Hello again…

Hello, my friend, hello…! Well, it was good to see you again, Bongkersz, even though it was just a fleeting visit.

That’s right! He was in town for a while on Sunday, reaching here at around 8.30 a.m. and I took him for breakfast at Grace Cafe in the Dewan Suarah area to appease his craving for dianpianngu. Here’s a photo of him saying grace before he licked the bowl clean…(Don’t let your imagination run wild now eh? LOL!!!)

Good grief! Just a couple of weeks in Kuching and don’t you think he has put on weight? Somebody must be feeding him very well! Look at those cute, chubby cheeks!!! Like a fat baby’s that people love to cubit-cubit!!! ROTFLMAO!!

Bongkersz saying grace

The following mylongkang’s photo was uploaded onto flickr by cibol; it was taken when they were in Sibu earlier this year around Chinese New Year. Don’t you think Bongkersz was slimmer and younger then…..and he looked much better with hair? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

bernard.archibald's photo@www.flickr.com

Anyway, to get back to what I was talking about, Huai Bin (sixthseal.com) and Mary (goolooloo.com) joined us later. Umm…actually Huai Bin came first because the towkay-neo (lady boss) had some business to attend to…and then, instead of heading to where we were, she went to the original dianpianngu place in the town centre and since it was already past 11 then, we decided to meet at Ruby Restaurant instead.

Since his last trip, Bongkersz had been yearning for the butter scotch prawns at the Ruby Restaurant here in Sibu;all his efforts to find a place in KL or Kuching that cooks prawns that same way have been in vain…so I decided to let him have another go at it.

Ruby's butter scotch prawns again

I also ordered his favourite cangkuk manis

Ruby's cangkuk manis again

Huai Bin loves the butter cheese baby kai lan there so we had that too…

Ruby's butter cheese baby kailan again

I wanted to try something different, so I ordered pork belly with dried chillies and salted fish. Goolooloo loved it…but although it was very nice, I think what I had once at stall no. 7 at Taman Selera Muhibbah was nicer. Perhaps they should add more salted fish…and use the “long” type instead for extra “fragrance”.

Ruby's pork belly with dried chilli and salted fish

You can find some more photographs if you bother to click the links to the other blogs but without doubt, it was a delightful lunch, considering particularly the company one was with…and I was pretty sure Bongkersz had a good time too before he left to return to Kuching via Sarikei. I hope you found your trip worthwhile, my friend, and do come again sometime…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Hello again…”

  1. hahahha yalah, bongkersz chubby ody… can fight my chubbiness soon! 😛

    But having a friend like you, who likes to torture people with food post, it’s only to be expected lah.. people drool all the time, must find food to appease that hunger… apa lagi bila bertanding masakan siapa nampak lagi sedap! LOL

    Hahahahahaha!!! Makes u so happy to see other people fat also kah? Now what name should we call him? Suituapui2? LOL!!!

  2. stp.. size MATTERS.. 😉

    Does it? Well, you’ve seen the photo in bongkersz’s blog! I am equal to the three of them rolled into one!!! Big enough for you? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. I will drop by at Kokoberry Thursday night for a munch of crepes. If got time, drop there for a drink.

    OK. Will try to make it. Thanks for the invitation.

  4. i would think my old photo look bigger??? looking from both small photos.. and my face.. always kinda chubby mar hahahahaha!!

    For once you should be thankful that the photos are small. When I downloaded the latest one from my handphone, it was full-screen…and omigawd! Those cheeks!!! Exactly like my cheeks…but I’m not saying which!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  5. the pork belly dish looks so tempting.
    Must ask you where’s the nice makan place in Sibu.
    Hail, food master!!!

    That’s Ruby Restaurant. Straight ahead from MAS office…last block nearest to the old mosque. It’s after RHB and AmBank, in between Home-cooked and Ivan generation-X shop. You’ll love the food there! Cheap (Just avoid udang galah and fish like Tapah) and very delicious!

  6. i’m still around till next tuesday… so wanna meet up again?

    Are you inviting me? U wanna give me a treat?…I’m still waiting for the fish head curry at Sheraton that somebody promised and has been postponing and postponing…!!! Hint! Hint! LOL!!!

  7. when i back to sarawak, i go n find u , and u belanja me then 😛
    ok ?
    especially the prawn! i love prawn!!

    No problem at all…anytime! People like Bongkers and Clare will vouch for that butter scotch prawns dish. It’s really delicious!

  8. Thanks for lunch, my friend. Tomorrow us Sibu bloggers head to Kokoberry for Will. 🙂

    Always a pleasure, Huai Bin. Do text me when you’re all there…

  9. Don’t you think Bongkersz looked much better with hair?

    Oits! That was what I have been saying all this while about hair or no hair but STP, I thought you liked him botak? 😉

    Not really. I only commented that he had a receding hairline then (which he denied, of course) and going all bald solved the problem for him…while the ladies went “ooo” and “ahhh” over it!!!

  10. Hahaha STP, tonight I’ll lay my hands on the Sheraton’s curry fish head. Too bad can’t meet you all there at goolooloo’s.

    U’re going and u’re not inviting me? Sob! Sob!

  11. since it’s only mar and suituapui say i look better with hair.. while i had many good comments.. i shall stick to my bald shining head!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Well, it’s ur head. You can do what u want with it…as long as u like it and ur dahling likes it, ok dah!!! LOL!!!

  12. Bongkersz…if it’s so shining, can I touch it if I see u Sat??? Or better…can I sign it? 😉

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! I’ll leave it to bongkersz to answer that. After all, it’s his dick head!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  13. am still trying to figure out this butter cheese kai lan dish..u fry garlic in butter put in kailan then grated cheddar cheese? wonder how it will taste like???

    Hahahahaha!!! They’ll never tell. I think there’s a bit of egg too like in butter prawns, the dry style.

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