What I’ve done…

I took a flight to Kuching on Saturday, arriving just in time for lunch…so I headed straight to the small coffee shop along Green Road for the best kolo mee in town…

Kuching kolo mee

It was heavenly delicious!!! But even though I was there past lunchtime I had to wait for a very long time…but it certainly was worth it.  It has been ages since I had kolo mee and once a friend ta-paued for me (not from this shop) but it just wasn’t the same. Later, after checking in at the hotel, I went for prawn cakes (hay pia) for tea…

 Hay pia

It was not as nice as Peterson’s, next to the Satok wet market but since it was the weekend, all the stalls for the Satok sunday market would be up and the place would be horrendously congested. I had two hay pia, one fried tofu and one stick of fried kiaw (wantons)…and that came up to RM3.00, and I felt that was a bit too steep for so little.

The main event, of course, was Sophia’s birthday which was the reason why I went to Kuching – to grace the occasion at the Sarawak Club (Ehem! Ehem!! LOL!!!).

Birthday girl and cake

There weren’t any candles on the cake in case it would trigger off the fire alarm and set off all the water sprinklers.  That place was razed to the ground not too long ago, remember?…..Now, what do you think was on Sophia’s or the other Dimong’s mind? Just for the fun of it, why not suggest a caption for the photo? How about this to start of? “Aww…why does she have to cut it? Just give the whole cake to me lah!” Hahahahahahahaha……

And after dinner, we headed to the karaoke lounge at the club. Sophia’s hubby sang, “Itsy-bitsy Teeny-weeny Yellow Polka Dot bikini”. No wonder Sophia’s keeping herself so pencil-slim; imagine if she were my shape and size and wearing a bikini like that, that would probably be the last song her hubby would sing!  And one of the younger Dimongs sang the autobiographic “Seven Lonely Days”. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Kpg Nangka Boy sang “Beautiful Girl”, the Jose Marie Chan’s, thank God and not the Sean Kingston’s suicidal one…and Lionel Richie’s “Hello”…and one more English song, I just can’t recall which song now (…as Simon Cowell would say, “Very forgettable!” Hahahahaha!!!)…before he covered Peter Pan’s “Mungkin Nanti”. He sang it well…except that the thought kept crossing my mind that he must be at least four times Ariel’s size (Is that the name of Peter Pan’s lead singer?)! ROTFLMAO!!! And hey KNB!!! Stop looking at that young chick’s “cleavage” or “crack” as Cocka would call it…..!

Sarawak Club Karaoke

She’s got a tattoo on it?…..What?…..A cockroach???…Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sophia’s sis did an amazing rendition of Scorpion’s “Still lovin’ you” (Step aside, Cibol!!! You’ve met your match! LOL!!!) while I sang Joshua Kadison’s Beautiful in my eyes…and the P. Ramlee song about every man’s dream, “Madu Tiga” (isteri tuaisteri muda…and ana kawin tiga!!!. LOL!!!). We left the place past the witching hour…and the next morning, I had this at the hotel for breakfast…

Hotel buffet breakfast

The fried noodles -mamak style was a tad too salty, the omelette was bland…and the sausages and potato wedges tasted like…sausages and potato wedges. LOL!!! The bread pudding was absolutely divine though!!! I shouldn’t have wasted stowage space on the rest and feasted on the bread pudding alone! And I could not go for seconds as Sophia had said she would pick me up later to go for…..

Kuching laksa

Yup! We had Kuching laksa…and this was one of the best in town at Padungan (Chong Choon or something like that)…but honestly, the laksa that I usually cook at home is MUCH nicer!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Every ass loves to hear itself bray. Anyway, after that, she sent me to the Kuching International Airport…

Kuching International Airport

…and soon, I was home. It was indeed a wonderful weekend well-spent and a much-needed break for me!…..Well, one parting shot – does this mean that there are laws governing how patrons must say goodbye as they leave the place in question? LOL!!!!!

Sarawak Club sign

So…..how was YOUR weekend?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “What I’ve done…”

  1. all these pictures are just to tempting. i think i better not visit kuching… will be demoralising.

    You can come for the company. The whole clan’s gila2 like me; bet u’ll have a lot of fun!!! And in the meantime, we can order for you some plain porridge!!! LOL!!! Gosh! I’m so mean!!!

    P.S.: Sent u an email but so far I haven’t heard from u yet!!! U use palsu email addresses kah?

  2. Weekend was fine, but not as fine as your weekend! LOL

    Bread pudding, I love bread pudding… and while we’re talking about food, I need your help. I don’t know the name of the green meal that I had, can you please head over to my food blog and take a look at it, see if you recognise it? LOL Just click on my name here, so you can head over to the blog directly … hihihi

    Gosh! Looks like we’re one of a kind!!! Hope u’re not the same shape and size. OK…I’ll hop over and have a look…..

    P.S.: I’ve gone to see liao. Gosh! Has anybody told you that both your blogs take a million years to log in? And I got stuck and had to abort…and come back here to reply your question!!!…..It’s that vegetarian dish – lui cha!!! My friend took me some place in Kuching once and she had that. Insisted it tasted great but I wouldn’t touch it. Looked like wat people feed to sumting my shape and size!!! LOL!!!!

  3. It’s the darn mercumaya hosting, STP…

    p.s: and why didn’t you leave the comment there? This way I have to come and search for this entry to look for the name? LOL never mind, I’ll edit the post then hahaha thanks, STP

    Humph! Log in is one story, post comment another…so very slow lah!!! Sometimes I just gave up… Maybe u’ve got too many macam2…so all the downloading takes time!

  4. Caption:”Ha ha e pun bo ho chow liaw”. The crowd enjoyed STP’s Madu Tiga. Everyone joined in the kawin tiga part. KNB,you were amazing.Super cool only,sang ‘Hello’ when all around you were howling with laughter. Sorry, Mi told us the STP Hello incident.

    I wonder if stella still remembers! After all, she was the third pary involved… LOL!!!

  5. looking at those photos again made me feel less stressed..lol..2morow lit exam!!your favourite XD

    Good grief!!! Just looking at food enuf to destress u??? Hahahahaha!!! Good luck in ur Lit exam!!! Hope u’ve got the hang of it by now! LOL!!!

  6. cocka is gonna cum here and do the wolf whistle at sophia.. but lemme do it first.. pheeeweet!! sophia looks great!!

    Sophia: *thinking* Ppl cut cake, dun la stare until liddat..

    Lady beside: *thinking* Better give me a bigger slice, aitelyu…

    Hahahahahaha!!! Good suggestions. Well, u see like Sophia Loren or not? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Kampung Nangka Boy sure can sing. No wonder he changes girlfriends like he changes his underwear. How many already so far? 3 if not Stp as always, in his element, singing very well and everyone was enjoying the madu tiga song. Really had an enjoyable time. Angeles, thank you for saying I look great. Kam siah!

    Don’t encourage him!!! Fast fast…I want to go to Kuching again to attend wedding dinner!!! So KNB, better make it soon!!! LOL!!!!

  8. *sulk sulk sulk*

    But my weekend is full of kolo mee and laksa… 😀

    Why are u sulking? Aren’t u with ur STP2-in-the-making chipmunk Alvin and ur outlaws in-laws? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. Good weekend for you STP 🙂 Mine not that good, whole day diarrhoea now and stomach upset and giddy… feel like throwing up too 😥 Maybe because of last night’s food contamination?

    Poor u! Sure it’s not morning sickness??? ROTLMAO!!!…I used to love dat cos I could lose weight!!! But that was when I wanted to be slim and trim, not anymore! Given up long ago!!! Hope u get well soon!!!!

  10. No wonder Kuching so hot the weather now…YOU were in town!
    So best celebrate at Sarawak Club then kalaoke some more…

    Too bad it was just a flying visit or we could meet up somewhere for mam2s!!!

  11. reading ur blog makes me think of sibu’s food….i really miss them…..

    Well, I’m afraid there’ll be more coming…LOL!!! U’re PR there or just studying? If u’ll let me know when you’re coming back, I can always bring you to eat some, if not all, of the best around!!!

  12. i went to swim with the fishies in tioman over the weekend. needless to say, i’m hitam legam now. muahahah..

    …and very hungry I’m sure!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  13. I enjoyed the entry, thanks.
    You have a nice space. I am
    new here. Cheers, Zeynep xx

    Glad u like it. Welcome all the way from Istanbul…and do drop by again. Will visit yours to say hi…

  14. walaoeh… the CHASIU really attractive just like those Auntie LoL!!! ok.. about my weekend really enjoy… I went to Tip of Borneo with zabo LoL ^_^

    Wah! U call them auntie, sure they marah u nanti!!! Went to what’s-the-name…Kudat? Got tamu there on Sundays, right? Bought anything?

  15. If i remember correctly, when u were around i only sang Beautiful Girl, Hello and Mungkin Nanti bah. Sang Endless Love and Hey Jude after you left…hahah. Oh, and had to take over the Lobo song from Sophia’s hubby after he sang it half way… think he couldnt see the lyrics already. LOL.

    And whats this about me looking at “kachuaks”? Haha. I think Sophia just ruined my reputation… how to get married like that? LOL.

    Yalor…like “used but still in good condition”!!! LOL!!!! In the end, have to laylong at kabut car-boot sale!!! Ooo…Sophia’s hubby had one too many after we left? Any interesting show? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!…Now don’t deny that! Your face in the corner of the pic…looking in that direction!!! Caught red-handed! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  16. Really? That slow? Aiya … dunno what else to take out from my blog LOL… everything so slow.. including my head nowadays lol

    Well, slow and steady wins the race! LOL!!!!

  17. you seriously should change that tagline of yours. semua food hahahahaha! no i am not complaining.. i should just read this blog when i shop around kuching or sibu next time hehehehe. better, bring you around.

    Well, you can’t blame me really…cos at my age, I don’t do much else!!! Hahahahaha!!!!…And when I post on something else, very few people will comment!!! So blame them lah! LOL!!!!

  18. “Flying visit”? Hahaha…reminds me of Flying Doctors…do we still have those? I think so… 😉

    They’re still around… Sometimes I hear the announcements on RedeFm.

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