I wonder if any of you are in the same shoes but I have this uncanny fear of dentists. It must have started when I was a kid…and my brother had a toothache. So my dad took him to the dentist and for some reason, I had to tag along.  We went into the clinic…and my brother promptly got into the dentist’s chair.  The next instant, when I came to, I was lying on a bench outside in the waiting area. The dentist stood looming over me, growling, “You stay here! Don’t you dare go in there again!!!” That probably triggered off my phobia and to this day, I literally do not dare to go in again!

One year, around the Chinese New Year season, I had a feast of dried cuttle fish and my rotten molar got infected.  The pain was excruciating…and after one long sleepless night (and probably one whole bottle of Panadols), I staggered to the dentist the next day. He would not do anything as it was swollen, so he prescribed one complete dosage of antibiotics and told me to go back after a week! A week! I would be dead by then!!! Well, to cut a long story short, I went to see a Chinese sinseh and he massaged my hands in between the knuckles…and believe it or not, after a while, the pain was gone!!!

I did go back after a week to get that offensive tooth extracted…but since then, I know the secret to getting rid of toothaches. It has worked all this while…and I only go to the clinic when there is only a tiny bit of the decayed tooth left, much to the dismay of the dentist. He never minced his words when he reprimanded me, “Why didn’t you come earlier? There’s hardly anything left! No grip at all!!! If I can’t get it out, I’ll have to cut you up!!” Shudders!!!! Dentists!!!

Now before I end this post, I have a hilarious poem here that I would like to share with everybody.  It was written by S. H. Tan…and this was featured in one of his books, “Malaysian Potpourri” (Ultimate Pages Sdn Bhd, PJ:1995). See if you like it:

I’m sure you can imagine,

It’s as simple as can be.

The place is Jalan Imbi,

The people he and she.

She whispered, “Will it hurt?”

“Of course not,” he assured her.

“It’s a very simple process.

You can rely on me.”

“I’m rather frightened,” she said.

“I’ve not done it before.”

He started to convince her,

That it would not hurt a bit.

And finally she consented.

Then he started to work on it.

It was nearly an hour later,

Neither spoke a word.

It was she who broke the silance,

Her voice was rather blurred.

“Now calm yourself, my dear,” he said.

Her face betrayed her pain.

“Just open slightly wider,

So that I can put it in.”

It was getting more than painful,

The tears were in her eyes.

It was hurting quite a lot.

It must be out….thank God!

Then with a sudden shock,

She gave a great big shudder.

“It’s all over now,” said he,

In a voice that was slightly louder.

Now that you’ve read this carefully,

What do you make of it?

Aha…it’s a dentist you will find,

And not what you’ve been thinking!

That’s just your dirty little mind!!! 

P.S.: I’m still having problems inserting photos into my post, so thank God for small mercies! The food pics will have to wait a while longer…. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

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21 thoughts on “Numb…”

  1. I avoid visiting the dentist. In primary school however, there were trips by the dental staff. They’d drill n scrap, and yes, they gave me the shudders too.

    U people so lucky, got school dental nurse. We just waited for our teeth to rot… kesian, not many left!!! LOL!!!!

  2. That just reminded me that I have to go visit my dentist. Sigh! Paying for pain!

    So passing out was something you did every once in a while eh? Remember that incident….?!

    That was the intense shock from the fall (and big things fall hard!) and this one’s from the intense fear!!! I know two other times – from being asked to wake up suddenly too early, once to go to church (1st mass, 6 a.m.) and another time to study for exam.

    2nd one, very funny! Someone in the toilet, so decided to open the back door and do it from the top of the stairs (last time, old house on stilts). Then I was swimming happily, enjoying myself…and when I came to, I was lying in a pool of water (from previous nite’s rain) plus whatever I had produced!!! Luckily I didn’t fall face down…otherwise, I would have become Si – tuapui!!!! Gee! And nobody noticed I went missing!!! But since then, nobody dared to ask me to wake up early to study anymore!!! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!

  3. Nobody likes going to the dentist, I can assure you. The filling of cavities can be torturous especially when the dentist drills a little too far in hits a nerve and you practically jump off your chair. I have an appointment in June. That appointment was made sometime in January, believe it or not. That dentist has such a thriving business that you’ve got to book way in advance. I had a root treatment done so got to wait for 6 months before I go crowning. Don’t forget the bill which cost me an arm and a leg. That’s the price I have to pay for being a vainpot – refuse to wear dentures!

    Eee…dentures!!!! Won’t be long now for me cos I don’t have many left!!! LOL!!!!

  4. so many lazy to sleepy..haha

    See! I knew it!!! Most people only want to see photos!!!! Not bothered to read!!! Bad! Bad!…Must knock ’em on the heads!!! LOL!!!

  5. The next instant, when I came to, I was lying on a bench outside in the waiting area.

    YATAA!!! I thought you had the power to teleport when I read that…thanks to gerrie for clarifying what really happened…LOL!!!

    So “tuapui”, how to teleport!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. i used to be like u, takut.. but nowadays, i’m a bit braver.. cos gigi sakit is really horrible… so i prefer to let the dentist “put it in” rather than to sakit kekekeke.. and coincidentally, i just did scaling 2 days ago! RM50 for scaling. what’s sibu’s rate ah? 😛

    and your secret of getting rid of toothaches, i was imagining u cabut the gigi yourself by using Old Master Q’s method… ie. tie your gigi with a string to the door knob and when someome opens the door, tercabut liao lor! kakakkaka… cos u sometimes sound so cartoon mar… haha!

    Dunno the rates! Maybe Coral or somebody else knows??? Here and Kuching, definitely cheaper than KL!…Aiyor! How can I be Old Master Q?? I should be his good friend, Ta-Fan-Chu (Big sweet potato)!!! Huh? I like cartoon?….Sulk! Sulk!!! LOL!!!!!

  7. wah.. the chinese sinseh.. impressive.

    tell u one secret eh.. didn’t go to a dentist since standard 3. ho ho ho.. that was the first and the last time the dentist plucked 3 teeth on the left, 3 on the right. err something like that la.. can’t remember liao. but it wasn’t painful la.. hahaha FEARLESS!!

    aiihh STP… can’t stand it already… help.. assign due tmr.. monday exam. wth.. help help help1!!!!

    Aiyor!!! I thought young people more teeth-conscious!!! Got dental clinic and dental nurse in school! Teeth not nice, later nobody wants how??? LOL!!!!……What exam? Tot u finish liao!!! Got grand party, wore that black thing with sexy spaghetti straps…..Hahahahahahaha!!!! Well, good luck!!! Tambah points for coursework and what not, kacang only!!!

  8. i always find the nurses/female doctors in dentistry very sexy.. alluring and mysterious! hahaha! it has to do with them covering their mouth.. you can only see the bridge of their nose and pretty eyes.. (please don’t equate it to some Arab women wearing purdah)

    “he massaged my hands in between the knuckles”

    so, massage in between knuckles will reduce pain in the teeth.. ehem, must learn more from that sinseh to ‘massage’ at correct places for certain pleasures then.. kakkakaakaka!

    i think so far i never need to see dentist to pull out my teeth. tampal, i think once. i was using the strings tied to the loosen tooth.. hahahhaha!

    What lah!!! Where u want me to massage? LOL!!!…And angeles, we’ve found your Old Master Q, used string to pull out teeth!!! But Old Master Q got a few strands of hair on head, right??? Hahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. Haha I like dentists.. I wanted to be one too! 😛 Our overall health starts from the mouth bah hihihihihi …

    Ooo…if u’re the dentist, sure I’ll go cabut gigi all the time!!! Hey!!! Not that many teeth, can go only 32 times!!! So how? LOL!!!!

  10. Been going to the same dentist for almost 20yrs now n she is great! One tip i learn is that rinse yr mouth everytime u drink coffee,etc(not water) or eat,so that the acidity in yr mouth will not build up hence the plaque which cause the decay. and STP, don’t pull out all yr teeth as the alternative for goodness sake, go for rootcanal&crowning for if u have no teeth left in your gum, it starts shrinking very fast n then the part around your mouth will age faster!So how to be STP again???

    Don’t worry! Left side already all gone but that doesn’t stop me from eating (unfortunately!!), so still very sui and very tuapui!!! LOL!!!

  11. eh .. ha ha ha. u pun takut ah?

    U oso? Hey!!! The poem says Jalan Imbi! That’s where u work, rite? So go regularly, ya? Later no teeth, how to sing!!! Air semua escape!!! Like dat, cannot become bintang pujaan ramai lor!!! LOL!!!

  12. ohmaigawd, dentist, that dreaded 4 letter words… i think i need to extract one of my wisdom tooth but now way imma pay a visit to a dentist any time soon.. how nice if they could just use general anaesthesia on me and put me to sleep instaed. I heard the most pain comes from the very beginning, the needle shot on the gum to make it numb… thats like the second most painful thing after death :p

    The injection is the worst part…and then your whole face feels NUMB, like it has swollen to twice its size!!! And usually, they’ll inject a few times here, there and everywhere!!! Shudders!!!…..Good luck!!! LOL!!!!

  13. wtf, i mean 7 letter words,… typo.. so used to saying four letter words. u must be very disappointed ur former student cant even spell or count properly haha..

    Gosh!!! Ur wisdom tooth not extracted and you can’t count already!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. I always wonder…dentist everyday see mouths. Gynae everyday see cb, go home still get turn on by the wife meh? Hahahahaha!!
    I think they’d be saying to the missus, “Aiyah, work also see cb, come home also see cb, sian lah!”

    So every day your ibu ayam see old cock(a) also sian liao lah!!!

  15. Should have started your post with the poem….Someone said, “Good lah, if I take up the offer, he would be scared of me forever!!!!”

  16. The dentist….someone I visited less than a month ago, every visit to the dentist always creates the anxious feeling within me. I remembered when I was a kid, I was so scared of the dentist that I vommited on him.I’m braver these days but whenever I see them bring scary looking equipments, I tend to immediately remember God and pray!.

    Believe it or not, my last visit to the dentist…as I was driving, on my way, I texted Traxx and asked for Linkin’ Park’s Numb!!! After listening to that, numb already!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. What !? You have a brother ? Anyway, nowadays, we have better dental technology. I remember i went to DR Wong, the dental clinic opposite Cineplax. He didn’t use those horrible conventional drilling types, instead, he used something that looked like flame but i think it’s some form of L.A.S.E.R. It’s painless. Because i had quite a few tooth cavities that required filling. it took quite a long time. AND I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP !

    Yes, one!…The Prodigal Son! LOL!!!…Well, too bad I don’t many teeth left to be salvaged!!!

  18. Prodigal Son ? Well you can always use fake teeth and damage them deliberately.. haha

    Funny people are born, not made…..

  19. Ai yo.. so sarcastic… but you can develop the skills gradually, no ?

    Imagine your “favourite” teacher being funny!!!!….Get it??? LOL!!!!

  20. Only went once to the dentist for filling…long2 time ago…
    And believe it or not,my Dad was the dentist for all us siblings…he would tie our loose tooth with benang and YANK! Quick and effective. No need inject2…but scary still…But for every tooth we cabut and put under the pillow,we get $$ when wake up the next day!!! Tooth Fairy…makes the whole cabut the teeth thing something we actually don’t mind much. Haha…

    Gosh!!! Use string too!!!! Eeee…….

  21. go to dentist only to cabut gigikah? Can go for filings and whitening bah… haha dentures oso can wat LOL

    Shudders!!!! Will avoid going unless hampir mati sudah!!! Gigi sakit! LOL!!

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