. pimpin’ it up anytime soon ? teeheehee….

    Some things are best left alone!!! U pamper with it and it ends up looking nice and new…the value drops to zero!!!

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