What’s the difference (1)…

Even if you were as old as I am, you probably would not know this song which was on the flipside of the hit single, “San Francisco” by Scott Mckenzie. But if you were growing up in Sibu at that time, most likely you would remember two coffee shops in particular – Kiaw Siong and Ban Chuan.  Both of them had nice kampua stalls but between the two, I would rather have the one at the former.  Now, what’s the difference, you may want to ask? Well, actually there can be a world of difference between the kampua at one stall and another, what more to say in between towns or countries. But I guess it all boils down to a matter of preference or taste.

In the past, we only had the noodles with a few pieces of thinly-sliced pork coloured red and a sprinkling of spring onions and fried shallots but today, we may get them with a slight twist or we may find a bit of variation from the original.  Some die-hards will search high and low for the authentic stuff but in my case, I do not mind a change time and again.

In an earlier post, I posted a photo of seafood kampua where other than the meat, you get a few shrimps, fish balls and crab sticks with the noodles. Besides that, there is also the kampua with goo tor soup (Those caterpillar looking things from the inside of a cow. The intestines, I think!) or one may opt for this instead…

I remember how in the 70s, I used to love the mee kosong (plain noodles) with gu bak cheng (beef soup) at Ah Mui located in the Open Air Market in Kuching but the last time I went a couple of years ago, it was such a disappointment! The soup tasted like salted veg soup! Well, we have something like that that here at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation building – beef soup with plain kampua for only RM2.50. Nice! But do go earlier; by around 10, it would all have been sold out, and do avoid the peak hours – 8.30 to 10.00 a.m. because the lady always seems to be in a foul mood when under stress!

Or you may prefer the kampua at Rasa Sayang, near the Sibu Bus Station (They’ve got a new name now it seems, but I can’t recall what it is!)…

I think I’ve said somewhere before that it is more like a cross between kampua and Kuching kolo mee…considering that with the noodles, you do not get the few miserable pieces of meat, but instead they put some phak-lor (cooked with soy sauce and five spice powder, like what some people do with duck) pork and minced meat. This one is the cheapest in town – only RM2.00 whereas elsewhere, it’s at least RM2.20 now.

For those less adventurous people, one good place is Soon Hock at the Delta Commercial Centre here, a stone’s throw away from my house. What they serve here is more or less like the conventional kampua…but interestingly, if you buy back home to eat, even when it is cold, it still tastes very nice, or perhaps even nicer, unlike the kampua in some places. Of course, whenever I go, I would ask for pian sip (or kiaw as they are called in Kuching or wanton elsewhere) instead of the pathetic four slices of pork…and I would ask for extras. So for RM3.00 I would get this…

Indeed it is quite substantial, so I can have that for a late breakfast and then, skip lunch! Two birds with one stone!

Well, the weekend’s here!!! Having anything special?…Kampua anyone?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “What’s the difference (1)…”

  1. I am stuck in hubby’s office with a very angry tummy. Your post on those Kampua la, Kolo Mee la, Kiaw la and Mee Sapi la… makes my tummy even angrier. Rosak my weekend.

    Bwakakakakakakakakaka!!!! Welcome back…to the torture chamber!!!

  2. oh my goodness…your site really makes me very very very hungry jor.. 😛 walaoeh! I think ah, not long I will become sui-tua-pui no. 2. LoL!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! Everybody complained…so I said no more food post until after a few, so I cepat2 posted so many non-food posts, one after another so that I could come back to what I love most…FOOD and making everybody drool!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. Have not tried the Delta one but the last time I tried the Kidney place no good. Dont go for kampua much in Sibu. It has to be ‘tian mee ngu’ at Grace everytime!

    The crowd there every morning will disagree with u, I’m sure!! Poor u! Your kids love that gooey stuff!!! BTW, they said the Muslim stall’s very nice…e.g. the nasi lemak! Never gone there to try though.

  4. Aiyor!STP!Wy r u torturing us! all the yummy food! Esp. we who live far-far away from sibuland. My Gutor-mee not bad, almost as good as ‘nam-hong’s’ says hubby, compliments to my sis for the receipe. i think she also one of ‘lindy’sisters. this lindy’s memang pandai one, multi-talented, can multi-tasked too. once i saw sis ‘yak’on phone,’korek telinga’& cook all at one time!no wonder her ‘gutor’so yum!alamak! oops,sorry for getting side-tracked!missed the indian rojak opp.cathay. so original!thanks for all the tips on where to eat and the warning of ‘those menopausal women’! donno what they’ll put in if u go wrong time. i really have to ‘ketuk’ a lot of’burungs’ with one ‘batu bcos of time issue on my trip back. visa valid 1 wk only,what to do! haiya!shld have read’the secret’b4 i booked the tickets! and gundot i also want to find ‘grace’ ok!

    One week only and u wanna eat everything? Impossible! My daughter came back for one week last holiday…and we went to eat all the things she loves…and there were still so many things not eaten yet but it was time for her to go back already!!! One week’s definitely not enough!!!

  5. again, can’t wait till next week baru post ah???? ha ha, i’ll be back… next saturday

    Then not syiok already mah!!! Cannot torture u liao!!! LOL!!!

  6. now!!!i came at the wrong time again.LOL

    Hahahahaha!!! Told alex this morning you’ll be pissed off when u drop in today!

  7. drools….

    no wonder u r called suituapui

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Eat, drink and be merry…!!! Pretty soon, this cannot eat, that cannot eat liao!!!! And no more teeth some more! LOL!!!

  8. Stella, Grace at Civic centre.Multi purpose civic centre everything also got.One time when your mum and STP mum say they buy from civic centre, I really tot why sibu civic centre so nice can sell things. Padu hal there is a market and shops there.
    Kassim rojak is in Kch now. His son in Sibu not nice.Gerrie, another item, Kassim rojak. Gosh Stella, you can eat all that in a day. Should stay longer!!

    Hahahahahaha!!! Like when people tell u to go kidney foundation eat beef kampua!!!…..Ya, I heard Kassim got new wife, son had a row with him…so son changed the name of the stall here. Wanna eat the original, have to go to Kuching now. I told her so – one week where got enough!!!!

  9. Oh shucks! I really miss the kampua mee and wantans! Incidentally, I also always order an extra bowl of wantan whenever I have kampua mee.

    Hey! We same gang lah like dat? Lucky u not tuapui like me!!! LOL!

  10. Now i am getting all confused now! brain already in slow motion u no. so is kassim not nice, or his son not nice or is it their rojaks not nice! hehehe!! maybe STP also confused now why foodblog now turned to kasim’s life story blog n i have no idea who kasim is how he look like , or how the son look like, mayhave bought rojak from them but then i only concentrate on the rojaks lah!lol! so i get it we have to go kuching to find kasim lah since son not nice. nasib baik i ‘poi balloon’ to kuching!

    Oh…forgot u’ve not been around! Kassim’s the original owner of that “indian” rojak stall…and he went to open a branch in Kuching…and the one in Sibu now has a new name, named after his son…and I heard that the father and son had a squabble, dunno true or not. They said the father has a new wife…

  11. Ps so kasim’s wife must be nice lah, since kasim nice, rojak also nice!! hehehe!!

    That we won’t know. How u know Kassim nice? We only said his rojak is nice!!! LOL!!!

  12. Ps me again! if kasim’s rojak still kasim’s son’s one what leh? ‘chiusim”s rojak kah?! lol!!

    Huh? Don’t get it! U been drinking? Hey, go slow on the wine…LOL!!!

  13. Kampua..Kampua.. Kampua.. I love it so much.. Can’t live without it…Yummy.. Yummy…*Drool over the screen*…lol..

    You get electrocuted, then you know!!!…LOL!!!

  14. Dear Stella & Suituapui,

    Of course I’m nice & sexy lah. Why do you think Kassim dumped his first wife in favor of me?
    I gelek-gelek with my 36C-24-36, this Kassim will fogged up his specs and pening until his father’s name also he’ll forget.


    Aduh!!! I knew all along ini old Cock(a) sikit sot punya!!! So you always imagine urself to be a woman, ya? And now you pretending to be Kassim’s new wife??? LOL!!!!!

  15. don’t get it! if son still wants to connnect with the dad, dad is ka(leg) then son must put (chiu) as in hand or if he upset must change to ‘keksim’! so blur kah! but then again he is not chinese so to him all this names no meaning!

    Now I understand! Good thing u didn’t use any other part of the human anatomy! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! And if he turns into a vegetable, he becomes “chaisim” lah? LOL!!!

  16. Kassim New Wife, where got kassim wear specs?? You must be talking about other specifications. Yes, he got new wife, a quarter his age only. The wife runs the stall now and kassim sits there like YB…..You have to be lucky to get him, Stella. Chris came back one week but he was closed 4 days. Then it was finished. Wonder if she managed to eat kassim…mean rojak lah before you get wrong idea.

    Gee! Ain’t he smart hor??? Find a wife like dat! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. Arghhh!!! Kampua agen. Great. I can’t even get a semi-decent kampua here. Air Asia plz answer my prayers for 99 cents air ticket without tax. >.<

    Don’t forget the hidden charges – the airport tax, insurance, everything!!! That will come to quite a lot! LOL!!!!

  18. oh I have to update my food blog more often so that I can join in the fun of torturing people rather than being tortured by you… hahahhaha

    These people complain and complain and yet a lot of comments!!! If I post on other things, they don’t seem interested at all!!! They love being tortured!!! LOL!!!

  19. is it just me or do i see a smiley face on the top left corner of the screen when i scroll to the top ?? anyway, i think im starting to get immune to these food post torture after seeing so many blogs on food… so mr.arthur, sooner or later, all ur readers will be immune too.. so ude have to come up with something more evil 🙂

    Is there a smiley? I won’t know…cos I don’t usually go to see the actual posts. Hmmm…what can I come up with next? Well, you’ll have to wait and see… LOL!!!

  20. Too bad, sir. Your torturing trick doesn’t work on me THAT well. I have long given up kampua noodles a Long, Long Time ago in Bethlehem

    Gosh! U must be pretty old then!!! Born how many years B.C.??? LOL!!!

  21. sob sob… suituapui is torturing me with all this delicious kampua pics.. the last two photos looks very yummy!! argh!!!!

    drumstick, when are we going to eat the kolo mee here together? 😛 *wink wink! then we can post some pics for revenge!

    That’s the whole idea!!! LOL!!! Don’t worry! If I go KL, I’ll tapau some for u and drumsticks…and I think zewt also asked once!!!! Aduh! Like dat, must bring one kotak liao!!!

  22. I remember the first time I stayed in Sibu I was so shocked when I found out the price of the food there. It was so cheap even compared to Kuching. And the portion is HUGE!!

    It IS cheap! Watch out for my next food post! (Not yet lah!!! Later people complain I only talk about food! Must post on other things first!) You’ll faint when you get to know how cheap it is!!! Huge portions? Yalor! We here “yeu ai phni, yeu ai chni, yeu ai tua liap nee” (We want cheap…fresh…and big boobs! LOL!)!!!!

  23. I guess we all like to drool along and be tortured with these food… hahaha who doesn’t like food anyway? 😛

    Yalor…we all live to eat!!! Who said that in the papers the other day?…Phua Chu Kang, I think! LOL!!!

  24. got got smiley face

    Gee! That’s interesting! I don’t think I’ve got that!!!…The Phantom of the Blogosphere!!! LOL!!!! Btw, I’ve removed ur image link! Got pop-ups…when I went to have a look!

  25. I’m afraid you haven’t been eating the intestines of the cow when you mentioned ‘gu tor’. It’s actually the belly. ‘Gu teng’ is the intestines. I remember when I first had my pig’s blood. Thought it was beancurd that was dyed in red. The moment I was told about the truth, that was the end of it.

    You’re right!!! It definitely doesn’t look anything like a rubber hose! LOL! Pig’s blood….Ooooo! It has been ages since I had that!!! I wonder where they sell it here…!!! Old people believe that it helps clean out ur system! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

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