Gosh! So many posts already and not a single one on food! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, actually, I was waiting to learn how to upload photos before doing that…but I haven’t had time to do that yet. So here’s a food post then…without photos that will make you drool! 

Well, with all this hoo-haa these days about healthy living and healthy eating, perhaps you would like to try cooking “sayur rebus” or directly translated “boiled vegetables”. This is actually a traditional dish of the ethnic population in Sarawak, and my maternal grandmother being a Melanau, I inherited some ot the family recipes.

It is SO very easy to prepare. First, you boil some water (one Chinese soup bowl) in which you must put a handful of ikan bilis (10-20), or what we call ikan pusu here. Do remove the insides and wash first unless you do not mind those black things floating in your soup later.  Put in some belacan (1-2 cubic cm) and a chilli (stalk and seeds removed). Simmer for a while to allow the flavour to come out of the ingredients.

After that, you can put in sweet potatoes (cut into small cubes) or young sweet corn and either cangkuk manis (I think in West Malaysia, u have the sayur/pucuk manis from Sabah. They’re smaller than the Sarawak variety but taste the same.) or pucuk paku. Note the suggested combination.

Bring to boil and your soup is ready! No salt, no msg, no oil! Isn’t that an absolutely healthy dish? There is no need to add salt because usually the ikan bilis and belacan are salty enough. But if you prefer it saltier, then you can add a little. The same goes with msg; the soup is sweet enough but you can add a pinch of it if you like.

For extra flavour, you can add a stalk or two of lemon grass (serai) but this is optional.  And if you do not mind the high cholesterol level, you can replace the ikan bilis with freshwater prawns (udang galah). This will definitely enhance the taste!

Incidentally, I have also shared the recipe for cooking tapioca leaves with cincaluk in coral’s blog, so if you are interested, you can log on to quest-quench.blogspot.com  and check out my comment.

For one thing, as with most traditional recipes, there are no measurements. They will just tell you “a little bit of this” and “a little bit of that”. Everything is according to taste, so it is sort of a trial and error kind of thing.  For one thing, it is hassle-free…and in my opinion, delicious.

Do give it a try and let me know your verdict! Bon appetit!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Easy…”

  1. wow!! suituapui can cook!!

    but one Chinese soup bowl, so little water, enuff to make soup??

    ok, i’m actually a bit confused… is this a recipe for sayur rebus or sup? maap cikgu… saya ni budak baru… 😛

    oh, satu lagi soalan… why can’t we find bilin/midin/bilin here in West M’sia? Why why whyyyyyy? 😦

    It IS a soup! Not the individual soup bowls lah! The big for-the-family one! Let’s say around 1 litre of water lah! Midin? Maybe u have but nobody goes into the bush to pluck? Next time u come to Sarawak…you go and pull out some with the roots and take home and plant lor!!! Cangkok manis should be easy to plant! You take the stems and cucuk into the ground!

  2. I told my mom about your recipe, she went “a neh kuan?” (like dat ah?). I’ll give further comments on that when my mom does the beta version of your recipe. *wink*

    Instead of cincaluk, you can use chicken instead…and it will taste like kacang-ma minus the intoxicating stuff!

  3. when i read boiled vegetables, i thought it would be the ang mo ones.. mana tau so complicated.. better eat salad only. hehehe..

    …girls these days!!!! Poor guys!!! Looks like there won’t be any worthy “suituapui” successor in future!!! LOL!

  4. Maybe I’ll give it a try when I feel like cooking again.. LOL.. sounds easy though 😉 and I like kampung-style food! It’s the best and can be healthy too, except for those with santan hehe

    It IS easy!!! Some dishes with santan, I would substitute with milk…but it may not be compatible all the time. O.K. with curry but never ever do that with Sarawak Laksa! It may taste all right…but it’s just different!

  5. fortunately no morning sickness…. ha ha

    Praise the Lord! For a while, I was wondering what u’ve been doing! LOL!!! (Have to change my original reply in case some fanatically-religious individuals may come up in arms against me!!!)

  6. OIC! Sorrylah, I dun hv a big family, so I dun hv 1 litre family bowl at home laa…

    Eh, instead of me going to S’wak and pluck the roots, nxt time u come over, u pluck for me la… kekekeke… Tapi kan cikgu, aper tu cangkuk manis? I think we West M’sians need pictures!! Cibol, tolong ajar STP how to load pics! Hheehee…

    BTW, thanks for the soup recipe! Pasti cuba jika ‘makan kenyang takde kerja’! (EFNTD – eat full nothing to do)

    Bongkersz had pics of cangkuk manis…but already cooked, so u won’t be able to see what the plant looks like. Why not u come to Sibu leh? Ask nyonya, misti, kopisoh…semua come together!! Nanti we go out, people see stp left, right, front, back semua ada pompuan…sure all jeles!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Add in “santan”. Skip the pusu but use pounded dried prawn, it becomes “sayur lemak”.Lagi best
    but not healthy! Next recipe? Sua tu bak (wild boar meat)soup? Tempuyak (fermented durian
    paste) soup? I can hear a lot of “eee… yak” and a lot of ” ooooss” as well!

    Throw in a handful of cabbage, bean curd sticks, freshwater prawns, fishballs…and glass noodles, and you’ll have a complete meal. All in one!!! Just had tiger prawns cooked in tempuyak two days ago! Yummy!!! Too bad…no supply of wild boar meat! Drool! Drool!

  8. Now I can finally delete my archived SMS instructions!
    I haven’t had sayur rebus at all this year!

    Man does not live on bread alone…Wakakakakaka!!!!

  9. Man does not live on bread alone…Wakakakakaka!!!!

    So cliche!

    You and your bread making mah!!! Hey! Come to think of it, I’ve NEVER tasted, have I? Must make a trip to Kuching one of these days!!! LOL!

  10. wow. (almost) exactly like my mum’s fav recipe! 🙂

    Hassle-free…and ideal for busy working housewives! Better than eating out all the time – nicer and definitely healthier! Errr…ur mum has any other easy-to-cook recipes to share?

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