The times they are a-changing…

When I was a young boy, kampua was 50 cents a plate with meat and 30 cents without and coffee was 20 cents a cup. One could enjoy breakfast for less than one dollar (That was the currency we used then!). Gradually, it went up to two ringgit and then three…and the other day, I stopped by a coffee shop to have a plate of mee goreng Melayu (fried noodles Malay-style) and kopi-o peng (black coffee) and it cost me RM4.20…

Mee goreng melayu

The worst thing was that neither the noodles nor the coffee were that great…and they certainly were not worth the money. With that consideration in mind, I think from now onwards, I would just prepare my own breakfast at home…and eat out once a week after the church service on Sundays. Like yesterday, I had this bowl of Sarawak laksa at Sibu Thomson Corner and gee! The price had gone up to RM4.70! Good grief!!!

Sibu Thomson Corner laksa

Eating out once a week on Sundays would be exactly like how it was when I was little. Life was a lot simpler and cheaper (and healthier?) then. These days, we eat out with the family so often that it has ceased to be anything special. During our younger days, we would hope and pray that somebody in the family would get married so that we would be able to tag along with our parents to the wedding banquet. Nowadays, the kids would sulk and say, “Not again!…Boring!” They are not in the least interested and I guess we can’t blame them!

So it’s back to home-cooked meals for me…and for breakfast, I can have fried rice if there’s any leftover from the previous day, or I can select from an array of choices…

Oodles of noodles

I can have instant noodles or kway teow, or some mee sua perhaps…or I can use the egg noodles to make something like kampua (with soy sauce). For example, I cooked myself this bowl of kway teow soup…

kway teow soup

It only costs 80 sen a packet and if you add the cost of the egg – say 30 sen, that will only cost RM1.10 (excluding the coriander leaves). Incidentally, two half-boiled eggs at Thomson Corner here cost RM1.40, that is 70 sen each!!! Goodness gracious! That’s more expensive than gerrie’s free-range eggs!!!

Anyway, to get back to what I was rambling about – making and eating breakfast at home, that is, I have taken out my 27-year-old coffee percolator to brew my own coffee…

Fresh coffee brew

How much is kopi-o peng now in the shops? RM1.50 a glass? If it is nice, like Ruby’s, then it isn’t so bad…but then more often than not, it tastes like dark-coloured sugar syrup. I won’t say that it tastes like ditch water (even though it sometimes looks like that) as I’ve never had that before! Anyway,I used to take instant coffee as I was too lazy and when I was working, I did not have the time (nor the patience) but now I have all the time in the world, and instant coffee is getting way too expensive too! Here in Sibu, we can get very nice ground coffee at around RM15-16 a kilo at Mui Hock; in fact, Ruby also buys the coffee powder from there. Incidentally, there are more expensive and cheaper varieties, if you’re interested, but a friend of mine gave me 1 kg beginning of last month…or was it towards the end of May? Now that will last for quite sometime before I’ll have to go out and buy my own. Ah! Just like old times…when I was a kid, and every morning, my mum would have a pot of freshly-brewed coffee on the dining room table and the fragrant aroma would fill the whole house! Ummmm!!!!…..Some things don’t have to change!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “The times they are a-changing…”

  1. ya lo… Ever since Price fuel increase, I seldom go for outside food already. ^_^ it seems like everything need to be CUT DOWN lols… ( no cinema at nite, no karaoke at midnite, no yamcha after work, no supper after movie, no beer at ladies nite, no zabo LoL!!!

    Ummm…..looks like you are now ready for….MARRIAGE!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Man-D!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. i’m not prepared to face kk tomolo when i get back there….. haiz. muz be damn expensive

    You haven’t finished? How many more years?…..KK’s food nice…but pricey! Yup! The cost of living there is definitely higher! City mah!!!…I think I’d rather stay in Sibu.

  3. Lol! I also looked forward to wedding invitation when i was young but not mum bcos it meant more ‘angpow’ to give but being the younger ones in the family i seldom get picked for the older ones have the first turn to go. but i will always wait for her on the bus-stop when she got back ‘ta-pau’ ‘siobee’ with big men’s handkerchief! Your perculator looks very antique n still working after 27yrs must be pretty good, mine is just a simple straightforward one but m too lazy to brew coffee, prefer my ‘moccona’esp indulgence range!

    That’s bcos u came from a large family. U were the 8th, right? Oh…how we cherished what they brought home!!! We seldom had the opportunites to eat those things then! Gee! What a deprived childhood we had hor? LOL!!!…The coffee maker was my wedding present from Sophia and family! Still good and works perfectly! They don’t make things like that these days!!!

  4. one more year… haiz… i love sibu… but i love money more

    Haiz! Rich people like dat lah! Never enough!!! Poor people like me…got a little, already thankful liao!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. OMG, We used to have that exact coffee maker! and it’s 27 years old? wah.. same age as me lah…. :D. Maybe mom got it as a wedding gift. Gee..

    So where’s ur mum’s? Spoilt already?…Well, when are u getting married? I can wrap up mine and give to u as wedding gift! History repeats itself! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  6. Oh man.. cheapskate!

    Have to live on pension mah! So poor already! Who asks u not to get married earlier? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Still function but hardly use. Have to wait til retire also I think. Try this for breakfast…Kpenyu’s bread witn condensed milk and add….SARDINE!!! Should go well with his durian flower tea.

    Eyew…I wonder if it tastes like Ruby’s butter scotch prawns? LOL!!!

  8. 27 year old coffee maker eh? I thought back then coffee was only made in pots wrapped in fluffy warmers and with alot of kopi-sai at the bottom…hehe.
    Kpenyu has weird food preferences… i shall remember to stock up on sardines and susu cap junjung on his next trip to Kuching.

    That was when my mum used to make it…and also the aunties at Jackfruit Village!!! Kpenyu? I wonder whether the trauma of his dog attack back then affected his brain or not? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. STP.. tell them what we normally EAT in KK… I hated going for wedding dinners when I was young. Firstly they announced to the whole world How much wsa your ang-pow and when the goodies are have no chance cos all already ta-pow for people like Stella to eat. You and Stella just comfirmed HA HA HA HA. they still do that in Sibu kah???…but I heard of someone in KK who like to ta-pow for his dogs…the waiters never failed to frown when they are requested to put chillies on the food.. wow..he must have HOT DOGS…

    Wah! Long life! People talk about him, terus appear!!!…Well, take note! When my daughter marries, I will collect the ang pows personally and announce using P.A. system!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! What did we eat in KK? Ummm….kampua at Sibu Cafe, got lah! ROTFLMAO!!!

  10. STP…I have to repeat this…ha ha ha ha..cos facts are facts.. Really you cannot sit under a fan…as all the meat will be blown off ha ha ha ha ha …Me and AH FAH used to order fried eggs together with our ‘char-mee’ and Ah Fah caught the cook using one egg only…

    they are so professionally skilful la…

    Aiyo.. increase your tuition fees la..Inflation ma.

    Never mind! I just eat at home…cannot increase tuition fees lah! The boss also making noise, want to increase but I said no need lah! Enough to eat ok liao! No need so greedy!!! The poor parents also having a hard time, children tuition left right and centre, day and night!!!

  11. i ate a lot of 30cents Ah Kow kampua-no wonder am soXXL sized today.haha. talking of coffee -best is at Grandma’s at JV.thick and damn sweet n its goes well with ikan pusa and peanuts. Know what I missed most–sitting down on the floor eating sago starch, all the ulams, grilled fish and…those were the days.

    Didn’t we all? Kampua was like heaven to us then! Ya…I think pouring the boiling water directly onto the coffee powder made the difference, despite the kopi sai! I haven’t had linut since the eldest aunt passed away.

  12. Ai yo!Pollie! y u mentioned the sago starch,made me crave for the’linut’ now! Wonder if we look up Ah Hiok when we r in town if she will still make it for us now being so busy married and with family to look after??? STP! U know how to make ‘linut’ or not?

    Nope! Hiok used to make and I only ate! But must have good sago starch, wild boar soup for the sambal…Slurpzzzz!!!!

  13. hee hee…linut cravings pula! Am not a fan of linut per se, but love the condiments that go with it. Stella, I think have to pre-order linut with Hiok or Helen-ko. Hmmm…perhaps will make a trip to sibu!

    If arrange with them, sure no problem one!!! Aunt Helen would love to have everybody around…

  14. Am not a linut person myself too. Love the coffee though and the panggang. Sibu has one of the best panggangs. Very lemak and taste just great.

    Next time I go Kuching, I’ll get some for u!!! Can’t get the best – Kate’s but the ones I usually buy oso very nice!!! Won’t be able to tell the difference unless u eat both together!

  15. Yeah, I can feel the price increase too. Nevermind, Sheraton is ON tomorrow night regardless. =D

    Hot coffee is RM 1.60 now so our manager brought his own coffee machine and thus the price of my daily consumption of coffee has been reduced to…RM 0. Heh!

    You drink a lot of coffee as well eh? The whole pot to yourself?

    Ok…I’ll starve the whole day then. LOL!!!…Free coffee? I want! I pass u my thermos flask, can or not? Hahahahaha!!!…My old missus will drink too, but I guess I drink more. That reminds me! Now I remember why I stopped using the coffee maker – I was drinking way too much coffee, that was why! I’d better make half a pot then…

  16. RM4.70 for a bowl of Laksa ??? So expensive geh ?? I know I’ll feel hungry if I visit your blog at this hour !!

    Now that I’m stuck in office.. Demak Laut has got no nice food to eat at night. T___T I guess, I should go home soon to cook maggi mee !!

    That’s for the big bowl…not like the small ones in Kuching. I think the small one was RM3.50, so now it should be RM3.70, everything up by 20 sen there. Hah! Then, you went over to Huai Bin’s blog…only to find more food there! Nowhere to run, eh? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. sigh…and the fuel price increase is not helping at all…

    lets just eat grass…

    Thank God you didn’t say “smoke”, in which case the “grass” would mean ganja or marijuana! LOL!!!

  18. Hmmm…. someone started a pretty dumb idea, saying that if we stop buying certain goods or stop eating a certain brand of food, the price will go down, and hey presto ! Same old price like a few years back. I think it’s not practical and definitely a failure-guaranteed idea.

    A coffeeshop towkay said that he could have adjusted the amount and the ingredients and kept the old price or not increase by so much, earning less and keeping his customers, but the association (=union) insisted. Well, if they do not have business, they’ll just have to go bankrupt and close down. Teach them a lesson not to be so greedy…and to be more careful next time when they want to jack up the prices!!!

  19. i love daddy mee ^__^
    dapao it and bring it to semenanjung. haha xD
    i terpaksa cook coz eating outside so expensive now T_T

    I love daddy mee too…curry clavour and chicken flavour. The mee goreng isn’t as nice as Indomie though!

  20. So when is the linut party? They sell pretty decent “beletak” at the market. Unfortunately Stella cannot get pumba from Kenyap!! Pumba available in Sibu.

    Not for me! Everytime I went to ask, they looked at me suspiciously as if I were pegawai going to nab them for selling endangered species!!! LOL!!!

  21. STP, I went to Bella in Padungan, and they have a pretty decent kam-pua, served with thin slices of stewed “sa-chan bak”. I thought it was quite nice, but personally would prefer the lean meats. Bella’s owner is the same owner as Tom’s – he’s covering both extremes of culinary delights apparently.

    Kampua‘s easy to make lah!…When in Auckland, I cooked using packet egg noodles and my brother’s little brat son finished one whole plate! Didn’t tell them I put msg!!! They fanatical about those things!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  22. I yet to have my mee goreng Melayu since I am here! I must go get it this week 😀

    Take ur time…you’ll be here long enough!!! I wonder where got nice one in Kuching hor? Never had that there. Sibu I know a few places!!!

  23. eh wait.. why i read panggang somewhere? where in kuching to get the best? i am a big fan of panggang. a school friend of mine, when we went for night class together last time (primary 4?) i always went to pick him up at his place.. his parents make awesome panggang for sale!!!! damn nice.. freshly made! it’s been a long long time since i had a nice panggang.. soft and fragrant..

    Kuching no nice panggang lah!!! That’s why I used to bring one kotak full when I went to Kuching. Theirs got sambal inside one, not lemak and wangi like Sibu’s!!! Eat with susu cap gantung junjung, best! Or kaya!…Gosh! My list is getting longer now! Kompia…panggang…what else??? LOL!!!

  24. So Gundot, Pumba still got but no longer with Kenyap? I think Kenyap quit Pumba long time ago, now just stay home with Timon!LOL!or maybe Mufasa, or even Mufasa’s son forgot his name now! So who knows Pumba now?Ah Hiok? If I want Pumba can I call her? Thks STP for being the communicating line! Owe u one!N gerrie why not make yr trip coincide with mine? ask Pollie for more details.

    Gundot always seems to be able to buy from Sg Merah market. Maybe she has the I-eat-Poomba look! I have not been successful!!! Hahahahaha!!!!…Would be nice to have everybody here at the same time!!!

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