Here, there and everywhere…

Life’s back to normal now. I have resumed my usual daily routine because my daughter has gone back to the other side of the world country to complete her Foundation year. But the day before she left, she wanted some dosai or thosai whichever way you wish to spell it, so we went to Balkis again…and this time, I remembered to insist that they made it paper thin and my daughter actually had TW0 of these…

Paper thin dosai

I had a bit of rice and a few of the stuff they had – hati masak hitam (literal translation – liver cooked black), sambal sotong (cuttlefish/kalamari in sambal) and nenas masak kunyit (pineapples in tumeric)….. 

Balkis mixed rice

They all tasted very nice!!! With drinks, it came up to only RM11-12.00 (inclusive of charges for sitting in the air-conditioned section). However, I think it was earlier that day that I took my daughter to this Toto cafe somewhere behind Delta Mall, opposite Everise to try the kolo mee that somebody said was very nice…..

Imitation kolo mee

It was definitely nothing like kolo mee…and it wouldn’t be so bad if it had tasted nice. Well, as they always say, do not believe everything you hear…and that would be the first and the last time I would go and eat there! On the other hand, yesterday being a Sunday, I went to church and after the service, I had this for brunch….. 

Tom yam mihun

This was the tom yam mihun I had at a coffee shop also in the same vicinity (Delta Commercial Centre, the coffee shop next to the Sweet Smelling Bakery). It was nice and cost only RM4.00. Of course, the miserable shrimps cannot compare with the huge udang galah (freshwater prawns) that Huai Bin had at Glory Cafe in Sarikei but that, if I remember correctly, cost RM15.00! I would rather tapau (takeaway) this for RM4.00 to heat up at home and throw in a few of those giant prawns myself. You can get them at the Sibu Central Market, the native jungle produce section at RM10 per plate of 10 – 15 prawns or more, depending on the sizes. Anyway, talking about Huai Bin…..

Huai Bin of

He contacted me and asked me out to dinner with a number of other bloggers. It had been a few years since we used to bump into each other at airports…and lately, we had communicated via our blogs. So last Saturday night, we went for the RM11.50 nett per head buffet at Li Hua Hotel coffee house. That was really cheap and the food was good, especially what was left of the ayam masak hitam (black cooked chicken). They have the buffet every Saturday but be forewarned that if you wish to go for it, be there early (around 7 p.m.) for it seems that they do not refill anything that runs out in the buffet spread. It certainly was nice meeting Huai Bin again; I’ve always liked him and felt he has always been very pleasant and polite (Maybe it’s because I’m old…and a friend of the parents? LOL!!!), and easy to talk to, despite the disparity in our ages. I will not post on the dinner itself as all the others have done so…and I do not wish to be redundant. After all, it wasn’t so much the food that night but the company. We had a great time, to say the least…and stayed till they started switching off the lights to hint to us that it was about time we left! LOL!!

Well, also on Saturday, in the afternoon, I went to the Rajang Park post office to send a letter. Strangely though, the car park was full…..

Car park full

Normally, it would be quite empty on Saturday afternoons as everybody would be relaxing at home and enjoying the start of the weekend. Never mind, I got myself a space as somebody was leaving…and walked to the post office. To my surprise, it was open…and there was a long queue!

Queue for RM600-rebate

Good grief! They were all there to claim the RM600 rebate in lieu of the increase in the petrol prices. I heard that the crowd was very much bigger at the Central Post Office in town, spilling over onto the road. I really wonder what the hurry was…for we have until March next year to make the claim. Is it like this too elsewhere in the country or is it just in Sibu?

Well, that’s about it for this rojak post. Here’s hoping that you all will have a wonderful week ahead…..

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26 thoughts on “Here, there and everywhere…”

  1. I heard from my friend in central Johor, the situation is pretty much the same over there. Everyone wanted to get it asap.

    I wonder why…Not that it will earn much interest if they put it in the bank, though I doubt they’d save it! Better leave it there and claim later on “rainy days”…or maybe they’re afraid the govt will run out of money?

  2. free money mar… get earlier, better lor! i suppose some ppl need it for other purposes.. i read in the papers (i think), got one person said that now, he/she could pay for the child’s semester fees… aiyo, liddat what abt the other semesters??

    and i love nanas masak whatever!! yummm!!

    Yalor! It’s just RM600. Got children, should have planned way ahead for their education!!! It’s supposed to be for one whole year, RM50 a month…which is good for me here cos that will last me a week at least, petrol-wise, Sibu being small and I don’t go around much! I guess it isn’t that much of a relief for people with big cars and those living in big cities!

  3. woohoo. I just found this blog from huai bin’s. Good read for my rss feeds. Hi STP. Nice 2 meet u.

    Hello! Welcome! Yeah…I do get a lot of hits from Huai Bin’s. I see that u’re linked to bongkersz too! Thanks for droppiung by and do come again!

  4. …If cars be powered by the Farts produced from on… call rebate is only a fart from the SHIT increase. This BN is bankrupt of ideas &$$$$ la. I thought queueing at the bank for hours exchanging one used dollar for one new dollar during Chiness NY is unproductive but this ????? Rid corruptions and problem will solve. You better channel your effort to Politics la… Sarawak to have State Election before anyone else so start now YBSTP sounds better… so what relief…what free money……..

    Aiyor…change money for Chinese New Year tradition mah!!! Everything must be new! LOL!!! Me into politics? Will implement STP kg tax…have to pay fine for every kg I’m heavier than every individual! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  5. woah..about food again stp!!

    i want to eat first before i read urs….hee hee…

    Gosh! That means you will have to eat a lot and very often cos I have a lot of food posts! LOL!!!

  6. We know Malaysia boleh! Generally, everyone is afraid the government will change its mind about giving the RM600 rebate. Mana tahu? Half way through it may decide that money is running short so could the rest of the rakyat wait a teeny bit longer for the next payment.

    Think positive!…The longer they keep, the longer some people will have RM600 to their credit! Bet most of them will take and waste it on non-essentials like a new handphone and stuff like that!!!

  7. Well.. some people are really poor. Many of them are kais pagi, makan pagi. kais petang, makan petang. RM625 in hand will enable them to do a lot of things. I used to think like you but I encounter a few cases and I understand better. That’s why with the current fuel price, I am worry that many ppl will be in deeper shit.

    I understand alright! What makes u think I don’t? Those hardcore poor probably don’t even have a motorbike, much less a car! And they do NOT get any rebate despite having to spend on petrol for their outboard engines and generators! Think about that! Anyway, I was just musing as to why those people are in such a hurry and how many of those in a hurry to get the money will actually use it wisely and for useful purposes. Consider these:
    (1) The people queuing up at the Agriculture Department for free fertiliser. Once they get their bag, they’d sell to the shops in the town and then go boozing themselves silly in the coffee shops!
    (2) The students getting Federal scholarship. How many will spend on books, stationery and the like…and will head to town and squander it all away instead on useless things like AF magazines and what not?
    (3) How many teacher-trainees will wait for their allowance (over RM400) to be credited into their banks accounts and finish it all off on handphones and decorative accessories, reloading…and for the rest of the month, complain that they have no money to eat?
    As the proverb goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted!!!!”

  8. Some probably claim it while they still remember to do so too.

    Paying bills maybe! That’s why I always pay my bills as soon as I receive them, way before the deadline… case I forget! But when it comes to claiming money, I don’t think anyone will forget!

  9. hahaha! know who am i? where did your daughter go to study? hahaha! i never know you blog too… hahaha! anyway, good to see you here, at least, from your blog, i know what are you doing.

    p/s: from someone less rounder than you from shs (form 6 2006/2007)

    My! My! Took u a long time to discover this, eh? Welcome! Welcome! Of course, I know who u are! Want me to post OUR photo? Hahahahahaha!!!! My daughter’s in Sungai Petani, Kedah. And why would you want to know what I’m doing, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. kamsiah kamsiah for footing my bill the other day.. it’ll be on me the next time 🙂

    When?…When?… LOL!!!

  11. hahaha! i knew your blog through, when HB posted about SBU dinner at Li Hua, then i saw you in the pic, The Long-Lost STP! hahaha! your daughter is studying in AIMST, is it? which PHOTO of OURS do you mean? i know we took pic before but forgot which one. i wanna know what are you doing so at least next time when i wanna find you, i still know at least you are sticking to your blog, rather than i search the whole Sibu, you are STP, i dont wanna be SK, (Siao Kia). hahaha!

    U go to HB’s blog?…Wow! That’sa long way to go! U could have just smsed me and ask!!! LOL!!! Nope! My daughter is in the teacher training institute, going to be like the papa!!!…Our photo kah? There, that one ur hair like orang utan one! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. everything in malaysia is like that. filing tax claims, settling summones, getting MyKad.. such a nuisance, jamming the roads around. yes, probably they really need the RM625 to makan. One time shot for eternal long pain throughout the year..
    ps: clement, you YET to foot any bill being one of the host of Sibu so far! 😛 when!!!! I am coming down to Sibu to claim for it nyahahahaha!

    Last time, MyKad…I waited till the grace period almost over baru buat!! Long life like that! LOL!…..Clement? Dream on! They say, lebih kaya, lebih kedekut!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. Hi STP. I enjoy reading your postings. Keep it up. At least I’ve something to entertain me in the office when I don’t feel like working.

    Don’t feel like working? Umm….that’s bad! Hahahahahaha!!!!! But thanks for ur compliment!

  14. hahaha! i never think that you will blog too. hahaha! why she wanna become a teacher? i thought you will said being a teacher is quite bad! hahaha! but, salary high, holiday a lot too. when did my hair looks like orang utan?? -_-!!!

    Why? Retire liao…so free, nothing to do mah!!! Must keep brain working, otherwise go rusty!!!……Well, she wants, what to do? Where got salary high? Holidays also have to work, work and work…… Not just hair, face also!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. “…They were all there to claim the RM600 rebate in lieu of the increase in the petrol prices….I really wonder what the hurry was…for we have until March next year to make the claim.”

    Then STP, what were YOU doing there if not to claim also? Hehehehe…

    I went to post a letter. My road tax due in July lah!!!! U got connection in post office, can jump queue or not??? LOL!!!!

  16. hahaha! yeah, good for you to train your brain everyday. if not, later become 3W citizen, Wait Eat, Wait Sleep, Wait Die! hahaha! being a teacher salary is high la, i see you i already know the salary is very high. since when my face looks like orang utan? i never noticed it! hahaha!

    Choi! Choi! Sial! Ptui!!!!….Never say die!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. That petri nenas (I think that’s the name oso) is one of my fav. and it’s so good to see Malaysian food… 3 days and I already miss the food here.. hahaha ..

    My father insisted to mom (since the car is under mom’s name) to wake up early saturday morning to claim that RM625. Just to give it a shot, not that it was a must to get it on that day.. (An excuse to go breakfast together maybe – mom likes to sleep in during weekend haha)And mom was 1st to get it even though the queue was so long already when she got there.. haha .. smart lady, that’s my mom! Bit naughty though, went to take the form and took the opportunity to be the first to submit the claim haha

    Welcome back! Gee! I thought Indon food also very nice!!! Nasi Padang!!! Yum! Yum!!…And u were only away for three days!!!

  18. hahaha! ok, then i change, Wait Kena TOTO!

    Change what? Ur hair colour?…U mean u still have the same colour? Eyew……. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. no, i dont dye my hair now. public uni doesnt allow punk/colored hair. so, now look more like an IDIOT! hahaha!

    Good! So like dat not like orang utan anymore lah! Still so fat or slimdown liao??? LOL!!!

  20. hahaha! no fat no slim, still ngam ngam. hahaha!

    Ooi! Say one time, enough liao! Hahahahahahha!!!!!!

  21. i said one time but i thought server not good, so re-post…hahaha!

    I know! Me too sometimes!!! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!

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