Photographs and memories…

In the good ol’ days, people would have a stack of photo albums under the coffee table in the living room of their houses.  Anyone who dropped in was welcomed to browse through the photographs inside…and those would make up their topics of conversation.

For instance, flipping through my photo albums, you may come across this one…

(Footnote: The photo has been blurred to protect the innocent! Hehehehehe!!! Good excuse, eh?)

You: Gosh! What short skirts!!!

Me: Mini-skirts were in fashion then.

You: Ooo…that one’s got nice, sexy legs!

Me: That’s Teresa! We used to call her “Thui Sa” (strip)! LOL!!!

…or this one!!!

You: Omigawd!!! Is that you?

Me: Yes! I was on my way to Santubong on a picnic.  Those days where got such nice roads like today. It wasn’t so easily accessible then!

You: Gosh! You were so slim then! What happened?

Me: Haiz…time has been so cruel to me…. (Hahahahahaha!!!!!)

Then, you spot this one…

You: And who were those girls with you?

Me: That’s Sophia and her sis.

You: Sophia? Which one?

Me: Haiya!!! You see her lips like Sophia Loren, u know already lah!!!

You:  That one kah? But she looks more glamorous today leh?

Me: Those days where got like today! At best, they had Hazeline Snow or Oil of Ulan.

You: Huh? U what Lan?

Me: Today, it’s called Oil of Ulay lah! Dunno why they changed the name. Still got people use kah? These days, they have all those stuff like Estee Lauder, SKII…

Ah…photographs and all those memories that each of them may bring!!! Sadly, in this present day and age of digital cameras, most people don’t bother to develop their photos anymore…well, definitely not as much as before! If you want to see one, they”ll let you have a glimpse on their PC or laptop…or maybe if they’ve converted it to vcd, then they can play it on their dvd player and show you the slideshow on their plasma TV screen, the background music blaring in your ears! Sigh! Somehow, it’s just not the same anymore…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

47 thoughts on “Photographs and memories…”

  1. wah sai suituapui! you so slim and rugged back then. what happened to you? 😛 the last photo damn stylish haha! showing off bit of chest, long hair, any gold necklace there? kah! kah! kah! the girl on the far right was oogling at you? 😛

    ps : want to be back to that time.. so many girls in mini skirts 😀 *salivating*

    Ooi…what u doing peering into my plunging neckline hah??? Hahahahaha!!!!…No gold necklace lah! Itu Along punya style! But I used all kinds of trendy stuff! I remember once I used an antique-looking bottle opener on a black string!!! Groovy lah!!! LOL!!!

  2. wah wah wah…. so svelte and very charming… with a lot of ladies around! tsk tsk tsk…..

    …Prince Charming??? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  3. gosh… its like seeing to my future LOL

    No, that’s like looking at you now. But if u take a look at me now, that’s like seeing into your future!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  4. Sophia ogling at STP? Hahahah….ewwww.
    Dude,love the shorts…LOL

    And why are u looking at me there? That z.u.l oso smsed me saying, “Hot pants!!!” Gee!!!! Bahaya semua ni! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Remember I was talking to you about old photos and skinny people last time? And you die die also don’t want to let me see your picture when you were young and slim. Now hor, you went and post it here for the world to see summore. How can lah!!!

    PS: When browsing old pictures from my grandpa’s album, my uncle saw the picture of my auntie (his wife) in very very short skirt and he went “PHEEEEWWEEETTT!!!” and last time the school uniform also can so short wan. Now not syok liao, all almost sampai lutut!

    This is why dun wan show u my pics lah!!! Everybody see so sexciting….Hawt! Hawt!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

  6. Hi suituapui, vey nic pics. still remember your slim and sexy shorts days. haha. Oh Sophia and sis still very pretty.

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Those were the days!!!…And u mean in the pic kah? Now the two of them not so pretty anymore kah??? Oops…I didn’t say that!!!! LOL!!!

  7. Hey STP, Last nite I went to watch Peterpan concert with 4 other Jackfruit Villagers. U should have been there, that Ariel guy can sing live very well. Am very impressed. There were two guest bands to kickstart the concert, some local band that i cant be bothered to remember the name and OAG. OAG sounded really crap compared to Peterpan. Sungguh memalukan for Malaysian bands.

    That one at stadium, rite? No thanks! So hot…later I sweat so much…end up looking like sexy wet t-shirt model!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! U guys went to see STM at Bing’s???

  8. Gasp! You were soooooo cute. Heart shaped face, alluring smile, smooth skin.. the list goes on. Surrounded by hot gals in mini skirt everywhere you went huh? >wink<

    Irresistable, beyonce??? To the left, to the left!!!…I wonder what’s to the left!!! LOL!!!….Sigh!!!…now one look, all the hot gals run away liao lor!!! So kesian!!!

  9. Thresa the Thui Sa, haha… Ooo…the older you are, the more handsome you were….

    Hey!! I noticed the use of the past tense “were”!!! U think I won’t realise that hor!!!…But since this is ur first time at SCAATY, I’ll excuse u! Welcome…and do drop by again, ya? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. kinda think of it… nowadays…memories are in danger of being lost literally forever. If you put in your thumb drive it will disappear. CDs it will disintegrate is 20 years. DVDs in 30years… even if it survive those 30 years the technology to read it will become obsolete in 10 years so people! go develop your cherish pics before it pixalated into thin air

    btw STP…. what was you waist measurement at that time eh..

    Everyone, take note, ya!!! Me, no problem!!! Still using my conventional camera!!! LOL!……Whew!!! Thank goodness he didn’t ask for any other measurement!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!….32 lah! That was the smallest I got down to!!!

  11. btw those hot pants is very kylie minogue-ish…. “i’m turning around….. lol”

    Ooi! Stop looking at me there!!!…Kylie? “Na na na na na na na…..can’t get u out of my head (Wriggle…wriggle butt!!!)…..” Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  12. oil of tulan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… ok ok NOT funny…

    U getting notty hor!!! How old u hah??? This blog rated SX-21, yunno!!!…Later Lindy Sister runs after me…wanna skin me alive!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!! (Btw, Lindy Sister called me last nite…)

  13. hey, I do develop/print my photos! 🙂 Gosh, I’m such a traditionalist eh?? LOL

    The thing about printed photos is that they’re in danger of being damaged as time goes by… I want to scan all my photos in my album so that I can “preserve” them and print them again whenever I want to hehe … but haih… hilang pula scanner punya installer hehe .. old one too, so can’t download over the net..

    p.s: the slim stp surrounded by ladies in mini skirts … wah, hebat sekali ya tuan… heheheh

    Me…no scanner!!! Malas want to buy and pasang!!! Last time, used school’s!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!!…STP now yang pakai long skirts pun tak ada dah!!!

  14. lol, sir.. looking at those pics, at what point exactly did your metabolism function shut itself down completely ?? hahhaa… 😡 jangan marah ye.. hehe

    …the day I got married!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! Moral of the story: Don’t marry a wife who can cook very well!!! LOL!!!

  15. Next post the photo with the long blue coat. You still have the huge peace sign thingy kah?

    Ah…the outfit that won me the Mr. Groovy title!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Still got the trophy…no more silver colour!!! That’s all that’s left of that point in time…and some photos!!!

  16. Concert in indoor stadium wif aircon lar. Yes, was at Bing when STM performed but it was boring so we left to watch football. hahah….
    Big peace sign?? wah… did u spot an afro and smoke w*** too?

    70s…hippie era!!! Flower power! Make love not war!!!…Nope…didn’t have afro, and didn’t smoke pot!!! Got some friends on grass though…but not me! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  17. Photos too blur to appreciate lah….yes i’m still complaining about the quality of your pics.

    As I have said in my replies to other comments, I have one conventional camera, no scanner and a cheap handphone that…blimey!…can take photographs!!! And I don’t intend to get anything better! Different people have different priorities and idiosyncracies and I am quite happy with the way things are!!! I was hoping people who come here would want to read what I write but I guess I’m sadly mistaken, old goondu that I am…! After all, this isn’t a photo blog! Just too bad if the poor quality pics put u or anybody else off!

  18. Aiya STP, I was hoping you said you smoked pot before. I wonder what that’s like. I think I want to try one of these days…LOL..among people I trust of course..!Hee hee..

    Maybe I was too well-disciplined…or just plain chicken, so when I was in a room with the rest of them while they were puffing ganja, I didn’t touch the stuff!!! Didn’t know anything about secondary smoking at the time!!! I wonder if any of it went to my head…..

  19. Where on earth did you get those pics?Have not seen them myself! I wonder how old I was then? Any idea? I must admit I too don’t look bad. In fact, still looking ok me thinks! Ha! Ha! Real vainpot lah!

    They’re from my old photo albums; all falling apart now so I’ll have to buy new albums to keep all these “gems”!!! U were 18…and we were on our Hari Raya visiting rounds…at the Borhans. Wonder where they all are now! Got another one at Arif’s… Sigh!!! How time flies!!!

  20. i’m nothing compared to you XDXD

    Ooi, hensem boy!!! Either you are very, very humble…or u have very low self-esteem!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  21. 1st photo so blur, i know a tuisa, same one u no?u r so dated, no one wants to look like sophia loren now, she already tua u no, ppl now wants to have angelina lips, or jessica alba. u in the 3rd photo a bit like kenny bee with a twist! (remember him from Wynners) so what happened to that badan, laksa laxative not affecting anymore kah?! Now give u constipation instead? try metamucil lah! masih ada harapan don’t give up!

    Not ur Thui Sa lah!!! Ooi! Sophia Loren is an icon lah! A classic! How can those babies compare to her??? Kenny who??? And if I should ever slim down, my missus will think it’s because of either one of two things – I’ve got a mistress or I’ve got cancer!!! Choi!!! Choi!!! Ptui! Ptui!!! Touch wood!!!!

  22. Lol… Can compete with Tom Kurus … hahaha… Old photos bring back priceless moments… Btw.. I think you can make girls drool over you that time..hehehe…

    Yalor! Now cannot oredi lah!!! So sad hor!!! LOL!!!

  23. “..And I don’t intend to get anything better! Different people have different priorities and idiosyncracies and I am quite happy with the way things are!!! I was hoping people who come here would want to read what I write but I guess I’m sadly mistaken, old goondu that I am…! After all, this isn’t a photo blog! Just too bad if the poor quality pics put u or anybody else off! ”


    Then don’t put photos lor!! LOL again!

    Gosh! That’s the best thing I’ve heard for a long time!!!…Like in my earlier posts! No photos!!!…Then people started grumbling and complaining and some people will never know when to stop! Somebody’s asking me to post a video now!! Lord have mercy!!! Want see video, go Youtube lah! Lots over there!!!

  24. woohoo Stella…better not recommend those! Sekali electrolyte imbalance! Is there a laksa laxative? Which stall is this? LOL. Must be listed in the unofficial “how to lose weight fast – sarawak edition” journal.

    She’s talking about eating laksa in order to “lau sai” and stay slim lah!!! Oh dear! Stella, u sure u not anorexic??? U suffering from depression or what??? Hahahahahaha!!!!! Now I can eat anything…no effect!!!

  25. That my dear gerrie u have to ask STP. I think he knows negative, positive, laxative to addictive,the testimony is shown in that badan of his!! lol!!ps maybe instead of imbalance will balance him lah!

    The heavier…the better the balance!!!…Right or not? Any Physics expert can help here??? Bongkersz…u engineer? Or Daniel???

  26. STP very happy and jolly with himself, and that’s what’s most important. Agree?

    STP, I’ve been too hard on you about his pics, so I apologize. It’s your blog so I’ll just squint if I want to see the photos…

    That’s the most important thing, isn’t it? Being happy AND contented with what one has!!!…Actually, Tom Selleck aka Indiana Jones was here all night making his travel booking online…so I wasn’t able to reply to comments till now!!!! Just left minutes ago… so here I am!!! And since u already apologised, apology accepted lah!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  27. Ditto to everything u said abt STP, Gerrie! all comments are made in light gesture only thrown in with a pinch of salt to make it more thrilling but no offence or insult intended. so pls don’t get ‘senukup’ ok!!is that the word or is it ‘sekatap’ always got this two confused!

    “Senukup” is gila-gila, a few screws loose like u! Hahahahaha!!!! Or does it mean foolish? Seketap, I think, means chay-bin-chiaw…little bit get angry! Gundot, help! Saab is grumpy, that I know…and I will admit to being “tau nyai”!!!! Love to tease little kids and make them cry…just for the pleasure of tormenting them!!! LOL!!!

  28. Wah…remind me of going through my parents old pics…memang you guys very “groovy” fashion la then…hehe…and in the 3rd pic…You so handsome lah!!! 😉 Strangely, that pic reminds me of Bong when he still had hair…wakakaka…

    Omigawd!!! The pics must be really, really bad!!! Gosh! How can I ever compare with bongkersz??? If he sees this, his hair will start sprouting overnight!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Gee! If blur photos make me look like bongkersz, everybody…from now on, you’ll get nothing but blur photos!!!! Me look like bongkersz so hensem! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  29. The bellbottoms helped keep Sibu streets clean back then ah? Hahahahahaha!!

    Fuiyoh! STP really looked like HK movie star leh last time. Now look like bollywood star with that potbelly. LOL

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! U oso 1/2 kati 8 tahils lah!!! Same era!!!…And I thought u were going to say that I looked like Shah Rukh Khan…or at least, like Ami tak belacan!!! LOL!!!

  30. STP, Im still wondering….how young r u now…. those picture that taken like black and white nia… that’s mean… during my dad and mun time LoL!!! how young r u ah? I think more than 50+++++++++++

    What lah? U think I young guy like all of u!!! I’m as old as the hills! And older than many of your parents!!! 55 going on 56 lah! LOL!!!

  31. Awal Awal I go check yr comment b4 going out to see if STP marah with us or not?? What did I get but insults to the max…!!! Haiya! doesn’t pay to be nice to STP man! and Amen to everything u said, the depressions, anorexics, laxatives n the senukups, learnt from the best mah! who else but STP!!!lol!!!

    Haiyor!!! I should have waited longer!!! Then more comments!!! Almost hitting 40 now!!!…U awal awal want to go where??? Thought u lady of leisure…everyday goyang kaki wan???…Ooi! Good things u learnt from STP, bad things…u picked them up urself from dunno where!!! LOL!!!!!

  32. Tom whooooo? LOL. Very thin like Ah Pek nowadays lah. The two girls keep on nagging him about eating proper meals.

    No leh…! Looks exactly the same. U want him fat like STP kah??? Aduh!!! As they say, “square meals make round people”!!!

  33. Laksa lax, easy go to the dirtiest stall where you get lots of flies eggs. Deadly. 100% effective. Or put in lots of santan. Oh dont forget put extra chili and have fun in the loo.

    A lot where my anak is rite now!!! Food not provided in the institute, have to eat at stalls across the road! Eyew…u go and see those places, you’ll think any place in Sibu is heaven on earth!!!

    P.S. 39th! One more to the 40th comment!!! Good grief!!! My sexy photos attracted the most number of visits since I started this blog!!!Did much better than the food posts!!! LOL!!!

  34. Ok…let me hit No.40 for you. hahah. Wont be visiting this blog for the next few days, will be flying off to KL this pm. Any good food there to recommend? hehe

    KL food? Dunno lah! Just don’t go Jalan Alor! Errr….I mean the food there is expensive and yucky!!! U go for other purposes, that’s ur bizniz! LOL!!! Wah! Sarawak’s most eligible bachelor going to KL!!! Bongkersz…quick! Get all the girls to line up…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  35. should consider posting more revealing photos next time, sure attracts 80 comments 😛

    mar, tengkiu tengkiu.. didn’t know i look so handsome. *blushes blushes*

    Chesh! Don’t pretend!!! So syiok sendiri people say you’re handsome! LOL!!! Ooo…you’re going to post ur naked pics!!!! Faster! Faster!! Everyone’s waiting! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  36. It goes to show things are ephemeral. I think the fact that people put on weight and a few unsightly wrinkles is to show us that the content of a person matters most. And I really had a good laugh at the way you look at life captured in Kodak moments.

    How very true! As they say, beauty lies within! Glad u found it all amusing! And btw, welcome…and do drop a line or to regularly, ya?

  37. Uncle STP, (since u said u r coming to 56, just matematical nia keke!), if you post ur current picture here.. I am sure.. ur comments will hit 1000 like kena jackpot LOL!!!

    Ooi!!! Just STP will be fine!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Current pic? Who would want to see a big, fat and ugly old man??? Nanti tiga hari tak ada selera makan!!! LOL!!!

  38. Eh unker, where got from your era? You retired already and I’m far from it still.

    U not my era kah? I heard ur sons all graduated oredi leh? U married 14-15 years old kah?

  39. STP,you sure you’re not just being modest? Hehe.
    Bongkersz, eh…I thought its an open secret I prefered you with hair? Wakakakaka…

    No, I’m being honest!!! Sob! Sob!…But actually, he didn’t have must hair left! The receding hairline already reaching almost half his head and he was covering it with that from the back!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Sure he marah when he sees this!!!! Habis I kena fire!!!! LOL!!!!

  40. No lah…I become father to 1 dotter at 22.
    She just graduated and she’s 24. Want to match make anot? I want a rich foochow son-in-law. Muahahahahahahaha!!!

    Me oso daughter lah! U ask nyonya lah!!! TWO handsome sons…graduate or!!!! U want Foochow kah? Well, the first and most important question! How much you want to sell? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  41. Really STP? Then that would explain why he suddenly go bald on me…*sobs* ROFLMAO!!!!

    You go and check lah! Oops…too late! All his hair is gone now! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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