Sad movies (always make me cry)…

I mentioned in an earlier post that as I was watching “Miss Saigon” in London, when it came to the heart-wrenching part where she had to say goodbye to her son, the dam burst!!! Gosh! My tears fell like rain…and probably, at the time, I had been away from my little girl back home for quite a while. But anyway, do you cry at movies?

The guys would probably deny ever doing a thing like that…but many, many years ago, when I was much younger, of course, I went to see a movie with a group of friends – a mixed group of both sexes.  During the touching scenes, there was stone cold silence…and you probably can guess why! Then all of a sudden, one of the guys sniffed…and everyone broke down, crying and laughing at the same time. Now which movie was that?


The touching scene was when the boxer-father was fatally injured in the fight to win the prize money so he could retain custody of his son, and the boy was crying piteously beside his lifeless body saying, “Wake up, daddy! It’s time to go home…Get up, daddy!!! Let’s go home daddy!!!Now, you go and get a copy and watch…then you tell me whether you cry or not!!! That was a Franco Zeffirelli’s production with little Ricky Schroder. Big names, excellent tearjerker-movie…but it lost out at the Oscars to “Kramer VS Kramer” which had almost the same story line but I think I prefer “The Champ”. Jon Voight’s the estranged father of Kuih Lipeng lips, Angelina Jolie, right?

Another movie that brought tears to my eyes was the Bollywood hit, “Khabi Khushi Kabhi Gham”…in particular, the father-son conflict.


Anybody saw this movie? I bet many of the ladies did, considering that they had TWO Bollywood hunks in it to make all of them go weak in the knees…or THREE, if you want to include the ageing one!!! LOL!!! I always call him Ami tak Belacan (Translation: Ah Mi steps on belacan). And another movie that I saw, with the father-son conflict, was…


There may be some sad, touching romantic scenes…but I only remember being moved by the scenes depicting the conflict between the son (Jericho Rosales) and his stubborn father. Gee! The father character in Khabi Khushi Kabhi Gham was stubborn too! Are all fathers so stubborn???

I also found the Hallmark movie, “Tuesdays with Morrie” starring Jack Lemmon very emotional. Ah well…say what you want! Despite the gigantic, rough exterior, I do have a soft heart indeed inside – so gentle, so kind, so charitable….and what do you mean “Ewek! Ewek!!!”?? LOL!!!….. Anyway, to get back to what we’re talking about,  there are a number of movies that I find most memorable but I think I’ll leave that to another post.  In the meantime, have you ever seen a movie that brought tears to your eyes? Do post a comment and share that with the rest of us…..

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Sad movies (always make me cry)…”

  1. They made “Tuesdays with Morrie” into a movie ? I used to read that book in Public Bookstore whenever my parents go shopping in Wisma Sanyan. Hmm… “Ice Age 2” is pretty saddening, especially the part where the mammoth saw a wall depicting his sad past. It was so sad, and ironically, i watched it during a Leadership Training Course training us to be strong. Bwahaha… But it was both humorous and sad.

    That’s a book to buy and keep! I’ve got a copy! Gosh! How do bookstores survive with people like u? LOL!!!…..The last cartoon movie I saw was probably “Beauty & the Beast”. I love cartoons but no time!!! Must get down to watching the dvds one of these days!!!

  2. Ai yo… why you so emotional.. Doesn’t look like that from the outer appearance. Haha

    Oh…you don’t know the sorrow and heartbreak behind those smiles!!! LOL!!!

  3. wow..u cried while watching movies??lol

    You don’t? Eyew…you’re heartless, no feelings!!! Or are you just too shy to admit it? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  4. ‘Despite the gigantic, rough exterior, I do have a soft heart indeed inside – gentle, kind, charitable’ Was thinking who you are referring to as gigantic and rough exterior.. lol.. turned out to be yourself. Cute and funny way to describe yourself. Yes, you’re getting another ‘cute’ from me. Remember the first time? LOL!!

    Yes many of the movies i’ve seen brought tears into my eyes. The most memorable one was LOTR : Fellowship of the Ring. Why its memorable because i think i cried throughout the movie. Started with the part in Hobbiton. Was touched by the innocence of Hobbits. Cried when Gandalf fell down the cliff while fighting Balrog and thought he died. Cried during the ending for all the 3 LOTR trilogy. Another one is Happy Feet and The Pianist, and also V for Vandetta.

    Didn’t watch any of the movies you mentioned.

    Didn’t watch LOTR…nor Harry Potter!!! Not into those stuff!!!

  5. haha.. why? no fantasies for you? So you’re not into Superman, Spiderman, Batman too?

    I was thinking along the same line as stella…Spidey’s costume at the cleaner’s! Or maybe he met a new enemy – Moth Woman…and she ate up all his clothes!!! LOL!!!…Oops! Wrong post! Tot u were talking about the naked man on the wall!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! No fantasies for me! I believe in the realities in life!!!

  6. can i ewek ewek ah?? kakaka… i seldom cry at movies.. maybe only a few of those sad sad love stories.. but i think my tears flowed uncontrollably (the most) was during kuch kuch hota hai.. summore watch on TV that time.. isshhh… the rest, only make my eyes watery sekejap, then ok liao..

    They told me about that one! Even borrowed the vcd…but didn’t have time to watch!

  7. Got! Got! I got cried while watching Walt Disney’s Snow White and the 7 dwarves…neh…the part when she makan the apple…

    Walt Disney’s? U sure or not!!! Bet it was the X-rated version! Why u cry leh? Because she won’t let u eat one of her apples? LOL!!!!!

  8. You wait ! Just wait ! Popular Bookstore is going to open soon in Delta mall. Soon it will be my second home.. haha.. Hai ya.. i’m a regular customer in public bookstore, so it’s highly unlikely i will be told off. Bwahaha…

    Hope it won’t be filled with mostly Chinese books and students’ workbooks!!!…May 16th! Hey! That’s Teachers’ Day!!! Hmm…won’t a book be an ideal gift for a teacher? LOL!!!!

  9. Let’s see, recent tear-jerkers would be:

    1) Pursuit of Happyness
    2) Beyond Borders
    3) The Notebook

    Haven’t seen 1 and 2! In fact, I haven’t seen any for a long time!!! Still haven’t got down to it!!! But No. 3!!! They cried buckets when they read the book, I got bored after the first few pages. Saw the movie, didn’t like it either!!! Ah well!!! To each his own!!!

  10. i dun cry watching movies..haha..bit heartless

    Incapable of feeling emotions = incapable of romance and love!!! Agree?

  11. For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter…(vry encouraging verses, if u like to read more,go Bible/eccles.3:1-8)Give me comedy anytime when i was young but now I just loved sob story.(still love comedy)but the genius work of the narrator of good movies made u so immersed in the storyline that sometimes it made u reassess yr priorities in life. Good tear-jerking movies have seen lately are bucket list, ps i love u n steel magnolias(my all time favourite) So STP, I can imagine u bawling your eyes out like a baby when u watched teary movies! Shows that u got guts n the ‘inner beauty’ u mentioned in prev. blog. and on a humourous note, is that why your hometown is flooding so frequently nowadays? lol!!….

    Partly…and partly due to incontinence too!!! Old age lah!!! So when u come back, don’t go wading in the water!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! And isn’t my hometown YOUR hometown too??? Or were u born elsewhere?

  12. I have always had a weak spot and I find myself with tears in my eyes at the strangest of films or television programmes. Don’t think it is soft or daft, just natural, and somewhat cleansing. Just shows you have emotions, hiding and suppressing them is worse.

    Hear! Hear!! Let’s hear it for the man from the UK!!! And I guess people our age couldn’t be bothered anymore…about keeping that so-called macho, manly image!!! We just do what we want and show what we feel!!! Gee! We’re the New Age Men!!!! LOL!!!!

  13. Windstruck, the Korean movie is one of the best tearjerkers I’ve ever watched. Ok, maybe cos’ the lead actress is so damn cute when she cries.

    Le Grand Chef, another K-Movie. (When the grandfather died)

    A Walk To Remember, wah, damn sad wei… (When he did all the things for hr before she died.)

    Last but not least, Kal Ho Naa Ho with Shah Rukh Khan. (When he died)

    Ok, so dying is common throughout all the movies to make people cry.

    Like the stories in my books! The students always asked why, in every story, somebody must die in the end! LOL!!! More touching mah!!! Hey! I missed “Walk to Remember”…;isn’t that the Mandy Moore movie or something? As for Korean, ummm….don’t really fancy those, just like the food! LOL!!!

  14. Agree with Stella re “Bucket List”. Another one that was sort of cry-worthy is “Then she found me”, starring Helen Hunt.

    I think “Bucket List” would be nice….Downloaded already? Can borrow or not? LOL!!!!

  15. Of course I have “Bucket List”..don’t know what you mean by “download” though.

    Whatever…! So when I go to Kuching, you pass to me hor??? LOL!!!!

  16. A book ? What about “Tuesday with Morrie” ? Since the book is so inspiring, two is better than one, don’t you think ? Hahah..

    Read this quote somewhere :” Never apologize for crying. For when you are, you are apologizing for the truth.”

    No problem! Can always give it away to somebody on his/her birthday!! Sophia’s birthday on the 17th!!! Hahahahahahaha!!! Recycle mah!!!…And I’m not apologising!!!

    P.S. Tomorrow school day, ooi!!!!! Go and study…..

  17. Yes, will pass to you. Have to go look for it now. hee hee

    Ok…can’t find, never mind!!! Eating’s more important…so what will we have? Sophia??? No sound from the birthday girl? LOL!!!

  18. I got as well. Always like Jack’s movie. Believe it or not, I cried when I watch “The Tigger Movie”. All my kids cried too.

    I remember that one! Saw it with my girl at Mid Valley!!! Loved the Kenny Loggins’ song, “Your heart will lead you home” or something!!!

  19. Hey Gundot, isn’t that movie associated with Winnie and the Pooh ? Is it nice ?

    It is nice. Tigger was miserable cos he didn’t have a father, or was it a home and went looking for one!!!! Very meaningful!!!

  20. Seriously, Windstruck is a really, really good movie with great soundtrack. Serious.

    Yup, it’s the one with Mandy Moore but some claim the book is better. I haven’t read the book though.

    Will try to get hold of it then… I never saw that Mandy Moore movie cos I always tot she’s in that group with the likes of Britney, Jessica… Yucks!!! But I like the song from the movie by the New Radicals.

  21. Mitch Albom’s “For One more day” has been made into a movie. Harpo productions. In the process of getting my hands on it. Will let you know.
    Re Bucket List, you should get from gundot if you don’t want to watch on PC. I’ve not changed the format…hehe.

    Oprah’s? Must be good then!…Will get from gundot, but knowing me, I’d probably take a while to sit down and watch…if ever!!! LOL!!!

  22. Hmmm.interesting. But have any of you guys watched one litre of tears? My friend told me that that korean drama will definitely make the audiences cry. keke. Dam, it is freezing cold here. Oh yeah, i did put on weight !! Woo hoo, porterhouse steak and lamb cutlets ftw !!! xDDD They are freaking cheap here BUT chicken breast fillets are like 10.90AUD per kg !!! WHAT THE HELL??? My parents don’t print money alrite? That is really daylight robbery man..

    Many ladies, I know, cry watching Korean dramas…but you won’t catch me sitting there watching episode after episode! Goodness! I can’t even find time to sit thru one whole movie!!!…Chicken breast is healthy, mah!!! White meat!!! Ur parents don’t print money??? Hmmm…browsing through ur blogs and seeing how u all spend money, boy! Am I glad u’re all not my kids!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  23. Armageddon – the part where Bruce Willis sacrificed himself for mankind and for Ben Affleck to safely return to be with Liv Tyler. Kahakhaha…must have been Liv Tyler.

    Don’t fancy sci-fi movies…but I love the songs from this one! “Leaving on a jet plane” and of course…Aerosmith’s “I don’t wanna miss a thing”!!!

  24. Any movies that can make you cry .. I’ll shed some tears! LOL .. I’m a hopelessly emotional & romantic person.. hahaha sikit ja pun scenes yang sedih sikit, cry already… hahaha

    Then u’re just like my missus….anything at all, she’ll cry!!! Even Akademi Fantasia!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  25. I cried watching movies. Can’t remember, quite a lot. Muahahhahaha! Armageddon, The Last of the Mohicans.. I think I mentioned this in Man-D’s blog on her post ‘Do Man Cry’. let me get the link

    hehe! see what I wrote.. couldn’t remember :


    I do. Biasa jer, what’s so weird about it? I watch touching scenes, I will cry. Just man cry and girls different la, man just few drops of tears, or just wet the eyes.. Yea, most of the time when I watch movie, got some touching scenes, like I watch The Last of The Mohicans, my eyes get wet.. Nice feeling, to cry really hahaha! Relaxing :p
    bongkerszJanuary 30th, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    and, having balls or not have nothing to do with crying :p just like having boobs have nothing to do with…. whatever, couldn’t think of any :p

    Wahahahahaa! Suituapui, let’s go watch sobbing movies.. Sob sob sob…

    Ah!!! Another New Age Man!!!! Ok…let’s go! We can cry on each other’s shoulder!!! What movie ah? “Ibu-mertuaku” Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  26. Each other shoulder? ROTFLMAO! I want to cry on each other tummy.. more comfortable kakakakakakaka! Oi!!! Geli lah! So touchy touchy… You go do with Cibol lah.. 😛

    U where got tummy lah!!!! Eee…shoulder not that bad lah!!! Tummy almost there liao!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Cibol? He lost in space? Missing in action? Whatever has happened to him in KL??? Working at Jalan Imbi/Bukit Bintang some more…!!!! Got part-time job now kah??? LOL!!!!

  27. kal ho naa ho comes to mind rite now, hehe… there’s a scene where the mother-in-law founds out about the sacrifices the daughther-in-law has been doing all this while, man, that’s a real tear-jerker man… tears will automatically well up my eyes during all touching scenes, happy or sad 😛 but i dun cry out la, just sniff sniff and try my best to push the tears back, hehe… abit paiseh, altho i owes stress tat i dun care wat ppl tink 😛 anyhow, i highly rekomen kal ho naa ho!!! ^^

    Next time, just let it all out!!! Feels good…better than keeping all that emotions bottled up in u!!!

  28. I once watch a movie starring susan sarandon and one girl (I’m not sure if its Cameron Diaz, Julia roberts or somebody else) susan sarandon is dying of cancer and she needs to grasp the reality of her children will be living with her ex husband girlfriend (future wife)… i had teary eyed watching that movie LOL

    Anothe New Age Man!!! Gee…the number is increasing!!!! I also cried when I saw “Beaches” starring Bette Midler…with the song, “Wind beneath my wings”! Saw that on video tape at the university resource centre in Plymouth…and I didn’t care there were people all around!!! It was SO sad!!!!

  29. What’s pink and have 7 little dents?
    Dunno ah?…



    Answer: Snow White’s hymen!

    Hahahahahaha!!!!!….Now this Cocka syiok sendiri liao!!! LOL!!!!

  30. oooh ive always liked touching movies… id sniff get teary eyed easily when i watch touching movies or scenes that are touching .. :p, never really cried tho.. but these are the movies : saving private ryan, october sky, edward scissorhands, forest gump, pay it forward, armageddon, the patriot, taegukgi, a beautiful mind, i am legend, behind enemy lines, black hawk down, the thin red line.. these r the ones that i can remember of.. and i dont find tuesday’s with morrie that touching but rather inspiring, the way morrie sees life..

    What moves a person may change as one progresses from on estage to another in life. Morrie’s an old man and I am usually touched by parent-child movies these days…rather than those sob-sob romance stories.

  31. Movies that made me cry? List down those that I remember…

    Kabhi Kushi Khabi Gham.
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
    Kal Ho Naa Ho.
    A Walk To Remember.
    Pay it forward.
    Happy Feet.

    The latter two memang the tears caught me off guard…I expected the movie to be light and funny, tiba2 become so sad…haiz…

    Oh,and P.Ramlee movies too…hehe

    Ibu Mertuaku??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  32. i cant really watch malay drama that is soooo sad it is depressing watching it.. if its involve fauziah nawi.. be prepare to cry your hearts out.. after wathing her perform (esp playing suffering mom) you will want to call your mom right there and then.. SHE IS GOOOOODDD!!

    Fauziah Nawi??? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Tot the drama queen is Azean Irdawaty??? LOL!!!!

  33. I have to say ‘Atonement’ does wrench my heart but thankfully tear drops were kept at bay. I find the denouement so void of consolation as the reality was bleak. But the author redeemed the couple whom she had a big part in separating by writing a novel with a good ending. But at what cost?

    Gosh! A true movie critic eh? LOL!!!! Haven’t seen the movie so can’t comment!

  34. Just wondering if anyone cried watching Titanic? I can’t remember if I did…Yeah,remembered that joke I heard by kura-kura I think?

    I must be one of the very few people around who didn’t watch that movie! What joke? One of those on Traxx? Gosh! That fella should just stick to his daytime job!!! Didn’t find his jokes funny at all!!! Other listeners smsed me and they too felt the same!

  35. didn’t watch titanic too.. pearl harbour yes.. its really sad. atonement was just alright.. watch it just because it won awards. its kinda boring.. not sure about the book. Windstruck is alright.. the same gal who acted in my sassy girl.. my sassy girl is another movie that can make people cry. yes pursuit of happiness.. sad movie.

    p/s = feeling cranky..

    That time of the month…??? LOL!!!

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