Come on over…

Borneo Cultural Festival poster

Well, that’s the slogan for this year’s Borneo Cultural Festival – “Beauty in Ethnic Diversity”…and here’s the promo from


Get a taste of the indigenous arts at the Borneo Cultural Festival which takes place from June 27 to July 5 at Sibu Town Square, Sarawak. This annual Sibu signature event will entrance you with a blend of dance, songs, poetry and dramas from various ethnic groups in Borneo.

Be prepared to see lively performances that incorporate aboriginal musical instruments like drums and gongs, and even sprightly martial arts moves. Apart from the cultural extravaganza, your palates will also be tempted by the local cuisine at the Borneo Food Fair. An amazing variety of traditional food from the different clans in Sibu will be there for your picking.

Last year’s performances received overwhelming response both locally and internationally, and this year you can expect an equal or even better line-up of activities and shows. Be sure to also explore the local attractions like the Lembangan night market, Sibu Civic Centre Museum, Rejang Esplanade, the beautiful Seven-Storey Pagoda which offers a panoramic view of Sibu town, and the Iban longhouse where the dwellers will welcome you with their warm hospitality.

Come June 27, make your way to the Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 to witness the celebration of traditional arts, food and dance.

I’ve browsed through some of the photographs on the internet, taken during the festival last year and these two from are my favourite…

Monkeywong's photo 1/Borneo Cultural Festival

Monkeywong's photo 2/Borneo Cultural Festival

And I have another nice photo here from

Leaf Dance/Borneo Cultural Festival

On my part, I look forward to the festival every year because I will be able to enjoy the delicacies from the different dialect groups among the Chinese…and also from the ethnic communities like the Ibans and the Melanaus! You can bet your bottom ringgit that I will be making my way there to buy the ayam pansuh, the umai….. Drool! Drool! See you there!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Come on over…”

  1. Are those two winged creatures swans or geese? I guess they are delicacies there, hmm…

    If there are any, they’d probably be eaten! LOL!!! No lah…the swan symbolises Sibu town, once the dirtiest and ugliest town in the state/country…but with the facelift not very long ago, it has blossomed into a pleasant, beautiful place to visit and to live in!!! Like the Ugly Duckling!

  2. Ahemm, could you pls go after me, I worry I have nothing to eat later on, wuhahaha…

    Oooops… I think your links are not working! 😛

    U in Sibu? Thought u’re in Taiwan or Hongkong or some place? Then can meet up or sumting? Hahahahaha!!!! Sorry ah! Didn’t ask u for permission to use ur photos first! Link sumting wrong kah? Later I check!!! Tnx for telling me!

  3. …ABORIGINAL..musical instruments HUH??????. Real or natives are called ABO in Sibu now?

    Go google the definition…the same, not just the lakia in Oz!!!

  4. Sounds good… unfortunately I can’t go this year. So many places to see, so many events I wish I can go… no cuti, financially pun sama juga tiada budget.. hukhukhuk…

    I guess RWMF will be more fun…and ada glamor!!! Lots of celebrities will be there!

  5. When when when?? I love manok pansuh and umai!!!

    Starting this weekend for a week! U coming back???…I think Sunday nite, we’re going for curry fish head!!! Yummy!!! LOL!!!

  6. u no invite n drop by how i noe u want me here…

    btw u can b ambasador for tahun melawat sibu…:P

    Ooo….ahnel is here!!! Welcome! Welcome! Let me roll out the red carpet. Kawan lama mah, mesti layan baik2!!…..Me old man…so kesian, don’t know how to link to my blog when I post comment in blogspot blogs. Want to type in comment, later people say so perasan!!!! Me ambassador?…Ya, when u want to come??? Bring kawan2 and we all go jalan2 cari makan!!!

  7. Profhiggins, to chinese, anything alive is edible, right, STP ? Chinese…

    …Don’t include me! I’m an exception to the rule! LOL!!!

  8. Our company was due to join but we canceled or else I’ll have been there. I will go Friday though. See ya then!

    In the heat! Plus the crowd! No thanks!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. i always wanted to go… but i’m not tat fortunate to be in sibu. =(

    went once, few years back, loved it so much.

    take more pictures and blog more. i’ll be waiting. =)

    You did!!! Good for you!…I’d only go to the food stalls in the evenings. So far I’ve never joined in any of the festivities in the night!! Cranky old man lah! Can’t stand crowds, can’t stand the heat!…And by the way, ur first time here? Welcome and do come again!!!

  10. i think BCF has lost its meaning due to it being held annually 😛 well maybe not for a food enthusiast such as our very own STP here.. but i will just give it a pass this time

    Shouldn’t be the case! All festivals are held annually…but I would think this year’s may be adversely affected by the rising prices of things. Pity the participants…if their things don’t sell!!!

  11. hope those stores doesn’t ruin my plan of rollerblading at that

    Ok, s8ter boi!!! Too bad, you’ll have to find some place else then!!! For a week!

  12. enuff to kawen tomorow ..

    So bila kawen?…Jangan tunggu lama-lama, nanti diambil orang!!! And I haven’t been invited to a wedding feast for a couple of years now, so kesian! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. eh post up the photos of ayam pansuh and umai 😛 me long time never eat already..

    What for see photos only? Come over one weekend and I’ll take you to eat all those yummy stuff!!! LOL!!!

  14. Dunno about the glamour thingy, but I’m going to RWMF because of the music! 🙂 I don’t really like big crowd, but this is an exception… but not to worry, that Borneo Cultural Festival sounds good to me too.. it’s in the list of events to see next :)Gotta plan months ahead, just like for this coming RWMF trip.. unlike cibol who can just throw away money anytime hehehe

    Hahahahahaha!!!! He kayaraya! Besok kawen pun boleh!!! So we all wait hor??? Harap2 he’ll invite us! LOL!

  15. when i saw this blog title i thought u’re gona blog about something like.. STP’s Open-House.

    Now playing: Nelly-My Place

    Hahahahahaha!!!!! Thinking of having a gathering like the one we had once…and I’ll cook all my “kampung” delicacies…or maybe I’ll have a laksa party…and invite all the bloggers around…Snap! Snap! Wake up, everybody! Don’t dream! I’m too busy, just can’t find the time rite now! ROTFLMAO!!!…Maybe when you’re back here?

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