Well, the weekend’s here again! Wanna go out for breakfast tomorrow? Now what would you like to have? Foochow fried mee – wet, or in other words, with gravy?

This is from the stall at the back of Kin Coffee Hut at Pusat Tanahwang, opposite Sacred Heart School.  I did not want pork so the lady used squids and shrimps instead…RM2.80. It used to be RM2.50 only. Her longevity noodles aka mee sua served in red wine & ginger chicken soup is also nice…for RM4.00, I think.

That’s right! You get one hard-boiled egg, just like when you’re celebrating your birthday – following the Foochow tradition. Or perhaps you may want to try the beef noodles at the coffee shop across the road from the dimsum place…

I prefer this type with the clear beef soup.  What you see is the special – RM4.00 or was it RM4.50? You get a big bowl of noodles with lots of beef and gu-kin (beef tendon) and gu-tor (stomach). Or perhaps, you would prefer a typical Malaysian breakfast? At Thomson Corner, also at Pusat Tanahwang across the road from Sacred Heart School, you can try the nasi lemak special for RM4.50…

You’ll only get the extra fried chicken and egg…but what I like about the nasi lemak here is the rice itself. You can actually smell and taste the fragrance of the rich santan (coconut milk)…compared to other places. Otherwise, you can go to Happy Garden at Sungai Antu, next to Courts Mammoth, and you can get this nasi lemak special for RM3.50 only.

Other than the usual sambal, groundnuts and cucumber slices, you’ll get one fried egg, a piece of salted fish and a serving of delicious Sarawak masak hitam (beef). But if you’re one of those who can’t take rice in the morning, the mee goreng special there also has that extra masak hitam and fried egg, also at RM3.50…

Another alternative is the nice kuih chap at one of the coffee shops in Sungai Merah but personally, I think the ones in Kuching are better…

Or would you rather stick faithfully to the usual…kampua or dianpiangu??? Bon appetit…and have a nice weekend!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “More…”

  1. When did you eat all that????? Or did you stand beside their stall to take photographs? I prefer the ____-gu bak mee at Ah Hock Kia.

    Imagine me going from table to table saying,”Don’t eat! Don’t eat! Let me take the photo first!!!” Hahahahahaha!!!! Ah Hock Kia’s not so nice anymore! No more nice smell from the kitchen when they’re cooking…and no more claypot bowl filled to the brim! Hardly half now…and no gu tor and gu kin!!! I don’t think I’ll ever go back there again!!!

  2. Oi ! You really chiak ba bo shu zho. Go and take snap shots of all these food.. sheesh… I think the kuih chap at Yummy Yummy Cafe opposite Ngiukee ( Is it still Ngiukee, i don’t know.. haven’t been in town lately… ).

    I’ve tried that! More or less!!!! There’s a nicer one along Lanang Road, near ur mum’s office…but they use kwei tiau…instead of those white pieces. Still can’t beat the ones in Kuching…especially last time, the one at Padungan Market. Used to be Sophia’s father’s favourite…until there was a rumour going round that they found a rat in the stew among the innards!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! What’s the name of that cartoon movie now?

    P.S.: You’re the 1000th commentor!!!!!

  3. Oops.. haven’t finish what i wanna say. I think the kuih chap at Yummy Yummy Cafe opposite Ngiukee is the best.

    …And those innards aren’t exactly good for health so not too often, ya! BTW, if u see one of the comments below, that Hiromi was the judge at the Nilam thingy that day in KL!!!! LOL!!! See! I know everybody!!! Umm…correction: everybody knows me!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. The mee sua looks the yummiest…maybe i need that to think about no 7….

    Gosh!!! Must give u full marks for perseverance!!!!!

  5. greetings
    thosai don’t have ah? btw, i still remember your mee sua in plymouth. excellent. well i suppose i have to wait till december, huh? nice blog page, man. cheerio.

    Welcome, ol’ chum! Thought I had a visitor from Japan!!! Yes, we have thosai…but wait till my daughter comes back in a couple of weeks’ time for her hols. She’ll be drooling all over her laptop if I post that now!!! Her fave!…Thanks, and do drop by again, ya!!! Regards to Lin and the kids!!

  6. Can I recommend the nasi lemak special (kinda) at the coffee shop behind SMK Methodist. I can’t remember the name, it’s run by the same people since back when I was in high school. There is a Malay stall at the back (it’s the first coffee shop at the MAS Office row) and you can choose curry chicken (good) or ayam masak hitam (better) to go with the nasi lemak special. There is sambal, fried egg, anchovies, and the “special” part is the curry or ayam masak hitam that they serve on a separate bowl. It’s really good.

    Hello, HB! Nice of you to drop by! Gee! I’ve got a celebrity in da house!!!…..I know that coffee shop! The towkay’s name is Ah Kiet! Used to go to that Malay stall for the mee jawa! Must go and try the nasi lemak one of these days!…..Ummm…u got your pay check yet? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. Pssst! Can post some game meat anot? Snake, monitor lizard, wild boar, dog meat with chinese herbs, sunbear, pangolin, tapir…

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! What happened to you? Why were you SPAMmed??? Had to go and redeem u from Akismet!!!! That’s why lah! Old Cock(s) always talk cock!!!!…..I have some photos via email but sources not acknowledged, so I don’t think I’ll post them!!! Oooo…wild boar!!!! Love it!!!!!

  8. Eh, I happened to know the auntie who operates the stall that sells the gubak mee in your pic. It is the coffeeshop with Sushi Tie right behind it???

    That’s right! The son was my student! Was he from around your same time in Form 6?…Very nice boy!…Ooi! May already! You said you’ll be back this month, ya??? And we’re going out mam-mam!!!!

  9. i feel like having dim sum tomolo!! 😛

    happy weekend!

    Where’s the best dim sum in KL? Long ago, it was at Merlin, now Concorde KL. I had some at one of those Tai Thong outlets at Melia, but it wasn’t great!!! Had some horrible ones at Jalan Alur…but the one next to Hotel Nova’s not bad, not as nice as the one in Sibu or 2020 in Miri, but not bad! Enjoy urself!

  10. ……………………………………
    Nothing to say but just periods ……………………………………
    …………………life is cruel…why are you treating my stomach like this? =(

    U sure or not? U’re so skinny I would think you hardly ever eat!!! LOL!!!…Have you put on weight yet…down under???…Oops! I mean in Oz!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  11. i was wondering.. because my lecturer will come to sibu next month, what halal food that i can bring them to? i know sibu is food haven but i am not sure which one is ok, which one is not

    If Chinese, Ruby lor! I brought some KL lecturers there!!! Had Butter Scotch prawns and Mayonnaise Lamb (Not available anywhere else! Original recipes!) Cangkuk Manis and Midin…and you can let ur lecturer try the friend mee sua (Sarawak delicacies) and the sea cucumber soup is one of the best around!!!

    Oops…didn’t see the halal bit! Go Garden Hotel then! Must try the umai there! Kasturi is nice too – umai, terubok etc etc etc….If Saturday nite, can go Li Hua for the buffet….RM10+ (RM11 lah) only, usually got masak hitam! Best!!! Lunch, can go to that place opposite Paramount Hotel – Razif or something, the big biker place! The wife’s Chinese! Nice food!

  12. I used to go to Yummy Yummy Cafe every Sunday morning but kinda got sick of it so haven’t been there for God knows how long. Ratatouille ? Eww.. Rat in the innards stew ? Gross.. But still, rat intestines are suppose to be a very good protein source.. makes good lunch. Haha. Anyone up for grabs ?

    You should see the pics I received!!! Later I email to you…LOL!!!

  13. Kuih chap some where new Golden Hill, near the toto shop or was it bak kut teh there???? Tom goes there. Maklum lah near Toto.

    That’s Ah Ling bak kut teh! Not nice anymore lah!!! Doesn’t look like the same people running the stall now.

  14. Goodness…after read through all the comments,I think you should come up with a book for people to find what food where…STP’s tummy guide? LOL!!!

    Maybe I should!!! After all, my pension’s hardly enough to feed me!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  15. Must remind myself next time… never check STP’s blog early in the morning after a few days of away from the cyberworld … !! I missed breakfast again…. and now this! Aiyooo…..

    ps: So rajin you update.. I was away for 3 days and you already have 5 new posts.. matilah want to catch up and read them if been away more than a week haha ..

    The 11th Commandment!!! Thou shalt visit STP’s blog at least once a day!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

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