You can’t have it all…

I’ve had some nice stuff at this place, like their dim sum, for instance, or their beef noodles but I don’t usually venture to that part of town as by our local standard, it would be considered very far. Before Melissa got posted to her present school, she was helping out as a volunteer at the centre for special children nearby and during that time, I had to send her there and I would drop by to loiter around. I did try the kampua noodles at two shops in the vicinity, at least, but they were, at best, just all right – nothing to shout about and you would not see me going back for more.

The thing is this blogger-friend of mine once told me that the kampua there (name of area) was very nice but she did not specify exactly which shop. As far as I know, there is this food court there by that same name and also a coffee shop. So that day, I decided to give the one at the former a try…

Kampua stall

This particular stall certainly seemed very popular as I saw a lot of people ordering the noodles (RM2.50) but when mine was served…


…I could tell right away that it would not be all that great…and true enough, it wasn’t. I saw some red-coloured ones (probably tossed in char siew sauce) with those curly vegetables and stuff, probably their kolo mee…but though that looked pretty good, I don’t think I would ever want to take the chance. Somehow, no matter what, our local ones always turn out to be poor miserable imitations of the nice ones that we can get in Kuching.

I also ordered their ang tao peng (RM2.30), mangkuk (bowl)…

atp 1

….that day. The beans were perfectly done…

atp 2

…really soft but still whole and not one mushy mess but unfortunately, the santan (coconut milk) did not taste all that fresh. Perhaps they used the packet or canned ones, I’m not too sure…but whatever it is, I think the ones at this place wins hands down – with the gula melaka (palm sugar) and all. Still, I would say that it is nicer than some other places that I’ve tried especially those that use milk instead of santan, no, thank you!

Well, they do have some nice stuff there, just not these, and I guess you can’t have it all – you win some, you lose some.

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19 thoughts on “You can’t have it all…

  1. ooo, it’d be fun if you put a tag of kampua noodles for your posts that contain kampua noodles, then we could scroll through the different ones. ya, i think this one looks not as alluring as most of the other kampua noodles that you’ve blogged about. but that’s ok, rite.; it’s impossible to always have good ones everywhere. we gotta taste the mediocre in order to really appreciate the good ones :D

    Come back Monday…and you will see the kampua from my favourite place in town. Just one look at the photo – you will know it is good already. Yup, as they say – tak kenal tak cinta. Will have to try…and then we will know that’s no good – no more next time.

  2. For ang tao peng, of course must use fresh santan & gula melaka. Over here in Kuching, the best would be at Open air and Jubilee Ground, Jalan Lumba Kuda. The open air stall have moved to Jalan Haji Taha. You can choose to have santan or milk and for me, I would go for santan.

    Yup…or both, also nice…not all milk. Loved the ones at Open Air. Did go to Lumba Kuda, don’t think I tried their ang tao peng, can’t remember. Long ago, the museum gardens one also nice…until somebody got killed…and we never went back there again.

  3. Too bad the food was below par this time :(

    No worries, lots of other places to go to and nicer ones at that. Not a problem in Sibu where one block of shophouses would have at least two or three coffee shops.

  4. well the dessert seems ok to me, but then, i guess
    not much to impress

    I know at least one other place that’s a whole lot nicer…

  5. I think the noodles is cheap, but taste no good? Hmm, at least not so ‘heartache’ la!

    Standard price. Everywhere the same, but the taste not the same.

  6. Always tempting me with kampua noodles… yummy! I am sure Mary will have a nice time tasting all the Sibu goodies from now on… :)

    Yes, she’ll be here tomorrow…

  7. Farly food court? Heard my mum said about the food court there always very crowd. So I far I have not been there, still more comfortable with the usual place that we went.

    Happy weekend and happy voting. :)

    Yup…so far nothing THAT great there, though I did like a few things here and there. Will let you know if I stumble any MUST-eat stuff. You too, have a nice weekend.

  8. Arthur, I think u dropby the wrong coffeeshop…The kopitiam that I refer to last time was just below Sibu International Tuition school. But too bad I lupa the kopitiam name. And if not mistaken, every monday this kopitiam will close. Their chicken rice also not bad. Next time if u have chance passby Farley again, dropby to the kopitiam that I refer to and try their kampua.

    I wish you could give names…but at least, now I know it’s below the tuition centre. Are you teaching there? A few coffee shops have closed down, I noticed, for instance those in the same block as MayBank – not that many now. So far, I think the only one that I have not tried is the one named Farley. Will check it out the next time I go to that area.

  9. So can’t judge that the foods will be good with a lot of people ordering until taste the foods yourself then you know…

    Yup! One man’s meat is another man’s poison…and some people are not as fussy over or particular about what they eat.

  10. The King of kampua! When you say it’s below par, I would not even take a second look!

    Ya, can’t disagree with the big guy, eh? LOL!!! :D

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  12. The set-up this remind me of Food Courts you might see in our shopping malls! Where I live now we don’t have many but in nearby Erie, PA, and Buffalo, NY, they do!

  13. The red bean look so good, my top favorite. 2 bowl for me no problem :)

    LOL!!! The bowl’s pretty big here… I can only manage one. ;)

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