What are you doing Sunday…

Well, what are you doing today? As for me, it being a Sunday, I went to church…and after that, I went to that Mitsu Dimsum Restaurant for a light breakfast…..

Mitsu Dimsum

This is the ground floor where you can eat in open air comfort but of course, I prefer to go upstairs which is airconditioned. We did not want to have a heavy breakfast because Sophia was flying in around noon and I had promised to take her out for lunch and THE Glutton Queen aka Kampua Talk would be joining us as well. So we had two baskets of siew mai

Siew mai

and another two baskets of har kau…..
Har kau

…and then I spotted something new. They did not have these before – they were wrapped with seaweed and I could see crabstick inside, so I decided to give it a try and ordered a basket…

Dim Sum

Boy, they were really nice! I definitely will order more the next time I drop by that place…but as I said, I was saving my tummy for lunch. At around 12.30, we were at the Ruby Restaurant, my favourite dining place in Sibu…and when Clare (Kampua Talk) revealed her…..camera, I had to think twice about taking out my miserable itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny…..handphone with photo-taking facility and embarassing myself with it (LOL!!!)…

Kampua Talk

But in the end, I decided to go ahead with it, what the heck!!! So what did we all have? I remember we had the absolutely delicious Mayonnaise Lamb…
Mayo lamb

and the heavenly mouth-watering Butter Scotch Prawns…
Butter Scotch Prawns

…and my daughter wanted her favourite. I think I may have posted a photo of this dish of Salad Sotong in an earlier post. Anyway, it was actually deep-fried squids coated with bread crumbs, served with mayonnaise…

Salad Sotong

…and since nobody fancied bitter gourd, we had cangkuk manis fried with egg and this dish of Butter Cheese Baby Kailan…

Butter cheese baby kailan

…and to wash all that down, we had sea cucumber soup and the unrivalled Blended Kopi-O Peng (Iced Black Coffee).
Blended Kopi-O Peng

Now if my third-grade photographs do not turn you on at all, hop over to Clare’s blog and drool yourselves silly over her…..photographs!!! Chesh! What were you thinking, Cocka? LOL!!!!!

OK…so that was up till lunch! Now, what am I going to have for dinner??? Hahahahahahahaha…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “What are you doing Sunday…”

  1. YUMMY! Thanks for the lunch! I will definitely have the butter scotch prawns again! I like! Oh, also the Mayo Lamb, nice! OMG! Can die straight away and go to heaven you know, the prawns…

    So what are you having for dinner? LOL!

    Welcome…enjoyed your company! Must do it again sometime. Dinner??? Wait lah….not so many food posts one go! Later everybody indigestion!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. yum yum..i should continue food hunting when i go back…in around 3 weeks+ time

    Just discovered a new place! Nice! Nice!…Watch out for future post! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. Yalor hor! Constipation later they all boycott our blog then cham lor…Hahahahahah!!! Fish head curry in Sheraton coming up next!

    You’ve got a date!!! Wink! Wink! (Cocka, eat ur heart out!!! LOL!!!!)

  4. I wish it is a sin, making me drooling this much.
    The Mayo lamb and Butter prawn looks delicious!

    Hi…haven’t seen u for a long time! Hop over and I’ll take u to indulge in all those!!! Zero and sub-zero fares these days!!! Hurry! Before the airline companies decide to patch it up!!! LOL!!!!

  5. Aiyerrrrr…

    That seaweed wrapped meat thing seems like SUSHIIIII….

    Aaahhhhh.. another “big camera” user… sometimes seems quite scary also ahahahaha… i wonder what people think when i take pics of food like that especially around those non-photographers or bloggers LOL

    It wasn’t sushi. The only similarity was that it was wrapped with seaweed. It was actually some kind of siew mai, but had a nicer taste. Yeah…it’s ok if you’re among family and friends…but if you’re invited to dinner and seated with a table of strangers, eee…I wouldn’t dare do that…or at best, I’d do it discretely!!! Yours bigger, I’m sure?…Ummm…your camera, I mean!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. *Cocka serenading to that girl holding camera*

    “What are you doing Sunday, baby?
    Would you like to marry me
    what do ya say now?
    it is a nice day now….”


    Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Only Old Cocka’s old enough to know the lyrics and sing the song…..

  7. Oh, that makes us hungry! And it’s not even lunch time yet! And thinking about all that food makes us thirsty, and all we have is water. Seriously, who likes water? What kinda sick game are you playing?

    Hey nice post. If you have time, check out our site: http://tubbotwins.wordpress.com

    See yeah,
    The Tubbo Twins

    Welcome! Nice of you two to drop by. I’ve checked out ur blog! Looks interesting. Will hop over when I’ve time to browse. I dropped a reply in your “About” page…and yes, the whole idea is to torment people and get them to come visit me and my little town where food is cheap and nice. LOL!!!!

  8. We make our laziness ride all the sunday. Every sunday. As a result, it’s always something interesting at home or outside – to be lazy is not to do nothing!

    That’s the best thing to do. People these days are going too fast. They should “stop and smell the roses”, relax on Sundays and spend quality time with their families…and eat! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  9. I am jealous about that Sunday now, lol… Enjoy!!

    Yes, my daughter’s home for the holidays;she’s studying in another part of the country. My cousin’s in town…and I got to meet up with a fellow-blogger. It certainly was a nice Sunday. Hope you had one too!!!

  10. Arh! U beat me. I also wanna wrote about this b4 but then the langkawi trip came. Not enuf time to do. Grrhhh…

    What? What do u wanna write about? Dining at Ruby? I’m sure you’ve got lots more interesting things to post on Langkawi! LOL!!!!

  11. You should mention that it was also the solemnity of corpus christi. That calls for a celebration, right?

    …And indeed it was! Now why the name change to Profhiggins? Who’s ur Elizadoolittle? LOL!!!!

  12. My Sunday was spent in Kota Marudu. Attended a friend’s wedding at Marudu Inn, but the food is nothing to be boasted about – I didn’t even feel like taking pictures of them hehe … the only nice food served was the rendang daging, which was ordered from someplace else. And the Secret Recipe cake they brought from KK for the cake cutting ceremony! That being said, what to do, there’s no choice for better place for such occasions in Kota Marudu.

    For that, I wish I was there with you guys enjoying that scrumptious meal instead!

    Come over one weekend! Zero and sub-zero fares, except that from KK, you have to use the slow and steady Fokker (Spelling’s correct! LOL!!). Btw, there’s a regular on Traxx from Kota Marudu, Lawrence. I think he’s and teacher…and why is everyone getting married but none of my friends? Melbie, ManD+Arch, Mar, Bongkersz, Clare, Cibol, Lola etc etc etc….. Haiz! I’m waiting for the invitations liao!!!

  13. *run and hide behind suituapui at cocka’s serenade*


    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Suituapui’s behind can hide a lot of people!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  14. yummy, yummy, yummy, i got love in my tummy.. and i feel like lovin’ ya…

    Aiyor! Aren’t u a bit too young for that song? That’s from Cocka’s time!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. wow… was my favourate KOPI-O Ping…. but now has changed to KOPI-C Ping… bcos I like the “C” character.. it;s mean a lot to me LoL!!!!! 😛

    Why leh?…..U like Cocka kah? ROTFLMAO!!!!

  16. My SUNDAY activities was…. I slept almost whole day.. that’s all LoL

    Haiz! Sleep all the time! Like dat how to kawin! Rajin sikit lah!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Omg your blog post makes me miss dim sum…everything looked so yummy!

    Welcome…all the way from San Deigo!!! Dim sum must be very expensive there!

  18. Old meh? I was 8 yrs old when that song became a hit. Younger than you lah.

    Mana itu Clare? Waah…went to hide behind your back also can get lost! Wakakakakakaka!!!

    Don’t worry! Clare’s around…chatting with me on msn while I reply to all the comments!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! This old man…multi-tasking, mind you! LOL!!!

  19. I want dimsum. It has been a while since I took a bite of it. Anywhere nice in KL to makan dimsum?

    The Tai Thong chain of restaurants has good dim sum;there’s one at Hotel Melia KL (opposite Berjaya Times Square) but can be very expensive. I’ve tried the ones at the coffee shop next to Hotel Nova at Jalan Alur (24 hours) – nice and cheap!…You can always come to Sibu one weekend – zero and sub-zero airfares right now! The chef at this dimsum restaurant is from China! Nice! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  20. I spent the whole evening looking for a purple color dress…Finally, I managed to find one…trust me, its not easy to find a purple color dress…FYI, I dun really wear dress but I have too this time as I have to attend a wedding mass this 30th. It is my x-housemate/my cousin wedding on that day and the theme color choose by her is non other than ‘purple’…goshhh!!!

    Lola’s got a purple blouse which she wore to mar’s birthday steamboat party…Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Purple ala Prince, at one time, the artiste who will not be named…very gay colour lah!!! LOL!!!!

    P.S. What happened? You got spammed!!! Hmmm…must be you haven’t dropped by to comment for a long time? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  21. I spent the whole evening looking for a purple dress and finally I managed to find one…it’s just nice and simple…I dun really wear dress but this time I have too. It’s a must for the x-housemate as requested by the bride to be (she’s also my cousin)…Y does it have to be a Purple Wedding? hmmm…

    If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I’ve got a problem posting comments too…and sometimes I can do it using my handphone, but can’t seem to manage in drumsticks’ blog, so drumsticks, if you’re reading this, I’ve been trying to comment again and again and again….without much success. Haiz!

  22. hahahaha… Fokker??? Gosh, that’s scary! LOL and you can wait all you want, for it’s not going to be sometime soon for me! Didn’t those two noticed or are they pretending not to notice your hint, STP? LOL

    Hey!!! Fokker very safe lah! Noisy, not comfortable and slow…but safe!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Dunno the two??? U ask lah!

  23. Fokker safe but goyang habis especially during the bad weather! adoh! hahaha .. no need to ask lah.. later kena bubut (kejar in sabahan slang) with sapu! LOL

    Haiya…only for a while. Think of all the good food waiting for you!!!

  24. i only want to eat that butter scotch prawns again 😀 so suituapui, your ‘toy’ is smaller than clare heh? nyahahahahaha!

    Eeee….clare got kah? How u know leh? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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