Gosh! This is just like somebody who has completed his education and found a job and everybody starts pestering him to find a girl and get married, and when he has done that, they’ll harass him further telling him that he should begin thinking about having a baby and starting a family…and it goes on and on and on!

So it was with me! I was quite happy making a nuisance of myself, commenting in other people’s blogs…but no, they would not leave me in peace. Everyone kept asking me when I would start my own blog, and when I was FORCED into having one of my own, people started asking me to post photographs… Gee! I certainly hope this is it! There’s nothing more after this, or is there?

Well, this photograph has nothing to do with the post. After all, I’m only trying out my “skill”… It’s a photo of the Sarawak Laksa that I cooked the other day, so feast your eyes on it and I hope it makes everyone drool…and drool…!!! After all, you asked for it! LOL!!!

UPDATED: Ok! Ok! Now pic big enough or not!!! Chesh! LOL!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Photographs…”

  1. You cooked laksa for you and the missus only? Sms me next time lah… yumyum…

    Sure! No problem at all! And you can teach me to upgrade my photo uploading skill.

  2. wah wah wah….stp can cook for Luk Keman Club next time.

    U so sombong, never want to come to Sibu…how to cook for you?

  3. Nice or not? I never try before. next time i go sibu you must cook.

    Liar! Liar! You’ve eaten once before…double helping, or was it triple??? LOL!!!

  4. kakakka… so small wan the pic???

    anyway, i’m not a sarawak laksa fan… jz dun quite like the spice, i suppose… i prefer PENANG LAKSA!!! but of cos… 😛 Can you cook Penang Laksa?? If can, I die-die also will go to Sibu and try!!

    I know you like things big, big one lah…like STP! Eee….Penang laksa! I ate once long, long ago and that’s it!!! Yucks!!! You come Sibu and try my laksa…sure you like one! That ah^ben took u ppl to eat dun-know-where, not nice wan, I think!!!

  5. so small the photo!!!!! hahaha! good try suituapui!!

    Teacher not good, student cannot do properly lor!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! I tried enlarging but it became blur. Maybe pic taken using hp, so not so good?…Now, does that mean I’ve to buy a digital camera? Omigawd!!! When is this going to end….???? CIBOL!!! Jaga u! You’re the one that got me into all this!!!!

  6. How come the color of the soup is like the color of the Rejang river ah? Kakakakakakak!!!

    How come the colour of the gravy of Penang Laksa like that of Klang River? Kakakakakakakaka!!!!

  7. Peepul lup u mar datz why ask for “more more more” hehe
    angeles u go Sibu time dun forget to call me ya. Limember i chup stp’s _____ oredi

    Chup kopisoh! (Whatever that means!!! I know that angeles, bonkersz those people owes main chuppy-chuppy-chup-chup one!) Yes, yes…very good reason!
    More!…pant! pant!….More!…pant! pant…More!……….LOL!

  8. bdq, go Sibu n make STP bring u everywhere u want.
    STP, that one not the new gravy paste leh. Keep the address. U still got the paste?

    Nope…that’s the famous Swallow brand, but not so nice lah!! The new one still belum masak! U come to Sibu lah! Then I cook!!!

  9. i think i know already. you said you uploaded the photo using the wordpress image upload file function right? then you must be copying the link to the thumbnail file instead of the full size photo. hahahaha! let me check…

    see???? you should click on the file, get the link to the full size photo, which i think should be

    🙂 use flickr lah!! ini murid tak mau dengar cakap.. hehe

    OK…OK…murid memang begitu! Masuk satu telinga, keluar satu telinga!!!

  10. alamak! i posted 2 links in a comment, sure kena moderation 😛 To help the rest to see the BIG photo, here is the link.. 😛

    Why want to see big photo? Makin tambah drooling nanti…habis keyboard basah!!! Hahahaha!!!…And why I post on posting photographs and all the comments on the laksa in the pic only??? Eeeeee….memang glutton semua hor!!!

  11. STP, the “Wedding Singer” has come up with Facebook group called “JaCkFruiT VilLaGeRs”.
    If you’re not on Facebook yet, you need to sign up. So far, there’s a wedding singer, kpg caterer, kpg midwife, and semut. Your presence would…..ahem…enhance the fun factor.

    But I want to be The Wedding Singer!!!…Has the Village High Priest signed up yet, if u know who I mean??? ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. Re Laksa, I tried the one at Bella’s (Tom’s local “delights” outfit)…not very delightful. Chong Choon still unbeatable, if I can overcome the horrible side effects afterwards. Sigh!

    Ooo…too bad I don;t have those side effects anymore!!! Immune already!!! “Those days”…I used to take laksa so I’ll be sitting in the toilet all day…just to be slim!! Gee! Was I anorexic or what??? LOL!!!

  13. Worth a drool factor. Hmm…I might just make it, too. You don’t know who I am…but I know who you are. Let’s just say we’re family. Heehee! Wa mai kong. More syiok this way.

    Gee! I’ve a stalker!!! At my age, I guess that’s a compliment!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Maybe your stalker is George Michael.

    …Hahahahahaha!!!! What? He thinks I’m Sir Elton John meh??? LOL!!!!

  15. Many singer wanna-bes in this village!! Must be something in the jackfruits! No news about village high priest/priestess….why do I have visions of black magic?!?

    Re laksa, if it’s patronising the toilet for No.2, I’ll go and detox weekly. I feel as if there’s constriction of my nerves, and I just feel horribly uncomfortable for about 15 – 20 minutes. Drinking lots water helps dilute whatever chemical in the broth.

    Must be the msg!!!!…..BTW, those two jackfruits on FB sure look symbolic!!! I wonder whose could those be? Wakakakakaka!

  16. I was wondering what you were referring to…! Aiyo…old man with dirty mind.

    As they say, a leopard can never change its spots!!!

  17. oh mai gawd!!! it looks so tempting and delicious!!! man i cant wait to go back the curry noodle/asam laksa here like shit! stp, so small the bowl enough for u meh ? i bet u went for several rounds after that..haha!

    …Ask no questions, gilbert and I’ll tell no lies!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  18. Hahaha…this is only the beginning..especially since u hv so many fans…be ready for anything. Hahaha…

    Gosh! That sounds scary!!!! Whatever’s gonna happen next???

  19. my flight back comfirm liao, 2nd of may.. ha ha, u cook ah~ ha ha, anak org kaya? me? is there a difference between the rich and poor?

    There IS a difference! You & me!!…Aiyor! Ur timing’s so poor! I’m planning to go somewhere on the 1st of May to meet up with some people for one helluva dirty weekend!!!

  20. Sarawak Laksa is the best in the world, especially homecooked wan because can add a lot of prawns,eggs, soup, etc as you like. I still prefer Sarawak Laksa to Penang Laksa. However good they say Penang Laksa is, and they brought me to the best one, I still don’t like it. Taste like…(better not say it here, else Penang Laksa fansee come chop me up to cook their laksa then cham liao)

    I’ll go back soon, makan session on?

    I mentioned in one of my earlier replies…that I ate Penang laksa once and that’s it! Never again!!!…clement says he’ll be back 2nd May so we can ask the rich man’s son to belanja us at….Ruby!!!! Will postmore photos of dishes in Ruby soon!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! So many photos, so little time!

  21. now this is better!! 🙂 A picture speaks a thousand words, indeed! 🙂

    I like both Sarawak and Penang Laksa… *drools* so luckylah the missus, this suituapui likes to cook.. haih!! Hehehe

    …so look for hubby, must find one that loves to cook lor! Hey! Cibol can cook…and I think he’s available??? LOL!!!

  22. oo..2nd that a weekend? Mana tau…if STP belanja at Ruby maybe I oso come down to Sibu…kekeke…but then I scared liao – scared to meet STP cos he larger than life! Wakakaka…

    1st of May is a Thursday…but I may be going somewhere that long weekend. Not confirmed yet though. Don’t worry…ask bongkersz and cibol! I’m a gentle giant, so cute and adorable! Hehehehehe!!!!

  23. ha ha ha ha now that you’ve asked me to comment……….the bowl looks rather nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!not a favourite for Sarawak laksa, but if it’s u who prepared it, i don’t mind a bowl…or two, ehem!

    …if ever you’ll come this way!! Sigh! Namind! One of these days, I’ll just go over and camp out at ur place, and then I can cook for u!

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