Ruby Tuesday…

Well, it’s Tuesday today…but actually, I went to the Ruby Restaurant here in Sibu (again) last Saturday.  It was my brother-in-law’s birthday, you see! So, following the age-old Chinese/Foochow tradition, the dinner had to start with mee sua (string noodles for longevity)…..

We had the fried version, with hard-boiled eggs on the side, gently deep-fried to give it that golden colour (for good luck). Normally, the noodles are boiled and served in chicken-red wine soup but lately, there is this alternative and Ruby does it best! After that, we had this…..

In the past, they used to cook this with sharks’ fins but owing to the depletion in the fish population, many are protesting against its consumption…so we had that replaced with sea cucumber instead. It’s much cheaper, anyway…and tastes the same! We also had the specialty of the house – pandan chicken but you can see that in other blogs so I did not bother to take a photograph of that…and neither did I bother with the plate of cangkuk manis and the fish maw soup that we had.

Now, let’s see what else was there! Ah yes! The salty crispy prawns…

Well, notice that a few of them had gone missing! You see, my outlaws in-laws did not know about this blogging thingy, so they must be thinking that old age had finally gone to my head and I had gone bonkers (Not you, bongkersz!!!), taking photographs of everything. As a matter of fact, everytime a dish hit the table, I had to snap quickly – the hell with all those focus, angle and what have you, because within a split second, they would all dive in and attack…!!! LOL!!! Anyway, we also had Thai-style jellyfish…

…and sweet and sour fish fillet…

All in all, there were 8 dishes for 7 people…and including the rice (Yes! In addition to all that, they had rice! I didn’t! Hahahahahahaha!!!) and drinks, believe it or not, the bill came up to around RM150 only.

Anyone’s birthday coming up soon…..???

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday…”

  1. *stomach grumbles* I think you should really consider changing your blog title to >> STP (Dam, intially I thought i typed STD) Eating Adventures =)

    Hahahahaha!!!! Truth is I don’t go anywhere much, and not much excitement in my life liao! But I still have to eat, right? So I just take the photos and post lor!!!

  2. This blog should be renamed “Still A Glutton After All These Years”. More appropriate lah. Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Don’t lah like dat, Cocka!!! U come to Sibu lah…and I’ll bring u makan!!! Sure I belanja u wan!!!! LOL!!!

  3. hungryyyyyyyy again after looking that these pictures

    No food in the next post, promise!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  4. Alas ! The evil Dr Foodkinstein who plans to dominate the world by posting food posts and making everyone drool strikes again ! But thankfully i am prepared this time. Had a huge dinner before i read the blog. *grins*

    I don’t think much about Ruby food except the pandan chicken. It’s so delicious. FORTUNATELY, you didn’t take that photo or else everyone will drop dead on your feet, begging you to bring them there. Haha

    P.S. Black Peppered Lamb at Chui Shang Court is absolutely heavenly. It would be a sin not taste it during your lifetime. Hehe

    There are not many things that I don’t like…and black pepper (gravy/sauce) is one of them!!! LOL!!!! Where’s Chui Shang? Is that the Shanghai restaurant? The food is just ok…and a bit expensive compared to the others.

  5. Why it owez makes me hungry everytime I come to your blog ar? STP…my birthday is in July ;)me n Melbie will be going to Kuching soon…lol…err…actually, it’s in July lar and maybe Bongkersz will be there too… 😉

    U’re all going to the RWMF, I guess…Not a good time, all hotels will be full! People after the festival last year already made bookings for this year!!! It’s very popular!!!

  6. nvm more food. Then when i go back i will know where to go. Or else i will e so bored staying at home doing nothing.

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Don’t worry! U can always call me! Unemployed…got nothing else better to do, anyway! LOL!!!

  7. “Anyone’s birthday coming up soon…..???”

    Yes! Yes! Me! Mine! 😀
    Waiting for your treat…

    Btw,come up to Kch for RWMF also lah…

    Ooi! Ur birthday…you treat, then I give you present! Like dat lah!!! LOL!!!…..RWMF??? Ummm….see lah!!!

  8. haha food again… this time I’m not complaining.. no effect to my belly cuz my eyes are getting ready to sleep…

    We’re going to RWMF for the event itself, so it is a good time for us to be there … jalan2 in Kuching for makan2 session with you.. that can be done at anytime of the year – provided we get our leave approved! LOL

    Next time, jalan2 come to Sibu lah!!! Oso cheaper than going all the way to Kuching! Dunno when’s the Borneo Festival! When I know, I let u know! Nice!!! Lots of things to see, do and eat!!!…Hmmm…I’ve no problem! Any time of day, when I see food, I wanna eat liao!!! LOL!!!

  9. I dun want to come to Sibu lah. Very hard to earn those wealthy kayu balak Foochow taukehs’ money lah. They damn kiamsiap wan.

    See! I told everybody this old Cock(a) has a grudge against Sibu cos he came here before…and so frus cos he was not able to con the clever Foochows!!! LOL!!!!

  10. My birthday coming up!!! Lakai liaw. Been to JF lately. Must discuss a 50th bd. Eh, Ruby giving you special discount or not???

    U not yet lah!!! RM50 still got change! I think it’s Sophia’s turn this year to hit the jackpot! LOL!!!!

  11. I feel so bloody hungry now. I think I should visit China town tomorrow… There are few joys in life equal to that of good food with good people I think.

    True! True!…and you’ll find a lot of that here!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! welcome and do drop by again, ya!

  12. 50th Bday? who?
    My list of places to eat in Sibu is getting longer and longer. Better bring me to all these places when i visit Sibu. hehehe

    Whose 50th? Next in line will be Sophia, I think! Next month?…And when are you coming?

  13. Borneo Festival huh?? Great! 🙂 Let me know and I tell the others to go and gang up on you for makan! LOL

    Will keep u posted once I get wind of it!!!

  14. I can have my birthday in advance though, I am not that pantang. Hahahahaa!!!

    Usually pantang is can’t celebrate ur birthday later, eh??? As far as I’m concerned, asal got makan, who cares? LOL!!!!

  15. I thought Ruby was your relative till I got to the bottom of it. Why not ‘Ah Ang Cafe’? More Sibu-like, don’t you think? And the mee sua does look interesting. We Hokkiens eat ours sweet which I don’t particularly like. I prefer anything that’s savoury.

    Me too! I don’t actually have a sweet tooth too! Love savoury stuff like the Kai Joo lane meat pastry, curry puff or things like poh pia, bak chang…but once in a while, don’t mind some nyonya kuihs like serimuka or what u call that! Drool!!!!

  16. eh, i try to search around kl (well at least i googled it around the blogs) i can’t find any restaurant or shop that serves ‘butter prawn’ wet, with gravy one like i had in ruby. all i got is those dry type, crispy butter prawn. i want wet type! so sinfully yummy and fattening!!!!!

    ps: imagining suituapui doing that blogger thing..’saying a prayer’ kah kah kah! 😀

    Only at Ruby…only at Ruby!!! Yummy indeed!!!

  17. fuiyo, wen i saw ur topic i was like hai… ruby again.

    till i see all the pics.. man i need those food now. winter’s here soon and it’s getin colder. I NEED MY FOOD!!

    not everyday korean noodles wid eggs and spam and lettuce.

    So pathetic, so pitiful!!! Ask ur dad to employ me…go over there to wash and cook for you two, like Mr Belvedere! U old enough to know this TV character???…And I’m sure some of the older readers will now comment that I remind them of him!!! LOL!!!

  18. Mr Belvedere??!! Gosh…that reminds me…always wanted my own “butler”…here STP… 😉

    At ur service, miss!!!…How may I help u? A back massage??? LOL!!!

  19. Those who eat shark’s fin are murderers, go watch a documentary on how they ” harvest ” it. Its cruel.

    Don’t worry! It wasn’t served in any of the dinners posted in my blog – just sea cucumber or fish lips…or even black chicken. For one thing, it is tasteless…extremely expensive and…you’ll never know if the restaurants serve you plastic imitations!!! I hear they do that!!!

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