Sometimes, God breaks our soul to save our spirit.

Sometimes, He breaks our heart to make us whole.

Sometimes, He sends us pain so we can be stronger.

Sometimes, He sends us failure so we can be humble.

Sometimes, He sends us illness so we can take better care of ourselves.

Sometimes, He takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything we have.

A Blessed Easter to one and all!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes…”

  1. Reminds me of our recent election results. Hope BN has been taught a lesson in humility. Their arrogance and complete disregard for others’ feelings are the causes of their downfall. We are definitely living in interesting times judging from our political scenario.

    Ooo…itu politikus u have to go to aka Botak Bong! Hahahahaha!!!!

  2. How very true…! I’ve experienced all, except the last one, *touch wood*, some things were taken away from me … not everything, thankful for that, but I did learn to value everything and everyone that I have in my life …

    Yes, cherish all that God has blessed us with in our lives!

  3. i got this on my phone a few moments ago .. he he he

    Well, I posted it first, so shoo…shoo…!!! Go and find something else! Wakakakakaka!!!

  4. This shall be my virgin post then. I’m considering if I should subscribe via RSS. Will you be actively posting?

    Post is rather hallmark-ish, but it’s good to take stock of things every once in a while. We sometimes get too caught up in the whirlpool of everyday existence.

    A Blessed Easter to you and family.

    I certainly hope to stay active as long as I can. RSS? Gosh! Please don’t ask me any complicated questions!!! I’ve my limitations…and please don’t ask for the detailed list! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Do direct all questions to cibol at; he’s the one who got me into this. However, I don’t think he’s readily available these days cos the guy’s getting somewhat desperate….wife-hunting! Right, cibol! Clock’s ticking fast now!!! LOL!

  5. *thinks of what to say…*

    Mmmm… Sometimes, Love Just Ain’t Enough?

    Happy Easter, stpppp!

    *strikes a Bunny pose*

    Ooooo…imagining angeles in Playboy bunny suit!!! I can be the Easter egg! LOL!


  6. Found your blog through Cibol’s blog

    “evil grin” time to spam ur blog

    Lets roll~~~

    HELP!!!…Anyway, welcome, Zephyr! Do drop by again when u’re free!

  7. wow… so u blogged… hahhaa.. gonna drop by here to see more of ur post.. please crap more.. haha

    Welcome, jing…and do let me know if you’re on ur way home…and we can go mam-mam!!! And what’s with the “wow”? U tink I’m too old for this? Hahahahahahaha!!!

  8. Happy easter to you too.

    Why is it associated in eggs?

    Welcome, NoktahHitam. I haven’t the slightest idea. Neither do I know why they have the Easter Bunny. They have Easter parties…but they wouldn’t let me near any of those cos I would insist on wearing my PLAYBOY bunny suit! Wakakakakakaka!!!!

  9. Happy and Blessed Easter to you, STP. 🙂

    Thanks…and the same to u! Got two fellas having their Easter service at Sepang!! Knock their heads when u get to see them, ya! LOL!

  10. Well STP…one thing for sure, He is risen to give us life… 😉

    Happy Easter to you too…erkk, STP in Playboy Bunny Suit? Must be cute n sexy…lmao!

    Thanks…and hope you have one too! Gosh! If not for the long ears and powder-puff tail, I’d probably look like an Easter Piggy! Wakakakakakaka!!!!

  11. Hey, I got the idea for today’s post from yours Ar.. i mean Suituapui. Hehe… ciplak! Hope you don’t mind. 😛

    I know…and I already posted my comment.

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