Thank you for the music…(Part 1)

I love musicals! When I was small, my parents brought me to see movies like “Showboat”, “Lili”, “7 brides for 7 brothers”, “The King & I” and later, I also saw “My Fair Lady”, “The Sound of Music”, “Hello Dolly”…and in the late 70s, I saw “Grease”.  Little did I know then that over a decade later, I would be in a theatre in West End, London watching the real-life staged musical…


I was spending the weekend in London and I went to a booking agent somewhere around Piccadilly to get a matinee ticket for “Miss Saigon” but when I went back the next day, they had got me the ticket for the evening performance instead.  They were willing to give me a refund…but I had to see the show no matter what, so I got it…for 25 quid! I was already leaving but I changed my mind and went back. I told the man that I had planned to see a show that afternoon…so I asked him if he had any matinee tickets for any other show. He asked me what I wanted, and I asked, “Have you got ‘Phantom’?”…and he replied, “Yes, but you’ll have to come back next year to see it!” Good grief! Imagine people booking tickets a year ahead to see one of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s productions!!!

In the end, he asked me if I wanted “Grease”.  The show was about to start and he would sell it to me at face value – 28 quid and 50 p.  I grabbed it immediately…but as I was waiting for the show to begin, I had second thoughts.  I had seen the movie, I knew all the songs…; what the hell was I doing there and paying over RM100 for that (The exchange rate then was RM3.80 to 1 pound sterling)? My seat was quite near the stage, so I reckoned I got a good deal! When the show started, all those feelings disappeared.  It was one of the greatest experiences in my life!!! Everyone (yours truly included) had a whale of a time clapping and singing along with the songs… It was entertainment at its best!!

Then, that night I went to see Miss Saigon! Now, that was a totally different experience altogether. Despite being a musical, the theme was serious…and it had a moving plot.  This was the emotionally-charged scene where she had to say goodbye to her kid…


…and at that point in time, I missed my daughter back home, just around five years old at the time, so terribly that I cried buckets!!! However, it was a gallery seat…so I was very far up there (Binoculars were provided but I didn’t feel like using them!) and because of the top edge at the front part of the stage, I could not see the helicopter in the much-publicised helicopter landing scene! Darn! Still, I had no regrets going for it…  (To be continued

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19 thoughts on “Thank you for the music…(Part 1)”

  1. anyone cried? i dun like musical.. not enough special effect

    The young English girl sitting next to me didn’t cry at this scene…but at the final scene, after the main character shot herself, with her and her American GI lover (father of the child), she was sobbing like a baby!!!…

    You don’t know musicals until u’ve seen one!!! It’s all automated, mechanised now…the changing of the props, the scenes…and the sound effects – the helicopters flying around u, the bombings and shootings, the helicopter landing on stage during the Fall of Saigon etc!!! It was awesome! I hear for the Phantom of the Opera, the huge chandelier in the Opera House would fall on the audience….some kind of visual effect! Scary!!!

  2. I went to see Phantom in London, and cried for the phantom!For me, it’s mostly the music that moved me. Still think Andrew Lloyd Weber is a genius!
    I just watched this movie called “August Rush”, and it was rather enjoyable as well.
    Just heard Madonna’s “4 minutes”…can’t believe she’s turning 50!

    Oooo….I’m sooooo jealous!!! I wish I had gone to see Phantom when it was in Singapore! And Madonna….Ooooo that body!!!! (Blush! Blush! I hang my head in shame!!! ROTFLMAO!!!)

  3. Adoi! dunno u so cultured from young! so now turn to cultured pearls?? phantom was in melb. last yr. me friend went, but me not keen, went to boy from oz, hugh j. was great as p. allen. m seeing jason alexander(seinfeld) standup com. next wk. hope he is good! m a seinfeld fan.

    Stella Dimong? Gee! And I suspected u were “faith”! Now the mystery continues…LOL!!! Me of course lah! Mesti lah cultured! Got class! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. lol! musicals! i was involved in one “grease”..but only for the sound effects and songs… lol, the bagger actor for Danny had to lip sync cause he would butcher the songs.. make me susah edit only.. but it was fun! with all the dancing and singing along.. it was one of my favourite. we also did sound of music and my fair lady.. not easy la, producer almost had nervous breakdown doing the rehearsal…lol … those were the highlight of my life in this lousy a$$ crappy isolated college.. so sad 😦

    How I envy u! Wish I had all that when I was a student! Cherish all those learning experiences!! Why else do you think so many join the workforce virtually useless, good-for nothing? They would be the many who shun responsibilities, push everything to others! They don’t know what they’re losing out on!…Btw, if what u’re doing is making u so unhappy, why don’t u just quit? Life is no bed of roses;we just have to look for the silver linings in the clouds and learn how to appreciate the blessings, however small!!! Otherwise, all those negative feelings will gradually eat into u and destroy u! Think positive! “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world! Strive to be happy!

  5. I love musicals too! Went to Singapore to watch Phantom. It was absolutely out of this world! When I was in London,I went to watch The Lion King. Cost me 50 pounds but worth it. Took my daughter to watch her first musical. She thought the sounds were from pre recorded. Couldn’t believe the kids could sing so well and the sound! Wow!

    I was told they trained a number of kids for the part in “Miss Saigon” and they rotate…so that each kid will not have to stay up late every night and they don’t have to miss school either. A friend says her relative’s son is one of them!

  6. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend The Lion King & Mary Poppins! Yes, musicals can be moving at times but what an awesome experience. It’s been a while since I saw the Phantom but I did watch the film recently on DVD. Kinda like it…the Phantom’s quite hot. 🙂

    Mary Poppins? Ummm…I saw the movie! Maybe I’ll pass! One Julie Andrews is enough to last for a lifetime!!! LOL!!! Phantom hot? Eeee….u’re into those dark, mysterious characters??? Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. seen les miserables before.. but haha.. didn’t know how to appreciate it that time… LOL!

    They told me LesMis’ was good…but considering that I can’t see all, I think I would prefer many others! They’ve closed already, I think! Wrapped up the show, like “Cats” (And I won’t want to see a show about pussies either!!! Not that kind! ROTFLMAO!!!)!

  8. suituapui.. wow.. nice sharing..

    …more to come!!! And yunno lah! Old people got lots of stories to share! You should hear about how a Mat Salleh woman tried to pick me up when I was walking along a street in London!!! Hey! That can be another post! Wait ah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. Whoa! Musicals! iLove!!!

    My first ever live musical was Chang & Eng (the Siamese twins) and I fell totally in love with the music! So kam tong the songs.. although the music was almost the same for most songs, but it’s really really nice.. and u know what’s the worst thing I did? I didn’t buy the soundtrack!! ARRGGHH!!! I could hv kicked myself for that.. now, I couldn’t find any Chang & Eng soundtrack in any music store.. really sayang!! GRRR!!! That was also my first time at the Dewan Budaya in KL.. sat veli far also at the gallery.. and no binoculars… cheh..

    Over the past years, I’ve also watched Grease, The King & I, My Fair Lady, Saturday Night Fever, Cats (dun really like this meow meow show), Chicago, and of course, Phantom!! But I found it weird that I didn’t think POTO was that great even tho’ I watched at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London! How can?? I waited like my whole life to watch the Phantom live and in the end I didn’t think it was that great?? I must be gila that time… BUT, my first ‘experience’ with the Phantom was the movie a couple years back.. I was mesmerised by the movie.. but 2nd round at the theatre, not mesmerised liao.. weird, huh? I should hv watched other musicals too when I was in London but aiyoh, that time the exchange was 1 quid = RM7!! My Phantom tix was also a gallery seat, not too far, but got binoculars oso lor… 27.5 quid.. oh, and during the break, i find it cute that they sell ice creams in the theatre.. haha.. aiyoh, so cold liao summore eat ice cream?? 😛

    Aiyah, so cheong hei today.. too sexcited cos saw the word “musical” 😛

    I’d love to watch Ms. Saigon, Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge.. etc etc… hmmmm, speaking of which, this year still no big musicals coming to KL.. or maybe got, jz that I dunno!

    I owes envy u fellas in KL…owes get all the shows!!! U didn’t like Phantom? Maybe with all the hype, ur expectations were too high…or u couldn’t identify with the characters…nor were u into the music??? Or you kept comparing it to the movie? Funny…when I watched Grease, I didn’t think of the movie at all!!!

    Those ang moh even eat icecream in winter!!! They say it will keep them warm…..

  10. One more… Mamamia! I wish they’d come to M’sia!! They were in S’pore sometime last year, I think…

    Mamma mia!!! Watch out for the concluding episode of “Thank you for the music…” (Why do u think I chose this title? LOL!)

  11. Wow…watching it in Broadway itself, you lucky guy. It’s not easy to find a good musical in M’sia coz very often the productions are a letdown despite the price we pay. I have listed Broadway in my 1000 things to do list before I die but of course if I get to go to a really good musical outside broadway, I’ll be contented too lah.

    West End, London lah! Broadway’s in the states…and I’ve never been to the US. U didn’t go to one in Oz??? What about the local productions? Tunku? The one on P. Ramlee…or ah yes! Rose Chan!!!?? Oooooooo…….!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  12. I’d love to watch musical if I have the chance *make mental note to watch at least one musical in the next 5 years*

    There’s one on in Singapore right now…till April 27th! Bad timing! I just can’t get away right now! WE WILL ROCK YOU The Musical featuring the music of Queen!!! Ooo…I love Bohemian Rhapsody!

  13. Suituapui… I’ve got a nice song for you at my blog! LOL .. let’s go karaoke-ing together … 😛

    Karaoke?….Here I cooooome!!!!!!

  14. I never get the chance to watch any musical yet. One of the things I want to do in my life! I think I will love musical. Haha! I love the movies though! Grease, Phantom. If I have the chance to go to London, or US I definitely will try to spend time going for the musicals just to experience it myself!! Here in KL can go to KLPAC, or they also have musicals here but I yet to find any ‘kaki’ to watch it with me hahaha! I dread thinking of going to alone 😀 Heck I don’t even watch movies at cinema alone. Come Suituapui, if you in KL and that time there is a good show in town, we go. Kakakakakakakaka!

    Eeee…invite the ladies lah! So many standing in line! See! I can spot angeles in the queue…and kopisoh too!!! Hey! Cibol! Get lost!!! What are u doing in the queue??? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  15. oyooo… bongkersz doesnt want me to go with him oOo kan, suituapui??? He’s afraid I’ll molest him by running my fingers on his new tattoo maybe? hahha .. ops.. maybe he’s waiting for Man-D? But why invite you ah, suituapui??? Hmm.. something fishy going on here… LOL

    Maybe he likes vintage! Hey! Not me lah!!! I caught him playing “bong bong” in somebody’s blog! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Gosh! He’ll kill me for this!

  16. So sorry, pai seh I did not see the west end part…..i went to one theatere (not musical) here in Sydney,Midsummer Night’s Dream in 4 Indian languages by the Sri Lankan street people, it was really good though sometimes I had difficulty figuring out the conversations. I got discount for my ticket because I was 27years old and below. I was told that Tunku was really bad, you get to watch musicals in KL but sometimes it’s a gamble because the productions are not always good but KL Pac and Actor’s Studio productions are worth checking out. So far, I watch musicals through DVD only, Les Miserables is my fav thus far.

    U’ve got to catch the real thing one of these days! Usually pricey but worth it!!!

  17. hahaha.. what mat salleh woman? faster post it up!!

    Wait lah! Can’t keep posting about me in England, later people say I show off!!! So just wait, ya? LOL!!!

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