Do ya think I’m sexy…

The following extract is taken from something I wrote on “Teenagers” in one of my books…

…Never for the life of me can I understand why the boys must wear their pants hanging gingerly on the edge of their hips looking as if they would just drop off at any time, exposing more than half of their briefs.  There is a perfectly logical explanation for this, they will declare.  After having spent a fortune on their designer underwear, it makes no sense at all if no one gets to see them…”

That sounds like a reasonable excuse, but perhaps they should just wear their briefs on the outside, like Superman.

Anyway, what this is leading to is…why do girls wear those jeans that barely cover the cleavage in their butt?  Actually, there was a discussion on this on the afternoon show on TraxxFm last week. So, what’s your opinion on this?

Personally, I would think it should be fine when some SYT (sweet-young-thing) wears it to go clubbing or the like. The bone that I would like to pick is with those aunties who still think they’re teenagers (mentally, maybe) wearing those jeans and short figure-hugging tops to church. Gosh! They certainly seem oblivious to the fact that their hour-glass figure is long gone, and the curves that they have now are all in the wrong places. In cases where one chose to sit right in front of me, exposing the complete (almost) view of her big arse, I had to fight this urge to dash out to throw up…but instead, I just closed my eyes in prayer for God’s mercy and compassion! For her, not for me! It’s not at all decent apparel for going to church! Don’t they have any respect at all for the Almighty? One would think that their brains are located exactly at that part of their anatomy that they sit on.

And once I was driving along the road when a motorcycle overtook my car. (Yup! I’m a very slow driver!!!) And lo and behold! There was this guy on the bike with his girlfriend riding pillion…and she was wearing one of those jeans and she was leaning forward on the guy with her arse in full view of anybody tailing behind! Now, I certainly wouldn’t want my girlfriend to make a public exhibition of her asset for all to see…no matter how sexy she may be…..Would you? 

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18 thoughts on “Do ya think I’m sexy…”

  1. Is the title of this blog suppose to be a question? You guys out there.. is STP sexy? To have the guts to pose naked on someone’s blog.. ok lah sexy.
    Lets vote… sexy or not???

    …Aiyor! That one no need to ask lah! Goes without saying…memang sexy one! LOL!

  2. ha ha, i tot the title you put is referring to you… ha ha. haiya… beauty must be shared ma…

    …see my response to gundot’s comment! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Haha.. if you have it, flaunt it. The aunties are trying to be their daughters’ best friends lah. I agree wrong occasion though. The mat rempit was totally smitten by his sexy girlfriend bah.. how was he to know if he’s in front and she’s at the back?

    As they say, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”? Or “Ignorance is bliss”?…Pity the poor guy! By the time he gets to see the girl’s arse, half the town’s population already seen!!!

  4. hahahahahaha…

    hmm.. its almost impossible to find jeans or pants that aren’t low cut..those which exposes your butt or panties when you sit or squat down. its not that we want to wear those jeans sometimes because i happen to be quite self-conscious to expose myself like that but then, there don’t seem to be many choices nowadays. Got, but just less.

    haha.. but exposing her front cleavage is so much sexier than her butt’s, right?

    but accidents do happen. don’t take it so personally, some people do not have the intention to show it off the world. It just sort of leaked out.

    Accidents!!! You wear like dat, sure more accidents one!!! Traffic accidents! LOL!!!

  5. Oprah did a segment on “Choosing the right jeans for you”, and it was very informative. Guess not a lot of people watch Oprah, but I am very sure there are plenty of magazine articles recommending various cuts of jeans for various body types.

    I’ve just used my cheese grater to “age” my jeans, but this is another story. Heh!

    I’ve seen those pillion riders as well, it’s bad enough their ass cheeks were hanging out, but they could really have chosen better panties, since they’re wearing very low rise jeans.

    Cheese grater! Aiyor…my time, we used sandpaper!…and I agree 100% about the undies!!! Not those from pasar malam or supersave discount stores!!! Yucks!!! NCAA!!! (No class at all!) LOL!

  6. drumsticks, you’re right about the choice of jeans available these days. The “cover-all” jeans are termed “mummy jeans” or “soccer mum” jeans, and it would be just uncool to buy in the first place.

    …bizniz is bizniz mah! Got people buy, they stock up a lot lor!!! U people malu, don’t wanna buy “mummy jeans”, so they don’t order lor!!!

  7. They could wear those longer tops that will not allow much peekaboo 😛 but another problem.. dont know why the shops in Malaysia sells small t-shirts/baby t’s and short too!! Unlike those in the West, it’s a nice fitting t’s, but there are longer than the ones being sold here .. like drumsticks said.. sometimes no choice .. these young people wants to BERGAYA and show off their sexy bods what.. those aunties.. well.. I don’t know what to say .. LOL

    If they take the trouble to watch their figure, ok lah!!! But when you see the blubber….!!! Imagine stp in speedos!!!! Ewek! Ewek!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. you think they are old but they think they are young what. they also thing they are young at heart so wear like sweet young thing loh.

    …Guess it takes all kinds to make the world!!! And welcome, Faith, whoever you may be (no link)! Next time, bring Hope and Charity also, ya? LOL!!!! (Sorry, can’t resist pulling your leg! I’m like that! Horrible d.o.m.! You’ll just have to get used to me! Wink! Wink!)

  9. That extract from your book, I think I read it before. Or was it that last time Mdm Geraldine used to teach us using the book…? Well, anyway, I quite agree with the statement back then, and added some of my own but I forgot what they were already.

    Anyway, back to the jeans issue, a lot of aunties, especially in metropolitan cities like KL are flaunting their saggy arse cheek like no tomorrow. Not only that, they even wear low cut, see through spaghetti strapped top. Yeah, and I struggled with my stomach to keep the food in.

    Mat rempit’s girlfriend, aka Minah Rempit more often than not let their dark & pimpled butt cheek hanging out when riding pillion. Worse, the type of underwear they are broadcasting to the world make superman goes into hiding. Well, the main cause of road accidents has been identified. Hahahaha!!!

    Exactly what I said to drumsticks earlier!!! Mdm Geraldine??? That one always looking young and slim one hor????

  10. heh heh… u might just offend some aunties…. shhhhh…

    …as long as I don’t offend any syt (sweet-young-thing), ok dah! LOL!!! And hey! Why you kena moderation? Tot u got passport already? That’s why lah! Throw stones (buang batu), long time did not comment, I everyday comment in your blog! Sulk! Sulk!!

  11. yayayaya, I think u are sexy ah… who say u not sexy?? whowhowho??? kakaka…

    wah! stp! u discriminate aunties! like this, kopi soh won’t dare wear sexy sexy to sibu liao loh… rugilah u! haha 😛

    ok lah, seriously, those kind of ‘auntie’ wear sexy sexy to church… eh, maybe she trying to attract yr attention?? kekekke…

    some guys love it when their gfs flaunt their assets… they feel proud… macam got trophy liddat…

    Tenkiu, tenkiu!!! kopi soh like dat kah? Never mind, we can sama-sama wear sexy leotards (Men wear or not ah!!! I dunno these things! Never exercise or go to gym!! Wakakakakakakaka!!!!) and go exercise….!!! Wanna do press-up, kopisoh??? Oooo…..imagine what we can do on those benches!!! ROTFLMAO!!! …Oh! Those guys inferiority complex lah!!! Got nuthin to show, so show off girlfriends!!!

  12. Aha!!! Found your blog alas!!! hehehee!!

    Aisay, STP…I thought that ‘cleavage’ is known as butt crack, no?
    I share your sentiments on those aunties wearing low hip jeans. My gosh! I’ve seen my fair share of those old gals stretch marks on their lower tummy liken to some Sharpei dogs. LOL
    And yes, if they are to show off their butts, at least wear thongs lah instead of those big big ‘can cover the fan’ grandma undies.

    Wah! That was what I told angeles! Ini Cocka, cucuk sini lubang, sana lubang…in the end, pandai juga sampai sini!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya ya ya…u memang sifu, the expert!!! After all, u owes look at people’s backside one! ROTFLMAO!!!

  13. if its a hot young lady, den i dont mind if she flaunt her assets 😉 but if its a middle aged woman then puhleezz dude, with the stretch marks and wrinkles and all omg, can die. unless she is a milf lah hahahahha someone like goldie hawn, susan sarandon or kate beckinsale ^_^

    …Step aside, everybody! Here comes another Ashton Kutcher!!! LOL!

  14. SYT= Sweet Young Thing then STP=Sweet Tua Pui did u fool anyone on 1st of April?

    Hey! U trying to flatter me kah??? LOL!!!…Me, fool people??? How can you ask a thing like dat? I’m so nice….Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. last time, we get to see frontal cleavage, now we get to see backside cleavage. haha! hmm, maybe those aunties too confident of their sexy cleavage? 😛 slightly low jean is ok for me, but i saw before, the fella wore his jean, up to his kukujiao level. wonder how he walks around.. that’s really too much hahahahahaha! better don’t wear jean, or design a jean that join with underwear 😀

    Hey! Wat u doing looking at the fella there hah??? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Sometimes I would go to class with my fly open (Forgot lah!!! Old man!!!) and my students would roar with laughter, and when one of the braver ones would whisper, “Sir, your fly is open!” I’d say, “Now! Now! What on earth are you doing, looking at me there???” or “Did you see my Ferrari with its big black tyres? Wink! Wink!” (I taught in a boys’ school…so free flow lah!!! Thank God I’ve retired! Imagine the minds that I’ve corrupted!!! LOL!)

  16. Yes, the young looking and slim one. But after our batch left, she aged a lot suddenly for no apparent reason. Now looks old already and very auntie-like sense of fashion liao. Last time we normally will check out what she wore to class because she was quite stylish mar.

    Like dat kah? Tot still looks the same leh? Like me…owes young one (but not slim!)! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  17. huh… what passport what moderation…. your process not very good la that’s why…

    Maybe…Don’t ask old man these complicated questions! Hahahahahaha!!!! Usually first-timers have to wait for moderation/approval (Don’t ask me why also! I dunno! But in a way good also lah!!! Can keep out hate mail!!! LOL!!!) and after that, no more!!! That’s why I was suprised to see ur comment, so kesian…waiting for me to approve! Hope no more lah!!! Don’t merajuk! Come again, ya!!!

  18. Personally,I don’t have prob with anyone who wear low cuts…janji the look fits! If the look not ngam then really eye-sore oo…but then, if use liddat go church – that I mmg x setuju lor…as for pillion riders and the bikers “pimping” their gfs, haiz…*geleng kepala*

    I oso *geleng kepala* with you!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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