It was Melissa’s friend’s last night in Sibu and I had been saving the best…


…for last and where else can anyone expect to see simple, ordinary flowers…


…used so skilfully for their exceptional decor that is a class above the rest, if not here?…

Payung Cafe

Melissa’s friend was enthralled by the beauty of the place but the best was yet to come – their food that I would say is no less exceptional too!

We tried the papaya salad that was new on the menu (RM8.00)…


…and though it was nice, nicer and a whole lot cheaper than what we had here, I still prefer their Payung rojak and would rather go for that anytime.

The Bangladesh lamb curry…


…was simply superb and won praises all round…and everyone loved the Payung chicken too…


- one of their specialties for which they would use yogurt to cook. Personally, I thought it was overshadowed by the stronger tastes of the other dishes and came across as being rather mild. Actually, we had wanted their belimbing prawns but they were out of those crustaceans – in fact, that is a common problem here around the end of the year when the seas are rough and we get a lot of rain and there is flooding everywhere, making it rather difficult to get fresh prawns at the market.

The kacang ma chicken was so so good that night…


…especially as they made sure that my special request for extra wine was granted. Unfortunately, Melissa’s friend did not have the acquired taste for this local favourite and did not quite enjoy it.

Of course, she enjoyed their uniquely-delightful mushroom roll…


…that has won the hearts of many with its rich cheesy taste, both inside and outside but it was the Payung otak-otak


that swept her off her feet! She was stunned speechless when she had the first bite – she said it was so good, nothing like anything that she had had before and definitely way nicer than the overrated Muar ones or those in Penang.

We were too full for the heavier desserts that they had here and opted for the Khalua ice cream…


…that Melissa loved her lot and insisted that we ordered it. The photo did not come out too good so I have used one from an earlier post instead. Her friend does not drink and is not into anything with liquor but she thought this was very nice and she liked it a lot but it was the durian ice cream…


…that stole the show. Of course, I asked for extra durian cream and though that made it look less photogenic, Melissa’s friend thought that the taste was simply out of this world.

After dinner, we stopped by a supermarket in town and she was flabbergasted by the sight of all those imported stuff that they have here. She thought they were all reasonably-priced and some may even be cheaper than what she was accustomed to when she was studying Down Under…and needless to say, she picked up a number of items that she would cart home for her family and friends.

We called it a day after that brief pit stop and headed on home…

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26 thoughts on “Exceptional…

  1. In the last pic, the durian cream doesn’t look that great in it, looks like too creamy…!!!

    The test of the pudding is in the eating – you can ask Melissa’s friend how good it was. The colour is not very attractive as they use our local wild durian (which the folks here prefer), slightly greenish greyish white colour…but yes, they’ve employed new lady employees. The guys used to do a better job in the presentation – the ice cream all round the side and the durian cream inside…though some friend of mine commented at the time that it looked like a lady’s private part. Ah well!!! It certainly looks like you just can’t please everybody. :(

  2. ok ok… remember to bring me to all these place (not in any particular order)… 1)kampua 2)payung 3) the supermarket 4)ruby 5)Noodlehouse 6)selera muhibbah (for the siobee)… heh heh heh…

    Wahhhh!!!! Kampua is still No. 1, eh? ;)

    • had dua bijik tis morning… yumm yumm… kosong mai eng nik mai puak lak…

      DUA??? The new ones are bigger, one enough for me…and hey! Isn’t that supposed to be for J – dia punya nama and you sapu habis? :D

      • no wonder this time looks a bit bigger portion, but never too much… heh heh heh…

        Ok, but you want more, you will just have to come and buy your own here. Hehehehehehe!!!!

      • The flowers look beautiful. What else was in the papaya salad? Looks like a piece of art

        All kinds of raw vegetables, did not really take note what exactly.

  3. Exotic dishes…. i wonder why they named it Bangladesh lamb curry? Cooked by Bangladeshi ? LOL

    Well, it certainly does not look Indian – you should know, lots of them where you are…and all the mamak places as well…nor does it look like Malay curry or nyonya. As for why they have named it thus, you can ask them yourself if ever you come over…or ask Annant to do that for you when she comes here again.

  4. What a lovely way to remember Sibu! Arthur, you promoted Sibu very well….haha. And that durian ice cream……hmmm….doesn’t look very appetising. I guess the taste must be good.

    Living proof that the guys can be better than the gals – the boys used to do a much better job at presentation. The Khalua ice cream did not look as good either (the one in the blur photo I deleted). When I saw the photos, I already made a mental note to tell the boss that the next time I drop by the place…

  5. This place is where we can impress our guests with something unique. Havent been there yet but heard so much from you. :)

    Payung chicken looks nice. I must try this.

    Ya, a good place to take friends & family on a visit. Their menu is unique, can’t find anywhere else. If any place else, Italian, Japanese or whatever – can get everywhere, may even be nicer. Go ahead, try…and you can tell them your my friend – they may give you something special if you’re lucky. Nice people there.

    • Oh. Use your big name and I get something special har? Hahaha. Okay!

      Not all the time, I think. If they are trying out something new, they may give you some and get your opinion…but the KL group were given their pomelo salad once on the house, if I remember correctly.

  6. All the dishes look so sumpteous and delicous except that I am not a big fan of lamb and I will disappointed if the kachama chicken doesn’t taste better than mine …don’t you forget that my mum was a “kek” nonya…she used to teach me to cook all these dishes…I must make a point to visit this Payung on my next visit….looks like Sibu has indeed expanded the taste buds far and wide now..cheers….love reading all your posts here to be honest, make me realize how much I have missed home…have a great Sunday my dear

    If my missus, who thinks her kacang ma is the best and it is indeed very good, says that their kacang ma is good, it has got to be very good…and I certainly would agree. Otherwise, I would not have ordered it again and again and again. I have high standards too, nothing less than good for me as well or I might as well just get my missus to cook and we eat our own at home.

  7. That’s a fabulous dinner. From the food to the desserts, all looks great. Oh!!!..my favourite kacang ma. As usual , I also like their creative flower deco.

    Love everything here, and love to go back there again…and again…and again.

  8. Delicious stuff! :)

    I would say Payung is one of the best places to eat in Sibu but I still prefer their old joint to the new one.

    I’ve never seen the durian ice cream before! We had the durian shake before but not the ice cream. New product?

    They would have it if they had the shake. Guess you were not aware of it and did not order that. The new place is not open to the public anymore – they only keep it running to serve breakfast to the hotel guests. The Indon guy in charge got married and the wife kept pestering him to go home and they left, so being shorthanded, they decided to just stick to the old place now.

  9. What Yummy food!! Yes, Payung is really the best in Sibu!! Just look at the dessertssss especially the durian! So when is the kucing family going again? Can tumpang? hahahaa…

    Sounds like they’ve plans…to come real soon!!! Quick! Get in touch with them and ask. I just promised you our own home-cooked nyonya dinner at my place but only if you come… Come! Come! ;)

    • not too soon… but then again, we might just appear infront of your doorstep tmrw morning… hohoho…

      Up to you. I may not be around, so you will just have to take the risk if you do not let me know first so that I will not make any plans for around that same time.

  10. Seems like this payung cafe is not bad at all, wonder do they give free payung to the customers? Haha xD

    They’ve taken down those colourful Thai paper umbrellas for their Christmas decor. I can always ask them for you if you don’t mind a faded, recycled umbrella?

  11. The papaya salad looks very appetising!
    Actually kacang ma is from which dialect? The other day I watched Axian… he went to Kuching and tried Kacang Ma… ppl there told him its good to be eaten during confinement and also helps to streghthen ourselves.

    Yes, that’s true. It’s Hakka or Teochew – used to taken by ladies in confinement in Kuching area but now, many have acquired the taste so it’s eaten everywhere, even in Sibu.

  12. Love the pretty arrangement of frangipani on the first pic. bangladeshi curry…still yet to see it anywhere in KL.

    Don’t think you can get it there – most of the things on their menu are the boss’ or his employees creations or the recipes from their homes.

  13. Ahh! The Payung Cafe….I’ve seen you blog about this place many times and the food all look SO good. If I ever come to Sibu, please bring me there, huh? 😉

    Of course! This is slowly becoming the landmark in Sibu – everyone wants to drop by to try…some more than once.

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