One of the very deplorable habits among some of us is the somewhat infamous Malaysian time. Often has it been said that punctuality is a virtue, yet it seems that many of us, Malaysians, consider it the norm to be “fashionably late”.

Well, there MAY be people who claim that it is part and parcel of our culture, our tradition, and insist that it must be preserved. But, let’s be frank about the whole issue. Don’t you hate going for dinners that are supposed to start at 7 p.m. and by 7.30, the guests are still trickling in one by one? It isn’t so bad for some who appear to enjoy using the time fruitfully to catch up with the latest gossips.

But there you sit, miserable and bored to death, your stomach rumbling away like thunder (despite having cleaned up the plate of complimentary peanuts) and you’re positive that you’re dying of hunger. And finally, when at long last, the dinner begins, the food is already cold and hardly palatable, and your mood is absolutely ruined, so much so that you really don’t have the appetite to eat anything anymore.

Now, how did it all start, we may wonder? “Don’t go early,” they tell you, “or they’ll think that you’re SO greedy, and you’ve never eaten in your life before!” Believe it or not, it is actually considered polite to make your grand entrance no less than half an hour after the time stated on the invitation card. Well, if you ask me, tradition is one thing but some things HAVE to change if change is for the better.

For one thing, I personally feel that it is EXTREMELY rude and inconsiderate to be late for an appointment or a date. Take, for instance, the case where a friend of yours has promised that he will be at our house by 9. Surely you will not make other arrangements or do something else while waiting. Hence, when that nincompoop turns up at say…10 or 10.30, you would have wasted 1 hour or more, just sitting there – waiting, doing nothing. Worse still, more often than not, these selfish individuals do NOT even bother to call to let you know that they will not be on time. The worst thing is they may just sashay in nonchalantly as if they have NOT done anything wrong. DON’T, for heaven’s sake, expect them to apologise and say, “Excuse me, please. I’m sorry I’m late!” Such words, I’m afraid, SIMPLY do NOT exist in their vocabulary. Somehow they just do NOT realize the seriousness of the whole thing. After all, everybody else does it, or so it seems.

Why, over the years in school, students are subjected to a thousand and one school rules and being punctual is ONE of them. They MUST be in school by a certain time and the whole day in school, their lives are regulated by the ringing of the bell. Don’t they ALL know the consequences if they were to arrive at school AFTER the bell? Don’t they ALL know that they would have to face the music if ever they were to come to school late?

Day in, day out, the teachers (though some of them may need a crash course themselves) would drum into them how important punctuality is, and YET, the moment they step out of the school gate, it most certainly seems that all those homilies have fallen on deaf ears. Education is not merely about passing examinations and getting a string of distinctions. It is also about learning good manners. As the age-old English proverb goes, “manners maketh the man”. It is of no use whatsoever if an individual has a stack of degrees and certificates, and yet he or she hasn’t the slightest idea of the simple social grace of being punctual.

In a nutshell, we should ALWAYS be punctual. We should ALWAYS be on time. PUNCTUALITY is a virtue and there is NOTHING fashionable about being “fashionably late”.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Finally…”

  1. haha… i think ppl will generally be late for an appointment but for a date? i think only girls can do that.

    also… we all learn it wayyyyyy from young….

    biar lambat, asalkan selamat. kakakaka!

    Ooit! Ooit! That’s a sexist remark!!! I will not be held responsible hor!!! LOL!!!…That’s for safety on the road lah! One rule applies to everything kah?…Personally, I’m not punctual either! I’m always early and some people hate that! Perhaps they don’t like to rush…

  2. i always try to be punctual, to my best efforts. πŸ˜› if i am late, i always do it on purpose and i am prepared with a good excuse, and an apology. hahahahahahaha! oh, late for a date with a girl? dump the stupid guy πŸ˜›

    Aiyor…girls outnumber guys liao, so how to simply dump like dat??? If you’re late for an appointment with me, be prepared for that cold intimidating stare…!!!! Scary hor!!! LOL!!!!

  3. of course there is something like that… its usually the time i made my appearance… he he he

    Yalah…rich man’s son…thinks he’s vvip!!! If dinner, don’t expect me to wait! I’ll start eating and finish everything before you arrive!!!

  4. hahahha.. *cover the guilty face with a blanket*

    Ummm…don’t worry, take your time! For pretty sweet young thing, I don’t mind waiting! But not guys like dat Clement!! LOL!!!!

  5. Being late outside school gate is just one of the appalling habits. I see students, still in their uniforms, LIBERALLY littering just outside the school!! You don’t have to wonder more whether they do it in other public areas. The rubbish flies out of school buses as well.

    That’s where their education has failed them. I will always stress on the importance of cleanliness. It all boils down to developing good attitudes in them!!!

  6. *dittos everything u mentioned*

    So… who was your late date? Kekekekeke..

    All my dates will be late cos I always go 30 mins to 1 hr earlier!!! Dunno why! Maybe a sign of insecurity!!! LOL!!!

  7. Late? Not gulity! Picked up the habit of
    punctuality down under and it stays.

    It’s an Asian habit!!! Part and parcel of the culture, like dirty toilets!!!

  8. Hmm.. sounds somewhat familiar… *wink wink*

    Yalor…somebody used it in a competition before, I wonder who…!!! LOL!

  9. NOTED!! I’ll be early the next time u date me!! :mrgreen:

    Gosh!!! That means I’ll have to be even earlier!!! Oh dear!!! LOL!!!!

  10. haha I wrote about this sometime last year .. GMT versus MRT

    It was funny, but pedas juga πŸ™‚

    Not pedas for me cos I’m the type that will go extra early!!! LOL!!!Once I told my students I’d pick them at 6.30, one of them groaned, “Gosh!!! That means we’ll have to be ready by 5!!” Hahahahaha…they knew I’d be early!!!

  11. Gonna be back next week. Don’t wait up! πŸ˜›

    Red alert! Red alert!! Stock up on your food supplies!!! The glutton queen is coming back…!!!! LOL!!!!!

  12. not pedas to me either.. I meant for the those that practices MRT .. I don’t πŸ˜›

    That’s good to hear!!! Some people like don’t have watch or clock!!!

  13. I am 99% of the time punctual…if it’s 7pm, it’s 7pm…but people always late which makes me geram have to wait…
    …as for that 1%,that’s when I sengaja late…becos it was my birthday and I wanted THEM OTHERS to wait for me for a change…but still,I make my grand entrance half hour later. My guest ada yg arrive 1 hr later. Haiyah! Even on my day have to wait for others. Isk!

    Wah! Sengaja late!!! Half an hour!!!! Apu!!! If u on a date with me, I sengaja makan dulu!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  14. Eh? Willing to wait for drumsticks but not willing to wait for me??? *merajuk* Wakakaka…

    I’m willing to wait for anybody who can come…Oops!!! LOL!!!

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