Like a virgin

I am on my own… It’s my first time and I’m nervous. My friend, cibol of is forcing me into this and he keeps pushing and pushing…and finally, I give in.

So here I am, “…like a virgin, touched for the very first time…” and hopefully, when I start getting used to all this, I’ll be able to do much better to ensure everything will be more to your liking. Satisfaction guaranteed so that you will come back for more!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Like a virgin”

  1. well well well… if not for the link… i would never have found this! hahaha!

    so how was it to be touched for the very first time?

  2. Gosh! I’m not ready yet!!! Still trying to learn, trial and error…and that’s no easy task for an old man like me! Gee! Now I feel like somebody who has been caught with my pants down!!! LOL!!!

  3. If you’re not to young to listen to Diana Ross, she’ll sing, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand. Make this world a better place…if you can!”
    Ooi…I’ve to keep my blog rated “GA” in case my students drop in. Don’t want them to have the shock of their lives. After all, I’m such a respectable man, right, bingkersz? ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. hahahah you gave in! I just started to blog a few months back myself… and it can be addictive, suituapui 😉

    First it was “…like a virgin, touched for the very first time…” then satisfaction guaranteed?? Oh oh, you dirty old man! 😀

  5. Drumsticks: Gee! How did u all find out? I was hoping I had sometime to get used to the whole thing first…and suddenly, everybody appeared!!! Humph! Pester me to have one so you can pester me!!!

    Melbie: Me dirty old man? It’s all in the mind, my girl, it’s all in the mind! Especially at my age, it’s ALL in the mind!!! Wakakakakaka!!!!

  6. Cibol: U so far away…how to help? U tell me also no use. In one ear, out the other ear. This old man…dunno what the hell you’re talking about! Maybe I can ask Coral aka Beyonce To-the-left, to-the-left? LOL!!!

  7. hahaha suituapui… it’s all in the mind??? Now if only all the men your age thinks the same way.. LOL .. then we won’t have these old rapists that put the light out of the young ones’ future! Or those old men who dates women younger than his own daughters hehe ..

  8. mar: Have mercy on this poor, old man! Spare me the spam! Go spam bongkersz…and cibol!!! Wakakakakaka!!!

    melbie: Those are old perverts lah! I’m not one of them, or at least I hope I’m not! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    drumsticks: Gosh! What have I got myself into??? Cibol! Look what you’ve done!!!

  9. too late ler STP…u were doomed from the start what…u oledy in a league of ur own even b4 u had a blog…move aside cibol,here comes femes STP. Hahaha…

  10. Heard that, cibol…Step aside!!! Anyway, now that he’s in KL, he’s too busy…dating all the girls! No time even to reply to comments! Cibol…Cibol!! (Shaking head!) LOL!!!

  11. Yalor…so kesian me! Cibol asked someone to set up the blog and then asked me to post. And me…like someone first time in the dark, dunno what to do, grope here, grope there, grope everywhere…tekan here, tekan there, tekan everywhere!!! But as they say, the first time is the worst…and it will only get better from here! Hope so lah!

  12. Hallo STP, you’ve been shoved into this blog huh? Hey.. never too late to learn. Hehe.. I’m also a newbie.. Just click everywhere to experiment, kalau tak jadi, hit the back to default button. Hehehe..

    That’s what I’m doing!!! Getting a bit better at it but still got lots to learn!

  13. Eh how kam i try to enlarge your pikcher, kenot wan, so small…sigh

    Aiyor…like dat good enuf oredi lah! Nanti everybody see me SO big how leh??? Hahahahaha!!!

  14. I see you renamed ur blog dy hor? Nice…
    Now left with putting up your about page…ke sudah? 😉

    ABOUT page already changed leh? Not yet kah? Later I go see… Maybe will change name again! Looks so short. I prefer it longer…!!! (Ooit! Bongkersz! I’m talking about my blog name!!! Chesh! LOL!)

  15. hehe, suituapui, u look a wee bit like an english teacher in SHS lah? 😀

    Just a wee bit, but a lot more handsome lah? LOL!!!

  16. haha now that’s kinda intriguing
    well doing thing the first time were the most memorable
    in good way or bad way that for you to know

    Oh? How did you get here? I was updating the title of that post for another post that I’ve done (didn’t know how to edit titles then so the blog title was different from the one in the link) – scheduled for March 7th…

  17. too bad the site wasn’t accessible
    i don;t know why
    now this were all mystery on me

    It no longer exists. Then he started a new blog…and that too eventually died a natural death…

  18. mak oi……..most of the commenter in 2008 no longer around….where is Twilight man?

    Bongkers and Mar were here for Chinese New Year, Cibol keeps in touch once in a while and Drumsticks too, on Facebook. Maybe they do drop by but they do not comment anymore, I wouldn’t know. Twilight Man? He comes by once in a blue moon – not every day. Why are you looking for him?

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