Heigh Ho…

Last night, my family and I had dinner at Mr. Ho’s at Crown Towers in Kuching. I understand it is a West Malaysian franchise…and they’ve got an outlet at Mid Valley. Somehow I never noticed it…and so far, I only had dinner once at Master Choo’s in Sungai Petani, Kedah but I don’t think they’ve any connection.

For one thing, I liked the open kitchen concept…

Mr Ho's, Kuching

In most restaurants, you will never know what the chefs are doing in the kitchen.  This guy was very interesting to watch as he prepared all the dishes…and I noticed that when he cut the meat, should there be any loose ends, he would just pop them into his mouth. Gee! I wouldn’t mind working there!!! LOL!!!

We went there with Sophia and her daughter again. We really owe her one for taking the time off to take us around and to all the best dining outlets to eat; otherwise, we’d probably end up having our meals at places near the hotel. Kpg Nangka Boy’s sister, previously known as Cooking for STP, joined us as well…and she had that Mr. Ho’s signature dish, the Curry Laksa…  

Curry laksa

She had heard fave reviews from her acquaintances and so she decided to give it a try…and she loved it.  My daughter had this pork chop bratwurst dish…

Pork Chop Bratwurst

The portions were so huge that she could not finish…so guess who cleaned up the leftovers.  The pork chop was ok…but I loved the sausage because I could taste the flavours in it. I know! I know! Don’t keep telling me what it resembles, but don’t all bangers look like that? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Sophia had the pork steak while my missus had the roast pork dish…but the photos didn’t come out too well, so I will not be inserting them in the post. Sophia’s daughter had this…

Prawn pasta

This is the prawn pasta and it got the thumbs up from her too. Now, what did I have? Well, I decided to try the lamb shank (Gee! I wouldn’t dare go to New Zealand now…for all the sheep would attack me for sure for eating up their siblings!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Didn’t I hear them saying that about dogs? LOL!!!)…

Mr Ho's lamb shank

It was nice but the meat was slightly a bit too tender. The gravy was a bit spicy; it tasted good but I still prefer the one at Junk. My one complaint was the carrot was raw…and I could not cut it with the knife. The brocolli was also on the hard side but it was nice and crunchy. I wish they had been more generous with the mashed potatoes like Junk. On the whole, Junk wins hands down…with its yummy gravy that goes well with the mashed potatoes and the salad vegetables and all…but this one is defintely nicer than Westwood with its mushroom gravy/black pepper sauce options and a lot better than what I had at Mum’s in Sibu. I liked the Irish stew at Secret Recipe…but I’ve heard complaints about quality control and things served while they were still uncooked inside, probably because the employees did not defrost the meat/fish properly.

All right, Cibol! Stop calling me flogger!!! Brings to mind those sadomasochism stuff. Hmmm…probably he is thus inclined, I won’t know! But what I do know is that the next few posts will NOT be about food…!!! (But somehow I’ve a feeling that it won’t be for long!!! ROTFLMAO!!!)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Heigh Ho…”

  1. fooood lagi. *pengsan*

    Old habits die hard, eh? LOL!!!! Don’t worry…no more for the next few posts!!!

  2. The pork chop bratwurst dish looked a lot like intestines. You sure it’s meat ?

    Reminds me of a movie i watch when i was tiny ( haha ) entitled “Ice-cream Man”. He murdered preteens and threw them into a big grinder and then mash them up. Then, he served them as ice-cream to other children. Disgusting, and one scene depicted an eyeball on top of the ice-cream. Maybe this could be the same case eh.. ? *ducks vomit* Haha

    Ooo…so that’s what I can do with teenagers!!! Gee!!! With the number that come to me year in and year out, I’ll be rich!!! Watch out, housefly…you may be the first…bratwurst, keluaran STP!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  3. You forgot to mention the bread and butter pudding which was so delicious. Unfortunately you couldn’t take the pic as we were all in too much of a hurry to devour the pudding. I wouldn’t mind going back to Mr. Ho’s again especially for the pudding!

    Ya, I forgot about that. It was like “Now you see it, now you don’t”!!! They had just put the plate on the table…and within secoonds, it was all gone!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. *mogok lapar* Why lar all food?!!!

    Ur next post might not be about food but the post after that will be about food lar, old habit dies hard u noe 😛

    I know! I know! But no more food pics liao…unless I get a surprise invitation to go for Sheraton curry fish head from ummm……clare? LOL!!!

  5. got mr.wee or not?

    Nope…but if we join venture, we can call our shop “Tongwee” and sell herbal delicacies (=tongkui)…or maybe u wanna look for Mr. Un…and then, ur shop will be “Untong”??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. heigh ho! heigh ho!
    to make your troubles go
    jz keep on singing all day long
    heigh ho heigh ho!

    hey, i just had Mr. Ho’s Fine Food’s Siu Yoke Alio Olio last week! that’s the name of the restaurant here, Mr. Ho’s Fine Food Restaurant worrr… it’s located at the lower ground floor of midvalley, just beside Burger King that end of the court, beside Kenny Roger’s also, i think.. but not alot of ppl go there.. dunno why..

    and their open concept, last time their kitchen was opened wan.. but now, they hid it behind liao! no fun.. kenot see the chef curi makan… hehe…

    I know where Kenny Rogers is! Saw it all the time!!! But never noticed Mr. Ho’s. Ummm….you like? So if I go KL, u can belanja me there hor???….And btw, where have u been? Lama no comments. Tot u already throw stones (buang batu), dun wan to come…Oops!!!!! LOL!!!

  7. Yummy. Can’t wait to try. Price for each dishes can be documented to give guideline for the readers.

    Welcome…now where have I seen ur comment before? Never mind! Thanks for your suggestion. Normally, I do give hints as to the prices…but in Kuching, most of the time, I didn’t pay so I didn’t know. But I must say it is comparatively cheaper in Sibu. At Mr Ho’s, for all the dishes (6 for 6 persons) plus one bread pudding for dessert, inclusive of drinks, the bill came up to almost RM200.

  8. ha ha ha .. so angeles, next time you bring me there la hor. I also never notice got Mr. Ho

    Ooi…si-gatal!!! First flirt with drums…and now want to tackle angel pulak, now that bong’s leaving town!!! I asked her first, ya??? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Do give me a call when you drop by. We’ll talk more and eat less.

    Drop by where? KL?…If it’s Kuching, we’re home already!

  10. on my flight from kl to sibu i carried an excess of 15kg with me (finished my programme so many things to bring home for good).. which would cost me an extra of RM225. so i just checked in my 13kg luggage and stuffed everything into some shopping bags (emergency purposes) and a cabin compartment sized roller bag and went into the departure hall with it.. as expected, stares were everywhere (wth, i dont care) i was quite happy with myself for making it thru customs until,.. i reach the gate for the sibu bound plane.. EVERYONE! was looking as if they were carrying more than what they are supposed to be carrying.. LOL! typical la.. What to do?? Sibu PPL!

    You’re allowed 15kg on that cheap airline…and 20kg on the other…and one cabin-size hand baggage (plus laptop, camera case, milk bottle and so on) but not shopping bags (except for stuff like chocs and perfume u buy at the airport…so do keep those bags for future use!!! LOL!!!). Yes, Sibu-bound flights….shudders!!!! The airline people should put their foot down and stop all this nonsense. Overseas, they’re VERY strict. Rules are rules, no bending and that’s final!!!

  11. ^oh baggger! wrong place !!! gawd damn it, this is suppose to in the “come fly with me post”.. alamak.. i opened to many tabs until confused.. 😛

    Too many tabs??? That’s the trouble with young people…and they call it multi-tasking! They say they can manage but I can imagine the resulting fix when they bite off more than they could chew!!! Be organised…one thing at a time…and everything will fall nicely into place!!

  12. LOL..good one..i will look for mr.un then

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Money face! Dreaming of making lots of profits!!! LOL!!!

  13. Sher and I had something absolutely delicious. After so much food for Gawai, curry maggi mee was heavenly. Zonk out after that. Went back to kampung again in the morning

    Like porridge with salted eggs by the 3rd day of Chinese New Year!!!

  14. Whoa… makan makan asyik makan. Guess ur Kuching trip was food intensive. Sorry for being unable to entertain you… had a guest from Melaka visiting Kuching for the first time. I happen to be his only Sarawakian friend so obviously i had to be the tour guide. Just like you, this guy really enjoyed the food in kuching. He gobbled up a bowl of laksa and kolo mee in one sitting. And I think the Bidayuhs in Kpg Semadang were left hungry after he whacked the buffet table during gawai visiting. COnsidering he is a Baba… Kuching food must be damn good.

    Kuching food…Sibu food…better and cheaper than any place in West Malaysia, anytime!!! Haiya…”he” kah? LOL!!!!

  15. wow stp, the curry laksa mcm tasty le… ^_^ oh ya, later(dunno how long) i will post about kampung food for u to see kekekekeke

    I love kampung food! Planning to cook some today…but malas!!! LOL!!!

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