Thank you…

Last week, an ex-student from my Form 5 classes last year contacted me to invite me to a barbecue that they would be having to bid farewell to their friends who will be leaving for further studies – matriculation in Labuan, JPA scholarship and all that and I went….. I must say I was flattered as I was the only one invited (Or maybe the other ex-teachers are not so greedy so they did not show up! LOL!).

It has been a few months since I last saw them. I was there each day when they sat for my subjects in the SPM Examination just to give them a bit of encouragement and moral support…but I could not make it when the results were released due to some family commitments.  Thankfully, they did outstandingly well…and that means more than anything to me, their teacher.

There was a lot of food, that goes without saying. This is Jacky, one of the nicest students I have had in all my years of teaching, taking charge of the barbecue pit…

I don’t actually care very much for those chicken wings, fish balls and sausages…but that night, I just could not resist…

…the pork belly/three-layer pork and it certainly did not help one bit that they gave me one whole plate of it all to myself…

And that wasn’t all. They had a buffet spread catered from a local hotel/restaurant. I did not think of taking the photographs before everyone started eating (I was so hungry, you see!) but I managed to get a shot at one of the dishes…

Well, apart from the food, it certainly was nice to see all of them again and I hope the feeling was mutual. I remember something that Jacky wrote in some kind of an autograph book that they gave me on my retirement…

You leave no poem for the world to read, you leave no written words to tell…of your noble thoughts, your kind acts and deeds. But in the throbbing pulse of human life, there shines a brighter gleam of joy and hope…because you have lived and loved…and given of yourself unselfishly.  Your life is a poem in itself, not realised by those it has touched so richly through the years but living still…to spread its rays of gladness and of cheer within the hearts of all humanity.

That meant more to me than anything else in the world…and as teachers, we must realise that what we give today, we will one day, get it all back in return…a hundredfold! I have said in one of my earlier posts that it distresses me greatly that there are so many teachers who are disillusioned, who do not seem to see any meaning in what they are doing. I believe that is exactly what their students feel about or think of them as their teachers. Love them and you will be loved much more in return…

And to all the boys who were at the gathering and those who were not, I thank you all for the affection over the years; nurture it always in your hearts for it will surely help in no small way to make you become better individuals in the years to come. May God bless each and every one of you in your undertakings.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Thank you…”

  1. Ah ha ! Thank God I am prepared this time before visiting your blog ( which happens to be filled with food photos) as i had just taken my dinner. Lamb Curry from Balkis. Yum yum..

    Wow.. That’s so touching. Good for you, sir, to be remembered, now and forever, Amen. Hehe

    By the way, came across this quote while reading, A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. So true..

    That’s my daughter’s favourite…with nasi bryani! Will post on it when she comes home for the hols cos she’ll want to eat there, I’m sure!…And what Amen! Sounds like I’m already as dead as a door nail! And yes, I know that quotation…but sometimes the influence may not be positive??? What do you think? U can click the related post – Loose Change; something interesting on teachers teaching about September 11.

  2. Recently received an sms about St Peter allowing teachers into the pearly gates of heaven cos they have been in hell all these years. Teaching is still the most enjoyable profession. Just remember that whatever you do now will make a difference in their life. They are just kids. Dont be too harsh on them. I truly enjoyed all my ‘crazy” students. Once they are matured they come back and asked me why they were so ‘crazy’ before. I’ve seen a lot but this year’s Transition classes take the cake.Behaviour is like kindy kids!!! Still.. life goes on..

    Have been teaching the more mature boys for a long time now! I think if you ask me to teach kindergarten kids, I’d probably end up wringing the necks of those little brats!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. STp, you come across as a very passionate teacher who obviously cared very much for his students. and on a lighter note.. you don’t have to wait for your rewards lah! you already received what u have given out judging by the photos above,the ‘sanchan’bak lah, and i am sure lots of dishes more that your students stuffed u with!Being a teacher is not a bad career eh! if you get students like that all the time!

    I was bragging about it to my present students in my tuition class…and jokingly, I said they probably wanted to get rid of me…by giving me all that fatty pork!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Actually, it’s up to the teacher to go beyond the books and mould the individual character of each of these students…; no point excelling in studies if they don’t have good character. Always have to get them to toe the line at the start, and later, it’s like heaven being with them, teaching them!

  4. PS, btw u seemed to have plenty of interesting characters visiting u now hah! now even got housefly,so when is ‘semut’ coming?!

    Semut in Jackfruit Village, isn’t he? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  5. I wish I can make you happy just like they did…Unfortunately I can’t…Sorry for letting you down…:(..

    You do!!!…All 120 of you…a real joy to teach and be with! But not when you and your friends first came to me in Form 4…remember how I kept nagging about the Persatuan Pelajar2 Iban!!! Lazy, not motivated, berlagak2 etc etc etc…..but eventually, u all changed and became so nice!!! You all did well, right?…Like I said in an early reply, what’s the use of excellent results if you don’t have (good) character?

  6. hey heyyy

    Mr……!!! Oopsss.. have I exposed too much of your identity? Hehe, i am over-hyped to finally(yes, finally) find your blog. I have one request, stop posting about the good food from Sibu please =( There is no kampua, no tomato kuey tiao, no sarawak laksa in Melbourne..wait there is, well there is one restaurant that serves laksa ( the soup ratio is 100 (coconut milk) to 1 (laksa paste) ) Imagine how nice that “exquisite gourmand dish” is(sarcasm intended)… Little suggestion, you mentioned that you like australia, why not migrate here and enjoy your retirement? xDD it is 7 degrees celcius now and will be 5 degrees tomorrow,I seriously need a heater. Pretty sure you will enjoy the cold weather since you have much *censored* to spare. xDDDDDDDDD Ta, i am done for now. =)

    Cheers =D

    LOL!!! I’ve censored your comment!!! So my identity is safe!…What? U just found my blog? Gosh! Aren’t u slow? (What’s new, eh?)…Judy’s been around for sometime now and Sam, Andrew…!!! Chesh! When did I say I like Oz? The heat in the summer – so hot u can fry eggs on the manhole cover, the flies……No tnx! East, west, home is best!!!

  7. whoaa.. that one looks like ‘seo tu bak’… yummmm!

    …and have u tried eating it with sambal belacan? Like ulam? Ooo…ecstasy, I tell u!!!! LOL!!!!

  8. you know what… English teacher usually is the best (for me la). BTW pork belly and all…. few kg gain that day eh (not to forget gain girth) lol

    You’re so lucky…tak boleh makan!!! We all mati2 want to kill ourselves! LOL!!!

  9. *grumbles grumbles* comment was edited. Haha. Jks. Also, I want to say thank you, teacher!!! hehe. Honestly, I never enjoyed tuition but surprisingly I looked forward to attend your tuition classes. Flattered aren’t you? =P I mean seriously, you are a passionate teacher and you treat students like your friends. So once again, grazie insegnante !! =) stomach’s rumbling..ugghh..cereal for breakfast is not enough to satisfy my cravings for good food after looking at the pictures above..Sir, please courier one bowl of laksa here…. *depressed* =P

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu! U enjoyed the caustic sarcasm, eh? LOL!!!! Hmmm…why don’t u get somebody to send over the laksa paste – available in packets – and cook your own? Very easy! Next time I cook, I’ll take photos…show step by step and post!!!! A lot of work though…but can be fun if a few people doing it…and then eating it together!!!

  10. Hmmmm… must have been really nice having someone like you as my teacher. When I was a student,it was most delightful whenever teachers accepted our invitations. I loved my down to earth teachers who were willing to mingle with us even after school.

    And I love being with my students – so young, full of life, pleasant, respectful…whereas adults tend to gossip, bad-mouth this and that left, right and centre and moan and groan about everything…!

  11. Hehe..I sure do =PP I did, I cooked laksa before using two packs of sarawak laksa. However, the vermicelli that tasted like rubber, the weird-tasting-bean-sprouts and the rubber-like fried beancurd just totally spoilt the taste !!!! And there was no fresh coconut milk =( Have to get those in cans, but let me tell you, there is a lot of difference alright? In the end, I turned it into curry laksa..Haha. i enjoy cooking, surprised eh? Oven-baked sambal brown trout for dinner tonight. Hehe. Caught those fishes during my fishing trip two days ago with my cousin’s family. Woo hoo !! So, what do you have in store for your post-teaching days? Be a number one chef in Sibu?? =PPP Don’t worry, i will be your first customer. HAHA

    I’m still teaching at the centre…to put food on the table. So poor mah!!! LOL!!! Hmmm…if u eat what I cook, will u end up looking like me? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Ooo…u can cook? Jul’s so lucky hor!

  12. Oh god….bbq pork belly. *droolz* They really know how to show their appreciation. U must have dropped many hints on your favourite foods while you were teaching them.

    Where got?…But looking at my shape and size, they know I love to eat everything!!! Have u tried Tom Selleck’s BBQ pork belly? Oooo…nice!!!…U back from KL? Anything interesting there?

  13. Next time your daughter gets home you should ask Tom to do bbq for you. Not weekend lah. He ok one but be prepared to follow governor makan time. Nothing I mean NOTHING disturbs his game!!!!! bdq come back sometimes must request also.

    You come lah!!! I cook laksa…plus BBQ pork belly!!! Yum! Yum!!! LOL!

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