I’m not a girl, not yet a woman…

I’ve always been tickled by the title of this song because if we look at it carefully, if you’re not a girl, then you must be a boy…and if you’re not yet a woman, then you are going to be one. So, is the song about a boy who is going to be a woman? Well, it seems that at a certain place, they have special toilets for him…

Actually, what I’m trying to say is when we use a language, we need to proficient enough and be careful when using it  so that what we say will not be subject to misinterpretation or lead to some misunderstanding…

I must say, however, that the manufacturer of this toilet roll has certainly chosen the most appropriate brand name…

But I can’t really make out what they mean by this…

…and are the supermarket owners advising shoppers not to buy their f**king goods?

No doubt, considering the environmental problems that we are facing these days, we should treasure whatever resources that we may have…

I guess that does make a bit of sense, doesn’t it? And by the way, does anybody know Mak Ulah who lives along this road?

By now, you would have realised that the sole purpose of this post is just to bring smiles to some, if not all, of your faces, with no malicious intention whatsoever.  I got the photographs via email and  obviously, most of them have been downloaded from the website stated in the pics but I’m afraid I am unable to acknowledge the source of the one of the supermarket sign with the four-letter word. Gosh! I can’t even remember who sent it to me! Probably it was from a friend in Penang. Sigh! Age is catching up on me obviously, but I can definitely remember that the last one came from gundot. I wonder who took the photograph… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman…”

  1. speaking of china, let me share something which i thought is quite funny! not vry related to this post but it is abt saving toilet papers, so can do lah! on our airporttransit from shanghai to guangzhou, i went to toilet, there was two hokkien ladies, one intoilet, the other holding the door, one outside said’kamei, want to go too, lu pangsai?panjeo? nah panjeo mien yong chua lah! (quick, want to go toilet too, u poo or pee?if pee no need toilet paper lah!) so see how environmentally conscious they are, so remember when u pee, esp. u STP, don’t waste paper ok! ps, she also say ‘mien tua, na panjeo,(don’t flush) save water too, this china people pretty smart one!lol!

    Gee! I never mentioned any country?…And last time, they said in the suburbs, the toilets had no door…so the guide would tell u to bring along an umbrella…to cover ur face, didn’t matter lower part exposed cos nobody would know whose that was!!!…Wah!!! U busy2 eavesdropping? U should have told them, “Pang liao mian say chiew!!!” (After doing bizniz, no need wash hands!) Can save more water!!! LOL!!!

  2. Hahaha !! I can imagine the shock foreigners will have when they visit China during the Olympic Games…

    When they announce the start of the “lelay” (relay), I hope the athletes will not think there has been a delay!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. Ewww China…once is really more than enough!
    Are those dried mushrooms in the f**k goods aisle..maybe they are of the hallucinating variety. LOL.

    I’ve never been there…and I don’t intend to…ever!!!

  4. PS n for your information i m not one of the ladies in that toilet,ok! I know how witty u r in your response,so i thot better informed u 1st before u got me!

    I know!!! If it had been u, u wud have said, “Pang sai eyong chiew chit too hor!!!” (Shit, just use hand to wipe!) ROTFLMAO!!!

  5. That last one you wonder who took the pic…I wonder where that road is!!! *shivers if it is in Malaysia*

    U can’t read the small print? It’s in Kuala Lumpur, it seems!

  6. Been to China but I dun see many of this sign anymore. I guess they are very careful with all this and the chinese do not want to make a fool of themselves, rite? They must know how to ‘jaga muka’ ba! But the last pic, I wonder where in Kuala Lumpur. Any Jalan ‘Pe Lay STP’ in KL?

    Well, they’ve certainly been getting a lot of bad press and not-so-good publicity over the Tibet issue…But I do hope everything will turn out well! Personally, I feel they shouldn’t mix sports with politics!!!!

    In KL? Definitely not STP…but isn’t that the brand of some lubricant (for car engines, not other uses, pliz!!! LOL!!!)? It used to stand for Straits Times Press…but now it’s NST! As for the other half of the name, I would think there are a few roads around with that name…maybe not with the exact spelling!!!

  7. I hope you will not visit China or else your HBP will go skyrocketing as you’ll blast them into oblivion for their ‘chinglish’.

    I’m ok with those things…as long as they’re not sitting for any exam! In fact, we get to see things like that here quite often!!! And it’s getting worse!

  8. Dont remember who sent to me either.

    Must be my favourite most handsome nephew, Tintin (LOL!!!) or Bdq!!! Runs in the family!!!!

  9. You heard about the angmo who went to China.He saw DVD player ‘sell bely cheap’.He was sceptical about buying knowing their reputation until he what was written on the box “Guarantee No Spoil”. Took it back to his hotel and tried it out. Of course it did not work. He took it back to the shop and the man told him,”Look here man, in China we read backwards, “Spoil No Guarantee”. Now, why are there still so many people who loves shopping there???

    Like that very good friend of urs? Does he still go these days?…I’ve heard all kinds of stories about things going on there;I don’t think I’d like to go!…A friend has a factory there and he goes regularly. Says that at the nightclubs, they’ve new girls every month…plenty more where they came from!!!

  10. Lol lol lol.. this post certainly brought a huge smile across my dull face..

    Thanks again STP!

    Btw.. saw a book with weird signboards like those you posted from all over the world in borders few months ago.. its quite expensive.. 50++.. but very interesting! haha..

    Always glad to be able to make people happy!!!…A book? Hmm…when’s my birthday hah???…No lah, just kidding! I think such things should be taken in small doses.

  11. Ladies sign, yet written “Gentlemen”! Geeeezz.. I’ll definitely hesitate to enter!

    Probably a unisex toilet like that in Ally McBeal!!! I used to love that show!

  12. STP, I used Sorbent/Kleenex ok! ‘Matai Terlau’! Hope u not using hands! What happened! 1st u licked bowl cleaned aka.laksa blog n now…!!., i tot u were cultured, refined n klassy!So how to eat your laksa????

    Hmmm…that’s for me to know and for u to find out!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Yum! Yum!!!!

  13. Tintin is a replica of the kuku. He did ‘datuk’ last night. You can die laughing.

    Gosh!!! I tot one of that fella from Kuala Penyu is already one too many!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. STp you like calista flockhart or the show? If its the former, then you definitely must watch “Brothers & Sisters” a tv series.

    The show…but I’ve seen bits and pieces of “Brothers & Sisters” and I’m sure I would love it!!! Maybe I’ll get the DVD box set one day…or have u downloaded the whole series? Hint! Hint! LOL!!!!!!

  15. Hahahaha! @ “If you’re stolen, call the police at once”

    STP, if you’re stolen, I still can spot you from a mile away! Muahahahahaha!!

    Impossible!!! How can they angkat STP so fat and heavy??? LOL!!!!

  16. Gerrie , i brothers n sisters my fav. too missed last sunday nite one becos i was out, it is new season now, the prev one was rob n calista got married., interesting that dannyglover into sally field , coming episode.

    Wah…lady of leisure!!!! I just wait for gerrie to download whole season then I can “borrow”!!! LOL!!!!!

  17. I love brothers n sista eh sisters…. new season started already ke?

    Don’t ask me…I’m out of touch with these things!!! Only watch American Idol!!! LOL!!!

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