Well, yesterday we had breakfast at the hotel. The food here is very nice…but I felt that the buffet spread was normally what people would get for lunch. I had tomato rice, fried mihun, ketupat with satay gravy, beef curry and sayur lodeh…..

GrandCon breakfast

…and after that, we headed to Boulevard…

Boulevard Kuching

to do some shopping and then, we had lunch. Manhattan Fish Market was full…unless we wanted to sit outside, which we didn’t – not in this hot tropical heat!!! So we ended up in Sushi King instead and I had the Double Udon set…

Sushi King set meal

and we had other stuff like tempura and plates and plates of the sushi and what not that came around on the conveyor belt. I didn’t take any photos of those except this one that I thought was kind of cute… LOL!!!

Scallop sushi

and after that, we went back to the hotel to rejuvenate for the evening… We decided to go for hor chian (oyster omelette) at this place called Venue…

Oyster omelette

It was nice…but I think I prefer the ones at some place in Buntal. We also had midin and the Lemon Chicken which was crispy and nice…

Lemon Chicken

…and the herbal pork trotters. I haven’t had this anywhere else…and I liked it very much albeit the fact that all the fat wasn’t that good for me, but never mind!!! I don’t eat that every day…LOL!!!

Herbal Pork Leg

After dinner, we wanted to go to Tom’s for dessert but it’s closed till June the 8th or 9th…so we ended up at…

Secret Recipe

Those of you who subscribe to the local daily will be able to see the special feature in PostMag today. Needless to say, they gave all kinds of fave reviews (I would too, if I could eat everything free. Hahahahahahaha!!!!)…but truth be told, the cakes were VERY rich and nice. We had the Chocolate Indulgence…

Chocolate Indulgence

and the White Chocolate Macadamian…..

White Chocolate Macadamian

So there you have it, my food log for the whole day yesterday. Anybody drooling yet??? LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Yesterday…”

  1. not yet drooling..having bbq later then steamboat at night..huhuhaha

    Celebrating Gawai down under???

  2. No luck. I was at Boulevard too yesterday morning. hahaha… To be frank, i never been to Tom’s too ever since he moved from the waterfront. I like his pineapple tart.

    Were u among the group of teachers at mph talking about transfer? LOL!

  3. Thanks to you, i am severely dehydrated right now

    Go drink some water!!! Daily food posts from now on!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. wow STP, u went to secret recipe.. the cake very very delicious one 😛 oh ya… the rice with the nuggets really cute LoL.. look like a tits kakaka

    Those are fried scallops lah!!! Ooi…u really dirty mind hor!!! Thinking of nen-nen pula!!! I just said they looked cute!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  5. Hmmm, i think the chocolate indulgence was just so and so…. ahahaa maybe its just me.

    Anyway… me wont have internet for maybe more than a week … so if i dun comment doesnt mean i dun love u !!

    Maybe u’re not into chocs and cakes. U read PostMag – gosh!!! The superlatives the writer used!!! I’d say it’s very, very nice…but I don’t mind if I’d never eat it again. What??? Where are you going? U didn’t pay ur bill kah? Handphone no internet access kah? Excuses! Excuses! Even this old man can comment using hp sometimes!!! LOL!!!!

  6. No… I am not that kepoh la. I was shopping at the supermarket with MIL.

    It was my daughter who overheard them. She said they looked and talked like teachers and were talking about transfer!!! Gee!!! Do teachers have a “special” look and way of talking?

  7. every post oso got food wan .. ha ha ha. flogger dy u now ..

    Ooi!!! Apa flogger? U into the sadomasochism stuff kah? Come! Bring the whip…or belt also can!!! LOL!!!!

  8. Aiyooo….

    Move in new place lahhh… no internet mah, need time to set things up.

    Aahahahha, chocolate indulgence…. that nice meh??? Then something must be seriously wrong with me LOL LOL

    Get external wireless modem…cheap. cheap only!!! Cheaper than ur camera!!! LOL!!!!

  9. oOOoh, Chocolate Indulgence is my fav. cake from Secret Recipe!!

    Can someone send that over to me? I cannot drive to the city, I don’t have the appetite… so sick 😦 Rugi oOo my holiday this time, STP, high fever, stuck in my bedroom… till today pun still sick..

    Poor u! What a time to get sick!!! Hope u’re much better now!!! Take care…

  10. Ya lor STP..what a time and thanks for the thought! I just woke up and now eating my tasteless chicken porridge, must be my tastebud gone crazy that is. Looking at your food photos so that I can get a bit of appetite to eat haha… wonder why all those food doesn’t seem appetising to me at the moment like it always does, except for the chocolate indulgence? Hmm…

    I’m not like that! When I’m sick, I’ll eat and eat and eat! People lose weight when they fall sick…but I put on!!! So kesian! Doomed to be fat!!! LOL!!!

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