Do you remember…

Now, do you remember a photo in an earlier post showing some policemen who did not know how to hold their pistols? Actually, that was a “bloop” from some Chinese movie…and if you’re interested, here are two more…

Source unknown

Source unknown

And do you remember also that at one time, we were talking about scrotums? “Ma-nging” is a tasty Foochow delicacy but it is often called “lampha kuih” by some people because of its shape…

OK, Cocka…say whatever you want!!! I’m sure you’re dying to spill everything out!!! LOL!!!! I managed to buy these at a stall at Rejang Park here – 3 for RM1 and they were nice…but the ones from the shop at Market Road are nicer, and I am positive that theirs are bigger!!! Perhaps they have shrunk too, in view of the rising prices of things these days but I won’t know ‘cos I haven’t gone there to buy for ages. The shape is more or less the same but honestly, I don’t recall there being any kind of protrusion at the top part like those in the photo.

Well, in case you’re wondering, I’m just trying to clear some loose ends that I have in my image gallery…and darn! Looks like I’m having trouble inserting them into the post, so I guess that’s about it for this post.

AMERICAN IDOL UPDATE: Looking at tonight’s performances, I think Jason should be the one leaving. It appeared to me that he had given up…and was just fooling around. I thought the only similarity he had with Bob Marley was his hair…and then, the Cow said just that! The Kuala Penyu fella that I know can sing “I shot the sheriff” much better than that, but the Eric Clapton version! And as if it was not bad enough, he just had to forget the lyrics on “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

And what was Cook thinking when he chose Duran Duran’s “Hungry like a wolf” (Stella, that’s from your time!!! You simple adored Simon Le Bon, didn’t you? LOL!!!)? I loved Syesha’s “Proud Mary” but her Sam Cooke song lacked the soul or the blues. My favourite of the night was without doubt, David Archuleta’s”Love me tender”  in which he really really sang from the heart!!! (Thank goodness he did not go on with that suicidal song!!! It was just a line! Whew!!!) Well, we’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to find out who’s leaving this week!

P.S. Great!! Goodbye, Jason Castro!!! One down, three to go…

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15 thoughts on “Do you remember…”

  1. Kena cancer kah? Why got lump? I tried several times to send you the proper LPK but failed.Sigh!!! Such LPK

    Food processor not working properly maybe!

  2. The lampah kuih actually does taste quite nice. In Kuching, we have them as well so no need to buy from Sibu any more. I recall in the good old days, we had to tapau quite a lot of Foochow goodies from Sibu. With the influx of Foochows from Sibu to Kuching, there’s plenty of Foochow dishes at every corner ranging from kampua, mee suah, teng mee ngu, foochow burgers (kompiah). Better don’t talk about food too much. Feel hungry with a sudden longing for foochow dishes.

    Personally, I’d prefer the Kuching kuihs…the Green Road Ah Mu’s or Kai Joo Lane meat pastries or Peterson’s “hay pia”…Yum! Yum!!

  3. Simply adored Simon, not Le Bon mind u, but Simon, the cina puchou!Yes!Jason shld go out tomorrow, still not a fan of either David A. or David C. but hopefully Syesha will still hang in there! Jason is such a disgrace!How can he forget his lyrics, speaking of that Don’t forget your lyrics is showing again tomorrow same time as idol so have to tape it! Can’t wait! Hey STP, u watch that show?u shld be good at it!

    Sounds like an interesting show, too bad we don’t have it here!!! BTW, why did u use the past tense – “adored”…ur Simon!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  4. LPK is really foochow donuts no? Never really liked it…it’s kinda greasy. I think I probably only miss my “no class vege pau” from the market.

    Once I bought some from some place else, not Market Road, and I think it was ur Dad who ate and said, “This is like donut!!!” So, in fact, ma-nging is different from donut!!!…It’s deep fried…but not that greasy sompared to things like those keropok lekor, and all the cucurs!!!

  5. I’m also another fan of the veg pau. Gerrie, the market one is not that nice anymore. They put carrot and it is quite “tigek”. The Sg. Merah bakery next to the coffee shop one is quite decent. Not easy to but. Either they don’t make much or it is very popular.
    Stella, you still adore the Le Bon fellow??? The cina pochou, of course. Now you have Lucas wondering who is Simon cina pochou.
    Want to get good LPK here. The popular coffee shop at Sekama facing Goh Leng Chua’s house.

    I’m a meat person…and stella, that Simon is no longer Simon Le Bone hor??? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! The wife can feed him so well, now can challenge STP liao!!! LOL!!!

  6. No sound from Kuala Penyu huh. Last time I sms him about the Neil Diamond, he called me immediately.

    Not internet literate?? Dunno how to switch on computer? LOL!!!

  7. Got look like LP meh? I see yr pic, it only reminds me of pacifier woh… O.o

    But this kuih hor, in West M’sia dun hv ka? Izit like the kuih we have here that is called “ma keok” (cantonese for horse’s feet)? Where they sell together with the ‘ew char kuey’ and “ham chim peng”??

    Dunno “ma keok”…but they do fry “ew char kuey” as well at that Market Road place. BTW, have u seen them frying “ew char kuey”? So small and thin and once dropped in the oil…oooooo it grows and grows! Brings all kinds of mental picture to mind! LOL!!!! “Ham chim peng” here not nice! Kuching ones nicer…but I dont like! Only my missus likes!!!

  8. Why Sibu-ians call them lanpah kuih? Sibu ppl’s kkc knotted wan meh?

    *Cocka imagining STP biting lightly, sucking and licking teasingly on the lanpah kuih*
    Ewwwwww!! Puke!

    U say summore, next time u come here, that’s what’s going to happen to urs!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Come to think of it, have to knot mah…otherwise, it will come out thru one of the legs of the trousers!!! Shy lah…ppl see afterwards!!! LOL!!!!…Ooi!!! Stop imagining, nanti u multiple…so messy!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

    P.S.: Apa ini, Cocka! Everytime kena spammed!!!! Have to go Akismet to selamatkan u!!!…..Owes talk cock, dat’s why!!! LOL!!!!

  9. Hey STP i think u are creating a mini STP over here too, my son whenever he read my comments in yr blog, he tries to correct my grammar too, but sometimes he is busy doing his homework he do not read the blog with me.not into le bon anymore, but more lepuchow!Lebon with Duran2 was doing a concert in Palais theatre sometime this yr but we give it a miss, n gundot, my son asked ‘have i met gundot b4’,he can only remember meeting STP’s sister when she was here last time n STP i do not think any one can claim that title from u lah!lol!!!

    Oops! Hope he doesn’t correct mine!!!…Gee! I wouldn’t want to go and see Duran2!!! Yucks!!!…And don’t speak too soon!!! Some are already catching up, or even bigger!!! LOL!!

  10. haiya .. what a day for me today … I checked another friend’s blog .. there’s a post about lollipop, I come here … saw that photo of weird kuih… haih.. a day of obscenity kah? haha

    Just ur imagination running away with u!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Eh….that’s no longer a lampa kuih lar. Thats’s the full package…2 bullet maufacturing factories plus the gun to shoot. Er…that didnt sound too obscene i hope…hehehe.
    I quite like lampa kuih actually, better than Apple Donut in The Spring. Guess I am foochow after all…hehe.

    Thank goodness…it’s the kuih that u like!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Hey…have u gone to earlier post – “One…” to see the comments? Somebody wants to go and see Kuching’s STP!!!! Wink! Wink!! LOL!!!

  12. In english the kuih is called lampard’s tart. ha ha ha

    OK! OK! You must be talking about lambada!!! Baked by Alladin and his wonderful lampa??? LOL!!!

  13. that’s one fugly looking lam phar kueh.. eh why so many people talking about lam phar lately? i just went to a blog talking about lollipop, pisang montel, pisang tanduk, pisang embun..and i was posting on lam phar size before reading this post.. suituapui, we have telepathic power!

    i love ham chim peng!! i can hantam few in one row.. sungguh sedap. here in peninsular not nice.. small and oily.. lam phar betul. oopsss!! :p

    Must be the mating season!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Wah! U hantam few in one row, tahan kah!!! I tot small and oily better? Big ones…dry-dry nice kah? LOL!!!!

  14. Hahah….thats hilarous Bongkerz. So u dont like small and oily ham chi pengs? Guess you like the big and dry ones…LOL

    So the ham chi pengs in Kuching must be big and dry ones!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  15. Hahaha.. which miserable movie critic scrutinized each scene of the movie ?

    P.S. The kuih name sounds very crude.

    I’ve seen worse!!! A sex scene!!!! The baju oredi taken off…and in the midst of the kissing, the ooos…and the ahhs…suddenly the baju was back on again….and after a while, gone again!!!! Gee!!! What kind of directors do those Chinese movies have???……Crude? Yakah? LOL!!!

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