Down by the river…

Archie was complaining about the deluge of food posts but all of you can’t blame me really! It’s just that my daughter’s home for the holidays and I make it a point to take her out to eat all the things that she loves.

Over there, the place where she’s studying has a canteen but they don’t sell much there…when they’re open, that is. I really wonder how they can survive and stay in business! There are a few food stalls outside the gate, right across the road…but the swarm of flies!!! And they do not even cover the food!!! Gee! Where are the Health Department people? Things are definitely much better here in Sibu!

Anyway, to move away from the topic of food, I was driving past Sungai Merah this morning, so I decided to stop and take a few photographs for this post. This was where the earliest Chinese (Foochow) settlers led by Wong Nai Siong first set foot in the region.  The small riverine town got its name “Sungai Merah” from the river that flows through it. It is literally red in colour due to the withered leaves that fall from the trees upstream. It had been murky and muddy at one time but obviously, the authorities have done something to restore its original reddish-brownish hue…

Sg Merah

Besides, they’ve also revamped the place by building a nice waterfront along the river banks with nice bridges of Chinese-influenced architecture. This would be an ideal place for taking photographs for remembrance as it is after all, a place of historical significance…and a good spot for evening strolls too…

Sg Merah waterfront

For one thing, I wish they had restored and preserved the old wooden shophouses for posterity…but they’re all gone now and in their place stand new ones like these…

Sg Merah new shops

There is a small park built in memory of Wong Nai Siong so shutter bugs can snap a few more shots here…

WNS Memorial Park 1
WNS Memorial Park 2

…and should you be feeling hungry, don’t worry!!! There are coffee shops all over selling all kinds of delicacies you’ll defintely be spoilt for choice.

And if you’re interested, you can take a leisurely drive along the country roads through the lush green rainforests to the smaller towns neraby like Kanowit or Sarikei.  Huai Bin has just posted a good write-up on Sarikei, so you can just hop over to his blog to have a look.

Well, I will definitely go around the scenic spots and places of attractions here to take more photographs for my future posts, so do make sure you keep coming back so that you won’t miss out on any of them…Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Down by the river…”

  1. Back in Kuching already! Thank you for your kind hospitality. Enjoyed the butterscotch prawns at Ruby Cafe and the Seafood Gala at Garden cafe. Be seeing you in Kuching on Friday.

    Welcome…and next time come for a break! No need to take care of students, and we can go eat breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. I thought the bridge looks different.Must have good reason to fly back for a visit. Any weddings? Your girl is too young and your shotgun is ever ready.haha. Try taking pics of the old school. Oh, and is the prison still there?

    Wedding? Hmmm…let’s see who’s available!!! Hahahahahaahahaha!!!!! (I didn’t say anything hah!!!!) You will not recognise Sibu at all now; it’s totally different and very nice! Ask Sophia!

  3. Wah, suddenly the pics so clear and nice! About time, mr stp! Hee hee!

    Clear kah!!! SO HOT…so just simply take…and get back into the car, aircon full blast!!! Sheer luck, I guess! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. SuiTuaPui, added you on!

    Food not covered? When I was still in school mom packed me lunch. Safe from all these unwanted disease.

    Ooo…me too??? LOL!!!…Ya, dunno why they send the students to the other end of the country…when we have colleges and universities right at our doorsteps and the escalating prices of air tickets don’t help one bit when they wanna come home for the hols!!! For one thing it makes my girl appreciate home and Sibu/Sarawak more…after seeing what it’s like over there!!! Clare (Kampua Talk) will definitely sokong this!

  5. Owez past this place cos it’s near methodist cemetery but never had the chance to take pic at this place. Hee Hee..

    There’s a bypass now…and I don’t think the “black parades” go through the town anymore…

  6. One more thing you forgot to tell Archie…
    that if you throw a pebble into a crowd, chances are you’ll…
    a) hit a Foochow and
    b) hit someone who works for Rimbunan Hijau


    Correction…u throw a stone in Sibu, you’ll DEFINITELY hit a Foochow! LOL!!! And they’ll scold you in their dialect for throwing a stone at them – with references to your mother’s private parts!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! The RH thing, dunno lah…they’re all over, even in Brazil or Africa, I hear!

  7. “So hot!!!” You did not do justice to Mr Wong NS. Took his picture from so far! The river shows the changing of the tide. I love the river.Simply magnificent. Very glad that Sibu authorities take care of it. Mr Wong would be proud guarding it day and night. When the tide comes in the color is ‘teh si’ and when the tide goes out it turns into sg. merah.

    On the few occasions I’ve been there, the river has not had the “teh si” colour, unlike the main river!!! Probably I had been going at the “right time”. Oh! Forgot to mention that if u’re lucky, you may be able to buy a kg or two of Poomba at the market there!!! LOL!!!!

  8. I was kinda expecting the title to be ‘Moon River’, Moon river…wider than a mile, I’m crossing STP in style someday… wahaha

    Hahahahahaha!!!! “wider than a mile” indeed! Good one…though I wonder about the “crossing stp” bit! Would that mean that you’re climbing all over me??? Eyew!!! Oops…forgot you’re a housefly! Then “crossing stp” will be like a journey of a thousand li/miles! LOL!!!!!

  9. wah .. u bekam promoter liao .. ha ha ha .. I remember last time people say that bridge after sungai merah (neh the picture got sungai and bridge if im not mistaken) people go there for chinese valentine. wat is it? I dunno .. ha ha ha .. let stp explain

    Dunno lah…but come to think of it, that’s the only bridge in Sibu!!! Next Chap Goh Meh u come and throw oranges lah!!! I sambut di bawah…take home and eat!!! LOL!!! Selamat Hari Gawai, cibol and showers of blessings the whole year thru’. Ada balik kampung???

  10. Looks nice for strolling indeed 🙂 Your relationship with the camera definitely getting better, STP! 🙂

    Thanks for the Kaamatan wish and wishing you Happy Gawai in return 🙂 You celebrate Gawai or not?

    …screen got hairline crack already! Dropped almost every day!!! Haiz!!! And my birthday still half a year away! LOL!!!…I don’t celebrate Gawai – just cibol, marg…..

  11. ala celebrate sajalah… another excuse for makan session mah.. join the other friends for Gawai.. 😛

    p.s: cannot book Cempaka Square for Karaoke oh during this weekend… haih have to walk in and race others for a room.. I go to your place for Karaoke session, STP?

    Room? I dont want room wan!!! Sing…must have audience! Hahahahaha!!! Come, come…my house anytime!!!

  12. eh??????? something different jor 😛 ye ye ye! Like this mah stp… at least i know sibu got sungai merah LoL!!! And also The memory of Wong Nai Siong (but I dunno what is the history of the town…)
    wah wah wah Cocka… sounds like Sibu is for Foochow area… any hokkien lang there? Maybe one fine day will visit stp at sibu but dun throw the stone at me le.. LoL

    Don’t worry! I’m a non-Foochow speaking Foochow! I speak Hokkein!!! LOL!!!

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