That’s the way I like it…

Sometimes, especially after having been eating out a lot, I would yearn for some simple food. Yesterday, I cooked some sayur masak lemak again or what some people would call sayur lodeh

sayur masak lemak

As usual, I had sweet potatoes, cabbage, bean curd sticks, baby corn, fish balls…and this time I threw in a bit of cangkuk manis, button mushrooms and fresh water prawns, and I also added a bit of hay bee (dried prawns) and belacan to the pounded ingredients; I did not use these the last time as my mother had some itchy rashes. As a result, I think it was much nicer this time around.

For one thing, there are vegetables for roughage and sources of protein in that one dish, so eaten with rice, we would have a balanced meal already. Today I cooked sayur rebus with the leftover sweet potatoes and cangkuk manis (Usually I would not be using all of the RM1.00 bundle as there is simply too much of it!)…..

sayur rebus

…and since it was a vegetable soup dish, I had to prepare something else for protein. Most of the time, my wife would go to do the marketing…and whenever I want to cook, I would just have to make do with what is in the refrigerator. Well, I found this bundle of pork in the freezer so I just boiled it…and pounded some belacan to eat it with.

Boiled pork and belacan

I wonder if you all know it or not, but boiled pork, roast pork, phak lor pork/pork leg (in soy sauce and five spice powder) and so on will taste much nicer with belacan! Ok! OK! The fatty pork isn’t exactly good for health…but my wife always insists on buying such three-layer pork cuts as she feels the meat is nicer! I always tell her that I’ve this uncanny suspicion that she is trying to kill me! LOL!!! Anyway, we would just eat the lean and throw away the fat (which I feel, is such a waste)! 

I did not have much time nor the necessary ingredients like prawns and bean curd skin, otherwise I could mince the pork (then you do not get to see all that fat! Hahahahaha!!! What you don’t know won’t hurt you!) and make ngor hiang (meat roll)…..

Ngor hiang

Well, it’s Friday tomorrow and usually, I do not eat meat. Perhaps I’ll just cook some sweet and sour fish fillet, with cucumber and tomatoes and eat that with some rice…and that again would be a balanced meal by itself…..

Sweet and sour fish fillet

Well, it certainly beats eating out as not only is it cheaper but there is not that much oil used and a lot less salt and msg. Often, after eating out, I would feel very thirsty and end up drinking a lot of water…but not when I eat my own cooking at home…and that’s the way I like it!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “That’s the way I like it…”

  1. i wanna marry u! muaahahahaha..

    *note to stp’s dotter* I joking oni lar har… dun tell yr momma! kakakakkaa!

    Humph! U oredi got ur botak chef…and sumbody else said ur dapur is his dapur, whatever that means!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Hey! Come to think of it, that kpenyu fella is a better cook than I am. Interested? LOL!

  2. Wahh… the sweet and sour fish fillet looks very appealing and appetizing ! Haha… Mrs Wee is very lucky to have a chef to help around.

    What to do? For better or for worse…! She’s working, nobody to cook so have to lor!!!! Otherwise, she’ll just buy from the shops…with all the oil, salt and msg!!! Can’t imagine eating that every day!

  3. I’m back home and have yet to eat home cooked meal.. *sigh* I want that cangkuk manis soup! 😛

    Come to Sibu lah! The Borneo Cultural Festival starts on the 27th or 28th, I think…and will last for a week.

  4. belacan !!!

    I have a feeling i will love ur cooking very much LOL…

    Pork? unhealthy? Blahhh.. who cares.. for the taste… it is worth risking my health… bring on the three layer ones !!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Guess who’s going to be the next STP!!! LOL!!!

  5. Hmm…if your insurance policy states your spouse as the receiver in case of death, it could be true. 😉

    Kidding, kidding.

    Nope, everything is going to my daughter! And if you are thinking of proposing, the answer is…..NO!!!! 😉 Kidding, kidding! LOL!!!!

  6. Mr. STP,
    I don’t think you remember me but you were my English Tutor 12 years ago. I discovered your blog half the globe away through Huai Bin’s blog yesterday. You still look the same in the picture. By the way, great blogs! ^_^

    Welcome, tiffany!!!…..12 years!! You should be from around Huai Bin’s time then. Awww….what still look the same? 12 years a long long time! Now older…and fatter! What about u?…..Do drop by again, ya!

  7. Nice!!
    Home cook food is the best!

    Definitely! Especially when you’ve been eating out…or away from home!!! I was in the UK for only three months with a group of others from various states in the country…and on the flight back, we were literally fighting for the nasi lemak…and u know how “good” MAS’ nasi lemak was!!!

  8. sweet potatoes and cangkuk manis! i love sweet potatoes. i can cook the sweet and sour fish fillet also! 😛 eh wait, fish not consider as meat? 😀

    home cooked meal is the best! that’s the way we like it….. yeah!

    Yeah…cheaper and healthier!!! Go back to how it was in the past – eat at home and dine out only on special occasions! It certainly was special and something to look forward to then…not like today as people eat out all the time!

  9. Wow, you really can cook. Look so nice and
    delicious. I suggest you open an restaurant,
    suggested names like: “STP Restaurant” or “Bloggers’ Cafe”. It will be an instant hit. I volunteer to help every night!.

    Volunteer to eat? LOL!!!…Welcome, philip! Nice of you to drop by!!! And thanks for the compliments! Been dropping by your blog but haven’t got down to posting comments yet! Will link u in my blogroll!

  10. Your sayur lodeh is looking very yummy indeed! Good thing i just finished my lunch when i read STP’s blog. pork belly really nice with belachan, i also like it with the ‘pangee’sauce, little shrimps made into some sauce n can only get in sibu. foochows like eating them esp. my mil n my hubby’s grandma, i used to bring it back to melbourne but unfortunately immigration are very strict nowaday.

    Gosh! Another of ur rare appearances!!! So busy kah?…And what is pangee sauce? Is it the salted bubok…that my mum used to use to cook steamed pork belly? Don’t seem to see it anymopre so I just use cincaluk instead!!!…Customs, u mean!!! Yeah! Very strict! But good excuse not to bring anything when going over! LOL!!!

  11. STP: wah, it seems like many ppl wanna try your cook leh… cook leh LoL!!!

    Come over lah!!! Already invited you again and again! Sure I’ll cook for u!!!

  12. hahahha.. tq tq tq.. dun cock me can liao… muakakakaka

    Eyew…is that a typo error??? Man-D!!!! Apalah this archie of urs?…Eeeeeee!!!!! LOL!!!

  13. Hi STP, will also link you later today. Yes, I will volunteer to eat, cos you tak boleh eat too
    much again! Oh I love that pangee sauce.
    It’s made of small crabs. you go to Ah Hee
    kopi tiam near old bus station, he has it for
    boiled pork too. Very nice.

    Oh…those small crabs! Stella said small shrimps. Eee…don’t like! Itch badly after eating!!!…And nobody to scratch!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!…Humph!!! You’re talking to a Foochow, and do you think a Foochow will let u eat him out of business? Unless u’re paying, of course!! LOL!!!

  14. Ala, I only have 1 day left for my annual leave minus that days for RWMF next month.. is that an annual event? Can put that in my list for next year hehehe

    Yes, it is. A lot of cultural activities but may not be as interesting as RWMF, but lots and lots and lots of food!!!! The delicacies of all the different communities!!!! Yummy!!! 😉

  15. of course I am a better cook than you.
    sorry I retire already.

    Haiz!!! Just when I thought I could get an ang pow…..

  16. Wahrao.. The more I read.. the hungrier I am =.= Should I stop reading?

    Oh btw.. I just discovered that 3 layer pork is VERY NICE !!! I used to complain that it’s not nice and all (cos I never tried) but when I tried it for the very first time.. I’M GOING TO EAT THAT AGAIN !! *ROFLMAO*

    Hahahahahaha!!!! That’s why many complain about my posts…and yet, they’ll only comment when I post on food!…Try it with belacan!!! Oooo…nice!!! LOL!!!

  17. So the missus does the shopping and STP the cooking…Nice…

    Weekend, missus not working…so she cooks! I have classes on weekends…4-6!

  18. STP, I have nothing to do with him being like that…lol…I guess it’s the efect of too much football…lol!

    Does he play? Maybe he got phd (permanent head damage) from all the heading! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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