Some like it hot…

Well, I most certainly do! That was why when my mother-in-law gave us two huge pieces of bay ka or ikan tenggiri (mackerel) that day, we used those to cook some assam (tamarind) fish curry. It seems that my in-laws do not like fish which, of course, works in our favour. Well, we did not bother to go out and buy the usual veg for this dish – ladies’ fingers, brinjal, pineapples – and to replace all that, we just threw in some durian flowers that we got from her as well.

Assam fish curry

To go with that, I had some four-angle beans so I pounded some sambal belacan (prawn paste with chilli)and had that for ulam (dip). That was yummy!!

4-angle beans ulam

However, instead of taking the veg raw, I steamed it first…like what I would usually do with ladies’ fingers and brinjal when I have them for ulam. Don’t!!! Not with four-angle beans! Just take it raw like cucumber…Nice and crunchy!!!

So, apart from the nitty-gritty ingredients used, basically it was a free meal. My foster-cousin in the kampung gave me those four-angle beans. In view of the rising prices of things, she (and my aunt in the kampung too) have started planting vegetables around their houses…which works in my favour as well for they will always spare me some.

It certainly is good to see some positively-inclined people taking measures to enable them to sail through the economic slowdown without feeling the pinch that much. If you still insist on carrying on the way you are used to regardless, shopping and dining and spending like there is no tomorrow, then that is your prerogative; just don’t grumble about the escalating expenses that you incur. It all boils down to a matter of having the right attitude and sense of responsibility and self-control and setting priorities. We should be able to differentiate between our needs…and our wants!

Oops! Sorry I digressed…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Some like it hot…”

  1. “Spending like there is no tomorrow” kinda reminds me of someone… 😛

    Who? Who? That friend of ours??? Hmmm…too bad he doesn’t spend it on us hor? I’m still waiting for the Sheraton fish head curry…. Goolooloo, you’re waiting too? ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Ai yo you… why touch on economic slowdown when i just came back from Garden ? Trying to lure me into remorse and depression?

    You didn’t pay a cent! Haiz!!! Parents are all the same lah! Spend their hard-earned money to pamper the kids, shower them with love, give them everything they want…so you kids have to pay back too. yunno???!!!! Get off the internet! Go…and hit ur books right now!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. doncha wish yr gf is hot like me? donchaaaa…

    who is the Big Spender?

    U hot kah? Not yet try, how do I know hot or not leh? LOL!!!…Hope you’re a big spender so when I go KL, you can take me to all the posh places mam-mam!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. I used to plant kai lan and kangkung in my garden. The first round of harvesting, the vegetables looks good. The second round, they will be attacked by snails with holes on the leaves. No pesticides though so real organic vegetables. Maybe it’s time for me to try my hand at planting vegetables in the garden again in view of the PM’s advice.

    Best green veg to buy…those growing wild, or those with lots of holes! Sure pesticide-free! I don’t have green fingers PLUS I’m lazy! But my backyard’s available to anybody who’s interested. Just spare me some of the veg… LOL!!!

  5. How do i live without you………………………..i prefer mutton curry… no pork at all.. LoL

    Mutton, beef, chicken, fish or prawn…all nice! Somehow, pork not so nice for curry!

  6. ngam ngam for my lidah if like dat:P
    i love spicy !
    recipe? may i ask the recipe? hehexD

    These days I use the A1 Brand curry mix packed in transparent plastic bags. Fry some chopped Bombay onions in oil till fragrant, add the curry mix…and then the meat or the fish or prawns…and add water and santan/milk and also salt, according to taste. Different curry mixes for meat or seafood. Very easy to use (compared to curry powder plus all the pounded ingredients) and very nice!

  7. You know the best way to eat ladies fingers? Just blanch it in hot water for a second or two and eat it while it’s hot. That’s how we eat it at home. 🙂

    Sheraton fish head curry coming right up. 😉

    Always steamed them. Will try one of these days…but have to make sure the ladies fingers are young. Sometimes they’re as old as the hills and the sellers don’t like it if you try to break the tips to check!…Can’t wait! Just call me to let me know when we’re going…and I’ll be there!

  8. Your blog entries are all the titles of songs or movies… yah.

    Welcome, adam. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, they’re all titles of songs…but I’ve had complaints from readers. They say it’s hard to find a previous post about something…if they wanna look for it.

  9. well i like brinjals with hot pepper.

    I like them any way…as long as they’re not overcooked and soggy. They’re nice if fried with batter, Japanese terrayaki style too…Your first time here too, blake? Welcome and do come again.

  10. Cooking pork meat with curry..
    Never try it before dunno the taste also..
    Maybe you should make an experiment on that and blog about it too…

    I’ve cooked that before. It’s ok…but not as nice as with beef, chicken or mutton. They say it’s nice if u cook curry with wild boar or venison…but I’d rather have these cooked in other ways than drown the taste in the curry.

  11. I see that you pounded the sambal? You really know how to enjoy food eh, have you tried the Penang sambal belacan? You’ll love it.

    The West Malaysians here don’t like our belacan. They say it has a very strong smell…and after ulam, the smell sticks to their fingers all day. I’ve eaten the belacan at the ulam counters at hotel buffets over there. They’re just as nice…but not the sambal belacan they sell in plastic bottles at supermarkets! Those, I’d pass!!! Not worth trying even!

  12. with regards to the Penang Sambal Belacan, don’t buy the supermarket ones, lots of artificial ingredients in it. You need to buy from the wet market, the usual price is RM 2 for a very small portion but the taste is fantastic. Usually goes excellently well with noodles. About West Malaysians not liking the Sarawakian Sambal, well……I guess I’ll have to taste it first before I comment on that hehehe….I like strong smells but not all the time.

    When I was in the UK, whenever I cooked curry in campus…the Mat Salleh students walking past would drool and drool…but when I cooked something with belacan, they would go spitting away and some would puke even!!! They must be wondering what that stench was!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

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