The winner takes it all (1)…

Ooo…I was so excited when I found out that the American Idol finalists were singing Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber this week but after the show, I must say I was not very impressed and in fact, somewhat quite disappointed.

Looking first at the ladies, Syesha Mercado has improved by leaps and bounds since she started…and her more recent performances have been very very good, but somehow, it seems she does not have a strong fan base…probably because she’s of the wrong colour or the wrong sex. The way things are going, it certainly looks like it’s going to be the guys’ year.

The Irish tattoo lady, Carly Smithson, was excellent with her rendition of “Jesus Christ Superstar” but she too, has not been very popular either all this while.  For one thing, she’s not very versatile and shines only when she’s doing rock or a fast number. Nevertheless, I did not, for a moment, expect her to be voted out. If anyone should go, it would have to be Brooke White…not just because of her faulty start which could have affected her performance, but I think she did not do a very good job with Madonna’s “You must love me” from “Evita”- the movie version…or maybe I was expecting too much for that is one of my all-time favourite songs and she, at best, was just so-so.

Jason Castro, singing “Memory” from “Cats”, was as Simon described him “beautiful” and someone reluctant but forced to sing grudgingly at a relative’s wedding, but his screaming fans would probably keep him around until the last three. I thought he was ok but David Cook seems to be the best singer among the three guys…

and his “Music of the Night” from “The Phantom of the Opera” was, I won’t say superb but very good. His forte has been more towards the rock genre, so much so that I was beginning to feel that he was a carbon copy of Chris Daughtry…but last night’s performance certainly showed his versatility. I would think he would be the one to emerge American Idol this year.

Finally, the sweet little kid, David Archuleta…

I have liked him since I heard him singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” and was hoping he would be the winner this year.  But somehow he does not seem to be very versatile…and would not do very well on the faster pop numbers. No doubt he has a good voice but he’s perfect only with slow Josh Groban-ish kind of songs. What a disappointment it was for me when he chose not to sing “Think of me” also from “The Phantom of the Opera” in its original theatrical/operatic form.  His voice would have been ideal for it, but no! He turned it into something that sounded like “More than words”, the Westlife version! Yucks!!!  Still with his charming, humble ways, he certainly seems very lovable…and maybe his hysterical girl-fans will vote him through.  One will never know with these reality shows. Somebody was commenting the other day that he resembles Alfred E Neuman of MAD Magazine…LOL!!! Poor thing! Anyway, I can’t wait till next week when they’ll sing Neil Diamond. I hope somebody will sing my faves, for instance, “Iam…I said” or “Play me” or “You don’t bring me flowers”.

Well, what about you? Who do YOU think will be the next American Idol?

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28 thoughts on “The winner takes it all (1)…”

  1. omg… 😛 I surrender for this one… LoL!!!

    Why? You don’t watch??? Well, if you noticed from the photos, I’m targetting the ladies… LOL!!! Melbie likes David Cook, I’m sure!!!

  2. i agreed with what u said, carly don’t deserved to go. i think she n syesha are the strongest singers. used to like brooke but lately u can see her vulnerability. in the beginning used to like her, can’t really stand the 2 davids esp david a. my son loves him tho, n he was very upset with me when i said david look ’emo’ he said i m not using the correct term to describe him oh well, still look ’emo’ to me! i hope jason will be kick out next wk, just can’t tahan that hair of his n his voice my goodness i think u STP can also join American idol too if they think he is good. i just hope syesh will not be out but got this feeling that it is either the 2 david who would win. i also like asia so disappointed when she was out so early. isn’t leona the british idol just great! n Andrew lloyd W looked like an older version of mike myers!

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Andrew’s the older and fatter Austin Powers! Used to like “Bleeding Love” but these young kids keep asking for it on the radio day in, day out, now I’m so sick of it!!!! Love Fergie’s “Finally”! She sang it on “Idol gives back”!!! Beautiful song!

  3. hehehe..I din watch AI!!! but I know Melbie’s fav is David lar…so, I let Melbie comment on ur post STP…since I cannot say much!

    This year’s not too bad…but none that can measure up to last year’s Melinda Doolittle…and they voted her out! I was so mad!!!! That giant woman and the other guy in the finals were nothing compared to her! (Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis lah! Simply refuse to mention their names! So merajuk! LOL!)

  4. Ps. saw neil diamond live in concert yrs ago, he was really great. saw david gates too, remember him from goodbye girl, he still have this fantastic voice but now tua already! hope can see paul mcartney again, hrd he maybe touring next yr. bought tickets to see him few yrs ago, but he cancelled his tour to australia because he scared of terrorists so we got refunded. see i listen to all this oldies now!!

    Gee! Now look who’s calling who old!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. Why do I see my name keep coming up in the comments?

    Yes, I like David Cook… At first it was the Oz guy, Michael John but he was out … then it was Carly Smithson, but somehow she didn’t show much improvement .. then David Cook started to shine through when he sang that song Billie Jean .. therefore in my personal view, he is the next American Idol! 🙂

    Having said that, it was a BIG disappointment for me to see Smithson being eliminated. That interrupting-I-know-better-than-the-judges-and-I-like-making-annoying-facial-expressions should be the one being eliminated much much earlier .. so yes, stp, we both agree on that one! If anyone should go, she should be the one … who voted for her?? Huh? Huh? Who did? Hehehe ..

    If she wins the title, I don’t see the point of watching AI again..

    Hah! Don’t we say that every year? LOL!!! I never liked her from the beginning, and that Simon the Cow was bowled over when she sang “You’re so vain” and kept staring at him…! Chesh!!! Dunno who would want to vote for her!!! Maybe Simon paying people to do that cos he’s got the hots for her!!!

  6. Wah Melbie so “emo” eh…hehe

    I don’t really follow AI, but I’ve watched a few episodes and I LOVE DAVID COOK and David A is just cute.I liked the rocker Irish chic too…but since I don’t follow AI and I was disappointed last time when Chris Daughtery didn’t win so I malas layan AI anymore so I won’t predict…hehehe…

    Not “emo” lah! Guess it’s our interest…so got lots to talk about!!! Like how people talk about football…can even quarrel over teams halfway around the world that don’t even know they exist!!! Seems so silly hor! LOL!!!

  7. too bad the aussie guy was out

    Yup! I like him too! “We will rock you!”…He was good. Maybe he’s older so the kids don’t like lah!!!

  8. I never watch American Idol. Sorry. But if STP is taking part, I am sure the next American Idol will be SuiTuaPui!

    Well, to each his own!!! I’m more into music, singing and stuff like that! My shape and size…no need to think about games lah!!! LOL!!!

  9. haha mar… if you follow AI .. then you know why I don’t like that Brooke White.. bad attitude .. that’s what she got along with that nothing out of the ordinary voice hehe

    OK! OK!…Let’s hope she gets voted out next week!!! Good riddance!

  10. Personally this year I have been disappointed, nobody stands out as they have done in the past few years and to my way of thinking they all seem a much of a muchness. The last show I couldn’t be bothered to watch I’m sad to say.

    Ah! Martin from the UK is back!!! Do come by more often, ya?…..True…true…no Melinda Doolittle this year!!! And what can we expect when they leave the choosing to young kids!!!! Oops…sorry to whoever thinks he or she is still a kid!!! z.u.l.??? LOL!!!

  11. i love last nite’s show! esp. Music of The Night, my favourite!! u can sing ah? serenade me? ^^
    *prepares to swoon*

    wah wah.. stp not oni can sing, he can judge too!! woot!!

    I love the songs from “Phantom”… U like Neil Diamond? If you do, then don’t miss next week’s show!!! Dunno why they had Beatles for TWO weeks, the first two of the final rounds, I think. Don’t like the Beatles except for a few songs…very few!

  12. oh, who do i think will be the nxt AI? i donwanna think liao.. but i hope david cook 😀

    and btw, aiyohhh, how cum u notchet go visit cocka??? he got sumting spesial for liuuuu.. muahahahaha…

    No need go lah! Make him frus!!! Sure he wants to ketuk me wan! What to expect from that Old Cock(a)!!! Kok kok here, kok kok there, kok kok everywhere!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Aiyah..american idol ah? The only thing that kept me wanting to watch is Paula Abdul’s clevage. Hahahahahha!!!

    Aiyor! What to expect from this Old Cock(a)! Can even turn a cartoon into porn!!! LOL!!!!

  14. hi… finally found ur blog

    Gee! What took u so long?…Welcome, welcome, and do make urself at home! Cooked anything nice lately?

  15. i was rooting for brooke white when AI this season just started, she can sing, lovely and beautiful.. but along the way i don’t think she is that great, she’s a bit annoying to me. ehem ehem, you know what i mean.

    i think david cook will win this AI.

    U memang! See girl beautiful only!!! Ya, I’m sure you sokong the rocker!!!

  16. i stopped watching american idol season 7 when that sweet thing by the name of ramiele malubay got kicked out! =.=’ darn… then when i heard Michael Johns also had the same fate, i lagilah pissed,so, david cook ftw!

    Yucks! That ramien lullaby!!! Didn’t like her!!! Too bad Mike Johns got k.o.! David Cook’s good…but always looks so dirty!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. the winner of american idol should be STP.. muahahahahahhhaaaaa

    Haiz…!!! At least can beat William Hung…or Ken Lee!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. haha .. interest indeed … but I can talk about football too if you like, mar??? LMAO..

    It was great listening to Michael John singing “We will rock you” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”… maybe he’s an Oz? That’s why he was booted out? It IS AI anyway..

    And they got rid of the Irish too…!!!!

  19. Tengkui,tengkui. Everytime David A sings I am like I know this face esp the way he smiles or screws up his face. good voice but nay. I say no good my my daughters disagree with me. i guess he has a good chance. I’m sure american girls feel the same

    Such a pleasant, decent looking kid!!! Google website…can see photo when he was small, memang like MAD’s Alfred E Neuman!!! LOL!

  20. OKAY….I am a big idol fan so this is my 20 cents

    Both David are very good… but the younger David charm is waning on me… dah tak best dah… he need to do something to perk his “interesting” level…vocally he is good but… come on.. comparing to the other David… he is not that versatile la.

    Next is the rest of the girls… syesha is good but her vocal is not very strong compare to past winner… remember the thre DIVAs past two idols?

    so I think David (the young one) will win but I prefer David Cook to win.

    Past winner? Jordin? Eyew…!!!! I’d prefer Syesha anytime!!! Well, let’s see which David will win!

  21. ish.y stp so free one?? haha.every day sure got new post.anyway keep up the good work =D

    Where got so free? Time management, girl!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! If no post, then get sms…”Why no post today?” Haiz!!!! Some people got nothing else better to do, it seems! LOL!

  22. melbie…if u wanna talk footie…can…but have to wait till world cup cos apart from that I dont watch the sport…wakakaka…

    I want David Cook to win!!! Always look dirty STP? How you mean “dirty”? Me likey his looks! 😉

    Me…want to play footsie ok lah! Anytime!!! LOL!!!…The scruffy look puts me off!!! Macam baru bangun tidur!

  23. Ooo…”scruffy” you mean…well,that look suits some people, eg. Daughtery, David Cook…hehehe…

    But the “baru bangun tidur” look…I thought that’s supposed to be sexy? No meh? I’ve heard ppl say that seeing ur loved one’s face when they baru bangun tidur – that’s the most beautiful sight? 😉

    Sexy? Eyew…..

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