Be our guest…

Recently, somebody sent me an sms telling me that he would be coming to Sibu later this month and asking me what he could do here. Well, I replied, “Eat, eat, eat…and eat!” Indeed, there are so many things here for gourmets/gluttons (*Delete as applicable) to enjoy.

Upon arrival in the morning, you can go for the typical Foochow specialties such as kampua, tian mian ngu, Foochow fried noodles-wet (with gravy, that is!) or mee sua in chicken (You can opt for the black variety!) soup cooked with ang chiew (red wine) and so on and so forth. For lunch, you can head to Ruby where they have all kinds of delicious choices to offer. A number have been featured in other blogs, for instance bongkersz or cibol’s, but other than those, you may want to try the Honey Pork Ribs…

…or you may prefer the calamari with mayonnaise…

Gosh! My daughter’s going to kill me when she sees this post; these are two of her favourites. And don’t forget the special Blended Iced Kopi-O!! That’s something not to be missed!

Later, for tea, perhaps you would like a Bak Chang (meat dumpling) with salted duck egg (I wish they had double egg yolks as in those mooncakes!)…

or maybe you would prefer some Foochow delicacies such as kompia or mang-nging (what Gundot calls “lampah kueh” because of its shape)…

Dinnertime, you can have some western cuisine for a change. There is a hotel here where the coffee house serves both local (including umai, the Melanau raw-fish) and western dishes such as this plate of Fish & Chips for only RM11…

or perhaps you would rather go for Grilled Lamb Chops instead for only RM14…

Oops!!! Wrong pic! I got this one from Gundot…and I guess she got it from some fella in Kuala Penyu;actual source unknown! Now, let’s try again!…..

Yup! That’s the one! After having gorged yourself on all that, anyone care for supper…??? Hahahahaha!!!

And that is just the first day! If you are staying for a few days, rest assured that you will eventually become a worthy successor to yours truly…SUITUAPUI!!! LOL!!! Welcome to Sibu!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Be our guest…”

  1. wah.. why you sounded like you’re offering to treat me to all those food you mentioned? haha..

    walao eh, what are those ppl doing there? lucky saw the backside if not really tot they are sheep..

    No problem! Just let me know when u’re coming and I’ll treat u to all-you-can-eat!!! Gee…you’ve got eyesight problem! Luckily not so bad yet!!! LOL!!!

  2. Hmmm…you know what’s my fav Sibu food? It’s the Olive of the Rejang River, Buah Dabai….it’s yummy….but most of my friends don’t like it, such a pity. From your post, Sibu is not a place for weight watchers to go to eh?

    Ooo…I love dabai! Looks like we share the same taste! It’s seasonal…but we’ve been getting lots of rain so maybe, we’ll have a lot later this year! Weight-watchers??? Why do you think I’m this shape and size? LOL!!!

  3. Become your successor?? Wah.. dangerous leh… then Bongkersz dun wanna date me liao.. how??? Hahaha…

    Got nice kueh chap there?

    Never mind! I date u lor! Sama-sama stp!!!…Kueh chap, you’ll have to go to Kuching. We’ve got a few stalls selling…;nice, but not quite the same!!!

  4. why do i always visit your blog at the wrong time???lol..i’m so hungry now and yet those pictures are making me craving for more food later on!!hahaha

    Like pregnant woman hor??? Hahahahaha!!!! That’s the whole idea!!! Drool!! Drool!!!….I am so mean!!! LOL!!!

  5. 5pm.Evening snack -depending on how hungry you are, theres a choice between Ferry Kebab,Ferry Chicken Wings or Keropok Lekor!
    At night, visit the Pasar Malam. Dont forget the ‘palak babi’ and a whole range of pig’s insides!!! They even have fried chicken head! No typing mistake. Its the head plus a long stretch of neck. 3 for RM1.Yes, bdq,gross to the max!

    Yes!!! Come to Sibu…where the eating never stops!!! Gee! STB should employ me to promote Sibu as a tourist destination hor???

  6. grrr…. food again? du lan liao…. i miss all that food

    Du lan…I think Sibu pasar malam got! Panggang one! That u have to ask gundot!!! I don’t go there! So hot!!! Basah kunyung!!!

  7. Eyew.. gross.. what are those people doing without a stitch on? Must be a japanese ritual ceremony huh? STP, fancy meeting u there this morning. I had szechuan kueh teow, nice and spicy… What did u hv?

    All the alluring photos of food…and u only noticed that photo kah? LOL!!! Dunno! The original caption is “Kiwi Eye Test”!…Small world, isn’t it? I had the beef noodles! Nice…but not as substantial as before and ingredients limited!!! Not photo-worthy so I didn’t take!

  8. makan lagi….. woOooO tian mian ngu.. one of my favourites..

    So when are you coming to Sibu??? Yum!! Yum!!!…U scared u’ll go back to ur former shape and size? Hahahahahaha!!!!!! All from the same stock…so can’t escape lah!!!

  9. First, I simply must reiterate that you need a better digital cam for food cam-whoring.

    Maybe I should go Sibu again soon….hee!

    Look on the bright side! At least it makes the irresistable food not that irresistable!!! LOL!!!! Come! Come!

  10. Need to be in Sibu a few days to eat what has been mentioned. Last trip, I was perpetually satiated, and then had to fly off already. Sigh!

    By the way the pic of the grilled lamb chops…not appetising. Is everything served with french fries? I think the foochow dishes are yummy in Sibu, but not the asianised western dishes.

    wah…food at 5 pm, then dinner, then supper….chiak pa ko chiak kak pa!I read that dinner must be our smallest meal, since the body is already preparing for rest and rejuvenation.

    They seem pretty generous with the fries! Nicer than the ones at fast food joints…but personally I prefer mashed! The lamb chops at this place ARE nice, take my word for it! And that price is unbeatable!!!…Ah well, not everyone will follow what they read!!! Hehehehehehe! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

  11. Alamak! ‘Da-kek”! man, m telling myself to lose 5kg b4 visiting sibu, don’t want to be STPjunior!(LOL!) m going to hunt u down so u can deliver to me all this yummy food u deliver in yr blog!

    5 kg only? Make it 10!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I think the last time u came I was out of town! Should be around this time…cos I don’t get to travel that much now!!! No more CHOGM, nope…not the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, but rather Cheap Holiday On Government Money! LOL!!!!!

  12. Wahlau…so much too eat in one day? I surrender awal2 liao…but for good food I sanggup, just small portion each time lah…then u can finish the rest..kekeke…

    Wah….so heran what those “sheeps” are doing…

    Oooo…I would love to go out makan with u!!! Can have extra!!! LOL!! Dunno what they’re doing! Any wise suggestion, anybody? Hahahahaha!!!!

  13. So much to try but so little time! When next I go to Sibu, will go for some of these dishes. Need to hit the treadmill after the Sibu trip though! Apart from food, what else is there to do in Sibu? What about shopping? Heard the dresses quite cheap. Hopefully doesn’t tear after one machine wash.

    Figure conscious eh? I dun really know but they say the prices of clothes here can be half of those in Kuching for the same thing! T-shirts and shirts and pants! Dunno about ladies stuff. A friend will buy all his outfits in Sibu…not me! Dun have my size!!!

  14. Stella, you wanna be my diet buddy? LOL!

    Not another Facebook group, I hope! 3 members – u, stella and sophia!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  15. To Gerrie, bring it on babe!! but until my visit to sibu ok!! but if STP keep on blogging abt all this yummy food, how to go on diet!!?? maybe shld resort to his laksa laxative if we r desperate enough!!

    Gosh! Desperate, aren’t you??? Hahahahaha!!!!! Fat nice and cuddly mah!

  16. STP, must bring Stella n Gerrie for “Filipin tu kah” at bus station. Now you get everyone wanting to go Sibu.

    Ooooo…haven’t had that for ages! Must go one of these days! Lots nicer than the one at the Filipino place in Kuching! Yum! Yum! But I still like the one at Gashaus in KK!!!! Drooooool!!!

  17. Gundot, sorry lah….am not tu kah person! I have this aversion to the smell of certain pork, so unless its really cured or smoked (a la ham maybe), the smell makes me want to gag. So please count me out on that feast.

    Stella, now I kin teo. LOL

    Not me! I eat anything! Well…almost!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  18. believe me, i’m working hard to stay tiny. haha….

    Don’t shrink anymore! You may just disappear into thin air!!! LOL!

  19. Wah…. drool. No wonder Sibu people so round round.

    …and that includes u, I guess? LOL!!! Welcome…certainly took a long time for u to get here hor! Finally, all that food did it!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  20. Don’t like chips (I swore off fries since attempting to eat 30 large McD’s Shakey fries with the other bloggers last year) but give me Chinese anytime! Just had McBreakfast moments ago, damn, should read this when I’m really hungry, hahaha!

    Old bus station tian mian ngu, sg. merah’s cha zhu (the coffeeshop next to the wet market has really good cha zhu mee, kuey tiao tomato-they use maggi tomato, fish mee, pai kut mee, cha mee, cha kuey tiao, etc) have u tried that before?

    Supper can go central market eat ah kiap mee, aka roasted teochew pork mee or something like that. It used to be operating from a stall at the alley next to standard charted bank at night but has moved to central market since the restructuring of traffic direction in Sibu. My dad said the old man named Ah Kiap has been there selling the mee since they were young. Usually start at 8.30pm like that. Kampua-like but tastier, they use mee pok instead of the typical kampua. But I don’t know the quality of the taste now lar.

    Yucks! McBreakfast??? I think I’ll pass! Tian Mian Ngu must go to Grace now, Dewan Suarah area! The ori not so good anymore! And the sg merah one…oso not so good since they moved to the new shopblock! Tomato kwei tiaw, I miss the Palm Road one in Kuching, no more and dunno where they’ve gone to… Have never been to Central Market! Hot lah! STP cannot tahan…must go aircon place! Hahahahahaha!!!! Oh! That Chartered Bank stall! Nice…but I stopped going (those days) when word went round that the wife had TB!!!! Eyew…!

  21. Gundot, the Phillipines Roasted Tu Kah at the new bus terminal there not that nice anymore. It has deteriorated the last time we had the dish during our first bloggers’ meet last year. Deteriorated to the extent that I swore off having the tu kah there. I loved it to death initially – the crispy skin with juicy meat and their signature sauce to go with it. The last time I ate, the skin is lembik and rubbery and the meat siap siap. Not nice at all liao!

    Bizniz not so good now, it seems…not like last time, have to wait and grab a table! I had the one at Yi Shiang (aircon restaurant in the same area) and it was quite nice. Kingwood had good ones before, dunno now!!! I’d prefer to buy home and eat with sambal belacan….Ooooooo!!! Suddenly forgot about all that fat!! Yum! Yum!!

  22. Wow, all those look really good. I think I’ll chow down if I ever get there!

    Taste good too!!! Welcome…wherever u’re from. Thanks for dropping by!

  23. Tired of eating leh 😛 Hahahaha! Everytime I go back Sarawak it will another eating ritual for me.. lol! After eating that much in a day, next day how to move? Next day pang sai at home, the next next day continue.. 😀

    Suituapui, which one is you in that ‘sheeps’ photo? 😀 I can’t see anyone with big enough ass to resemble you..

    …and the fox said, “Humph!!! Those grapes must be sour!!!” Hahahahaha!!!! Blimey! U’ve seen my ass before??? ROTFLMAO!!!

  24. *drools* but like mar, I surrender awal².. but I do like to sample each dish ah .. kenyang ody, the rest are for you to stuff yourself with LOL ..

    That’s why I am the way I am – like a stuffed teddy bear! Always sapu the leftovers! After all, as they say, it’s a sin to waste…! LOL!

  25. walaoeh!!! now I know why STP like use this name “SUITUAPUI” 😛 Anyway, kompia or mang-nging or so-called “lampah kueh” really look like a LAMPAH ah? LoL

    U’ve been here b4?…Can’t recall any archie, just cibol! But cibol throw stones (buang batu), long time didn’t comment so had to go thru’ moderation! Nyamai dek, cibol!!! LOL!!!…Wait till gundot emails me the photo and then I can post for u to see!!! True! Those mang-nging looks like scrotums, but not the kompia!

  26. ha ha ha .. best, so .. must goty pics rite .. great .. we’ll be seeing more of that then .. ha ha ha

    …Still lots of complaints lah!!! My pics blur blur one…like the person!!! LOL!!!

  27. Oh gosh.. I miss foochow delicacies so much!! kompiang, kampua, lohmee, redwine meesuah.. AaaahHh!!!

    Mine is from Setiawan, not sure if it’s the same version as Sibu tho. But, I MISS those food!!

    Ah! Welcome, my Foochow cousin from Perak!!! I should think they’re the same or at least quite similar. Why do u miss all these? U’ve moved abroad???

  28. I never been to Sibu leh. Anyway, I cant wait to see the one so-called “Lampah Kueh” LoL !!! Lucky is a kueh… if KIA…… I dunno….

    Welcome! Welcome! But u have to fly from KK in the Fokker (No typo-error here, fellas!!! Don’t start having all kinds of ideas! LOL!)…which is not a very comfortable ride. But think of all the food waiting….wooooo!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

  29. Gerrie, even babi hutan ka? All cooked to perfection in kicap? Only Hiok has the patience to get rid of the bulu the traditional way. Me n STP, lazy just strip off the skin. Never that nice. STP, must check out my fav stall to see if got stock!!!! Blog that and Stella will take the next flight home!

    Ooo…haven’t had that for ages! Your friends at sungai merah wouldn’t sell to me lah!!! They looked at me suspiciously like I was some enforcement officer trying to catch them for selling endangered species!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! Next time u buy, get extra 2kg for me, ya! And ask Tom Selleck remove the hair for me too!!! The poomba’s, I mean…not his!!! LOL!!!!

  30. U no stella now knows how to make cina puchow tukah, yummy too! STP of course always need aircond got class (Klak!) mah! n Gerrie hope u ‘kin teo’ the right way eh! hehe!!Now i got to sit down. ‘ka-chin-song'(sour legs)! lol!! n Gundot i think i know who u r now! where is mat salleh? hehe!!

    Aiyor…only now you realise gundot’s Tom Selleck’s wife kah? Hahahahaha!!!!! My missus can cook the best phak lor too kah. That one eat with sambal belacan oso like heaven!!! And I love the hard-bolied eggs too!!! Drool! Drool! What’s wrong with your legs??? Pregnant again kah??? Hahahahaha!!!!!

  31. Good! Then its a date…WIN-WIN situation…I get to sample everything then you can sapu it all…haha…

    I wear sarong, ok? Can adjust the waistline!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  32. Hey STP…its been so long since I left you any comment…been busy lately…wahhhh…it will make me fat if I stay in Sibu…the foods looks yummy…goshhh! and what’s with the sheeps photo? aiyooo…sheep with no fur left…ROFL…

    Ya, I read in ur blog that u’d be bz…working sumwhere else in Sabah. Haiz…why do u think I’m sui-TUAPUI (Fatty)? No fur??? Can see kah? Guess they just got shaved sheared! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  33. hahaha teddy bear! 🙂 I was like that before, sapu habis the left over… thought it was really a waste to throw the food away … hehehe now not anymore.. not after that BP scare LOL …

    p.s: regarding the “justify”, check out my reply for your comment, posted a photo for you to look for that formatting hehe

    Oh dear!!! Back to the classroom!!! As they say, one is never too old to learn, ya??? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  34. eeeee…read your post also can put on weight lar! hahahhaa……

    psssst…..I tink I thaw tham ‘thau kooi-kooi’ mia orangs.

    Long time, no see, nyonya! So bz printing money, kah! People like me no need to eat, just smell or see pictures, already grow fat! Scientists say due to some hormones or sumting!!! LOL!!! “Thau kooi kooi” (stark naked)? That reminds me of another story…but I guess I’ll leave it to another post!!!

  35. yummy!!!!! stp u make me miss sibu food even more. can fedex them over to me? pretty with whipped cream, chopped nuts and cherry on top plzzz? =D

    Hello, judy! Thanks for dropping by! Gosh…nuts, cherries and cream! What symbolic connotations!!! Oops!!! Mustn’t be so hamsap when talking to syt’s (sweet young things)…but u’re over 18 oredi, rite? LOL!!! Do come again, ya!

  36. i think the purpose of this post is to provoke/disturb those sibukias who are x in sibu..evil…=.=’ damn miss bakchang,kompia,kampua and laksa sarawak but come to think of it penang is still malaysia’s top food heaven any time of the day…hehehe.. i think some1 has put a price on my head oredi 😡

    Oh dear! My evil scheme has been exposed!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!! Penang? I guess u must know the lubangs, and a bit pricey! Just across the border, at Sungai Petani, u get nice food too…and cheap!!! Every place will have their own specialties to offer and some places may be more expensive than others!!!

  37. learning is an ongoing process throughout our lives lah… hehe.. one should never stop learning 🙂

    so hungryyyyyy!!!!

    True! True!! That’s why I’ve started blogging!!! Keep this old brain active…!!! As they say, “Use it or lose it!!!”…..Hungry??? Hehehehehehe!!!…I am enjoying this torture!!!

  38. other old farts play mahjong to make them alert, suituapui is blogging! 😀 😀 damn, you are getting more comments than my blog, when i am actually the best blogger around kakakakakakakaka! (sorry angkat bola sikit..)

    Hehehehehe!!!! Eat ur heart out, bongkersz!!! STP rules!!!…Bola apa u nak angkat??? Banyak pompuan mahu angkat tau!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  39. Aiyo! Liddat I see u from far oledi I cabut liao! Hahaha…

    “Keep this old brain active…!!! As they say, “Use it or lose it!!!”… That’s so true! So you should thank all ur readers for keeping you senile! LOL!!!

    Don’t lah cabut when u see me!!! I’m a gentle giant, believe me!…..Hey! Keeping me from becoming senile lah!!! Touch wood!!! Hahahaha!!!

  40. Dear Arthur do you post any photo of tian mian ngu? Do you have any idea what’s the recipe for the batter? Thanks.

    Nope, no recipe. I’m not a fan of that and if you’re interested, they do sell dried ones now – sealed in plastic packs. I had it once, could not manage to finish even half a bowl. There’s a photo in this post – long ago when I was still using my hp camera:

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