When I first heard Shania Twain singing this song, I thought she was doing a Hokkien number about somebody’s butt…but actually, it is about shopping and spending money and “ka-ching” is supposed to be the sound of the cash register. Well, there has been much groaning and moaning about the current rising prices of food and everything else, not that it is going to help one bit.  I guess we’ll just have to set our own priorities when it comes to spending… That plasma screen TV will have to wait…no point getting that new outfit, no matter how irresistable it may seem (especially when your wardrobe is already bursting at the seams with all the clothes you hardly ever use)…don’t go to the hair salon when you can get a decent haircut at the corner barber shop for 10% of the price…the house doesn’t really need a new coat of paint…and watch those credit cards! Remember you’ll have to pay them sooner or later.  Well, I can go on and on and I’m sure everybody has their own ways to cope with the pinch of this economic crisis.

However, even in the face of such pressing circumstances, I don’t see any reason why we should deprive ourselves completely. Personally, I would think that time and again, if we can spare the dough, we should pamper ourselves… After all, don’t we deserve it?  We can still go on a holiday to some affordable place.  The rest and relaxation can do wonders to rejuvenate the body and soul. Instead of going some place where we will be bugged by the huge difference in the exchange rates, go somewhere cheaper, be it in our own country. I was in Penang recently and just sitting at the window in the hotel and looking out could bring so much pleasure…

I took that photo from my hotel room…and just round the corner down the road, at that white building on the right is Salsas. You can google to see the many posts (and the pics of the mouth-watering fare that they serve there) in various blogs that have featured the place. Fine dining once in a while seems to give my spirit that much-needed boost…and it does not have to be expensive! One set 4-course dinner there costs around RM30, if I can remember correctly…but remember, only if you think it’s worth it.  Otherwise, before that building is a food place with lots and lots of hawker stalls selling cheap delicious food!!! The locals will tell you this is better here and that is better there…but think of the taxi fare! Going anywhere around the city centre is about RM10 per trip, mind you!!! So forget about taxis…and walk! The exercise will do you good!

Well, what if sweating it out at some hawker place is not your cup of tea and you have your mind set on fine dining? You are dying to try that irresistable plate of pasta with lobster that somebody has been so kind as to send to you via MMS to drool over…


Well, maybe you can persuade a generous friend to take you there! If I’m not mistaken, that’s from Little Italy in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, so Melbie!!! Congratulations!! You’ve just got yourself a date with STP when he’s going over and you’re treating him to that…!!! Mamma mia!!! ROTFLMAO!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Ka-ching…”

  1. Mmmmm….nice pasta. I used to enjoy Penang hawker fare but i think it is now over-rated and bloody expensive.

    Anyways, hold your horses on Kuching’s supposedly “most eligible bachelor” going to KL. He’s still in Kuching airport reading some Sibu blog. Hahah…flite delay.

    I have to agree!!! They’re ok…nice but nothing much really to shout about!!…Hahahahahaha!!!! Well, look on the bright side!!! At least, you get to be entertained! Gosh!!! Seems that flight delays are the order of the day these few days! Heard of a number already! Wonder what’s going on!!!

  2. yes, yes, an annual horniday is a must. but hor, after the horniday, still want another horniday to recuperate fr the previous one… heh…

    Especially at our age hor??? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  3. Ish ish ish…not Little Italy lah…Grazie!

    Ok, melbie…you know where that is? And Man-D can take me to Little Italy. Archie, where are you taking me? Ah! That German place….! I love the food there!!! LOL!!!

  4. luckily i had my dinner this time before reading this post

    Not another AuD$30 plus dish, I hope? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. dont eat at gurney drive lar.. expensive and not so nice.. call me if u’re coming YEYEYEY..

    I know! Went there and was so disappointed! Food not nice at all, what u mean not so nice? The people so rude too!!! The hawker centre along Penang Road, Red Garden or something, a lot nicer and cheaper…

  6. ROTFLMAO! <– everytime i saw this, I tot the last 4 character is a LinMAO lol!!! anyway, “kanching”? I tot the correct spelling is “Kacheng”? (Lu eh kacheng la!!!) <– This is what I always heard from my dad… LoL!!!

    U speak Hokkien too? Why does ur dad always talk about “kha cherng”? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  7. Want pasta, Clare’s Kitchen serves the best homecooked bolognese! Check my food blog *wink*

    Yup…thegluttonqueen.clareng.com, if anyone’s interested! Enter at your own risk! LOL!!!

  8. Uncle STP, wah si hokkien lang.. but dunno which hokkien lang came from LoL!!!

    I thought u Kadazan…YB potential!!!! Ooi!!! Apa uncle, uncle hah!!! LOL!!!

  9. Incidentally, ‘kaching’ is also the sound of the jewish piano….aka the cash register!

    Itu Jew lihai, but cannot lawan Foochow lah! You see Sibu Foochow all rich-rich one…except me! Sob! Sob!

  10. gosh! my last trip to penang was 10 yrs ago! drove there all the way from kl cos my hubby wanted to see the penang bridge n the toll fees on the way was not cheap either. but i like penang n i think the people there are very friendly n i remember having very nice tausar pau there. recently i discovered this penang har mee sauce a friend recommended. it is called ‘tean’s’ n i have been using a lot to cook the har mee n my family just loved it, like they say ‘bo hu, hay mar hor’! ( no fish prawns also can) my sis going to penang tomorrow so asked her to look out for this brand, here is abt A$3.00++ a pkt.

    Gosh! 1st time I’ve heard of people going all the way to Penang and eating tau sar pau there! 10 years!!! It’s VERY different now!…Long story, but it’s much nicer now compared to some 10 years ago…but I still prefer the Penang I got to know when I was there in 1973 (Eee!!! James Blunt’s song!). Aiyor…what’s A$3 for rich lau-pan-niang like u?

  11. Cocka Doodle : no wonder I quite good in POS System (cash register) LoL!!!

    U got so much money, archie??? So where are we going for dinner? LOL!

  12. Bukan khar cheng? I have a friend. Khar Meng. 😀 Slurrpp.. delicious looking pasta! I can’t cook any decent western food. 😦 Must learn!!

    ps : shania twain is hot.

    Ooo…u like older women, eh? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. hahaha … icing on the cake, eh STP?? LOL .. wahhh. such an honour..got a date with the famous STP some more … wooohoo! No problemo 🙂 Grazie is in Wawasan Plaza if I’m not mistaken, haven’t been there myself .. so we can go and try the food there together, STP! 🙂

    Won’t know exactly where it is! Haven’t been to KK for a year or two now!

  14. German? You’re talking about Gunter’s Gasthaus eh, STP? Okay that place memang need Archie to bring you, I cannot eat there .. too many pork dishes LOL .. my friends pun tak nak bawa I go there.. that’s what they told me… I wouldn’t have much choice to pick from the menu 😛

    Yes! Yes! That’s the place! At his house…the German guy with a Filipino/Sabahan wife or something!

  15. What can I say? Life goes on no matter what. You got to eat, you got to have entertainment (traveling). Perhaps what we can do is cutting down unnecessary expenditure. You are giving us some good examples in the post.

    Glad u think so!!! Ur first time here? Welcome…and do drop by again, ya!

  16. Itu rich-rich mia foochow from sibu ah? Want to make one cent from them also damn difficult wan.

    Didn’t I tell u so? Mana itu jew can lawan!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. Archie.. you’ve got yourself a date with STP to dine at Gunther’s! 🙂 Just in case you don’t know where that is.. it’s in Likas hehehe .. make sure you make an appointment in advance when STP visits us .. LOL

    Hahahahaha!!! Don’t get ur hopes up too high! Can’t get away at the moment due to family commitments…so not likely to go over anytime soon! But u’re all welcomed to come to Sibu… I’ll be here!!!

  18. the food look so delicious… i don’t agree with some comments saying that penang foods is over rated and expensive. meet me and i take you to good places with good foods 🙂

    you won’t regret… the last time i took a friend from kl he end up ate 2 bowls of laksa asam! 🙂

    But I don’t like asam laksa…! LOL!!! Come to Sibu and I’ll take you to all the nice places to eat!!! Just as nice or even nicer…and a lot cheaper!!! But then, Penang’s a city mah…

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