New kid in town (1)…

I love dim sum!!! So I was delighted to discover that there’s a new dim sum place in town. Well, actually it’s just a stall named “Little Kitchen”, located at a coffee shop in the commercial area near my house. For one thing, the name sounded intriguingly impressive…so I had to go and give it a try. Well, I had this basket of char siew pau (barbequed pork buns)…

 Char siew pau

It certainly was nothing like char siew pau!!! No doubt, they had generous pieces of meat inside…but they were not red in colour and definitely did not have the char siew flavour. The skin was the old-time Sibu pau kind of skin, not like the usual dim sum pau. It tasted o.k. but I would not want to have it again. Other than that, I also had this…

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf

This is glutinous/sticky rice wrapped with lotus leaf. They had a few miserable pieces of chicken, half a shitake mushroom…and that was about it. It wouldn’t have mattered that much if it had tasted wonderful…but wonderful is hardly the word for it. Far from it, in fact!!! I bought something like this at a stall at Rejang Park – something they called pillow/chin thau chang for RM5.50…

Pillow chang

It was big (…enough to share with my old lady!) and inside, they had lots of hidden treasures/pleasures…

What is inside

There was a lot of meat and besides that, sweet yam paste (or nee), peanuts, Chinese sausage (lap cheong)…and it tasted very nice. Must go back and get another one soon!!! As for the “new kid in town”, I guess you can just give it a miss, take my word for it!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “New kid in town (1)…”

  1. what’s your facebook account name??

    suituapui lor!!! Why u awaiting moderation? Long time no comment, dat’s why!!!

  2. I see the lo mak kai and I went eeeuu! They should just make chai pow the foochow style one, then we will ask you to tapau.

    Yalor! Memang not nice!!! 4 baskets (I tapau 1 basket char siew pau and 1 basket milk custard pau) RM12.00. 2 baskets of char siew pau and 2 siew mai would be RM14 at Mitsu…and the place is a real Chinese dimsum restaurant, not a stall!!!

  3. Dim sum is very popular in KL and KK but somehow not that well-accepted in Kuching. Am not sure why though. So far, we don’t have any dim sum shop like the ones in KL. It could be that the prices of the dim sum are quite steep and knowing Kuchingites, they can be quite kedekut. Prefer to eat kolo mee instead! At least they feel full. I love dim sum myself but have to console myself with bak pau and char siew pau from Padungan shops.

    Not Fock Hai, I hope! Hahahahahaha!!!! Well, when u come to Sibu, we can go to that nice Chinese dimsum restaurant!!! Business so very good!!! Didn’t expect it to last…but it seems Sibu people these days not as kedekut as before. Yew ai phnee, yew ai chnee, yew ai tua liap nee!!! LOL!!!!

  4. wot a coincidence as i had dimsum today! over here got alot of dimsum shop… to me, mostly taste the same… heh…

    Gosh! Ur taste buds must be ageing liao!!!! There’s one at Jalan Alur beside the lane to Bukit Bintang (Federal Hotel);that one’s not nice…but another one across the road, next to Hotel Nova, is quite ok. You should try the ones in the coffee shops in Kuching…88 or 99 or whatever!!! Gosh!!! Yucks!!!! But the ones at Fook Ling in KK!!! Ooooo….like heaven!!!! LOL!!!!

  5. doh lok?

    Already said not nice, why u wanna know??? Sibu so small, u just print the picture…and drive around to look for it lor! Shouldn’t be too difficult to find!!! LOL!!!!

  6. no lar..using freind’s laptop

    I guess as much. BTW, I’ve edited the post so u don’t have to go to Facebook to look at the pics anymore. Namind! Lots and lots of other food pics there to make u drool, right? LOL!!!!

  7. Ai yo… when i read the first paragraph, i was so happy because i thought you had found another place worthy to go. No doubt if it is deemed Suituapui-worthy, it must be very very good. But as i read on, i was disappointed… Hahah.. Sibu small town ? Mana dapat mengharapkan ‘professional’ buka gerai di sini ?

    There IS another dim sum place but I’ve yet to go and try… So many things to eat, so little time!!! LOL!!!!

  8. If u like to eat dimsum, come n try one at Sri Petaling here. The “kai woh pau” is nice over here. It was a “loh mai khai” inside a “Dai pau” with mushrooms, onions, “char siew” and “moh gu” together with tasty gravy.

    Drool!!! Drool!!! I go KL next time, u bring me there, ok?? LOL!!!!

  9. LoL!!! I just had Dim Sum with my x-colleague this morning 😛 and I always like SAU MAI LoL…

    Did you go to Fook Ping??? Did you? Did you? The har kau the size golf balls…yum!!! yum!!! I’m SO jeles!!!!!

  10. Never have i tasted any good dim sum in Sarawak. All very disappointing.

    2020 in Miri is nice and I hear Grand Palace Hotel ones are nice too. They had good ones at Hilton and Holiday Inn, no??? Come to Sibu!!! I’ll take ur for real nice dim sum!!!

  11. suituapui, faster open your own stall/kopitiam!! that pillow chang looks so yummy.. sob sob.. everytime come here kena torture..

    Slurp!!! Slurp!!!…Hah! U drooling already? Good lah!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Lo mai kai I love to bits! But must be the right one la … chicken only – now that’s not easy to find… and must be really nice! … *drools*

    So far, Fook Ping in KK…they’ve chicken in their Lo Mai Kai, and the one in Miri – 2020 too!!!! But considering the Lo Mai Kai alone, the Miri one is nicer! Other things, Fook Ping’s better!

  13. hey, my mum said there’s someone in sibu making super delicious pau.. but it’s vege pau.nevertheless, still pretty damn good.

    where’s this place ler

    Not that I know of…but we prefer the original Sibu “chai pau” from a stall at the market, none of those cabbage, carrots and so on. I heard that Big Thumb is no longer making their paus – with the rising prices, no longer profitable… Those not bad! But my fave would be the giant paus at your colleague’s mother’s coffee shop. RM2.50! Dunno how much now!

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