No air…

Well, this is the title of a song that’s currently very popular featuring Chris Brown and yucks…the previous American Idol, Jordin Sparks! And everytime I hear the song on air, I think of “No hair”. Nope!!! Not thinking about you, Bongkersz!!! You get back to what you’re currently busy with…Wink! Wink! Now, actually, the reason is that if you know Cockney (English), they always drop the “h” when they speak…and that brings to mind this story…

There was this guy who boarded a double-decker (bus) in London…and he proceeded to go up the stairs to the upper deck.  A girl was ahead of him and at that very moment, a wind blew her skirt up!  She looked at the guy; he just smiled at her and said, “Airy, isn’t it?” Instantly, the poor fella received a slap on the face!!!

Then there was this other case where another guy boarded a double-decker as well and was going up the stairs.  A girl was ahead of him and boy, was her skirt short? She turned back…and saw the guy looking up her skirt, so she snapped at him, “What are you looking at?”  The guy calmly replied, “Nothing! I was just looking at the moon.” The girl retorted, “Well, if that’s the case, you should have looked last night! There were TWO men on it!!”

Anyway, back to the hairy issue, once a man walked into a hotel and spoke to the receptionist, “Hello! I’m Harry!” The girl looked at him and replied, “I can see that…but what’s your name?”

Alright! Alright! Enough of those not-so-funny hairy jokes! Now ladies, don’t bother to squint your eyes ‘cos you’re not going to see anything! I know many of the guys did just that with the “magic mirror” photo in my “Beautiful…” post! Hah! Caught you there, didn’t I, Housefly?  ROTFLMAO!!!  Well, the man in THIS photo is definitely NOT hairy, or at least, not that I can see…..

Source unknown

Now what do YOU think that guy is doing? Any idea of a caption for the photo, the title of a song perhaps? Any suggestion?…..Have fun! LOL!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “No air…”

  1. wah sempat tembak me! me off pc lah since thursday. see i comment here, i haven’t reply the comments on my blog yet haha! eh i love chris brown. jordin spark i tak suka 😀

    Ooo…taking a break, I see!!! ROTFLMAO!!! We two same-same then, don’t like that female giant!!! LOL!!!…When will I see you again? Hahahahahaha!

  2. Poor man looks like he’s trying to escape…will not speculate what he was doing prior to him climbing out the window.

    Song? Song?….Gwen Stefani’s Great Escape? LOL!!!!

  3. Maybe he was doing his business with another fella and another fella come into his room.. Just my wild speculation only..LOl little fella…

    U mean business with a chick??? LOL!!!!

  4. Pervert on the wall!call the cops! jangan! jangan! it is me spider man! my suit with the dry cleaner! m just hanging around! hey! did not realise there is a malaysian spider man too !

    I was thinking along that same line too!!! Wise men think alike hor??……Not spidey lah!!! I think he was called Cicak Man!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! The name already bowls me over!!!!

  5. “Naked” by Avril Lavigne ? Hai ya you… make me sound so pervert.. now i have to stay at home for a month of else every girl in the town will bash me up.. thank you, SIR…

    Well, well…trust u to come up with a song title like that!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! I can’t remember how that song goes or whether I’ve heard it before. Aw…come on, it’s only natural!!! But considering it was such a small pic and not clear, that was somewhat pathetic!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Title of the ‘song’… Secret Lover? 😉

    Good choice!!!! I was thinking of “You keep me hanging on”…and of course, it’s up to you to imagine who or what “you” refers to!!! LOL!!!!

  7. …can’t get the 2nd double-decker joke…maybe my brain fall asleep dy…heh

    Too bad. Jokes not meant to be explained! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Now how do they put it – “caught not taught”!!!

  8. hahahahahhaha.. he locked his clothes inside the bathroom and now he is trying to get it? no idea teacher..

    Not bad! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Probably ran out to answer the phone and the bathroom door slammed shut!!!!

  9. Man on the wall…”Damn! Why Suituapui have to come home unexpectedly??….Die lah, what will my congregation say??”

    Muahahaha!!…No hard feelings , STP. Just kidding!

    And STP and wife entered the room, saw the missus’ clothes scattered all over. Then STP saw the man outside on the wall and asked, “What u’re doing out there, Cocka??? Why? Were u trying out all my wife’s clothes???” Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  10. Hm.. i read it somewhere he was having an affair with someone’s wife. And then the guy came home suddenly and that guy is not someone you like messing with. So he rather had his reputation destroyed than to find himself six feet under.

    Hey! What are u doing reading this kind of stories??? Humph!!! LOL!!!

  11. Somehow “All For The Love Of A Girl’ came to mind. Oh Cocka, STP no hard feelings lah. He will always have the last word. Can never beat him one!!!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! You liked that reply, gundot?

  12. The only person I know who can possibly hang on the wall in that manner is the French spider dude Alain Robert. If you look at the picture properly, doesnt look as though his hands and feet have a firm grip on the wall…. so i really wonder what is holding him in place… any ideas? heheheh (he must have at least 1 very strong limb)

    That’s why I suggested the title of the song: YOU keep my hanging on!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Wah! U’ve been squinting ur eyes to see what’s in the pic hor!!! LOL!!!!!

  13. I think Staying Alive more appropriate 😀 hahahaha!

    …or “I’m alive” (Celine Dion’s song?)…and guess what’s come alive!!! LOL!!!

  14. Gundot…STP got no hard feelings where? Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Viagra & Cialis also no hope liao ah? Wakakakakakakakaka!!!

    Hey! Who’s the one who said “no hard feelings” first???…But honestly, Viagra I know…but what’s the other one? Sounds like the name of someone we know…a lawyer from Kuala Penyu!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Nangkaboy…I think he’s using his pecker as a wedge lah…you know, like those climbers’ tools. LOL

    Ooo…you’ve had experience with those climbers’ tools, I see? LOL!!!!!

  16. It all began when God created Adam and he was told of all the buildings he saw standing, only one should he avoid climbing. But Adam being his disobedient self, the result is this. And since then, humankind has been asked to dress themselves up before climbing.

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Is this from the Book of Phonetician….or the Gospel according to ****??? LOL!!!!

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