It seems to me, from some comments that I’ve read, that quite a number of people do not like ladies’ fingers. No, no…I’m not going to tell you the joke about eating papayas, don’t worry!!! LOL!!! But I do wonder why? Is it because it gets all slimy when cooked, all sticky and gooey?

Well, once, they told me to boil them first…and then slice and fry and it would be all right. I’m not too sure if that works but frankly, I’m really not too keen about boiling vegetables first and then frying them. For one thing, they would lose the crunchiness that I love in the first place…and if I were to boil ladies fingers, I would put them into boiling water whole and take them out as soon as the green turns just a slightly darker shade. Then I would cut them into bite-size lengths and eat as ulam – that is, using sambal belacan as a dip…

Sambal belacan

I don’t like them over-cooked and limp like when steamed or boiled for too long.

Now, my missus cooked some just the other day…

Fried ladies' fingers

…and they were just nice, perfectly all right with none of that glue-like kind of thing. I asked her what trick she had up her sleeves and she said that her friend told her to add a dash of soy sauce and it did seem to work.

Well, what about the rest of you? Any grandma-handed-down suggestions to get out of this sticky situation?

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38 thoughts on “Sticky…

  1. Wash the beans whole then slice them. Do not ever wash them once sliced. If you follow this tip the beans won’t be slimy during the cooking process

    Ok, thanks. I think I’ve tried – it worked but it didn’t work too well, still a bit slimy. Maybe have to dry them first with a kitchen towel or something?

  2. Nope, my mom just cook it like the stick way, I don’t like to eat it, but still have to eat it!!! =]

    I really don’t like it sticky but like you, I will just eat… :(

  3. we normally blanch it in hot water:D

    gonna try your wifey’s style of a dash of soy sauce!

    Go ahead. It appears to work a lot better than other ways that I’ve tried.

  4. My mum sprinkled a dash of salt in the hot oil before putting in the lady fingers. It works. That’s probably similar to your misses’ soy sauce way.

    Oh? It’s probably the salt in the soy sauce then. Probably better this way.

  5. I never eat lady fingers….

    I think I eat most vegetables…and this is among my favourite. Must be young and green though.

  6. no, thank you.. i am among that quite a number of people who do not like ladies’ fingers..

    Awwwwww…you don’t? It’s good for you, must eat more…and avoid papayas. They’re tenderisers. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Oh i love ladies fingers. I thought you were referring to the sticky candy shop at first looking at your title xD

    Not a fan of those. Saw them somewhere, can’t remember where now. Probably in NZ.

  8. ladies finger is a weekly must have dish on our table. Kids love them as it is so nice to bite into those lil seeds ;)

    And many will come our eventually… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. My ex-indon maid insisted on eating only ladies fingers everyday. For snacks she helps herself with our Milo and imported biscuits (whole packets). Thank god she’s history… even stole my anak’s underwear. Siaw! Maybe one shouldn’t eat too much ladies fingers. Lol.

    Thank goodness she wasn’t a man… LOL!!! :D

  10. I think my mom told me before but I have forgotten it. No worries, now can opt for your missus tips.

    Yup, obviously it works!

  11. I am the opposite, I love lady’s fingers! It’s so healthy~

    There!!! Quite a number of people do like them – I do too! Can’t understand why there are people who do not like them. I would rather eat this than carrots, actually.

  12. I do not add water to the ladies’ fingers when I fry them. The moisture from the washing prior to cutting them is enough. To create a bit of steam to soften them and hasten the cooking process, put a lid over the wok or pan.

    Cover eh? I usually don’t when cooking veg. Can give that a try sometime…

  13. I love ladies fingers! And I love the way your wife cooked them. Never have any gooey problems, just stir fry with oil.

    Oh? Ours always gooey…but it seems that my missus has the perfect solution for it.

  14. Wash the ladies finger first, let it drip dry and cut. No washing after cutting. Love the way you cooked it….with sambal belacan, Yummy!!!…Thanks for your info and I would like to try your way next time I cook it.

    We always cook it this way…or eat it as ulam with sambal belacan. Yummmmm!!!!

  15. Cook with chili, I like!
    I often steamed it then toss with oyster sauce and sprinkled some fried shallots ;-)

    I would do that with kai lan. Never had ladies fingers that way.

  16. I love ladies fingers and don’t mind the gluey bit. Your missus’ dish looks good!

    Of course lah! Hubby can cook, wife must be better! Mana boleh kalah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  17. honestly that was my most hated vegie haha never like and probably will never like it ahaha but i must say this is new to me never seen it cooked that way

    I wonder how you cook it in the Philippines. But what Ishmael mentioned…it’s like our Malay-style ulam..or Malaysian salad. Also very nice to eat it that way.

  18. I like ladies fingers.. be it sticky or not.. but will try the dash of soy sauce.. hehehe.. thanks for the tips :)

    It did seem to work perfectly – the way my missus cooked it.

  19. ooo, me, me, count me in for the club of people who don’t like ladies fingers. it’s not so much about the texture, but the blandness of it. i guess i prefer veggies with a flavor that’s more appealing, like carrots or even spinach and broccoli. but ya, that’s a matter of preference, since some people will probably say broccoli tastes terrible, heh :D

    Bland? Aiyor!!! You just boil a bit – when the colour turns greener, take it out and eat. So sweet!!!! So crunchy and nice…and if eaten with sambal belacan a la ulam Malay-style. Best lah!!! Simply out of this world. I love all those veg, boiled too…just add a pinch of salt and do not overboil – must still be nice and crunchy, not soft and mushy. But I prefer ulam anytime though…over all the other ways of serving & eating boiled veg.

  20. One of my favourite, ladies fingers!! Yum yum.

    I like it any way of cooking, whether it is boil or fry like this. If boil, will toss it with soya sauce and some oil, simple and nice.

    There is another way, i will slit the ladies finger in the centre with a long line, then i took out the white thing, remove and clean all the seed, and cut it half, then cook it with oyster sauce, it is yummy too.

    But I love the seeds!!! Like eating fish eyes… Yum! Yum! LOL!!! :D

  21. I love to eat ladies fingers with lots of sambals exactly like your photo! Those who disliked them are missing good things in life.

    I used to suffer from chronic liver fatigue due to excessive drunkard-drinking binge and heavy smoking when i was younger. One quack medium in trance simply advised me to boil ladies fingers and drink all the slimy water for a long time, I think I recovered fully. Don’t laugh!

    Hah!!! You must take SK somewhere and force-feed him. He does not know what he’s missing. Hehehehehehe!!!! Oh? Ya…sometimes these traditional remedies work a whole lot better than all those chemical factory-manufactured medications.

  22. I have no problem eating the slimy ladies fingers. I also prefer to eat boiled ladies fingers then dip it with shrimp paste. It’s the best!

    I like them boiled and sipped in shrimp paste too. Very very nice! And healthy as well.

  23. my mum, and janice makes the best (at least to me) ladies finger with sambal.. nom nom :)

    have a good wednesday Arthur.

    Hah!!! That is what YOU say. Will have to let me try sometime to prove it! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  24. me i just hentam only. There are two type of ladies finger. NOw I buy the bigger type coz it’s sweeter.

    I like the small small ones – I find they’re nicer. Will definitely not buy the giant ones, some so big! Ah well…to each his own!

  25. Hmm, I thought what sticky is all about… Hahaha is ladies finger, I love it too.

    You cook it with sambal that is very delicious…. drooling over the plate.

    Aiks I come here late again… no more left for me.

    Come on over, can always cook some more. ;)

  26. But I love the gooey stuffs! LoL!

    My uncle once told me to add in asam keping but I’ve never try it to see if it works? Anyway, I love mine all slimy so…

    You do??? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahahaha!!!! :D

  27. Thanks for sharing this tips… my son loves to eat lady finger.normally I will throw away all the seeds .

    So it will not be sticky? I don’t mind eating the seeds, not a problem at all…

  28. my mother-in-law just boils them, cut in half and splash with onion oil & soy sauce… I m ok with it but it is still a little slimy…not sure if there is any secret but I have always had them a little slimy…

    This one with a dash of soy sauce was good – not slimy at all.

  29. wah… looks so sedap, do you do delivery? ;)

    Unfortunately, no. Should have ventured into that home catering kind of business instead of going into teaching. Would be rich by now!

  30. I like it steam in whole, and sambal belacan top it up with hot white rice! oh heaven!

    Yup! Actually I like that too…or boil briefly – just enough, still crunchy…but somebody has to pound the sambal belacan. :(

  31. Tuapui..The trick of not getting the slimy and gooey stuff from the okra is add little bit of “Asam” water when frying the dish. Guarantee, this is my mum’s secret..

    Ok. Works pretty well with kicap/soy sauce too, it seems. Your first time commenting, I see. Welcome, welcome! All the way from Kingston, Jamaica??? Wowwww!!!!!! Do keep dropping by – always glad to have great company.

  32. Hmm, those look like okra (what we call them in these parts). We grow them in our garden, they’re quite delicious if cooked properly, but you’re right if you don’t cook them correctly you’ll get lots of slime. Okra is loaded with numerous nutrients including folate and biotin – both are good for the hair and skin. Occasionally I make a homemade hair conditioner with okra.

    Yes, somebody shared something on it on Facebook just last night – what a coincidence! Claimed it’s good for people with diabetes too. I love these natural treatments for all kinds of ailments or problems.

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