Come Saturday morning…

Well, it’s Saturday morning and the weekend’s here…and most of you are probably getting up too late for breakfast and too early for lunch.  So what about some brunch then? Any idea what you think you would like have? Are you going to drive around (burning liquid gold) in search of some nice things to eat?

Now, if you’re in Sibu and you’re quite sick of the usual kampua and Foochow fried mee, you should give this one a try. Perhaps you would like to go for some Tom yam mihun for a change. I have featured that some time ago, so you can click on the link to have a look if you had missed it then or have forgotten what it looks like.

Anyway, first things first. This is the name of the coffee shop…

The coffee shop

and this is the stall…

The food stall

Where is it, you say? It’s at the Delta Commercial Centre area where the now-not-so-new Delta Mall is located, on the far end next to Sweet Smelling Bakery, facing Gambir Road. So Goolooloo’s shop is pretty close by and Zouk’s, Clare’s and Housefly’s homes as well. Other than the aforementioned Tom yam mihun, you can have porridge and maybe Sarawak laksa as well, if I’m not mistaken or you can have this…

Pork kway teow soup

It is actually clear soup with minced pork balls, green veg, black fungus and an egg plus other bits and pieces…and you can have noodles, mihun or kway teow in it. Actually, there’s also pig liver and other innards but I’m staying away from those temporarily. Just in case you’re wondering, that costs RM4.00 too…and it is nice though usually I would prefer something stronger and spicier like the Tom yam mihun that I had before.

Incidentally, if you love the barbecued char siew and pork ribs, the homemade Chinese sausages or roast pork belly, chicken or duck…and you think the best is at that stall opposite the Public Bank Tunku Osman branch in the town centre, they have a stall here too. Actually, the brother runs this one…and he definitely is more friendly and pleasant than that @#$%&*+%$ one in the town, and the workers are nice and efficient too. I usually tapau home because it is not served with chicken rice, but with plain rice instead.

There are other stalls as well – one selling kampua and other things and the one at the back serves Foochow fried mee and so on…but I do not know if they are any good as I have not tried them before. Maybe you can go and sample and let me know…???

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Come Saturday morning…”

  1. you should try the kampua

    Nice kah? I like the one at Soon Hock, same area, same row as Chopsticks Chicken Rice next to Lilian Pharmacy.

  2. and btw, i almost went there for breakfast just now..would’ve bumped into you actually XD

    I didn’t go this morning lah! That was a few days ago. Wah!!! Go so far for breakfast?…Kampua at Pusat Tanahwang (opposite Sacred Heart), next to Star World, same block at Bread Sense…nice and nearer to ur house but sometimes the cyber cafe so noisy, like 3rd World War!!!

  3. I just woke up .. ha ha ha. so I drop by to say good morning, I’m not too late to have brunch rite?

    Wah…so nice orang muda! Orang bujang! Me…6 a.m. already up!!! So what did u have for brunch? Bongkersz had kampua!!! LOL!!!

  4. I also had kampua this morning.. But… Since it’s tapao-ed by my parents.. So, I didn’t bother to take pic of it. *LOL*

    Wonder if I can find any yummilicious tomyam mihun in Kuching..

    Come to Sibu then…or Sarikei! Kampua?…Personally I’d rather have kolo mee!!!

  5. I had kampua too .. but I make myself one la .. ha ha ha. my housemate got bot this dry kampua from sibu.

    Ya…they have the dried ones in packets. Easy to cook! U can start kampua bizniz in KL!!! Become millionaire soon! LOL!!!

  6. This morning I had Black Vinegar Mee Pok! Chipmunk had tu khar rice at Ban Hock road there.

    Should be the other way round! U so skinny, can have the too kha!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. so good got cuti on Sat…hukhukhuk…neeway, had Lo Mai Kai and Siu Mai with a glass of Milo Ping (errr…reminds me of my post…lol) for breakfast!

    Namind!!! I also work Sat and Sun…4 to 6. What to do, have to make ends meet!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  8. wah… *drool*
    hungry ba. I didn’t have breakfast or lunch, saving space for dinner tonight. Hehehe
    Thanks for visiting. Will be meeting Dr. G this august…

    Something special on? Dr G hasn’t retired? Gee! Seems like she’s been around…forever!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. kesian man-d have to work lor .. namind lor .. lek lke ko sana tu

    Not like some people so free, goyang kaki!!! U going RWMF? Take leave kah? Banyak betul leave???

  10. I only take clear soup when I’m sick. Hehe.. other days I prefer spicy stuff. But judging from ur pic, i think i’ll give it a shot soon. Hehehe..

    It is nice!…Otherwise, I’d say so!!! They don’t pay me to shut my mouth mah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. nah, just some dinner that my sis asked me to join. The food was “bleurgh!”, even hawker food is waaay better.
    Dr.G is currently employed on contract basis by UM. She’s the fairy Godmother of us Borneo TESL girls. Hehehe

    Very true! Sometimes, simplicity is the key!…I’ve met Dr G a few times at seminars and thing like that but we never got acquainted, but from MU, I do know Dr Saratha very well. We’ve wroked together on a few occasions.

  12. “…the weekend’s here…and most of you are probably getting up too late for breakfast and too early for lunch…”
    How you know ah? Kekeke…I set alarm 8am…Snooze and wake at 9.30am…and that’s considered early for me on weekends! Hahaha…Wake up alang2 so my food schedule today also alang2…
    Had a light “breakfast” at 11am…”lunch” at 3pm and bcos of late lunch, my “dinner” was light at 8pm and then by 11pm I hungry and there’s no food! Should have eaten those canai when I accompanied my bro for “supper” at 10pm but I was still full then…

    No food? In the city that never sleeps!!! Open air market there got lah!!!

  13. I had KFC Zinger burger for breakfast yesterday – supposed to be my dinner but it got to me late the night before hehe … I don’t know why, but during weekends I wake up early most of the time – unlike weekdays where I have to struggle to go to work LOL..

    And for today’s breakfast .. I’m going off to Lintas Plaza now to have some nice soto jawa! ekekkee .. And no, I only have this occasionally ya, don’t go scolding me like my father does, saying I eat too much meat hence my high BP 😛

    Once in a while, we just pamper ourselves…and indulge! We deserve that, don’t we? LOL!!!

  14. ha ha ha .. i got 22 days of leave a year la. use properly. that doesn’t include self proclaimed mcs and also emergency leaves ..

    Oh…those Malaysians call “ular”!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  15. Dr. Saratha, i’ve never met her but i read her books. 🙂

    Very, very nice and pleasant lady! I like her a lot! Heard she has retired or something.

  16. ooooo stp, where is this place? the food looks nice. wanna try when i got time to go back to sibu. hee hee…

    Delta Commercial Centre…the other end of Jalan Pedada which starts at the Sibu Gateway and goes on and on and on till the Jalan Deshon roundabout (where you turn right to SMK Rosli Dhoby and Sibu Airport).

  17. Of course got food lah if go out but we just went out 10pm, takkan wanna go out again burn liquid gold rite??? Hahaha…At home got food but I was just looking to snack but malasla…not good to be full when go to bed anyways. LOL!!!

    If I’m hungry, I will not be able to sleep liao…!!! LOL!!!

  18. i had kampua and mee sua on saturday morning. i asked my bro to tapao kampua.. but my dad cooked mee sua.. so i need to eat both. hmm.. not complaining. haha!

    Another STP in the making, cute and chubby cheeks??? LOL!!!

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