My little town…

Sometime ago, Archie was asking me to post something about Sibu. Well, I managed to snap a few more photos to share with everybody in this post. The first one shows glimpses of something old and something new. Those buildings with the red roof (Obviously, the old roof had called it a day, so they probably had it replaced) are the old shophouses and in the distance at the back (the blue one) is the tallest building in Sibu, Wisma Sanyan.

Sibu old and new

And this one shows you the street scene in the town. This was around 1 something in the afternoon, peak hour and see! No traffic jam! Ain’t that great?

Sibu street scene

The next pic shows you one of the fountains that contribute towards enhancing the attractiveness of the town. The tall building at the back is one of the better hotels around here…

Sibu fountain

…and to solve the parking woes, there is this multi-storey carpark.

Sibu multi-storey carpark

One thing that impresses me most about my little town is that it was notoriously known to be the dirtiest town in the state, but today, I must say that generally, it is quite clean…even at the market!

Sibu Central Market

This is the section where they sell all the jungle produce…and where I will buy the fresh water prawns (udang galah), paku and midin (ferns), daun bandong (tapioca leaves), terung Dayak (Dayak brinjal) and so on…. Doesn’t everything look neat and clean?

Jungle produce section

I bought a big bundle of daun bandong for RM1, enough for frying one big plate of it…and using the rest to cook soup with ikan buris and anak jagung (young corn) which cost me RM1 a packet. However, I guess if you visit Sibu, you will not be buying those things…but I would insist that you buy some of these pineapples to eat (if you’re not going to Sarikei, that is). They’re different from those available elsewhere…and are sweet and nice, and the best part is they only cost RM1 each!!!

Sarikei pineapples

Well, that’s about it for this time. Do stick around…and I certainly will post more stuff such as these when I’ve more to share with everybody regarding my nice and pleasant, little Sibu town. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “My little town…”

  1. eh.. Sir, you only show them the nice part kah ? Sapu semua yang tak baik ke belakang lar ? Haha.. just like a politician

    If people come to ur house, will u show them ur messy bedroom or smelly toilet? If u have a beautiful house, will u hang and dry ur ugly underwear in front?…Me like a politician? Then u’re like one too – the opposition! Always harping on the negative! Positive thinking!! Always look on the bright side!!!!

  2. Goshh….

    Though I was born in Kuching, my dad’s family was from Sibu. The entire family moved out to kuching decades ago, but we still go back for holidays from time to time. The previous time i went was few years back.

    I always keep wondering to myself, what if my dad’s family never moved out and I grew up in Sibu instead LOL… what would I have become, that opens up imagination eh?

    That would be interesting!!! Maybe you’d be one loud and boisterous and filthy rich businessman today!!!!…And fat too! LOL!!!

  3. There was a protest going on in the street right outside where I work (if you know where I work, don’t mention it on the blog) but I didn’t manage to get down in time to take photos. Saw it in the papers though.

    I heard about the protest. I wonder why they bother!! But thank God they’re not like those in Seoul, Korea!! Seems they’re hopping mad about beef!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. can u tell me what’s the diff btwn kuching, sibu, sarikei, miri? nolah, since i’ve only been to Kch, i wanna knw how diff they are from one another heeee…

    Kuching and Miri are cities, more cosmopolitan…and more expensive, Sibu and Sarikei are predominantly Chinese (Foochows, in particular)…but Sibu is bigger and much nicer and accessible from KL by air. Come lah…I can bring you to Sarikei, Kanowit and maybe, Mukah! All unique in their own ways!!!

  5. Sarawak pineapple, yup, really nice! May I know what is daun bandung please? All these while I thought bandung is just a drink (syrup + condense milk), never occur to me that daun actually exist! ;p

    Bandong is tapioca and other than eating the tuber and making kuih with it, we pound the leaves…and cook to eat as veg or for soup!!! I posted something on it in an earlier post…probably the one entitled “Easy”.

  6. wow!!! Im eager to see how is the “TERUNG DAYAK” Dayak Brinjal look like??? and.. I was wondering He… he… he… how does the shape could it be..kekekekekekekeeke

    Chesh! LOL!!!…U dirty mind! They’re not long, they’re ROUND like tomatoes but big…and orangy yellow in colour. I think you can see some in the photo…bottom left.

  7. Bah Chi.. if you guys are going to visit Sibu… tell me, and if my purse would allow me to, I’d be joining you! hahaha .. tu pun if not kacau daun you go dating there lah 😛

    Hmmmm…cakap saja semua!!! When? Come! Come!

  8. Robin, no need to wonder.. you would be a very nice guy like STP (oophs i was going to type me too) and also consider Sibu home. Seriously though it is a nice place to raise a family. Cheap too. STP would be asking me “Why are you not here?” Sigh!!!! Not so easy to uproot lah.

    Kuching used to be a good place…but lately, I think it’s nice to visit and go on holidays! Too big, too busy, too expensive… Sibu’s cheap, not too laidback, not too small…just right!

  9. Oooi, STP, where got such cheap pineapples???? I see always RM5 or at least RM 3.50 at the market.

    Pictures don’t lie! See! RM1 only. Maybe when u came, not in season!!! Remember how we used to go to buy and the seller would skin it and remove the eyes…and we held it by the stalk and ate, the sweet juice flowing down our arms!!! Ooooo… nice!!!

  10. THAT’S sibu??? i definitely need to get my bum there soon….

    You keep saying that…and still no sign of u!!!

  11. How come I cannot recall Sibu now as the Sibu I knew before?? You only take pics of new places? Ok the pineapples I can imagine eating. One slice here in KL is RM1 and I mean one small slice.They call it Sarawak pineapple.

    After the facelift a few years ago, Sibu looks quite different now…so u won’t be able to recognise most of the places anymore. Ooo…that’s expensive!!!! LOL!!!

  12. Chricaca, when was the last time you were in Sibu??? Must be when you still have Cindy the dog and the wak-wak! Even now during the past three years, every time I go the road system changes.
    Eh, STP maybe you should show all the little islands in the middle of the roads and get people to guess the functions. I find them a d–n nuiscance until I discovered its function
    JFV, shall we serang Sibu????

    What islands? Got function kah? Thought they’re just road dividers…and places to put potted plants to beautify the town??? And in the case of the %$#@&* Sibu people, places to park their vehicles illegally (and don’t we know what type of vehicles can drive up those islands?)!!!

  13. I was in Sibu last year.. Err.. Or was it the year before last year *LOL* Nice place. But too bad only one bowling centre that time. Now still one only ah? Hehehe..

    I like the market there.. Sho B.I.G. !! Walk till luput lar. Hahahaha.. And I’ve been to Wisma Sanyan too. *so proud*

    and and… I like the food there.. Kampua and Ding Bian Hu.. Err.. Is that how you spelled it? *whoops*

    Yup, still one bowling centre…and glad you liked it here! When you come again, I can take you round to eat the best of the best around!!! But I don’t care much for that Dian Bian Hu…or whatever way they spell it!

  14. Try crossing the roads there esp at the market.these are life savers. Cross to one island at a time. Shows you never walk around in Sibu!!!!

    Me no problem!!! Cars will avoid me, otherwise they’ll be badly dented!!! Trying running down an elephant! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. Now I can walk away knowing a little more about Sibu. Thank you! 🙂

    Will post more…when I can find time to go around and take photos. Had an earlier post on the town too…”Home”, I think! 😀

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