Come and get it…

I have mentioned this place before in an earlier post when I bought some umai from there and I said that the kacang ma was very delicious, a must-have, in fact. I dropped by the place today and I am doing them a favour by posting about it. This is the 3-Q Fast Food Takeaway… 

3-Q Fast Food Takeway

…located to the left on the ground floor of the middle block at the Sibu Medical Centre. The proprietresses are three sisters, and I have known two of them since the time when I was studying in Form 6 in Methodist Secondary School, both of them renowned athletes from Sibu. One of them, Q-Ee, was noted as “the girl who beat Marina Chin”, if I am not mistaken, in the SEA Games many, many years ago…but I don’t think most of you are old enough to know either of them. This is the logo of their shop…

3-Q Fast Food Takeaway logo

You may notice through the glass panel that they do sell fruits and vegetables as well. They did not use to when they first started but it seems they have expanded their business. I think this is for the convenience of those people tied up with their sick next-of-kin admitted at the medical centre…and also working mothers stopping by to buy the fast food for lunch or dinner. It certainly would save them the trouble of making a trip to the market.

As for the fast food, you get a wide selection to choose from daily. One of the Q-sisters will cook at home and bring over at around 10 to 11 a.m. As I have said already, the kacang ma is a must-have and I also like the Black Vinegar Pork Leg. They sometimes have curry, rendang or kurma. The good thing is they change the menu every day so you do not have to eat the same stuff all the time unlike some of those economical fast food stalls in the coffee shops in the town. This was what they had today…

3Q menu for the day

and this…

3Q menu for the day 2

Ooo…what’s that? Fried daun bandung (tapioca leaves)! I bought that right away…as well as some chicken curry, and that came up to RM13.00, RM3.00 for the veg and RM10.00 for the curry – enough for two meals for two persons (one of them extra-large, of course). I was quite sceptical at first about the tapioca leaves as normally, I would pound them before cooking! Well, my fears were unfounded – they were VERY nice!!! And the best part was they cost only RM3.00!

3Q's chcken curry and fried daun bandung

According to the Q-sister, they will have kacang ma on Monday…but be forewarned that if you go after 12 noon or 12.30, there may not be much/any left. It would be wise to call first to book say, RM10.00 and collect it later. For that, you can get one big bowl, enough for two meals, at least! Their contact numbers are 019-8198852 or 016-8882524 or 016-8788584. Give it a try and if you like it, say you heard it from me! Bon appetit!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Come and get it…”

  1. Wow…advertising now! I just had your cucumber and sambal combo again for dinner. Well, Lina said since there’s another cucumber in the fridge, might as well prepare it a la STP (uncle ….). Was supposed to do sushi/ sashimi for dinner, but then it rained, and I was too lazy to go out and get the necessary ingredients. In the end, I opened a can of sardines (much to tracy’s utmost delight!), boiled a couple of eggs, and Lina made the cucumber and sambal. Simple but enjoyable!

    Simple food’s the best! Especially after all the rich, salt and msg-loaded restaurant dishes. I love sardines too! Probably the only one in the family who does – Mariner Brand’s the best! Ayam’s second place only! Others…blerk!!!…Btw, how did you end up in spam? Had to go and retrieve u from there!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! How come kpenyu never got caught hor? Law-eye like dat lah! Slimey!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Oh that shop. U told me some time ago but I dun ta-pao (real food that is, only junk food, snacks, etc). I hv 2 mothers who cook. Hahaha…

    Give your mothers a break. Go and buy something nice for them to eat on weekends!

  3. Ughhhh.. kacang ma.. i wonder when was the last time i had a decent one…
    Kinda hard to find good kacang ma in Kuching though… the best ones are usually home cooked.

    This one’s home-cooked in a way and is very nice. Long ago, I used to buy at those wooden stalls along palm road in kuching – on one end was the very nice Kuching tomato fried noodles (now in Hui Sing, I hear)….then at the other end (Mayfair Hotel side), was the stall selling very nice kacang ma!!! Drool! So nice!!!

  4. O.. the Lau sisters.
    robin..Jac Chicken Rice(other end of Upwell Jln Song) pretty decent kacang ma. Sophia’s mum cooked mean one, o piece and it goes to your head!!!
    MD and Fiq cooked steak last nite.Tom came back from kpg with daun bandung and durian flower.MD went for 2nd round. He claimed, “Nothing beats normal food!!!”

    Haven’t I been saying that all this while? Nothing better than simple, kampung delights!!!…Once I special-ordered kacang ma from 3Q for a Bintulu friend – RM10 for him and RM10 for myself! I ate…and slept the whole afternoon, and he smsed, also said same thing! They put extra Chinese white wine…so nice, but all mabuk!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. yes I know this place. the food looked delicious-last trip D went for blood test n medical chk up at SMC-we were so hungry while waiting. we ordered the food and they told us we are not allowed to eat at the table placed outside-there was some mis-communication and J got angry..then an older lady came n explained….I bought some chang n bubur chacha n eat in the car. will bring Stella to drop in next trip am sure she will be interested. haha.

    No tables outside leh! Just a chair inside. This is a takeaway mah! U must have gone to sit at a table belonging to the coffee shop at the back. You did not order their food or drinks, of course they would not allow you to sit at their table lor. I think if u sit at the benches outside the specialist clinics and eat there…no problem!

  6. STP – earlier comments fm me–D. went for…
    keyboard problem…hahaha

    Ok leh…just awaiting moderation! I approved liao!!! LOL!!!

  7. cool~ a new place for me to try when I go back this Oct. But I miss kampua the most!

    Lots of new places and new stuff to try!…Ur first time here? Welcome and thanks for dropping by!!!

  8. No wonder! I checked the site last nite, and couldn’t find my comment! I thought it just got lost in cyberspace, so didn’t bother doing another.

    Went to have lunch at this place called Jia Jia Garden at RH plaza. The kampua is nice here, cos it’s “lard-y”. The big prawn foochow noodle also very nice, took a pic specially for you, and will email to you soon.

    Lots of Foochows in Kuching now! Everywhere you hear them speaking their dialect…and with a name like RH Plaza, I bet the place is infested with them! LOL!!! Shouldn’t be a problem getting “authentic” Foochow dishes in Kuching now!

  9. Was the shopkeeper annoyed with you, taking shots and all that stuff ? People may think you’re a spy sent by a rival restaurant… Ha ha

    No lah! They’re my friends. Told them I’d help do promotion for them mah!

  10. Sure you paid RM13 for the meal? Or did you negotiate a freebie by promising to blog on the shop? heheh. Soon you’ll be making adverts for potato chips..kahakh.

  11. umai, i think all need to come to Mukah and try it out at Asoon Cafe or Dreamland Cafe. Umai must go togather with sago, then you will find its yummy. Have you ever tried ‘daun timun with baby corn’?

    Rebus with ikan pusu, belacan, serai and cili? Of course! Nice!…In Sibu, Garden Hotel and Kesturi serve nice umai with sagu’. Mukah…I liked Nibong Restaurant, owned by my friend, Elsie. Still in bizniz? Haven’t gone to Mukah for a number of years now….Ur first time here, anita? Welcome…and do come again, ya!!! Lots of food!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. U know Pollie, u shld have brought STP as body guard, not only will u get seats, the chef will come out to greet u personally.and if u have JFV PJ & Kampung nangka boy tagging along, they sure will close the whole shop for u guys n treat u like VVIPS! True lah! Last time someone who wants to go buy or negotiate something always bring along someone that looks like STP so people finds it intimidating!LOL! Tell u more when i see u!

    What? What? I look so nice and friendly leh!!! Gentle giant!!! LOL!!!

  13. this is really a food blog now.. 😛 go change the tag line already suituapui 😛 tapioca leaves very nice.. yea, we always eat it pounded. (hantam saja my engrish..) eh itu kacang ma is what? 😛

    Today got bicycle, where got food all the time?…Today I went to buy kacang ma, saw got tapioca leaves so I bought again!!! Nice!!!…..Kacang ma…the women in Kuching eat during confinement after giving birth, like those in Sibu, eat mee sua with chicken soup with lots of ginger and ang chiew!!! Nice!!!! Kuching, some places got lah!!! U go try!

  14. “No lah! They’re my friends. Told them I’d help do promotion for them mah!”

    wah! 😛 tell them thousands of people read and you shall get 10% out of this deal hehehe

    No lah! Friend, friend…no need to so kira2! But I bought kacang ma RM10 1 pot full…and I saw other people, slightly more than three-quarters only!!! See! I so nice to people, people oso so nice to me! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. change the tagline to “Stp is a food…” Hahahahahhaha!!!

    Food what?…Post about food also complain!!! No food post, no comment!…Susah, these people!!! Just change blog name to STPilicious!!! Like Bootylicious or Fergilicious!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

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