What goes around comes around…

Sometime last week, I saw some nice sweet potatoes so I decided to cook sayur masak lemak (vegetables cooked in coconut milk). Other than a few of those, I also bought one small cabbage, some tau hu phok (fried bean curd), a packet of fish balls and bean curd sticks; I didn’t have much to choose from at that supermarket near my house. Anyway, once I got home, I pounded some shallots, garlic, chillies, kunyit (tumeric) and belacan, all mixed together, some udang kering (dried prawns) pre-soaked in hot water and the ends of serai (lemon grass). I also peeled the sweet potatoes and cut them into cubes, cut the cabbage into large pieces and  the tau hu phok into quarters and soaked the bean curd sticks. Then I was ready to roll…

I heated some oil in the wok and threw in the pounded ingredients…and when they’ve turned light brown, I put in the fish balls and tau hu phok and added water. Then I put in the sweet potatoes and bean curd sticks…and when it had started to boil, I added a can of santan (coconut milk). When it started to boil again, I added salt (according to taste; msg is optional as it will be very sweet already)…and then I threw in the cabbage, turned off the fire and covered the wok. The trapped heat would be sufficient to cook the vegetable without getting it all soft and soggy.

Kampung delicacies

You can see the sayur masak lemak at the top of the photo. Other things that I could have added include prawns, pucuk paku (wild fern), young corn, black fungus and so on, and when you add a bit of this and a bit of that, you end up with a big pot that could feed an army.  That was what happened in my case…so I gave some to my mum, some to my in-laws and some to my aunt in the Jackfruit Village (Kpg Nangka) who said it was very nice and coming from her, THAT would be a compliment!!!

And as they say, what goes around comes around…and she gave me some beef curry and one whole ikan terubok masin (salted fish). I fried a bit and kept the rest for future consumption; you can see it at the bottom left of the photo. Besides, she also gave me some buah kepayang (It was very nice but I don’t know what that is! Maybe gundot can help?) in sambal ikan bilis. That’s the dish in the bottom right corner. Then my in-laws gave me a big pot of braised five-spice pork with hard boiled eggs. Gosh! I had enough food to last a week!!!

And since we’re on the subject of food and cooking, I would like to share with everybody something about cooking kailan. In the past, I used to cut off the stalks and the stems and slice them if they’re too big…and I would cook this first to soften them before adding the leafy parts. I found out recently that instead of doing that you can slice the stems and stalks into long, thin strips and when soaked in water, they will curl up and form nice flowery shapes.  When you fry them, they will cook easily and yet retain the shape. I cooked some yesterday and here’s what it looked like…..

Fried kailan

Attractive and appealling or not? I fried it in a bit of oil with chopped garlic, a bit of belacan and red chillies and added some chicken stock granules. Nice!!! And today, I fried some cangkuk manis with egg…

Fried cangkuk manis

So what have all of you been cooking lately…..


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “What goes around comes around…”

  1. Would you like to host a cooking show ? “Cooking with Suituapui” ?

    People see me also takut!!! Later become so fat also!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Kepayang is a type of fruit very popular with iban cooking. According to an expert Mr. Voon , if not properly process it could be poisonous. Auntie Irene uses the leaf to mix in the kasam she makes. A1 tok tok.
    BTW soak the stem in water… hot or biasa?

    Just use water from the tap! I remember when u were young, we used to do that with chillies and spring onions to be used as garnishing for the salad dish!

  3. Your cooking must be improving by leaps and bounds since retiring. Am not a good cook as can barely whip up any dishes. I did something really simple like using a slow cooker to boil soup with peanuts and spare ribs. No need to look after. Cook at night and all ready in the morning. For me, I don’t want to spend too many hours in the kitchen. Not worth it! Half an hour to cook at least 3 dishes sudah cukup I think!

    Well, I’ve got all the time in the world…and I’m pretty slow cos in the process, I’d like to keep everything spick and span! Kinda eccentric lah!!! LOL!!!!

  4. sayu masak lemak also known as sayur lodeh correct? my mum used to cook them, really nice! for my ‘kai-lan’ i boiled water, then put in for a while, add a bit of salt to make it greener, then take out and ‘puak’with oystersauce, garlic,shallots oil, also nice n u can take it out according to the texture u want, this is known as cantonese style, i think, yummy too!

    It should be the same. I think in West Malaysia they’ve gulai this and gulai that and I wud think it’s the same thing too. I know that way of cooking kailan. The old lady fries it with oyster sauce ALL the time and I’m getting quite sick of it.

  5. Let’s see…..chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup….for the Boss (not springsteen!).Cooking for me is pretty much mood-inspired/driven. When I do cook, it’s normally western, or western influenced, so they’re mostly typically baked or grilled.

    I know. My mum went thru that…and now she can’t stand the sight of chicken soup and mee sua!!! LOL!!! I do bake or grill sometimes…especially when my girl is home. She’s more into those western kind of stuff…

  6. Hey, that looks pretty good actually. Have been craving for rice for a while.

    BTW, do you know a place in Sibu that serves…er, exotic, shall we call it, animals? Terrapins, canines, bear, bats, snake, etc.

    That’s in Selangau, the transit stop for buses plying between Sibu and Bintulu. I think it’s about an hour’s drive away only…but I’m not into those stuff except wild boar!!! Drool!…So if u’re going, do buy 2 kg of “Poomba” for me, pls. I’ll cook it my way, the right way…and write a post about it! LOL!!! They usually bury it in all the ginger, lemon grass and so on and completely drown its flavour!

  7. You mean pucuk paku rite? 😉

    You say cook,all I can think of is David Cook…

    Oops! Typo-error, sorry! Was doing it very fast cos Bongkersz was gloating that he had two posts in a day…so I had to rush and post and then reply to him – I pun tak kalah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  8. Ya lah hor, so basic skills with the chili and I have forgotten all about it. I think it is because of the easy meals now.Like Sophia I do easy meals only. 1 dish per meal except weekends. So far no complaints!

    Women nowadays! Our mothers always made sure we had wholesome square meals every day…and unfortunately, square meals make round people!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. Last two photos .. those are my favourite vege dishes of all time!! Baby kailan … oh so nice! hehe

    I thought the kailan pic came out quite nice…Eeee…puji sendiri!!! LOL!!!

  10. i always do that with kailan.. yummy! i love kailan very much. suituapui, faster open a cafe..

    …..and bongkersz come, charge double!!! I’m now working on a step-by-step pictorial post on how to cook midin!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. Suituapui Can Cook ala Yan Can Cook! Can imagine you wearing the white chef uniform with tall hat. EH, got chef look u noe! LOL!!! I haven’t start cooking yet. Will start with my usuals next week I think. HAHAHA!

    Definitely got the look…dripping sweat and all!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Have u been anywhere yet? Ate anything nice??? Remember…if we go anywhere together, I have the exclusive rights to take photos and post!!! LOL!!!!!

  12. Hahah…. Wok with Suitapui (hopefully not The Naked Chef). So u are evolving from a teacher to a chef eh? As u would know, am not exactly keen on those dishes. Am more of a meat person. So dont forget me when you get the 2kgs of Poomba.

    Umm….Huai Bin, make it 10 kg, pliz!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. Cham liaw lah, next time i go find u, u must cook for me can??
    So hungry wei looking at your pictures.

    No problem!!! I love cooking…and I love it even more when I see them enjoying what I’ve cooked! Perasan lah me!!!! Wait for people to praise! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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