Just the two of us (1)…

It is Mother’s Day today. However, it is kind of different this year because my daughter is not around for the first time in 18 years as she is somewhere on the other side of the country pursuing her tertiary education.  But even though there are only the two of us left in what they call the empty nest syndrome, I went out and bought this blueberry cake for my missus… 

mum's day cake
It was actually chocolate cake with blueberry spread in between the layers. I would not say that it was something to die for because I would prefer something creamier and richer…and how come nobody’s surprised? LOL!
Have a slice 

And of course, we went out for dinner. Most places such as the major hotels would grab the opportunity to cut throats and charge astronomical prices for the so-called Mother’s Day promotions, so we headed to The Village, formerly the Spice Bazaar…

The Village
…and we had the grilled lamb. Unfortunately the place was a bit too dark, supposedly for a romantic ambience, it seems, so the photograph would not be able to show what we had in all its glory. The portions were generous…and the lamb was deliciously done to perfection. Both of us enjoyed ourselves very much…and left nothing but the bones!!!
Grilled lamb

Unfortunately, health does not permit my mother to go out and celebrate the occasion with us, so in the usual Chinese tradition, I gave her an ang pow and bought her some not-too-sweet and not-too-salty cookies.

So how did you celebrate your Mother’s Day?

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18 thoughts on “Just the two of us (1)…”

  1. Went for service at Blessed Sacrament Church this morning. Best service ever there.Pentecost Sunday and with the Bob Canton seminar just over it was different. Over two hours. After that went for lunch plus my mum.Some place simple but food was good. Most places packed this morning. Makes you wonder if this is the only day people bring their mum out.

    That’s why I didn’t bother to go to Ruby. Heard it was packed during lunchtime…

  2. Went to Sahara for a western meal. Didn’t want to go to a Chinese restaurant as most would be fully booked or so crowded that the service really sucks! I had garlic rice with pork ribs. Hubby had the same. My daughter had pork ribs with wedges while my mum had fish and chips. It was a good dinner. I actually bought a Mother’s Day cake – blackforest cake. Very nice and rich of course.

    Sahara? What a name! But the food sounds great!!! Ooo…your daughter’s home for the hols? Haiz…I still have to wait for two more weeks!!!!

  3. eh… it’s mothers’ day leh.. not wives’ day.. ;P

    Haiya…she’s the mother of my daughter mah!!! And some (Better qualify clearly lest I’ll be shelled from all corners!!!) women love to be pampered and are ultra-sensitive! Half the face black and the cold treatment for at least a week, I tell you!!!! LOL!!!

  4. Wah, STP, that was very sweet and thoughtful of you.

    No mother’s day meal this year, as mum is very happening, and has dinner appointments 3 nights in a row, starting last night. Anyway, we can always bring her out to eat anytime, need not be mother’s day. My siblings and I decided to get her a back massager, a uPapa from Osim. She was slightly stressed over an incident involving my dad last night, and so has not really broken in the massager yet.

    Last night, I piggy-backed a mother’s day dinner at Hoi Ten Lou or something (chinese restaurant at Grand Con Hotel building). Food was ok, nothing to complain nor rave about.

    Watched “for one more day”, and thought it was a very good mother’s day movie. Didn’t cry buckets, but teared up a little.

    Now I have a scratchy throat, and have been downing megadoses of vit c. Daughter has been down with the flu, so bug may have travelled in my direction.

    Ooo…won’t mind a massager…or a masseur!!! LOL!!!! Hoi Tien Lou? That’s the place with the baked crabs! Yum!!! Yum!!!…I had the flu a few days ago;took Fabercol…slept the whole afternoon…and ok already!!!

  5. I celebrated Mother’s Day last night. All four of us with our partners were back home celebrating it with my parents. I even bought a bottle of wine for daddy. So, I think I celebrate Father’s Day 5 weeks earlier too.

    Ooit! Ooit! Daddy’s Day is separate!!! How can hapus kira like that!!! Haiz! Wine…!!!! I don’t touch a drop anymore…ever since I realised that even a mug or two of beer would trigger off a gout attack!!!

  6. sorry to hear abt yr mom, stp..

    me ah? went out makan makan and makan! what else la… 😛

    ps: actually you were the one who wanted the cake, right?? 😛

    Tnx, angeles. She’s fine…just needs lots of loving and caring, so I have to keep her company, talk to her and laugh at stuff together to make her happy…..and she loves kampung food…like the bandung leaves dish I posted earlier, so I’ve been cooking a lot of that lately for her to enjoy. Just have to be around, that’s all! That’s why I’ve said somewhere that I just can’t get away…so all trips on hold.

    P.S.: You know me so well!!! LOL!!!!

  7. Everytime I read STP’s Blog which was all about delicious food…, I have to read my healthy Advices… to prevent me from cancelling my dietery plan. LoL!!!
    Btw, I did wish my MoM by Text/sms her. ^_^

    Aiyor…tak ada call pun!!! See Streamyx advert, pasang internet untuk emak…then can see anak kesayangan via webcam (p.s. mesti pakai baju dahulu sebelum online, ya!! LOL!!!).

  8. celebrated by going mcd at midnite

    What were u celebrating…so far away from ur mum? Mum-to-be Day kah?? Gosh!!! I hope not! LOL!!!!

  9. The Village? So did “Sibu’s most handsome man”, the bookies and samsengs all celebrate with their mothers there? HAha.
    I celebrated Mothers’s day with my mom and big momma Puan Sri Laila Taib…hahaha. Some Cancer fund raising dinner which i had to attend on behalf of my boss. Mom was there cos it was organised by NMSC.

    Wah! Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous!!! Well, we were early…and there was just a young couple dining there. Those people will probably come later in the nite…and not samsengs lah!!! Some of them doctors, police officers, lawyers (buruk) and so on.

  10. grilled lamb nampak sedap.. same goes to the cake 😀 i just called my mom, my bro bought a cake, and it was my dad’s birthday as well. too bad i couldn’t go back.. sob sob..

    Aiyor…so sad!!! Now zero-fare, can come back what??? And can stop in Sibu see STP oso!!! Sure makan puas-puas!!! LOL!!!

  11. happy mommy’s day stp! not to you la of course …but for ur mom and also mrs stp .. he he he

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu! Same to ur mum, ya!

  12. Awww a good son and a sensitive husband.. so luckylah mrs.stp 🙂

    Yalor…supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (perfect in every way) STP!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  13. Wah… the cake looks so nice…. Drool..drool… but too bad i am allergic to icing…haha… thankfully not lactose intolerant..

    I think it’s just frosting…not butter! Ooo…I love butter icing! LOL!!!

  14. wah! so lomantic. ada kek, ada grilled lamb. so what did your wife eat? LOL! The kids and I brought Lin to Tony Roma’s for lunch. Nice place. Food was good. Lin had steak and grilled prawns. Iman and I shared a humongous plate of ribs while Izaz had a cute barbecued chicken breat with a large dollop of mashed potatoes and chips. Yeah! ours is a vegetable free family. No, not really. Lin loves all sayur and other pokoks.

    Hahahahahaha!!!! I’m sure u mean pucuks!!!! LOL!!!! My missus had the same…and I was hoping she could not finish but she did!!! Duh!!!! I’ve heard of Tony Roma but haven’t been there! Yes! Yes! I accept your invitation to take me there next time I go KL, tenkiu, tenkiu!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  15. Must be a busy day for STP. I still see the same post that I saw yesterday.

    Not really…I’m waiting for those people who only go to blogs to comment when they’re at work at the office, and when there are a fairly good number of comments, then only I’ll post another one!!! That’s why they call me commentwhore! I need reassuring ,mah!!! That will let me know that there ARE people reading my posts! LOL!!!!

  16. For me… Just a kiss for my mom.. that’s all coz she asked me to take care of our stall and I didn’t have time to buy her a cake..LOL…

    That’s good enough. What do you sell at your stall? Food? Ummm….must drop by one day…then can makan free hor??? LOL!!!!

  17. o.k tony roma’s it is then the next time you.re here.

    Can’t wait!!! Hope to go over later half of the year…if I can!!!

  18. Just a drink stall in central market.. I guess U dont like to eat in Central Market ..Coz u have mentioned it in your comment before…

    No aircon…later I sweat plus2!!! I hear some of the stalls sell very nice food!

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