To each his own…

In Malaysia, we have all kinds of cuisines to choose from…but being from a Chinese family, on special occasions, we will have the typical banquet with at least 8 to 10 courses, starting with this hot combination dish perhaps… 

Hot combination dish

This was what we had the other day for the Dragon Boat Festival (Tuan Wu Chieh)…and this was followed by the soup that shall not be named. After that, we had a plate of chicken, done in two different ways – roast on one side and chicken with Thai sauce on the other…

Two-style chicken

and then we had fried snowfish with its special sauce and baked cheese prawns…

fish and prawn

There was delicious roast duck too, served with baked man tao and its special sauce…

roast duck Baked mantao

and after that, we had a plate of Foochow fried mee for the benefit of my deprived sibling, home for a few days from Auckland, New Zealand with his kids…and lastly, we had dessert. All that came up to RM350 for 10 persons, that is over AUS$100 and around NZ$150…

I guess if we opt for some Western cuisine, it may be more expensive but it is definitely not as heavy and once in a while, it may be nice to go for something different . Well, we had a lot of Western fare when we were in Kuching recently and around that same time, Gerrie had this beef tenderloin with shitake mushrooms at Grazie in KK…

beef tenderloin with mushrooms

and also this plate of pasta…

Grazie's pasta

But personally, after all that rich and heavy stuff, I would yearn for some plain porridge with omelette or salted/century eggs with salted fish and preserved vegetables…or those simple kampung dishes that my grandma and my mother used to cook and one thing’s for sure, this plate of umai (Melanau-style raw fish) that Gundot made would definitely be a welcome change…

Melanau umai

Well, you may not agree with my point of view. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so as the song title for this post goes, to each his own!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “To each his own…”

  1. Just when my Mukah trip was canceled, you have to show Umai picture. ARGH!!! Torture!

    Oops! Just a coincidence, clare, just a coincidence!!! U want umai…they’ve got nice ones at Garden (I took gundot there a long time ago, and they served it with sagu) and Kesturi!!! Get some guy to bring u there lor! Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. bdq’s mum came for dinner and asked for ‘sagu’ to eat with the umai. I don have so she tapau some home to eat with her sagu.

    I don’t have any in the house either. That’s one thing I don’t really fancy!

  3. All hail, beef tenderloin with shittake mushrooms. Your wish is my command… and your wish is to be eaten and i am happy to comply…haha.. drool drool..

    Behold! The beef worshipper!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  4. Yo Clare, Mukah is famous for its Jellyfish cuisine. Should try some, absolutely heavenly !

    Ruby has a nice jellyfish dish! But I don’t really like jellyfish!

  5. Where did you have the Chinese banquet dinner? It looks pretty good. Is the lobster real?

    Actually, we had home delivery from Golden Happiness. That’s one real lobster, alright….but I think it was recycled! Used for decoration dinner after dinner but that was the end of the road for that particular one! LOL!!! One of the items in that dish was lobster salad…but it was probably made from ONE lobster half that size…or they substituted it with prawns instead (which is actually much nicer)!!!

  6. Baked cheese prawns! Cheese and prawns are top on my list of favourite food! LOL

    Roast duck.. yummy! Me likeee…! Umai.. like it even more… that’s like our Hinava here in Sabah 😉

    Speaking of Grazie.. did Gerrie replied my comment last time asking of Grazie’s whereabout here in KK? hehehe .. so susahlah want to cari your previous post, STP.. I still dunno where that place is…

    She didn’t reply. U go cari lah!!! After all, I’m not going to KK yet! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. OH MAN.. FOOD AGAIN??!!

    OK la.. I don’t feel that bad anymore.. There’s this area in Perth called Northbridge, there’s loads of Asian food, Thai, Viet, Malaysian etc.. I had a curry puff for $1.50, contemplating on having the nasi lemak for $9. I’ve started a tabung kebajikan Tintin. Please donate generously. I accept major cards and all currencies…

    Even without conversion, SOOOOOO expensive!!! Pengsan! LOL!!! Never mind…ask from mum!!! Lots more where that came from! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. Yo housefly, too bad my Mukah trip is canceled *bawls* I love jellyfish as well!!! Well, any seafood for that matter. ARGH! BUNTAL, here I come!

    Garden and Kesturi (where is it anyway?)ones gerenti good or not? And what guy? *blink blink*

    Kesturi is in the block in front of Public Bank…the other end, 1st floor above the tyre shop – next to the one selling Hyundai cars. Nice!!!! The masak merah, masak hitam, terubok……all nice!!!! Halal food. What guy? Dunno lah u! Go grab one lor! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

  9. Haish… my earlier comment using my other nickname and website is awaiting moderation pula…hehehe

    That beef tenderloin with shitake mushroom makes me drool… adoh!

    Looks expensive…!!! If people belanja, ok…I go and eat! Archie??? LOL!!!

  10. Food Heaven arr….yum yum

    Yes…and cheap too!!! Everyone can fly, so come over!!!! We’ll go and eat…eat…eat…and u’ll be tuapui like me!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. its been a while commenting here.. wah so many posts.. ahem, so many food post.. also why you so long never come visit me? 😦 hehe

    nvr heard of roast duck with mantao.. nice ah? reminds of the famous esquire kitchen pork with mantao.. or hot and spicy crab each with fried mantao.. ho ho ho..

    I thought u marah kat I liao!!! I komen…komen…komen…in ur blog, all hilang! Use hp oso same! Dunno why we memang no jodoh!!! LOL!!!! Ooooo….I love that pork in mantao at Esquire!!!! Drool! Drool!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! (How not to be fat like this hor?)

  12. Yes that beef tenderloin was rather delightful. It was served on a bed of gnnochi with cream sauce. Beef was done medium rare, so it was tenderloin at its best, awesome flavour, moist and of course, tender.

    Stop! Stop! The housefly’s flooding the whole neighbourhood with his drool!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! He lives in the same neighbourhood too, like Huai Bin!!!

  13. I always like course dinners. The first two are my favourites. The 4 seasons and shark’s fin soup. Yummy!!

    Shhhh….don’t talk about eating endangered species!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! When u get married, don’t forget to invite me hor!!! Then I can enjoy the course dinner!! LOL!!!

  14. ala gerrie… tell la.. I don’t want to go round and round to look for Grazie… petrol mahal wor.. went to Wawasan Plaza last time, didn’t see … is that restaurant in Tang Dynasty Hotel?

    Actually, I think she told me where it was…but yunno lah! Old man! Lupa dah!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! If I go KK, I will find out from her where! LOL!

  15. Ask from mom? the (usual) response will be “BEH SIAW LI AH LUUU” anyways, I am flying back to KL tomorrow and off to Kota Bahru for a job. Hooray! I won’t be leaving comments for a while…

    …and I bet you’ll be gorging urself with all the very very cheap and very very delicious Malaysian food!!! LOL!!!

  16. I know where Grazie is! Finally… passed by that place over and over again, yet didn’t notice that it’s THE Grazie that you’ve been talking about hehehe … must find time to go there and try… or maybe just wait for that Archie to belanja? hihihi

    Probably will have to wait till the cows come home!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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