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I was born and raised in Sibu,…left at the age of 20, and came back 10 years later…and I’ve stayed here since! I’m not going to go into the history or the geography of the town;I bet you can find that in other blogs or elsewhere but I must say that previously, it was notoriously known to be the dirtiest town in Sarawak, and indeed it was! Visitors from other towns would just litter indiscriminately even though they would not do that in their own place; they said that the whole town was already so dirty anyway, so it would not make a difference! Pedestrians ruled the roads at the time (like the trishaw pedlars in Penang in the 70s); cars had to swerve to avoid them or stop to give way! And there were so many bicycles then!

Anyway, sometime back, the town council chairman then decided that it was high time for a change and  took the initiative to do something about it and due credit must be given to him and all involved for the massive facelift that changed the image of Sibu completely!…

Today, after the makeover, it is definitely a nice town…pleasant, not too busy, not very big and comparatively CLEANER than in the past and cleaner than many other places in the state/country.

Well, what’s the attraction, you may ask? The food, of course! Very nice and very, very cheap! Don’t worry, I’m not going to dwell on this as I’ve had quite a number of posts already about the food available here (And there are many more to come, I assure you! LOL!!!)…and you can get to see lots of that in other blogs as well.  For one thing, if you come to Sibu, perhaps you should take the opportunity to try the local delicacies, be it Foochow…


…like this bowl of dianpiangu or Melanau – the umai (raw fish) or the see-ert (sago worms) or Iban – the ayam pansuh (chicken cooked in bamboo), the babi kasam (fermented preserved pork)! You’ll be spoilt for choice, I assure you! What I just cannot understand is why people go all the way to a place and insist on eating the same kind of food that they have back home.  Many Asian tourists to Western countries, for example, would insist on having Chinese food provided in their tour package…or foreign tourists coming all the way here, would choose to eat at McDonald’s. But anyway, before I start straying off to the point of no return (…which I always have the tendency of doing!!! Hehehehehe!!!!), let’s get back to my post proper…

Other than the food, perhaps you would like to do a bit of shopping? Well, what do people do when they go to KL? Shop and eat! What do they do when they go to Penang? Shop and eat! Singapore? Shop and eat too!!! See!!!…..I rest my case! Well, some may have signed up for some tour package, so the guide may bring them somewhere to see how rubber trees are tapped or how they make pewter handicrafts!!!! Zzzzzz…..!!! You can shop for some real cheap bargains here; a friend will never fail to come here every December to buy his clothes for Christmas and Chinese New Year.  According to him, he can get the same in Kuching but at twice the price.  However, don’t bother to look for branded items or designer goods. Even if they are available, we won’t know whether they’re genuine or imitations. But, as far as I know, many people from West Malaysia or other countries will buy souvenirs – the native handicrafts e.g. the pua kumbu (handwoven blanket) or the rattan mat or they may want to bring home one of those beautiful Sarawak vases, a few salted terubok (fish) or the roe , and a kilo or two of the STRAIGHT udang kering (dried prawns). I always buy this for my friends in West Malaysia, and they always ask me why they are straight.  My answer is simple, “Because…they’re not gay!!!” LOL!!! It can be quite pricey now; the last time I bought some, it was RM70 a kilo.

But if anyone insists on sight-seeing, he can start at the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre)…


The cultural museum on the ground floor can give visitors an insight into the history of the town and the cultures of the people. Then there are a number of memorial parks around…but one must not miss the Sungai Merah waterfront where the first Chinese settlers landed and lived. Here are some glimpses at the historical bazaar, the way it is today…

Anybody knows the person after whom the road is named? Well, for one thing, I do wish that the people concerned had restored and preserved the bazaar in its original state.  Today, hardly anything of the old settlement remains…and I feel that somehow it has lost its authentic rustic charm. Well, as they say, time changes everything, so we’ll just have to move on….. 

So, to do just that,  what on earth do you think this could be? The stairway to Heaven???

Well, in a way, it is…or to the Catholics, at least! Those are the stairs up to the inside of the majestic Sacred Heart Cathedral.  It is huge…and may be worth a visit. Well, when we go to Thailand or perhaps, China, what do we visit? Temples…temples…and more temples!!! Here, there are a number of churches, a Tua Pek Kong temple with a pagoda that is one of the landmarks of Sibu…or you may prefer to drop by the Central Market! The live chickens wrapped in newspapers with their heads sticking out and all tied up in bondage are a tourist attraction.  I’ve seen many bloggers posting photos of the poor birds!!!

I will not recommend a visit to the nearby longhouses as they are all very modern so you won’t get to experience much that is authentic. For that, you will have to take a ride in the Boeing 747-lookalike express boat to Kapit or past the infamous Pelagus rapids to Belaga and visit the longhouses there…but you will need a number of days to do that.

So, if anyone would like to visit Sibu, you can fly MAS or Air Asia from KL, JB or Kuching…or from Singapore via JB or Kuching…or by MASWings from Kota Kinabalu!!! Come, “ngui neng ting nee neng li lor wo!!! (Translation: In Foochow, “We are already waiting for you all to come!”)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Home (1)…”

  1. That dianpiangu is what ah? Wanton? Pork meat ball?Looks delish!!!

    Haha…I’ve yet to really call Sibu my “home” cos I never really stayed there or spent much time there…maybe after my family moves there end of this year then it’ll be a diff story…

    It’s like kuih chap…but they make that white stuff on the spot, pouring the batter into the tian/dian to get the bits and pieces that are somewhat like what u have in kuih chap! Then they serve that in the soup…with fish balls, cuttle fish and black fungus….You’re moving to Sibu? Welcome! Welcome!

  2. My favourite part of sibu whenever i visited with my family is drive from queensway(now tun hj.openg) to kpg nangka, detour to sg. antu but the river now such a sorry sight the last time i saw it, then to kpg hilir where my hubby loves eating the malay burger at the stall side there.we enjoyed showing our kids glimpses of our childhood days n ‘ahem’ our ‘swordfighting’ days too when we go down memory lane with them. lol!!

    Ooo…so sentimental!!! Gosh! Who would go to Sg Antu? That’s the industrial area, these days all the motorcar workshops and all that!!! Not a very attractive sight, I must say!

  3. Ps, I almost misinterpreted u and i thot u wrote that u have been living in sibu for so long that u r going down as history n geography of the town! Hehehe!! n i was thinking to meself, wow, STP is something like an icon in sibu kah, i recalled seeing the beautiful swans so who knows maybe there could be a statue of STP too, may take a whole lot of bronze ! hehe!!

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I asked for it, should have been more careful in what I choose to say! OK, History…I’ll concede, but Geography? No, I don’t think so! Sibu isn’t mountainous, not even hilly!!!…And if they had a statue of me in bronze, I’d be stolen and sold…probably worth millions!!! Like how they smuggled our RM1 coins out of the country for sale because of the high value! LOL!!!

  4. I went to Sibu once in 1993 if not mistaken. The moment I stepped there, I was like thinking why Sibu was so dirty and those people there talked so loud and talking in languages I don’t understand somemore.

    Glad that Sibu has now changed. Saw some pictures of the Swan sometime back then.

    [PS: Kuching is still cleaner. Muahaha!]

    It is pretty different now. You must drop by for a visit sometime!!! As for the talking bit…I’m afraid it’s all over Kuching now! Everywhere you go, you hear them! They’ve invaded Kuching already (Sarawak Club is infested with them and now, they’ve even got Ta Kiong in Spring!)…Miri, KK!!! Anywhere they can make money, you can be sure they’ll be there!!!

  5. I know why is that Sacred Heart cathedral is so near the Rejang river. So that they can baptize the sinners there hor?
    OMG!!! No wonder the Rejang river so dirty!! Sibu-ians are full of sins!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!

    Count our blessings! Luckily they didn’t baptise that old Cock(a) in the Rejang River or the water would turn have turned into blood ala the Book of Exodus! LOL!!!!

  6. I’ve heard that you can pick quite a bargain in Sibu. Not sure what kind of clothes are availabe in Sibu though. Cheap but maybe after one wash, you see threads hanging all over? Food is definitely cheaper than in Kuching. I recall my Sibu days of loud Foochows and horrible cyclists ruling the roads. Am definitely looking forward to going back sometime in May.

    So far no complaints…but most of the clothes for ladies here follow the current trend or what’s fashionable in the Chinese music scene, so somewhat Ah Lian to me! But if you hunt around, you may stumble upon something nice at an unbelieveable price…For men, it’s always the shirt or the t-shirt, the trousers or the jeans, so it’s not much of a problem buying in Sibu…unless you’re my shape and size!

  7. So how much did Sibu Municipal Council pay you for this write-up? Or was it Wong Soon Koh? heheheh

    Unfortunately, no!…But hopefully, somebody will stumble upon this blog…and after reading this, pay me to take charge of the town’s official website. I’m unemployed…!!!! Sob! Sob! LOL!!!

  8. Soooo.. there are places one can go beside eating if one is to visit Sibu… I was starting to imagine all the people in Sibu have the same body frame as you .. hahaha..

    umai.. that’s the same as our Kadazan’s hinava eh? Not sure if the ingredients are all the same, one thing for sure, lime juice is the main thing that will “cook” the raw fish… darn! *drools* haha .. I’ve been asking my cousin to make some hinava for me and she’s just too busy .. and here you are – reminding me of that nice, juicy hinava.. pfft!! *mental note – must take photos and recipe/process so that I can make them myself next time: post them so that I will not lose the recipe* 😀

    Think it’s the same. They fillet the fish, cut into thin strips, add lots of chopped shallots and chillies…and squeeze lots of lime to “cook” the fish. Yummy!!!!!

  9. I think i am going to love sibu. Sibu has the character of a town that i like which is big in size but small town in nature… hmmm if only i have sumone i know there that i can visit… hmmmmmmmmm who eh?

    I wonder who hor…..!!! Elegant Coral perhaps? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

  10. Saw from PHB’s blog that Sibu has a lot of happening place and much cleaner eating places. I am thinking of visiting Sibu this coming Wesak holiday. And.. STP.. you are right. Kuching is infested by all the Sibu Foo Chow Lang and they are really doing better than others. Quite jealous but I salute them for their hardwork.

    PHB? Sixth Seal, you mean?…I just found out that he’s been back in action for a few weeks now. Haven’t dropped by his blog yet. In the past, I used to post comments regularly. Actually,he stays quite near my place. Wesak Day? When? U can email me ur contact number…and I’ll get back to u. See if we can arrange to meet up when u’re in town.

  11. I’m going home, I’m going home, I’m going home, I’m going home, I’m going home, I’m going home…I AM DEFINITELY GOING HOME LIAO!!!!

    *check Air Asia*

    You’ve been saying that for the last week or so!!! Come, come!! Remember we’re going out to eat, eat, eat…..!!!! LOL!!!!

  12. Go Sibu buy kain. Another thing better in Sibu is gold. Dont think the clothes are nice lah. Now here got Ta Kiong so nothing to buy. See got babi hutan or not

    Got kain…no tailor! Gold? Dunno lah…never buy!!! Later get snatched!!! Some clothes quite nice lah…but for plus-size people like us, don’t bother lah! Shoes…I know a place, they’ll sell to me at cost price!!!

  13. Yeahhh that coral will be waiting me at the airport with bamboo stick and rotan to whip me LOL…

    Nooo i think i know a certain blog royalty.. quite famous… hmmm who ehhhh LOL…btw he promised me accommodation, food etc..

    Aiyor!!! She’s into those fetish stuff kah? ROTFLMAO!!! Who ah? Kenny Sia kah? No lah…he’s in Kuching, not here! Wrong town!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  14. I am not sure whether I am coming or not. I would like too but I have to see if any anyone want to company me.
    Yup.. Sixthseal is back. Met him once and he is a strange guy yet he can write very well. Is he ur ex-student? Heard that he is a very popular ‘boy’ in Sibu.

    Well, do let me know if u’re coming…..Nope, he wasn’t my student…but I know his family, so I’ve known him since he was a little kid. Actually, he’s a very nice boy, soft-spoken and pleasant…just that things did not go so well for him.

  15. Liddat ah? Then I might not like it liao…I don’t eat kuih chap cos got those pork internal2 organs. 😉
    My family is moving to Sibu…me not necessarily…but if they’re there then I guess I also will owes drop by la…hehe…

    Personally, I don’t fancy it either…but it seems very popular. It doesn’t have the pig’s innards…just fish balls and sotong but I find the taste a bit bland for my liking!…..Oh I see…! Then we can get to meet…and go mam-mam!!! LOL!

  16. eh.. get a new digicam. then the pics will be better by 1000 fold 🙂

    not too expensive lar a decent digicam, considering how many blocks of bricks you own in every single bank in sibu. huhuhu

    Ooi, accountant!!!! When did u audit my accounts, hah??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!…Well, when u come back this time around, u know what present to buy for me hor? Wink! Wink!! LOL!!!!

  17. …as long as its ur treat…just call my name and I’ll be there! LOL!!!

    No problem!!!…At my age, not many chances left…got date with beautiful young lady!!! LOL!!!!

  18. Why dont u add ad sense or nuffnang to your blog so that you get pay for the clicks (adsense) or per visit (for Nuffnang).

    WordPress doesn’t allow…unless I go to blogspot or get my own domain. U’re new here, I see. Welcome…and do drop by often!

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