Welcome to the black parade…

Gundot emailed me this photo sometime ago…

Unique ceiling

It is actually a lounge for smokers with a very unique but somewhat morbid ceiling. I wonder who came up with that idea! LOL!!!

To be honest, I smoke too…but not at the expense of others. When I am at airconditioned public places, I will make it a point to go outside to smoke. Thus, when Sophia took me and my family to dinner at The Junk in Kuching, a relatively posh place with relatively high prices, we were somewhat put off when a guy at the next table started smoking. The management said that people could smoke there as the windows were open, but giving due consideration to the other diners, they should have smoking and non-smoking zones. After all, they have tables along the five-foot way outside, so those who wish to smoke can just go there.

Freaky Nami's photo@www.flickr.com

Here in Sibu, a place that I frequent quite regularly is the coffee house at Garden Hotel because the food is nice and comparatively cheaper for places like that. But unfortunately, I have encountered somebody smoking on more than one occasion. They have a nice and comfortable open air section with ceiling fans…and yet, those inconsiderate individuals simply refuse to eat there. In the past, the place doubled as a pub after 9.00 p.m. with Filipino bands playing ear-splitting music. There was a sign that stated that smoking was prohibited except after 9.00 p.m. but when I had lunch there, there were people puffing away like a chimney. Once, I complained to the captain on duty but she said diners were permitted to smoke. Then, when I asked her about the sign, she just walked away with an expression on her face that seemed to imply that I was the fuss-pot, the bad guy!!!

Elfleda's photo@www.flickr.com

Anybody else has had some unpleasant experiences like these?   

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Welcome to the black parade…”

  1. The 1st pic reminds me of a biblical story. You still smoke? I don’t want you to be drenched with water oh! Hahaha…

    The Rich and Poor Lazarus?…Haiz!!! Unfortunately yes! LOL!!! That is a good one! Some people are so creative and witty!

  2. there is no such thing as smoking zones and non-smoking zones… it’s the same, both are still affected but smoke….. perhaps the non-smoking zones offers false reassurance… the truth is, smoke particles can travel in the air… even if u smoke outside, people would still still inhale it…perhaps they don’t feel the discomfort of cigarette smoke but they are still at risk of lung cancer, being a passive smoker… yes, lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer among man and 2nd among women in Malaysia…. and the smoke particles, believe it or not, can get stuck to your clothings.. many people do not realise this…after smoking, when you hug child and lov ones, they are affected too! this become worse if there is someone in the family with asthma as smoking can precipitate an astmatic attack!!

    i’m all for banning smoking at air-condition places, especially restaurants, clubs and bars… and ideally smoking altogether, but i guess, that’s difficult………

    They’ve done that in many countries. Yup…I’ve a chapter on smoking in one of my books for SPM English but haiz…!!! Guess it’s a classic case of “Do as I say, not as I do!”

  3. I cannot stand friends smoke in the car =.=
    I cannot stand people smoke at coffee shop and I lagi cannot stand people who just love to smoke at aircond place =.=

    No smoking in my car! No smoking in my hotel room! No smoking in my house! Can do that outside in the garden!…I hate the smell of stale smoke!!!

  4. Tanahmas Hotel has a smoking and non smoking section; but in an air-con environment, what difference does it make. Spoils my dinner everytime.

    I guess it does. But Garden has an open air section outside, so those who want to smoke can just eat there!!! Some people are just inconsiderate and recalcitrant, that’s all!

  5. The first picture is more to scare smokers to quit their habit i guess..

    Too bad it will all bounce off the wall like rubber balls!!!

  6. Some of my friends are smoking but normally they will either step aside for a puff or make sure the smoke doesn’t get in my airway.

    Confirm gonna be in Kokoberry tonight 8PM. See you tonight.

    I do that…so sometimes you may find me alone in the parking lot or at the fire escape or outside the entrance behaving like a bouncer or something. LOL!!! OK…will try to be there!

  7. i cant tahan with the smoke, i remember i baling things to my uncle coz he always sengaja smoke in front me.. ya ya.. im the bad girl.. hehehe

    Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind…

  8. wah another gathering tonight? that’s cool 😀 take more photos yeah!

    Those people not camwhore one, want to remain anonymous so how to take photo? Hiaz…!

  9. never been to sibu. mesti pergi ni satu hari nanti. hehe

    Most welcome. Nice, small town. I’m sure u’ll like it here…and thanks for dropping by. Do come again. Will link u in my blogroll.

  10. what ciggie u smoke ah? how many kotak per day? haha..

    Why? You wanna buy for me?…One year’s supply? LOL!!!

  11. You should go to Petronas Tower 1. The smoking room is empty, painted in white, spacious with the astray in the middle of the room. Makes you feel like a lunatic for smoking.

    Well, at least the walls are not cushioned… LOL!

  12. OMG! Did you just make a My Chemical Romance reference? I didn’t know you listen to music like these, my friend. 🙂

    Anyway, I love the ceiling. Kinda morbid, but creative. 5 feet under with one foot in the grave, us smokers.

    Sibu. Hmm…considering the sheer amount of Ah Bengs in this town, I’ve seen people smoking (several times) in King’s Theater. Blatantly.

    Being a smoker myself, I don’t really mind, but it’s people like them that gives us a REALLY bad image.

    My music spans several generations… I like MCR’s hits like I don’t love you, Famous last words etc. Rock on, brudder! LOL!!!…I guess it’s a matter of attitude and responsibility…

  13. 1. That ceiling is so CREATIVE!!! Morbid, but very “deep”, with a message for the smokers no doubt. 🙂
    2. I can’t stand the smell of smoke, fresh or stale so my friends know to “keep their distance” when they’re smoking…
    3. I dislike those who smoke in cars/closed spaces cos the smoke lingers…
    4. Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don’t like smoke…

    Thought you’re a rock chick, hanging out with a rock band? Ah well! Guess it’s just the stigma people tend to attach to rock musicians…cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and what not.

  14. smoke or no smoke.. we’ll all die anyways 🙂 most of my friends smoke, so i dont mind and since im a mild one myself… but i like the smell of stale flavored cigar.. dun know y hehehe

    A “mild” one? When did you start?…Better kick the habit cos other than all the other reasons, for one thing, it’s getting way too expensive! Well, you’re going overseas…;you will hardly be able to afford it there!!!

  15. I really like the morbidness of that painting. It’s subtle with dark humour, yet sends the deadly message. Where is that place?

    Dunno. Sombody sent me the picture, obviously dropping a not very subtle hint! LOL!!!

  16. yeah, cigarettes in vancouver cost about 3 times the price in malaysia if converted for a pack of 20 i heard. maybe ill be getting myself 2 cartons before i go..hehehe

    Duty free, u’re entitled to bring in ONE only…and that will not last u very long! You’ll just have to give up…or BURN all ur allowance away!

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