Just once…

This restaurant opened sometime early this year around the Chinese New Year period but so far, I have not heard anyone saying that they’ve been there, much less, anybody passing comments on the food. Ah yes! I forgot! Alex of jienster.com went with his family but it was full and they had to go some place else. It seems that they’ve taken over one of the upper floors where the Japanese restaurant used to be, so I reckoned they must be pretty good and they’re expanding their business. Well, Sophia was in town again and I took that as an opportunity for me to try out the place… 

Swansea Restaurant

The menu was completely in Mandarin…but thank goodness, the people there could speak Hokkien. We placed our orders, nothing fancy – no prawns, no exotic fish or meat, just this hu phio therng (Fish maw soup)…..

Fish maw soup

and fried asparagus…

Fried asparagus

and hot plate chicken…

Hot plate chicken

and also this plate of braised pork ribs (3 pieces!!!)…

Braised pork ribs

I would not say that the food did not taste nice; it was all right but somewhat mild (not bland)…and I would very much prefer what they serve at Ruby or Y2K. Furthermore, those little portions that they served certainly were not worth what they charged. The bill came up to over RM60 inclusive of Chinese tea (for three persons)! With that amount of money, we could have had a feast at Ruby! Agree, Clare? Or perhaps we could have gone for this instead…

Min Kong prawn noodles

This is the renowned ridiculously-priced prawn noodles at Min Kong. I have not been there for years but after seeing Huai Bin’s post on it, I made a mental note to drop by when the opportunity arose…and so the following night, I took Sophia there. That was RM20 a plate but they had generous servings of fresh water prawns (which today, are worth their weight in gold at the market)…and it had the authentic Foochow fried mee (with sauce) taste! Today, this Foochow dish is sold everywhere in the town but some are really disastrous efforts to pass off what they cook as “Foochow fried mee”. After all, I had not had it for a long, long time and it was worth it. Ooo…I can still feel that wonderful taste in my mouth! Slurpszzzz!!!!! LOL!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Just once…”

  1. sedap kah that prawn noodles? from the presentation.. looks tak begitu inviting… hhahaha!

    ps: brush your teeth la!

    Things that taste so nice, no need presentation liao!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Oso the yellow lights in the restaurant! Looks much nicer actually! U can go see in Huai Bin’s post!

  2. last time i went wast with your mum n sis who took me & family there for breakfast. that was few years back, how time flies! looking forward to catch up with your mum again! is min kong still at same location? i prefer the soup version.

    The soup’s version is nice…but it’s been very hot here lately! The present place is near the Tua Pek Kong temple. Did u go to that one or the old place near Wisma Sanyan/City Book Store?

  3. Been such a long time since I last had any asparagus dish… but the mee macam sedap lah juga.. never mind the presentation! Hehehe ..

    p.s: I love this song – the title of this post 😉

    Yalor! Like guy hensem2 but not nice inside, what for hor?…That was one of my fave karaoke songs…but haven’t sung for a long time, don’t think can hit the high notes liao!

  4. Foo chow fried mee mcm sedap o00o0o0 😛 better than hokkien mee ah?

    Definitely better!!!! When I was in KL, I never bothered to eat that Hokkien mee! Tried once, not impressed!

  5. absolutely mouth watering lah the prawn foochow mee…

    i guess the foochow mee found here in kuching are not that authentic…sien si!

    Even in Sibu, like I said, u need to know where to go! Some really not worth the calories! LOL!

  6. I never tried before. But my dad said the prawn noodle he ate there was RM8 back then until they increase to RM12 then he stopped going liao.

    Then RM15. then RM18…now RM20 liao! Too expensive lah! Special treat, ok lah…like if u want to take me out for dinner! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. ji chap koh ah!!!!! sibeh gui….. tomolo payday 4 me… bring me there… coz i still duno where is that shop

    So expensive! Go Ruby…or Y2k…or even Garden!!!! Got umai!!! Nice!!! Chiak pa pa!!!!!

  8. The braised pork ribs look pretty good, but why only three pieces? haha.

    Yalor! I would need at least three!!! And they could have provided mantao (buns) to eat the pork ribs with…like Esquire in KL!!!! Nice!!!

  9. is that restaurant near to the Civic Centre-if it is we have been there in April- J nephew brought us there n he know what to order I remember the food was nice – the speciality is sweet deep fried pumpkin cake – u need to order at least a day ahead.

    That’s the one, I think! It’s ok…but that’s so expensive. There’s a Shanghai restaurant, chef from China (in the Sibu bus terminal area)…; the food there is similar, maybe a bit nicer…and not so expensive. 4 persons and it was just over RM50. Heve u been to Ruby? A lot cheaper…and nicer!

  10. Is Min KOng near Wisma Sanyam? I think there is one popular stall for their Tim Pian Hu (I dun know how you pronounce it in FooChow) and prawn mee. That time, my sis had it for RM7 and I was so shocked. I immediately cancelled my order assuming that the RM7 dish must be a big portion. It turned out that the prawn was big nia. LOL

    That must have been a long time ago. They’ve moved now to a place near the Tua Pek Kong temple…and it’s now RM20! Shocking, isn’t it?…But if u come, I’ll bring u there!!! Give special treat, ok lah! Cannot go often!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. yummy! i wish im back home now then mr stp can treat me to prawn noodles.tehee.

    No problem, but your bf get jealous or not…??? I know u’re hooked already…like ur sis! LOL!!!!

  12. Have to agree that the prawn mee is absolutely out of this world! Yummy! Can still taste it in my mouth. The prawns were so fresh. I had the fried mee sua at Ruby Cafe. Very,very good. So if any of you going to Sibu must sample these two dishes.

    Oh dear! Now bongkersz will ask u to go and brush ur teeth now! Hehehehehe!!!! He jeles lah! Can’t enjoy the prawn mee! 😀 😀 😀

  13. see d..also make me hungry..

    Hi, Danny! Haven’t seen you around for a long time. Wah! Back from HK already?…Bet u had lots of nice things to eat there too!!!

    P.S. I’ve linked u on my blogroll. Been to ur blog but can’t (dunno how to)comment! LOL!!!

  14. Never been to Ruby – where is the location?
    J like to eat at Shanghai- we always order the stewed pork leg-its so nice-there are lots of restaurants in Sibu now n price is reasonable. will ctc u n we have dinner together when am in town.

    Tunku Osman…the block furthest from MAS office, nearest to the old mosque between Ivan gen-x shop and Home Cooked. For me, anything over RM50 for 2-3 persons is expensive! Yup, get in touch with me and we’ll go mam-mam!

  15. everytime i eat asparagus.. my urine smells funny. very asparagusy. lol

    Eyew…thought it would come out the other way??? You must have hyperactive kidneys! U sure it’s asparagus that u smell??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Thanks for the info STP. i think the one i went to was near city bookstore. been to ruby b4 several times, fav. of my hubby’s aunties too, my last visit also went with them, not sure if it is still their fav. can’t recalled eating fried meesua but i know the pandan chicken, everytime they will order it n i also love the air limau with ‘suiboi’.but have no idea where ruby is for i was driven there by them, and always for dinner, btw do u know if rh hotel got gym inside n if so is it complimentary usage for hotel guests? Since you know sibu so well i thought you may know, m not sure to pack my gym shoes, added weight!

    Hmmm…my missus oso like dat! Just follow blindly! Can’t even remember the name of the shop! All women like that kah? Hahahahahaha!!! Dunno got gym or not! When it first opened, one fitness centre supposed to open there…but tak jadi! I know got swimming pool…so bring ur bikini!!!

  17. Hmmm must make note to try that RM20 super prawn noodle when I am heading down to Sibu next time LOL…. hope its still there when I go there …God knows when…

    Everyone can fly! Just hop on a plane on Friday and go back Sunday!!! Book early, u can get cheap or even free fares!!! I think August 31st is a Sunday, so that Monday will be a holiday…..

  18. It’s worth it, huh? It tastes great, especially with the sauce. I like the wet noodles (the one you ordered) better than the soup one.

    Oh, you haven’t tried the Sarikei one, you’ll love this one more or your money back! 😉

    You went all the time but never took me along mah!!! 😦 😦 LOL!!!!

  19. I visited SWANSEA somewhere in december last year. Its open by my customer cum friend. I know the chef is from China. So the taste is more to China’s style. Somehow, i do find its a bit overpriced in for SIBU market. Anyway, since they are expanding biz to secondfloor, i bet they do have their own potential customers. Haha. STP, i also went there once, and din go there again. Hahaha

    Yeah! I saw the chef! Has that China chef look…like the one at the Shanghai restaurant. The taste isn’t what I’s go crazy over…and at that price, I won’t bother going there a second time!

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