This I promise you…

I know! I know! This is a song that people sing at weddings but the only other song that I know that has the word “promise” is the oldie, “Broken Promises” (If I’m not mistaken, it was sung by Del Shannon) and it is not very appropriate as no promises have been broken. The promise in question is the one Huai Bin made to me sometime back. Nope! He didn’t propose to me or anything like that, thank goodness…but I bet some girl(s) out there must be wishing and hoping he would pop the question. Right or not, Huai Bin? LOL!!!

Well, he promised he would treat me to Sheraton fish head curry. This dish is really very nice, I assure you. My cousin and her family came once and I took them there. Her hubby would take photographs of all alluring dishes even though he was not a blogger, but when it was served, it looked so appetising that he dived in immediately and forgot all about “saying grace”. Anyway, the date was set…and I was all ready to go when disaster struck!

Sheraton was closed for a few days, so Huai Bin called and asked me, the so-called walking food directory, to suggest an alternative…and since it was fish head curry that we wanted, I proposed Phoenix Court, the halal (No pork!) Chinese restaurant at Paramount Hotel. So as promised, we had the fish head curry there… 

Paramount fish head curry

Rumour had it (I don’t know how true this is!) that the chef actually came from Sheraton and everyone who had a craving for the dish followed him to this new place…only to find that it was not as nice. They claimed that only the lady boss at Sheraton knew the secret recipe and she would prepare the ingredients, the spices and what not…and the chef only cooked it. Everybody was quite disappointed and headed back to the old place for their favourite dish…but the chef has improved somewhat and it was not too bad. I still prefer Sheraton’s though. But all was not lost for Huai Bin ordered another dish as well…

Paramount giant prawns

This is one of Phoenix Court’s specialties: giant-sized fresh water prawns (udang galah) in their special thick gravy. Here’s a close-up photo of the dish…

Paramount giant prawns closeup

It was out of this world, I tell you! Very very nice!!! And the dish came with this none-like-it-around crusty bun for us to dip in the gravy and savour the incredible flavour…..

Bun for Paramount giant prawns

We finished everything and she-who-would-not-be-named used the bread to “wipe” the plate clean. It was THAT nice! I would not compare it with Ruby’s butter scotch prawns as they are completely different dishes altogether. Both are definitely must-haves, so you’ll just have to make a choice. This price of this one at Paramount, however, was a bit steep…but never mind, I was not the one paying! Hahahahaha!!!

I told Huai Bin to order just the fish dish for the four of us but he said that I should not be so “khek khi” (stand on ceremony). In the end, we did not finish the fish and there was a lot of fried tofu left. Everybody was just too full.

Well, thanks for the dinner, Huai Bin! We’ll go for that elusive Sheraton fish head curry some other time, won’t we?…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “This I promise you…”

  1. what about me? y din bring me eh?! ha ha

    U still in Sibu??? Tot u said Tuesday u go back to KK liao??? Anyway, not me paying mah! So how can I go and call everybody? Hehehehehehe!!!!! Good excuse! Phew!!! LOL!!!

  2. Yummy, I just have that curry at Paramount Hotel 2 months ago. Taste quite nice. Fish head curry are best eaten with……plain rice!! Yup, just plain rice.

    Yup! They gave rice with the curry, but ordinery rice. Sheraton will serve Bario rice which goes very well with the curry gravy.

  3. Speaking of Sheraton curry head, i think it is the best, but once i went to a bday party in sibu n they catered from Sheraton n they put new zealand salmon in it, not so nice. i never knew that the fish ’empurau'(hope spellin rite) is such an expensive delicacy in sibu. rumours has it that if u ordered ’empurau’ curry fish head in sheraton, u need to yell really loudly,’empurau lai lor!when the dish is served to your table to make sure the customers around u can hear that u ordered something expensive! True or not?? a guy who always wears milo tshirt told me once..LOL!!!Do sheraton cooks it with other fish besides ’empurau”?

    The last time I heard empurau was over RM200 a kg…and now they rear the fish, selling at RM50 a kg…so when you order empurau, you won’t know whether it’s the river or the pond-type and may get cheated! Too many bones, anyway!…Usually, they use tapah but I prefer the ordinary “red fish”! Cheap and nice and a lot of flesh.

  4. Paramount curry fish head can’t compare to Sheraton’s!

    I agree 100%! So we’re going Sheraton next. U care to join us? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. ..seriously do you really eat the stuffs that you posted all the time..????..or are you now an agent for some Sibu medical centers..gosh santan santan and more santan..even if its milk in place of santan….wow I need prescriptions just by looking at the pixs man..

    btw..its truly back to the decade of SOTONG ME again liauE

    Where got? Just that bowl of laksa on Sunday (other than the fish head curry…which was a special treat). Ah yes! The old missus cooked fish curry with durian flowers, that’s all mah!!! People in Kuching eat laksa everyday…and some people have nasi lemak on a regular basis. Wah! Since when you became so health-conscious! All that can’t be as bad as the cigarettes you we smoke everyday.

  6. Hello hello… Halal definitely no pork but No pork not necessarily halal. This football crazy Haji from K Penyu always remind me..Btw.. he supply only halal beer and only answer to the nane of Haji Alex Furgenson.

    This one’s certified and Li Hua too…but people prefer to hold the official functions at the more posh place in town. That one will tell you no pork…but at other times, when you go on your own, you can order Philippine too kha. That one failed to get the certificate, if I’m not mistaken…but still they want to go there! High class mah!

  7. is it Sheraton as in The Sheraton hotel??

    i dint know sibu has sheraton

    Nope! Just the name of the restaurant! No international hotel chain in Sibu lah!!! Small town only!

  8. wat is so special abt sheraton’s hu thao leh?

    It tastes very very nice! I heard the lady boss came from Indonesia…and she mixes the ingredients, the spices and what not all by herself, so others do not know the “secret recipe”.

  9. Oh yeah, I heard from a coworker the exact same story. The chef left but without the secret ingredient and just couldn’t make it happen at Paramount.

    No problem Arthur, glad to be able to chia you all once since you pay all the time! The guest list was controlled by our friend though, the elusive D. I’ll tell you the reason we call her D next time we meet. Haha!

    Next blogger meet @ Sheraton! 🙂

    Where got I pay all the time? Once only (Getting late and nobody’s moving and I wanna go home liao…! LOL!!!) and the other time, I was playing horse with host to Bongkersz…Hahahahaha!!!! Why is she D? Dumb? Donkey?…Drunk?….Hey! Don’t make any more promises now! We just see what comes up next!

  10. aiya cement .. wy owes komplen people dun bring u .. just come la with a thick face .. sure they won’t reject u .. ha ha ha

    He never gave his hp contact…how to get in touch with him. If do it on blog, dunno whether he’ll be reading or not!…Not everybody so thick-skinned mah, cibol! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Luckily not in the mood for spicy food today.. STP… I want something sweet.. where’s the dessert? LOL

    I love something hot and spicy…anytime! So full, no room left for dessert!!!

  12. you can buy ready mix fish head curry gravy RM7 per packet-can use 2x from David Law coffeeshop in Bintulu. DL is famous for this dish-its located next to KFC in Medan Jaya- highly recommended not doing adv. for them ok…haha..its easy and convenient to throw in fish n veg. n have nice meal at home. Next time I will remember to get a packet for u when I go to Sibu.

    Here, we use A1 brand – curry mix wrapped in plastic. Not impressive packaging, with orange print. Just chop Bombay onion, fry in oil, add curry mix…and then put in meat/fish and add a bit of water, then potatoes/veg…and finally add santan/milk. Very easy to use and very nice!!! Different for meat and fish but packaging looks the same!

    Btw, Bintulu has those giant buns – size of bowling ball and inside they have very nice curry! Last time RM10, now dunno! Have you tried those?

  13. If I am not wrong they call the dish vietnamese prawns here but of course not with udang galah. For udang galah i prefer it in tempoyak soup or ala Ahiok.
    Got durian flower this morning. Brewed a cuppa and spent the morning “cho lu lian hua”. Malas I din tumbuk the ingredients but blend them. Not as nice….

    Bring to school, give each student a few…finish in 2 minutes!!! In my previous school (not the last one) where my students came from Pulau Kerto and Assan-Kang, they would bring a lot for me…and everybody would lend a hand to remove the anthers!!! My colleagues used to beg me for some! Humph!!! Who asked them to be so mean to their students? Nobody wanted to give them any!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. please wait for me to go for that elusive Sheraton fish head 😛 hahahaha!

    Hey! That reminds me! There’s another song I know with the word “promise” in the title! Beverly Craven’s “Promise me”….The lyrics go something like this: “Promise me…you’ll wait for me…I’ll be home soon!” So when are you coming? You want me to play horse with host to you again? ROTFLMAO!!!

  15. yeah… if u call.. i’ll be on my next flight back mah… ha ha

    I don’t have ur number! U never gave to me, only gave to ladies! So hamsap!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. wahhhh STP, should treat me for my birthday…nvm, will ask you to belanja me when you come to KK…can or not? lol

    Aiyor! Tuan/Puan rumah must belanja! So u come to Sibu, I belanja…I go KK, you lor!!! LOL!!!

  17. now i have a question for you stp, any good claypot chicken rice in sibu?

    Not that I know of! Maybe Ah Hock Kia…coffee shop behind the Shanghai restaurant. But I don’t think the same lah! Last time, The Village had…dunno still got or not. I hunt around, if I find any nice one, I’ll let u know!…Hey, you’re going KL anyway! Lots there wat!!!

  18. bintulu giant buns-yes hv tried them – u need to share among few people otherwise too much for one person- hv not seen them lately.

    Even if they have, must be expensive. At least RM15, I’m sure!

  19. wow~ Looks really nice the Udang Galah.. but why they named it Galah… Should named it Udang Menang~ LOL

    Galah, if I’m not mistaken, means bamboo…but I still don;t see any connection. Ur first time here, miumiu? Welcome, and do drop by again, ya! Will check out urs too!

  20. Celaka betul.. why all the good dishes mentioned in this blog are all no-nos to me

    You can take fish, I’m sure!…Well, take those horribly-bitter herbal leaves that I take daily…and no more allergies!

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