Accidentally in love…

I am free on Tuesdays…but that means I will have to cook dinner. Anyway, before I get to that, I had to go to the bank yesterday – the one in Upper Lanang Road. It used to be in Rejang Park and was not that inconvenient as it was near my house…but sometime ago, they closed down that branch and moved to the other end of the town. Well, I’m not going to deliberate on that but while I was in the area yesterday, I spotted a stall in one of the coffee shops selling kolo mee

Sibu kolo mee

Somebody should tell them that just because they dump in some minced meat, fish balls and veg, it does not become kolo mee. It still tasted like kampua mee but with the extras. Just like the pseudo-authentic kampua mee I had in Auckland (at NZ$8 per plate!)! It was nice but it just was not the same. I feel that they should just leave it to the people concerned. If you want to eat kolo mee, go to Kuching…and if it’s kampua mee that they want, then they can come to Sibu!

Now to get back to what I was going to talk about, I had to cook dinner yesterday so I must decide what I would like to eat. I did not want to cook ladies’ fingers as I would need to use sambal kering (dried prawns) and I think I should stay away from that for a while…

Fried ladies' fingers

Besides, Bongkersz cooked that recently and he might call me a copycat…but to be frank, if you take a look at his post, it did not look at all that appetising! ROTFLMAO!!! Anyway, I did not have to cook the main dish as we still had some leftover ikan tapah masak kunyit (Tapah fish cooked with tumeric) that my missus cooked a couple of days ago…so I had to tolerate my craving for some lemon chicken for a bit…

Lemon chicken

In the end, I settled for pumpkin instead. I had cooked half of it last week, sayur rebus style…so I still had half of it in the fridge.

Normally, I would cook it with udang kering (dried prawns), the same way that I would cook ladies’ fingers, but it looked like I had to do without that. I pounded two shallots, four cloves of garlic and three chillies, and fried that in a bit of oil, adding one stalk of serai (lemon grass) to that a while later. I also put in one teaspoon of sugar, to caramelise it, as Kylie Kwong would say…and then in went the cut pumpkin. After mixing the pumpkin with the ingredients thoroughly, I added water and left it to simmer until the pumpkin was cooked. Finally, I added a teaspoon of ikan bilis (anchovies) stock, threw in a few curry leaves for additional fragance and continued to simmer it till the gravy thickened.

Fried pumpkin

So this was the end result. It certainly looked mouth-watering and when I tried it, it was really very very nice! I loved it!!! Somehow, it reminded me of the chilli crabs I had in Singapore in the early 70s at places in Changi or Bedok. Ummm…have I accidentally stumbled upon the recipe they used at the time? Well, I simply must try it out one of these days…but that will have to wait till I am absolutely sure I will not end up with another gout attack…! LOL!!!

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24 thoughts on “Accidentally in love…”

  1. Oh yeah.. your slimy lady’s fingers is SO APPETISING!! Hmm, let’s do a poll!!!! my lady’s fingers photo or yours look more appetising 😛 nyahahahahahaha!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! CBC liao! (Cheh bin chiao or green-faced bird! Something like spoilt-sport or gets angry quickly) OK! Everybody, what do you think? LOL!!!

  2. people, be the judge.. stp’s photo or mine looks more appetising.. LOL!! i cannot believe such small, low quality photo looks better than mine… cessshhhh.. haha!

    Small, low quality also can see which one is nicer!!! Eeee….this is exciting!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. I dun know why I only eat Kampua Mee in Sibu but when I am in Kuching, it will be kolo mee/kueh tiao.

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Hey! Why didn’t you cast a vote? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. Quality wise, both pictures suck! But if you ask me which one looks more appetizing? Definitely SUITUAPUI’s! Period!

    Ummm….whatever you say, girl with the big and canggih equipment! STP 1 Bongkersz 0!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  5. hahhaha Clare-with-the-big-toy has spoken! But yeah bong… you still have a lot to learn, Suituapui’s pictures of food definitely looks more appetising.. and geez, now I want to taste that pumpkin too!

    Ah! Here’s someone who knows good food when she sees it!!!…STP 2 Bongkersz 0!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. yours leh, the green is too fake! bongkersz leh, too blur. my fingers lah the most appetizing 😉 don’t believe?

    That’s the skill of cooking veg!! Keep it green!…Ur fingers get slimy too? Before or after??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Huimph!…Like this, this one spoilt vote liao! LOL!!!

  7. I like the mee poh at sim poh poh at Ban Hock Road. The kolo mee at Green Road is also very nice. I think stp has tried it with gundot. Not sure where the nice kampua mee stalls in Kuching are. I have eaten the kampua at Thompson Corner- not too bad.

    The one at the laksa place next to Grand Con was quite good. Chef in Black said the best noodles he had ever tasted! But then again, I guess he had not tasted a whole lotta noodles! LOL!!!…Umm…another non-voter!

  8. Is it a wonder at all I feel hungry every time I read your blog???????? I AM trying to lose weight and your blog is NOT helping. LOL

    They love it mah!…Want to know what I cook, ask me to post on simple dishes so they can cook also! But sometimes, I also post on other things lah!!!…Non-voter, another one!

  9. I used to think the Green Rd kolo mee is the best, but I think the quality has slided somewhat. If I crave for kolo mee, I’ll go to the stall along Jalan Stapok, but it’s only opened for business from 4.30 pm onwards, mon to fri only.

    As far as kampua is concerned, am not too sure. Sometimes I buy from the foochow lady at Eastmore coffee shop.

    Kolo or Kampau, I always have to order the “special”, ie make it RM4 or RM5 (depending on base price) with extra meats. At least the protein/carb ratio is slightly more balanced. Otherwise my blood sugar will go on another roller coaster ride. Love the highs, just can’t handle the lows. Sigh!

    Me too! RM3…extra pian sip/kiaw! The carbs can only sustain till around 11…then I’ll get jittery! If more protein balance, ok…can even skip lunch!

    …Next time, go Kuching I’ll want to eat kolo mee and also the fried noodles in tomato sauce (last time the stall at Palm Road, they said move to Seng Goon or some place???), kueh chap….

    Not voting! Bongkersz, u kalah liao! When I go over, you belanja me all those things hor? ROTFLMAO!!!

  10. Come on, Bonkersz ! Go for a petition in court to declare this poll void and null due to bribery. Haha. But i will still take Mr Arthur’s lar *takut nanti kepala saya diketuk*

    Now where’s my fly swatter?…WHAM!!!…Now the lalat kemek oredi or not??? Hahahahahaha!!!!! Whatever! STP 3…Bongkersz still 0!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. sui tua pui… if i do make a trip to your place… make sure u cook for me ok? hehe…

    Of course! And don’t say if! Say when…or when I go and visit you in OZ!!! We’ll get to meet someday!!!

  12. have to go so far to have kolo mee meh?nice or not

    Not nice, like kampua!…The one at the coffee shop next to the post office that Alex used to go to is nicer! But the first time I went, I had to wait half an hour eventhough there were very few customers…so I never went again!

  13. can i vote for the lemon chicken’s photo ? hahahaha…i heart lemon chicken a lot! hee hee..

    Not really crazy over lemon chicken! My daughter loves it! I’d prefer roast chicken (with crispy skin)…or pandan chicken.

  14. Ok…let’s take the poor guy out of his misery! Can’t blame me though! He just saw my remark about his ladies’ fingers, went hopping mad and posted the comments (not one but two!) asking everybody to vote!

    Now, if you read carefully, I actually said I DIDN’T cook ladies fingers…so I did not cook that! It was actually from A-plus Restaurant here; their ladies’ fingers is the best in town. Dunno their secret to keeping it so green and it’s not slimy! Ruby’s is nice but pales in comparison…something like Bongkersz too, which is quite nice too lah, frankly speaking! LOL!!!

    And I DIDN’T cook the lemon chicken either! Just the PUMPKIN!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

    So, congrats, Clare and Melbie! Both of you are good judges of good food! But not you, housefly…since you claim that you voted under duress! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. Here’s a cooking tip for you – always wash the ladies fingers before you cut them up, rather than after, as the cut veg turn slimy when they come in contact with water. Likewise, don’t add water when you stir fry them.

    A former colleague told me to wash it first and then heat in a pan to dry it before cutting…then it will not be slimy. Actually I prefer to just steam it and eat ulam-style with sambal belacan…

  16. Eh, hello! Follow sifu for so long still don’t know good food mer?! LOL 😛

    Hope you don’t grow to be a fat as ur sifu then…! LOL!!!

  17. I want ladies’ fingers !!! Looks so yummy wei ~~ Luckily you didn’t put bigger pic of that, else I sure ask Mama to cook that for lunch today *LOL*

    Gee! Seems very popular! I wonder why not all restaurants serve that! Usually kailan, cauliflower, taugeh, kangkong…

  18. I agree with you, if you want to eat Penang Laksa, have it in Penang. Trying it out outside Penang will only spoil your perception towards the food. Your pumpkin looks interesting, it’s something different from how we prepare pumpkins here. I might just give your recipe a try =)

    Hi jenn! Longtime, no see! Hope u’re enjoying ur teaching life. I wonder how they cook pumpkin there…masak lemak? Ya, give it a try! You’ll love it!

  19. A rose by any other name……ladies fingers in any pic still taste slimy. Ugh! I love baked pumpkin, the western style one or the other alternative is fried with dried prawn and cangkok manis. Long time don’t eat. Tomoro go look for pumpkin

    Yahor! Long time haven’t cooked baked pumpkin! I also like “Kim-kua kueh” (Pumpkin cake)…the way they make “or-kueh” (Yam cake) but I dunno how to make!!!

  20. and who’s kennysia to say kuching has the best hawker food scene in the whole of Malaysia? hah!

    come on.. send over 1kg of kolok mee pls. lol

    And his “hawker” food includes five-star dining, night spots to chill out and what not…and his RM15 must be very big, can go eat at Sushi King!!! Or maybe he so “kiam siap”…eat so little, not even worth the trouble of washing the plates!!!

  21. No fair no fair, how come i supported you and i don’t get anything…. where’s kpenyu ? Sue you baru tau… Hahaha *runs and hide in the ‘jamban’*

    Humph! Who asked you to go and imply you’re actually in favour of supporting the opposition??? My opposition, I mean!!! No political references here! Hahahahaha!

  22. bongkersz, i have to say STPs one la .. urs a bit slimy .. ha ha ha.

    Hahahahahaha!!!! U’re my friend, cibol!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  23. Pumpkin….masak lemak with sayur manis, the unhealthy way. At home we just ‘Char’ with garlic, sometimes, add a little pork. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how to masak lemak hehehe.

    It’s unhealthy no doubt! But once in a while, should be ok! Try cooking it the way I cooked it! It’s nice! No pork, no salt, no msg…except for what is in the ikan bilis stock!

  24. eh wen it comes to eating ladies fingers… i like it reaall slimey! slimier the bet’er!

    feel the goo swimming in your mouth.

    p/s ur right. since when hawker food includes near 5-star dining? lol

    Eee…brings all kinds of mental picture to my head!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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